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        Vol. 2010 • JANUARY/FEBRUARY• Issue 1
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    Gun Owners in                         respective races. Included in these
                                          victories were 5 Republican victories
                                                                                     laws so that he could run for a third
                                                                                     term, he defeated Democrat City
 Elections Do Make A                      against Democratic incumbents with         Comptroller Bill Thompson by a
                                          anti-gun ratings.                          smaller than expected margin.
      Difference                                    In New Jersey, the scenario      Thompson spent 7 million on his
                 By                       about gun rights was different.            campaign, compared to Bloomberg,
           Tanya K Metaksa                Republican Christopher Christie, who       who spent $140 million, mostly from
                                          spoke of a need to enforce the gun         his personal fortune. It seems that
Election night 2009 was markedly dif-     laws already on the books, defeated        Bloomberg was able to buy the elec-
ferent from election night 2008. Last     Governor Jon Corzine (D). Corzine          tion. Putting the New York Mayoral
year it was Obama’s night with the        was the prime force behind the pas-        election aside, gun owners appear to
Democratic party straggling in            sage of New Jersey’s one-gun-a-            have been BIG winners in 2009.
behind. It was certain, however, that     month law. His voting record in the                 Many pundits are saying that
the Republican Party had been dealt a     U.S. Senate is best summarized by          these victories in 2009 are similar to
very large defeat. Some pundits           Pistolpete on http://www.tundrasolu-       the victories in 1993 and thus are
opined that it would take years, if not      forecasting the 2010 elections to be
decades, to have Republicans emerge       use-your-vote-protect-your/ . “During      similar to the 1994 elections.
victorious again.                         his time in Washington, then-U.S.          However, between 1994 and 2010
         Well, it took just a year and    Senator Corzine cast nearly two            there is one big difference. I do not
on November 3, 2009 it was the            dozen votes against America’s gun          believe that the Democrats and
Republicans in Virginia and New           owners and sportsmen, even voting to       Obama will try what Bill Clinton did
Jersey who were making victory            allow gun manufacturers to be sued         in 1994—a gun ban. It was the 1994
speeches, not the Democrats. It was       for the violent acts of criminals.         gun ban (the so-called assault
not only a great win for Republicans,     Corzine voted against the Armed            weapons and large capacity gun ban)
but also one for gun owners.              Pilots program—one of only a half          that gave the Republicans control of
         In Virginia, where the           dozen senators to do so—which now          the House of Representatives in 1994.
National Rifle Association (NRA) is       provides a first line of defense against   Bill Clinton wrote about gun owners
headquartered, the NRA endorsed           terrorist attacks such as occurred on      and the NRA in his autobiography
Republicans Bob McDonnell for             September 11. So extreme are his           entitled My Life:
Governor, Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney     anti-gun views, he even supported an
General and Bill Bolling for              amendment that would have banned               “On November 8, we got the
Lieutenant Governor; all of whom          conventional rifle ammunition used             living daylights beat out of
won their elections. The three            by millions of hunters and shooters            us, losing eight Senate races
Democratic opponents endorsed             by redefining it as ‘armor piercing.’          and fifty-four House seats,
many anti-gun approaches such as                    In New York 23, both candi-          the largest defeat for our
“closing the gun show loophole.” It       dates were A- rated by the NRA.                party since 1946....The NRA
should be noted that when Governor-       Unfortunately for Republicans, the             had a great night. They beat
elect McDonnell served as Virginia        Democrat Owens won by a slim                   both Speaker Tom Foley and
Attorney General he was one of 31         majority.                                      Jack Brooks, two of the
state attorneys general to sign the                 Despite the victories in             ablest members of Congress,
amicus brief in District of Columbia      Virginia and New Jersey, gun owners            who had warned me this
v. Heller. In addition to these major     will still be the target of New York           would happen. Foley was the
victories, 98 percent (58 out of 59) of   City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg for             first Speaker to be defeated
NRA-PVF endorsed candidates in the        another 4 years. After engineering a           in more than a century. Jack
Virginia House of Delegates won their     change in New York City’s election             Brooks had supported the

18 • THE BIG SHOW JOURNAL                                                                     JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
    NRA for years and had led             anti-gun is undisputed. On his              Eric Holder & the Obama
    the fight against the assault         weblog, he celebrated the defeat of        Administration on firearms
    weapons ban in the House,             bills in Georgia and Florida in 2007                  laws
    but as chairman of the                that would have prevented businesses
    Judiciary Committee he had            from firing any employee who kept a                 According to a transcript by
    voted for the overall crime           lawfully owned firearm in a work          Law Enforcement Alliance of America
    bill even after the ban was           parking lot. (The bills were enacted in   (LEAA), Attorney General Eric Holder
    put into it. The NRA was an           subsequent legislative sessions.)”        made the following comments during
    unforgiving master: one                        After OSHA came into exis-       testimony before the U.S. Senate
    strike and you`re out. The            tence in the 1970s, there were several    Judiciary Committee on November
    gun lobby claimed to have             proposals by the agency concerning        18, 2009.
    defeated nineteen of the              firearms, ammunition and black pow-                 Senator Feinstein asked
    twenty-four members on its            der. Fortunately, these proposals         about legislation to deny individuals
    hit list. They did at least that      failed to gain traction. During the       on the FBI’s terrorist watch list from
    much damage....”                      Carter Administration (1977-1981),        purchasing guns. Holder responded,
                                          OSHA tried to kill hunting on pri-        “Yes, we will support that legislation.
         Whether the 2010 elections       vately owned timberland; Congress,        It seems incongruous to me that we
similarly change Congress will in         however, didn’t agree. As recently as     would bar certain people from flying
great part hinge on gun owners’ will-     2007, OSHA again tried to restrict        on airplanes because they are on the
ingness to get involved in the election   firearms rights by proposing a rule       terrorist watch list and yet we would
process. We must question candi-          that would indiscriminately treat         still allow them to possess weapons.”
dates about gun rights, right-to-carry    ammunition, powder and primers as                   Senator Schumer asked “Will
laws, the Second Amendment, and           explosives. However, the Agency’s         the Justice Department remove the
freedom. We must become involved          attempt at back-door regulation           Tiahrt 24 hour background check
in the political process—from cau-        caused a furor from many                  destruction requirement from its
cuses and primaries all the way           Congressional members, manufactur-        2011 budget to allow the FBI to keep
through to the election. For those of     ers, dealers, and firearms’ owners. As    records of guns purchased by subjects
us who value our gun rights, we           a result, OSHA withdrew the pro-          of terrorist inquiries?” Holder
understand that without freedom           posed offensive regulations.              responded “The position of the
from all types of government interfer-             It now appears Mr. Michaels,     Administration is that there should
ence in our lives our forefathers’        if confirmed by the Senate, will pur-     be a basis for law enforcement to
dreams of protecting our lives, liberty   sue significant government control        share information about gun pur-
and the pursuit of happiness will van-    over the firearms industry.               chases. Fully respect the Second
ish. Remember: freedom isn’t free,        Accordingly, we should anticipate         Amendment, fully respect the Heller
and to win elections we must get          proposals from OSHA to again try to       decision. It does not seem to us that
involved. Keep these thoughts in          limit the ability to possess or use       this is inconsistent to allow law
mind during the next 10 months            firearms, ammunition and explosives       enforcement agencies to share that
before Election Day November 2,           in the workplace.                         kind of information, for that informa-
2010.                                                                               tion to be retained and then to be
                                               Armed pilots program                 shared by law enforcement.”
 Legislative Report –                     Rumors continue that the Obama                        Judiciary
    January 2010                          Administration will attempt to defund
                                          the FFDO (Federal Flight Deck             McDonald v. Chicago - To be heard by
              Federal                     Officer) program, which is the post-      the U.S. Supreme Court
                                          9/11 program that allows pilots to
                                          carry firearms in the cockpit. This
    OSHA Nominee: David                   issue may be addressed in Obama’s                  The U.S. Supreme Court
         Michaels                         2010 budget.                              (SCOTUS) announced on September
                                                                                    30, 2009 that it will hear the Second
         President Obama, not sur-                                                  Amendment case of McDonald v.
                                                Switchblade Knives                  Chicago. This case, brought on
prisingly, keeps sending liberals for
nomination to oversee government                                                    behalf of four Chicago residents, the
agencies. The latest one that should      In late October, both the House and       Second Amendment Foundation, and
concern gun owners is David               the Senate passed an amendment to         the Illinois State Rifle Association,
Michaels. Mr. Michaels never had a        the Federal Switchblade Act (FSA) as      addresses the application of the
hearing on his nomination to head         part of the Homeland Security             Second Amendment to the states
the Occupational Safety and Health        Appropriations Act of 2010 that was       through the Fourteenth Amendment
Administration (OSHA), and, after the     then signed by President Obama. The       of the U.S. Constitution. SCOTUS
Senate Health Committee brought up        amendment ensures that one-hand           will review the decision by the U.S.
the nomination without any discus-        and assisted opening knives are not       Court of Appeals for the Seventh
sion, only Republican Senators Tom        classified as switchblades under the      Circuit, which held that the Second
Coburn (R-OK) and Richard Burr (R-        FSA, making it legal to import and        Amendment does not apply to state
NC) voting against him. According to      possess these important tools.            and local governments; thus leaving
David Kopel “That David Michaels is                                                          NAAS CONTINUED on Page 21

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010                                                                 THE BIG SHOW JOURNAL • 19
in place the City of Chicago’s current handgun ban.            declare invalid a recently enacted policy prohibiting
McDonald v. Chicago will be heard and decided in 2010.         firearms in parks, community centers and other city-
The case’s outcome will likely determine the legality of       owned buildings. The plaintiffs believe that Seattle is in
restrictive gun laws across the nation.                        violation of Washington’s preemption statute.
                                                               Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna has issued an
                         States                                opinion agreeing with the plaintiffs.
                                                                        In Richland, Washington two citizens have told
                       California                              City Council members that they may sue over Richland’s
                                                               banning of firearms in city parks.
          The NRA and the California Rifle and Pistol
Association (CRPA) filed an amicus brief in the case of                               Wisconsin
Millender v. County of Los Angeles, et al. (07-55518). This
brief challenges the ability of law enforcement to use                 On November 3, 2009 the Wisconsin House of
broadly written “general” search warrants to seize any and     Representatives unanimously passed Assembly Resolution
all firearms within the area of the search warrant. This       15. This resolution requests that the Wisconsin Attorney
case is before an en banc hearing in the Ninth Circuit         General submit a “friend of the court” brief in support of
United States Court of Appeals.                                applying the Second Amendment to the states through
          California Governor Schwarzenegger has again         the Fourteenth Amendment.
split his decisions of anti-gun laws passed by the                              Legislative Report
California legislature. This year he signed Assembly Bill                  Compiled and Provided by
962 and vetoed Senate Bill 585. Senate Bill 585 would                       Mark Barnes & Associates
have prohibited the sale of firearms and ammunition                       1350 Eye St. N.W. , Suite 1255
within and around the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA. As
many readers know, AB 962 requires individuals purchas-                     Washington, D.C. 20005
ing ammunition be fingerprinted and registered at the                          Tel. (202) 626-0089
time of sale. AB 962 also mandates dealer records and                         Fax (202) 626-0088
requires that stored ammunition be inaccessible to pur-
chasers. This bill is a throwback to the ammunition
                                                                 Your NAAS Board of Directors welcomes
requirements in the federal gun control statutes that were       your input and your participation in our
abolished more than two decades ago.                            Annual Meeting January 21 in Las Vegas at
          A bill, AB 373, has been introduced in the            the SHOT Show as we formulate our plans
California Assembly by Assemblyman Curt Hagman to                          for the coming year.
repeal AB 962.

                       New Jersey
                                                                                               Maryland Arms
         The one-gun-a month bill that was passed in 2009                                      Association
and signed by then Governor Corzine also included the
creation of a task force to evaluate the bill. This task
force has come up with recommendations for legislative                      PRESENTS
changes to the law that will become effective January 1,
2010. Among these changes are provisions that exempt
retail dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers from the
one-gun-a-month requirements. Those who inherit
firearms, firearms collectors, and firearm competitors are            Baltimore
also exempt.

                     Pennsylvania                                    Antique Arms
         Just before Thanksgiving, the Pennsylvania House
Judiciary Committee held a hearing on House Bill 40.
                                                                    “Known as the Crown Jewel of Collector
House Bill 40 would permit law-abiding citizens to use
force (including deadly force) against an attacker in their                 Shows”Since 1955
                                                                     March 20-21, 2010
homes and any places outside where they have a legal
right to be. This bill eliminates any “duty to retreat” and
would also protect individuals from civil lawsuits.
                                                                       Saturday 9-5 • Sunday 9-3
                      Washington                                1000 TABLES / ADMISSION $10 Sat., $5 Sun.
          The NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation,              Maryland State Fairgrounds-Timonium, MD
the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear                   (NORTH OF BALTIMORE – YORK RD. MD RT. 45)
Arms and the Washington Arms Collectors, Inc. are plain-                      Modern Handguns PROHIBITED
tiffs in a lawsuit against the City of Seattle, WA. They are     Complete information on Web Site:
asking the Superior Court of Washington to enjoin and                          Call: 301-865-6804
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010                                                                 THE BIG SHOW JOURNAL • 21

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