Launch of the World's first Post Graduate Programme in by hjt98841


									              Launch of the World's first Post Graduate Programme in
                         Business Analytics and Research
              Trained, competent                ingredients of an effective Business            growth. Applicants must have
              professionals in                  Analytics, Research and Management              recognized university degree with high
              Analytics, Research, and          professional.                                   English proficiency. Those appearing in
              Management are very                                                               the final year examinations can also
              much in demand.                   The PGPBAR+MBA programme will be                apply. Entry is competitive and
              Analytics has become a            held Under the Chairmanship of Shri N.          selection will be on the basis of
              major driving force and           Vittal (The enabler of IT and Telecom           academic merit, performance in
              is closely aligned with           revolution in India). Leading                   entrance test & interview. We
              the core competency for           organizations have joined hands to              encourage you to take full advantage of
              most of the industries            support the programme and are                   the programme and become a Certified
today. Its impact on management has             willing to give stipend to deserving            Analytics Professional. Your
created a demand for an entirely new            students as well as recruit students for        participation in this program is an
array of leaders. These emerging                summer, internship and final                    investment that will pay dividends for
knowledge leaders must be able to               placement.                                      your career.
effectively and efficiently guide their
organizations into the future,                  The unique blend of Knowledge and               Founded in 1995, EMPI Business School
uninhibited by continuing technical             Business Administration Programme               is one of the most successful,
advancements and the increasing                                                                              Innovative and highly
reliance on analytics and                                                                                    regarded business
research to remain                                                                                           schools in India.
competitive in business.
                                                                                                                    EMPI has declared
“...In the 21st century, a                                                                                          international excellence
new society is emerging                                                                                             in business and
where knowledge is the                                                                                              management research
primary production                                                                                                  to be a strategically
resource instead of                                                                                                 critical objective. This
capital and labor…” -                                                                                               objective has already
Spoken By Dr. A.P.J                                                                                                 underpinned the
Abdul Kalam, Former                                                                                                 School's outstanding
President of India at                                                                                               success in national and
Vigyan Bhawan, New                                                                                                  I n t e r n a t i o n a l
Delhi, on the occasion of                                                                                           engagement through
EMPI-Indian Express        Left to right: Chief Guest - Mr. Kiran Karnik President, NASSCOM, Mr. N. Vittal,
                                                                                                                    our Global Networking
Indian Innovation          Chairman VC-MaGtics, Former CVC, Secretary, Dept. of Electronics, Chairman,
                           Telecom Commission and Secretary, DoT, Government of India and Mr. Gurnam Saran,         for Research and
Award.                     President, EMPI Business School - During the Brainstorming session.                      Exchange program. The
                                                                                                                    exceptional research
Seeing the above need                                                                                               culture is based on a
of the Knowledge Industry a                  focuses on state-of-the-art Analytics stimulating and enquiring environment
Brainstorming session on “Making             and Research used in the Knowledge and is supportive of research across
India the Knowledge Process Hub” was         p r o c e s s , d o v e t a i l e d t o t h e disciplinary boundaries.
organized by the VC-MaGtics. Shri N          requirements of Finance, Market,
Vittal Chairman, VC-MaGtics chaired          B u s i n e s s , B a n k i n g , I n s u r a n c e , Further details about the dual
the session. The Chief Guest for the         M a n u f a c t u r i n g , E n g i n e e r i n g , certification and dual spcialization
session was Shri Kiran Karnik,               Education, Retail, Animation & Design, programme can be obtained from:
President, NASSCOM and was attended          Advertising, Telecom, Healthcare,
by renowned leaders from the                 Intellectual Property, Information The Admission Coordinator,                                  .
industry, academia and government.           Techonology, Legal Services etc.                      EMPI’s Vittal Centre for Management and
                                                                                                   Governance Informatics (VC- MaGtics)
As an outcome of the brainstorming           Backing the programme, Mr. Manoj EMPI Business School,
session and to meet the demand for           Jain, CEO, Pipal Research Corporation P.O: CSKM Educational Complex,
professionals to lead these businesses       said: “I am impressed with the unique Satbari, Chattarpur,
and to create “Smart Competent               Programme, which shall be helpful for New Delhi-110074                            .
Individual Role Models”, the VC-             the companies”.                                       Phone: +91-11-26653764
MaGtics has developed an innovative                                                                Fax:      +91-11-26654422
and holistic industry-aligned cutting-       The residential training programme is E-mail:
edge Post Graduate Programme in              designed to accommodate students Website:
Business Analytics and Research              from all streams, who desire to build a
(PGPBAR) that focuses on the vital           rewarding professional career and

               “The richest person is the man who has knowledge and transforms knowledge into wealth”

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