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					Mud News
                                                                                  November/Deceber 2009
                                                                                      Volume 17, Issue No. 6

The South Island Mountain Bike Society

New riding areas coming                3
Gifts for the rider on your list       6
Trails Report                         10

                                      The South Island Mountain Bike Society
                                           is an affiliated member of the
                                   International Mountain Bicycling Association
                                                                                                                                                   Harbourview has
                                                                                                                                                   been a long journey
                                                                                                                                                   of public meetings,
                                                                                                   Another year is coming to an end. It has        emails, and fighting
                                                                                                been a great year for SIMBS and the local
                                                                                                mountain bike community. The events in             for our rights to ride
                                    Board of Directors
                                                                                                the past year were very successful. The trail      in CRD parks. All
                                                                                                days were spent building new trail. The
                                    President: Scott Mitchell
                                    (250) 361-7966                          opportunities for new riding are expanding.        of the hard work is
                                    Vice President: Kat Wright
                                    (250) 384-8109
                                                                                                The Mud News is more professional and              going to pay off.
                                                                                                entertaining than ever. What more could a
                                    Treasurer: Shayne Alexander
                                    (250) 686-4537
                                                                                                SIMBS president ask for?
                                    Secretary: Christyna Jones                                     I remember back in January when Hartland
                                    (250) 217-8176                          trails director Chris Oman called me up with
                                                                                                a very stressed out tone to his voice. I asked   park plan is going to the CRD board in
                                    Members @ Large                                             him what was wrong? He explained that he         February for approval and the park should
                                    Chris Oman                                                  had too many people RSVP’d for the January       open in early spring. There will be several
                                    (250) 658-2819                              trail maintenance day! Although Chris was        trails that will include mountain biking as
                                    Wayne Rix                                                   stressed out, I was excited that we had so       part of the initial opening, and we will see
                                    (250) 479-2897
                                                                                                many people. The trail volunteers spent most     an improved parking lot with a bike wash,
                                    Richard Baer
                                                                     of their time constructing the new Fun Trail     washrooms and a tool shed.
                                    Stacy Jensen                                                in the south end of the park. The hard work        We have also been consulting with Saanich
                                                                       has paid off, as the trail is living up to its   parks to build a pump track near the Cedar
                                    Mitch Thacker                                               name as a fun trail to ride up and down.         Hill Recreation Renter. This small park is in
                                                                       In January we also had a good Annual          the Saanich budget for next year and we are
                                    Andrew Lafrance                                             General Meeting with lots of people in           having our first major planning meeting in
                                                                                                attendance. We had a vote for the first          January.
                                    Tyler Johnson
                                                              annual SIMBS photo contest. We also had            CRD deserves a lot of the credit for our
                                    Carmel Ecker                                                several new people join the board to help        great year. They have turned a corner with
                                                                     out. Of course there was lots of great swag      respect to mountain biking. They are working
                                                                                                and beverages from our sponsors.                 with us and taking a proactive approach to
                                    Map Sales: Wayne Rix                                           Throughout the year we had many other         our sport. One great example of this new
                                    (250) 479-2897
                                                                                                events that were awesome. The movie              partnership is the Torpedo Run project at
                                                                                                night, Super D, and MEC membership               Hartland. This new trail is going to be fun
                                    Mud News Production
                                    Editor: Darlene Oman            Layout: Carmel Ecker
                                                                                                drive brought in lots of new and renewing        for everyone and it wouldn’t have happened
                                           memberships. We had some fun out at              without the help of the CRD. Although we
                                    Printed by Lookout Newspaper & Creative Services            Hartland with the first Poker Run in a few       lost Sofa King this year, we will have a nice
                                                                                                years. The Kids Day was another great success    alternative.
                                    Mud News is published six times yearly by the South         this year with almost double the attendance        Thanks to everyone that helped make this
                                    Island Mountain Bike Society, and is distributed free to
                                                                                                from 2008.                                       year so great! We can’t do all of this great
Mud News • November-December 2009

                                    members of SIMBS, local bike shops, and other activity
                                    outlets. The opinions expressed in the articles are those      New areas for riding are actually opening     stuff without the volunteers help. So, to help
                                    of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the   next year! Harbourview has been a long           SIMBS next year, show up to the events, to
                                    SIMBS Board of Directors.
                                                                                                journey of public meetings, emails, and          trail maintenance, and maybe put in an hour
                                    SUBMISSIONS AND PHOTOGRAPHY:                                fighting for our rights to ride in CRD parks.    or two of extra time to help plan an event.
                                                                     All of the hard work is going to pay off. The    See you at the AGM on January 26th!
                                    SIMBS Mud News, PO Box 8145
                                    Victoria, BC, V8W 3R8
                                    ON THE COVER:
                                    Rider: Wayne Rix
                                    Location: Stewart Mountain
                                    Photographer: Rod Lundgren
CRD update
Park improvements are
good news for bikers                                                                                 SIMBS BOARD MEETING
  Mount Work Entrance Upgrade                       The park has 4 units – Ayum Creek,               1ST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH
  CRD Parks is renovating the Munn Rd.            Kapoor, Sea to Sea and Sooke Potholes –            7 p.m. at the Emily Carr Branch,
                                                                                                     Victoria Public Library. Everyone
entrance to the Mount Work Regional Park          and the management plan covers the whole
this November. Key components of the              area. The unit of most interest to mountain
project include moving the park entrance 30       bikers is the Sea to Sea. This is the southern     SIMBS INTRODUCTORY RIDE
metres east of the existing location, adding 11   part of the park, off Harbourview Road, and        2ND SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH
parking spaces, an information kiosk and signs    encompassing Mount Manuel Quimper.                 Beginner to intermediate
and a universally accessible toilet building.     This area is intended for recreational use and     You can learn skills and/or be guided
                                                  will incorporate mountain bike trails as well as   around the park. Meet @ 9:30am,
                                                                                                     Hartland parking lot. Ride @ 10am.
   Another land addition to Mount Work            hiking and shared use trails.                      RSVP to Wayne Rix, 479-2897. If no
Regional Park                                       Development in the Sea to Sea will first         one RSVPs, the ride will be cancelled.
   CRD partnered with The Land                    focus on opening the large parcel of land that
Conservancy to purchase another 65 hectares       surrounds Mount Manual Quimper. Facility           SIMBS YOUTH RIDE
of land to become part of Mount Work              development will consist of improving the          2ND SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH
                                                                                                     The youth ride is suspended until
Regional Park this past August. The property      parking area at the end of Harbourview Road,
                                                                                                     further notice. If you are interested in
is located in the Highlands between Mount         minimally developing the summit of Mount           leading this ride, please email
Work Regional Park and the Second Lake            Manual Quimper, upgrading a hiking loop  
Property that was recently acquired by The        trail and developing a few mountain biking
Land Conservancy, and connects the two,           trails on Mount Manual Quimper. Potential          SIMBS WOMEN’S RIDE
creating a North South corridor from Thetis       future development includes creation of a          2ND SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH
                                                                                                     Beginner to intermediate
Lake Regional Park through Mount Work.            backcountry camping area at Sheilds Lake
                                                                                                     All ages are encouraged to join in.
This will add significantly to the continuity     and the establishment of a hiking, equestrian,     Hosted by women for women.
of public use park land, protected green          and mountain biking trail system.                  Meet @ 9:45am, Hartland parking lot.
space and wildlife connectivity throughout          The plan includes acquisition of additional      RSVP to Carmel Ecker, c.ecker@shaw.
the Highlands District. CRD’s plans for the       lands and thus development will be phased          ca. If no one RSVPs, the ride will be
Munn Rd entrance also indicate a future trail     and is somewhat dependant on what happens          cancelled.
connecting the two parks.                         in future. Implementation of the plan will         SIMBS TRAIL MAINTENANCE
                                                  occur in three phases. In phase 1, CRD, in         3RD SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH
  Sea to Sea Park Management Plan –               cooperation with SIMBS, will upgrade a             Bring boots & appropriate work wear
Harbourview area in Sooke                         system of approved mountain biking trails          for the weather! SIMBS provides the
  The draft management plan for this major        at Mount Manuel Quimper according to               lunches. Meet @ 8:45am, Hartland
park went out for public review in November       IMBA guidelines. In phase 2, CRD will              parking lot.
                                                                                                     To be included for lunch, contact
and December, with Open Houses held               prepare a mountain biking trail plan for the       Chris Oman at
in Victoria and Sooke. Public comments            southern section of the park and continue
were due on Dec. 1, so staff can incorporate      to develop hiking, equestrian, and mountain
any comments or changes into the plan             biking opportunities in the park. In phase
                                                                                                                                                Mud News • November-December 2009

before sending it to the CRD Board for            3, development of hiking, equestrian, and
approval in January 2010. SIMBS member            mountain biking opportunities will continue.
Dan Cammiade has been involved in the               A big thanks to Dan Cammiade for all his
planning process, providing advice on trail       work on behalf of SIMBS. Anyone interested
opportunities and locations for mountain          in getting involved in future trail work at the
biking.                                           Sea to Sea should get in touch with Dan.

 Hate the hassle of mailing in your SIMBS membership?

  Join from the comfort of your computer with PayPal.
      Just visit & click “Join SIMBS.”
                                                                                   Kids on bikes                                                            Wayne RIX

                                                                                   SIMBS takes kids mountain
                                                                                   biking all year round
                                                                                      I pulled into the Hartland parking lot          You don’t have to
                                                                                   wondering* if anyone would be there for
                                                                                   the SIMBS introductory ride. Immediately           wait until October
                                                                                   a boy about 8 years old walked up to my car
                                                                                   door and said, “Hi Wayne.” My first thought
                                                                                                                                      to “Take a Kid
                                      642-3123 l
                                      6707 West Coast Road, Sooke, BC V9Z 0E5      was, “who’s this?” I didn’t know him from          Mountain Biking.”
                                                                                   Adam…then I looked around and saw my
                                                                                   friend Alex grinning…it was his son Adam.          It can happen year
                                    Just off the Goose                   @ the     I do know him!
                                          Bike sales and rentals         Selkirk      We headed off to the TTA, where I tried to
                                         Service - Courtesy bike         Trestle   show him how to relax his knees and elbows
                                       Kayak rentals Dog trailers
                                                                                   as he rode over the whoop de doos. Next he
                                           Selkirk Station                         went down the small ramp, although not on
                                    #106-80 Regatta Landing l 383-1466             his bike, but crawling with hands, feet and
                                                                                   bum all on the decking – where is a camera       fine. Then he got ahead of us and rode down
                                                                                   when you need one? We then rode to the           The Plunge Extension (we wouldn’t let him
                                                                                   bottom of The Plunge Extension. “Where           ride over the log, but he did everything else).
                                                                                   does that go?” he asked. His dad pointed         We continued along Second Ave. to Kokanee
                                                                                   out that it was a black diamond trail and he     Highway, skipping Two Trees, and came
                                                                                   wouldn’t be riding it any time soon.             out at the Regional Trail where we looked
                                                                                      We continued on to Emergency Two and          at the waterfall. I suggested going back the
                                                                                   went up the hill before stopping for a break.    way we came, as he wouldn’t like the hill.
                                                                                   I’ve never seen a kid eat a cookie so slowly –   At intersection marker B50, we rejoined the
                                                                                   he doesn’t like raisins and had to pick them     Regional Trail and worked our way back to
                                                                                   out.                                             the parking lot, riding some of the technical
                                                                                      Alex had him watch me ride down that          trail features along the way.
                                                                                   10–12’ trail with a black diamond rating at        So you don’t have to wait until October
                                                                                   the corner of Second Avenue and Emergency        to “Take a Kid Mountain Biking.” It can
                                                                                   Two, pointing out that you have to have          happen year round.
                                                                                   your bum way back behind the seat and              * Be sure to phone ahead if you plan
                                                                                   hands lightly on the brakes or you could skid    on joining one of the SIMBS rides on the
                                                                                   and possibly fall; guess what? He did just       second Sunday of each month.
Mud News • November-December 2009


                                                                                                                                      Mark your calendar
                                                                                     Soma Fabrications
                                                                                                                                      for the SIMBS AGM.
                                                                                                                                      Details in the next Mud News.
Cyclocross                  Chrys JONES

Add challenge to your winter riding
   You might have noticed a new breed of            routes on a variety of different surfaces. Those   the sanity of the spandex rider in question.
bike showing its face (or skinny knobby             surfaces could be sand, mud, grass and are         With those mental doubts, say good-bye to
tires) at Hartland lately; although it’s not        probably going to be wet-hence the skinny,         those marvelous disk brakes we’ve all come
that new… actually its sort of old… like            but knobby tires. Sounds like fun, right?          to love and trust. Say hello to a new set of
1900’s old. No folks, it’s not a 10 speed           Needless to say, this type of riding is going to   cantilever brakes which are integrated with
passing you up those awesome climbs on the          require a specific type of bike- “How many         the shifters. This being said, ‘cross riding
trails. It’s called a cyclocross, or ‘cross bike,   people are running with their mountain bike        is not for everyone; a certain amount of
and aside from its fully spandex clad rider         up a set of stairs?” Note: the urge to vomit at    technical skill and determination is required
and the road bike-esque aesthetic, the cross        the end of the race is a common side effect        to be a competent rider. Crashes at races are
bike could very well be your next calling.          after completing a ‘cross race.                    common and you’re not going to be wearing
Before you start heckling that visor-less rider,      Now that you understand this new breed           your trusty knee pads or full face helmet.
a bit of background on this bike could help         of bike you might come to the conclusion             Still thinking that cyclocross might be
educate Hartland mountain bikers.                   that this bike could offer you some new            your next challenge? There are a variety of
   Just for a bit of back ground information        challenges to your “regular” winter time           races that happen on the island every year
on this type of riding, cyclocross historically     route at Hartland. A ‘cross bike is going          and a whole series is running on Vancouver
hails from Europe and occurs during the             to be lighter (great for climbing) but with        Island; check out Canadian Cyclist and look
uglier weather times of the year. There is          the small tires and NO suspension (an              up “Cross on the Rock” to see a schedule of
a specific type of course you ride them on          uncomfortable throwback to the days before         events. The best part of cyclocross? Training
to race and the course is usually through a         the advent of that marvelous advancement           for these events could be the same ground
field, farm, or park. There are mandatory           in bicycle technology) this could perhaps          that you’re covering on your regular route
dismounting times in which you carry your           be more change that you’re ready for. Oh, I        at Hartland. What’s the worst part? You’re
bike (did I mention that you’re also running,       almost forgot that a ‘cross bike also has a drop   going to have to make room in your stable
and probably up some stairs or over hurdles)        handlebar- hence the 10-speed retro look           for a new bike, and it might not fit in your
and ride over, under and around various             that has some spectators wondering about           rack designed for mountain bikes.

Where to ride                                                                                                           Richard BAER

Qualicum Beach offers great riding for beginners
  Recently, I was at Horne Lake Regional Park. The manager saw my               This set shows the QBMS trails:
bike and asked where he could take his kids to ride their mountain            sets/72157622539204362/
bikes. Talk about timing, I had just ridden in Qualicum Beach and               Steve Cross or ‘Trail Ninja’ is a builder up there and he has a very
had the perfect place for his kids to ride: The Qualicum Beach Middle         descriptive site
School Trails (QBMS).                                                           It looks like there will be a lot more trail built there in the near
  QBMS is a lot of fun and definitely the place to take beginners or          future.
anyone that likes fast trails, loamy with very few roots or rocks. There is     The bike shop in QB is owned by a fellow named John, it’s called
the odd log pyramid but nothing a beginner can’t handle. My favorite          Head Over Wheels Cycle & Sport and is on 2nd Ave in a mini-mall.
trail is Deadwood, a path through a clearcut which takes advantage of         John told me how to find the trails that he has built by the highway.
                                                                                                                                                        Mud News • November-December 2009

the holes left when the stumps were removed. Little climbs around the         There is a strip of trees parallel to the Inland highway at Qb that has
corner of a 270 degree turn make it a challenge to keep your speed up         some great singletrack. Talk to John, he can give good directions. This
and avoid dabbing. There’s probably not 6 feet of straight trail in it.       small set of photos shows some of John’s singletrack.
The whole area is bounded by a couple of roads so you can’t get lost.         photos/boonerator/sets/72157622648898539/

                                                                                                        Got a story to tell?
                                                                                                          Send it to the Mud News
                                                                                                          and get your 15 minutes
                                                                                                          of fame.
                                       Christmas Goodies for Mountain Bikers
                                     Got some bike riding friends on your Christmas list and donʼt know what to give them this year?
                                         Check out these easy recipes and make some take-along ride treats to wrap up and give.

                                    Peanut Butter Honey Oat Balls
                                     By Kay Graham                                                   Microwave peanut butter and honey on high for 2 to 3 minutes,
                                     1 ½ cups peanut butter (smooth or chunky)                     in a large microwave safe bowl and mix well. Blend remaining
                                     2/3 cup honey                                                 ingredients. Pour peanut butter-honey mixture over dry ingredients
                                     ½ cup raisins                                                 and mix well. Roll into balls and let cool. Or line a 13 x 9-inch
                                     1 cup quick cooking oats                                      pan with foil and press mixture firmly into pan and let cool. Cut
                                     1 cup soy flakes                                              into bars or squares.
                                     1 cup crunchy cereal of your choice (such as rice krispies)     Variation: If you add some maraschino cherry juice and chopped
                                     1 cup nuts of your choice                                     maraschino cherries to the chocolate chips and melt them together
                                     ½ cup chocolate chips (optional)                              in the microwave before adding to the peanut butter-honey mixture,
                                                                                                   you will get a bar similar to an “Eat More” chocolate bar.

                                     Easy Granola Bars
                                     3 cups quick cooking oats                                        Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine dry ingredients in a large
                                     1 cup chocolate chips                                         bowl. Add melted butter to sweetened condensed milk and mix
                                     1 cup craisins or raisins                                     well. (Tip – sit the can of condensed milk in a bowl of hot water
                                     1 cup slivered almonds                                        while you prepare the dry mix – it will thin the milk for easier
                                     ½ cup flax seeds                                              mixing.) Pour over dry ingredients and mix really well, using your
                                     1 tin sweetened condensed milk (low fat works)                hands. Spray a jelly roll pan or 8x15 inch rimmed cookie sheet
                                     1 Tbsp melted butter                                          with cooking spray, or line with foil. Press mixture firmly into pan,
                                                                                                   using waxed paper to prevent the mix from sticking to your hands.
                                                                                                   Bake 20 to 25 minutes. (Longer cooking will make a crunchier
                                                                                                   bar). Let cool 5 minutes, cut into bars and remove from pan. Cool
                                                                                                   completely. These bars freeze well, or may be stored in an airtight
Mud News • November-December 2009

                                                                                                      Variations – you can use any combination of dried fruit
                                                                                                   (blueberries, cherries, etc.), nuts (peanuts, pistachios, almonds,
                                                                                                   pecans, etc.), chips (chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter),
                                                                                                   coconut, protein powder, soy flakes, dried cereal, or whatever you
                                                                                                   like. Just make sure you use 3 ½ cups of your favourite ingredients,
                                                                                                   plus the 3 cups oats. For a chewier bar, use a little less dry ingredient
                                                                                                   and don’t bake for quite as long.

                                                                                                     Voila! – wrap these up in Ziploc bags or reusable containers, tie
                                                                                                   with a festive bow and cross the recipients off your list. If you are
                                                                                                   really generous, you can include a copy of the recipe in with the
  Other last minute ideas                                                                              Searles
                                                                                                       auto repair
                                                                                                                 All mechanical repairs
    • An IMBA membership – or better yet, a          • Dream Gift: Soul Cycles DIT Head                                Computer Analysis
  SIMBS membership! Visit            Unit Stereo, so I can rock on my ride while I                       Air Conditioning Repairs
  or for details.              rock my ride.                                                       Transmission Overhauls
                                                                                                                       Propane Repairs
    • A mountain bike calendar – IMBA has a
                                                                                                                517 Kelvin Rd       l   475-2000
  nice one, as does
    • A helmet light to get them out riding at
  night. Or a helmet mounted video camera
  to capture their riding adventures. Visit your
  local bike store for details.
    • Kenda Nevegal tires $60 - Sticky rubber
  helps a lot in these conditions. See Stacy’s
  review in this issue, or visit your local bike                                                   1-1258 Esquimalt Rd Victoria BC • 250-383-3337
  shop for recommendations.                                                                     
    • A merino wool long sleeve jersey – they        Out of time and ideas?
  are great for staying warm and dry during          A case of brew from Victoria’s Lighthouse
  winter rides, and the bonus – they don’t get     Brewing is sure to go down smoothly.
  all stinky and can go several rides between        And be sure to do some of your holiday
  washes. Available at Mountain Equipment          shopping at SIMBS sponsor’s locations.
  Co-op, Fibre Options and other fine retailers.   Some will provide a discount on purchases
    • 5/10 Impact Shoes, in Run DMC high           with your SIMBS membership card.
  top.                                               Riders Cycles, Trek Bikes, Straight Up
    • Adjustable seatpost (Possibly a Crank        Cycles, Marty’s Mountain Cycle, North Park
  Brothers Joplin), or this groovy thing called    Bicycle Shop and Lighthouse Brewing are all
  a Hite Rite.                                     SIMBS sponsors.
Stocking Stuffers

                             • T.H.E. Mud flap to keep
                            the mud out of your eyes.
                           • To keep your knees protected
                                                                                                                                                    Mud News • November-December 2009

                          and still feel good pedaling, Kali
                          Protective Kneepads, $80 - www.
                        • 661 Transition glove - to keep
                        your fingers toasty on those cold
                       night rides $60 -
                       • ODI lock-on grips, $40 - they have lost of cool colors to
                       choose from now. The ruffians come in pink! www.odigrips.
                         • Rapid Racer Neoguard (Neoprene Mudguard For Fork)
                          to keep mud out of your grinning maw.
                                    Q&A with Craig Gillet
                                    New trail shaping up at Hartland
                                       Torpedo Run (TR), had become a                from a conceptualization, to removing trees     in has several natural features. However,
                                    slippery, rocky, gully and was unsustainable,    with a chainsaw and moving dirt around          last week when I took a shovel through to
                                    so in 2007, CRD approved a re-route for          with a big machine.                             rough in the trail, I found much more top
                                    the ‘corridor’ including the slopes adjacent        Within a few days I had flagged the trees,   layer, or duff layer, than I expected. A rock
                                    to the existing trail. Part of the approval      emailed Richard, and met with the fallers.      causeway would have to be built. The rock
                                    included a possible machine-built trail          Less than two dozen trees needed to be          would create a dam across a natural water
                                    with features built to the Whistler Bike         taken down (to put things in perspective -      drainage, and would quite possibly end up
                                    Park standards. For an intermediate trail,       fewer trees were removed for this 700-metre     being a soggy mess. Thirdly, bike pushers
                                    this means features that can be rolled, or       trail than for the new Mt. Work parking lot     are less likely to push all the way to the
                                    that do not require full commitment. So          on Munn’s Road).                                lookout to ride technical single track when
                                    gap jumps are out, but tables, step ups, step       The following week, Kenton ferried           wide, fast, fun trail is available at less
                                    downs, hips, and berms are in. Emergency         back over from the mainland and met             effort. So the hand build problem and bike
                                    road access to the base of such a trail is       with all three CRD operators. The day           pushers have made me rethink the start
                                    crucial.                                         started with a short US Forest Service          zone for the rebuild. The start will likely
                                                                                     video on trailbuilding, and then we all         be right where the old TR started.
                                      Who has been involved in the design            went out to the trail. The first delay            The rebuild will be much longer than
                                    and construction of the trail? What has          happened immediately. The blade on the          the original and will replace the rutted,
                                    your role been?                                  rented machine would not stay up, so the        eroded, slippery, rocky trail that exists
                                      Chris Oman and I laid out the route.           machine could not maneuver properly.            now but is rarely ridden. The rebuild will
                                    We looked for a mild grade (speed and            So the first day was basically a write off.     be about 700-metres long.
                                    drainage control), and wide switchbacks.         Kenton spent the next two days with the           Bill and I walked the area to see if there
                                    Careful consideration was given to avoid         three CRD operators showing them how to         was a way to avoid Snakes and Ladders.
                                    tree removal. We then prepared a proposal        build a step up, step down, a table top and     Unfortunately we could not avoid
                                    and gave it to the CRD. That fall, Richard       a berm. This resulted in the lower part of      intersecting with Snakes. We are already in
                                    Waterfield ,Jim Bell (CRD Parks), and I          the trail just above the road. Kenton then      the area and Snakes is temporarily closed.
                                    walked the flag line. The proposal was then      said farewell, and was off to his next trail    We will do a short reroute of Snakes so
                                    put on a shelf somewhere to collect dust.        build – somewhere in Costa Rica I believe.      it will join with the new trail for a short
                                      Jump forward two and a half years to              So, other than those few days when Hoots     distance before rejoining the original trail.
                                    mid October this year. I received word           Inc., was involved, it has been all SIMBS         The new TR is on a fairly steep side slope
                                    from Chris that CRD was prepared to go           and CRD. Bill has been the machine              in some spots, which increases the feeling of
                                    ahead with a machine built TR reroute. A         operator, and I have been on site daily to      exposure for the rider. It wraps around some
                                    meeting between CRD and Hoots Inc. was           explain the trail, answer Bill’s questions,     big old fir trees and stumps, and includes
                                    scheduled for the following week. Hoots          and help trouble shoot. For instance, Bill      step downs, step ups, hips, transfers, berms
                                    Inc. was involved because of their expertise     has had to stay low around some obstacles       and table tops. I hope to carve the take off
                                    with machine-built trails (see the Hoots         (e.g., steep rock he uncovered), and stay       faces in such a way as to present some expert
                                    website for more information). The day           above others (e.g., large fir trees – less      options (if you are out on the trail, have a
                                    before the meeting, I hiked out to locate        chance of encountering roots), so I have        look at the face of the last step down, which
                                    the flag line laid out two years earlier, re-    had to rethink/ reflag the line a little to     can be ridden straight or hipped).
                                    establishing the route/ flow in my mind.         maintain flow.                                    There are four switchbacks planned.
Mud News • November-December 2009

                                      The next day, Jay Hoots, his main                                                              Two switchbacks will be big uphill berms
                                    machine operator, Kenton, myself, Richard           How long is it and can you describe it?      mimicking the feeling of a wall ride. One
                                    and three CRD machine operators met to              When the trail was first flagged we          will be a tight turn through trees and the
                                    walk the flag line and discuss the project.      wanted to use as much of the slope as           other will be exposed rock to present more
                                    Jay was stoked on the line we had flagged        possible. That meant starting from the          of a technical challenge. Regardless of
                                    and had some input on features we could          lookout above the dump where Snakes and         whether a trail is built by hand or machine,
                                    include. It was decided that Kenton would        Ladders also starts.                            it will always need maintenance. One of
                                    come back and spend a couple of days                Unfortunately, this start zone presented     the big maintenance problem areas occurs
                                    with the CRD operators to demonstrate            a few logistic difficulties. First, a machine   where riders brake before turns – ruts
                                    and observe machine building of trail and        could not get up that high because of the       and braking bumps are sure to develop.
                                    features. My job was now to flag the centre      slippery rock it would encounter on a steep     The permanent fix for this problem is to
                                    of the tread more precisely and flag trees for   grade. That means the upper part would          naturally slow people down before the turn
                                    removal. All of a sudden, the trail turned       have to be built by hand. The line I flagged    by directing the trail to make use of gravity
                                                                                                    On the road
or building a feature. Several ways to do this
are rollers, step ups and directing the trail
uphill. That is why all of the switchbacks
                                                   according to Kenton, once the trail is in, we
                                                   would get a couple of metres of snow, the
                                                   weight of which would pack the trail. Then
                                                                                                    Roadside assist
start with an uphill. In addition, one will
have rollers and the other will have a step
                                                   when the snow melted and the trail dried
                                                   out it would be ready for riders. But that’s     for bicycles
up. The trail purposely ends with a step           pretty unlikely in Victoria so lots of hand         Cyclists won’t need to fret over flat tires,
up to slow riders down as they exit on to          tamping will be needed.                          broken chains or other mechanical woes
another trail.                                                                                      with the introduction of BCAA’s new
  Nonetheless, despite these efforts, there          What was the most interesting thing            “Bike Assist” service. If you use your bike to
will be areas that will eventually need            about building this trail with a machine?        commute, run errands or just to get around,
rock armouring and jumps that will need               It has been a learning experience watching    BCAA’s “Bike Assist” program offers the
periodic maintenance. Following the                the machine work. I have seen how much           same peace of mind provided by BCAA’s
adage, ‘build it and they will come’, more         soil is needed to build the trail base and the   reliable Road Assist service - breakdown
riders will hopefully mean more hands for          features. Bill has also demonstrated what        assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
maintenance.                                       size rocks and logs the machine can handle          The service is available to BCAA members
                                                   (there is a Smart car sized rock buried under    with Road Assist coverage.
  How long is the machine construction             the landing of the very last step up), and          BCAA is the first Automobile Association
expected to take?                                  what kind of rock can be pulled apart.           in North America to provide this service as
  When Jay was asked how long machine                The machine definitely has limitations.        a permanent fixture of membership.
construction would take, he figured two            The bucket and thumb only articulate fore           “BCAA recognizes that people are
weeks. However, Jay was calculating using          and aft. Imagine how difficult it would be to    choosing to commute in different ways, and
ten or more hours per day. The CRD                 manipulate objects if your hand, wrist and       we want to be able to support our members,
operators figured on five hours or less            elbow only articulated in two directions.        regardless of how they choose to get from A
per day of building due to travel time,            Sometimes, it takes great restraint on my        to B,” says BCAA’s Membership Assistant
maintenance etc. Meetings, holidays, other         part not to jump in and move a rock or           Product Manger, Marina Tungland.
CRD projects that take precedence and              log. The outcome of this means more hand            How BCAA “Bike Assist” works:
which Bill has to attend to, and a blown           shaping of the backcut and features after           • The cyclist must have experienced a
hydraulic line, have cut in to build time.         the machine has done all it can do.              mechanical breakdown, whichincludes any
Bill has also been kept away from the TR                                                            issue that makes the bike inoperable during
rebuild on another CRD project that has              How does a machine build compare               a rider’s commute, such as a broken chain
proved to be more difficult than anticipated.      to the hand built trails SIMBS normally          or flat tire. No assistance will be provided to
So it looks like a month or two for sure.          does?                                            cyclists looking to avoid challenging terrain
                                                     The machine can move more soil and             or inclement weather.
  Has weather been a factor, with the              bigger objects. This is great when needed.          • Service technicians will do their best to
torrential rains we have had lately?               But the footprint, and thus environmental        get the cyclist on the go, but if the repair
  The rain this month has had minimal              damage, is much greater so, in sensitive         cannot be made at the site of the breakdown,
impact on the rebuild. Heavy rains are             areas, building by hand is the way to go.        the technician will transport the cyclist and
helpful in that they show where water flows          Most importantly, when can we look             their bicycle to their destination, home or
and where it collects, so I can hopefully          forward to testing out the new Torpedo           nearest bike shop. The kilometer allotment
avoid drainage problems. The rain also helps       Run?                                             will be consistent with the member’s current
to compact the soil. Things can get muddy              With the setbacks experienced so far, I      level of membership (e.g. a basic member is
though, with repeated travel over the same         expect the machine building will take us         entitled to a five kilometre tow).
                                                                                                                                                      Mud News • November-December 2009

area, as evidenced by the ruts developing          into December. Once the base trail is cut,          • Only two cyclists can be accommodated
on the access road Bill drives in on. He will      Bill and I will work from the top down and       at a time.
likely have to do a little maintenance work        put in the features. I will be hand tailoring       • BCAA cannot break bike locks, as bike
on that road before he is done.                    the features as they are built to minimize       ownership cannot be easily identified.
  If the rain keeps up once the trail is done,     soil loss from erosion. The trail back cut          How to get assistance?
we may have to keep the trail closed to            will need to be shaped, and some materials          Cyclists needing help can call BCAA
riders until it becomes more packed and            scattered by hand as well. I anticipate at       Road Assist at 1-800-222-4357 or (*)222
sheds water more readily. This is common           least two well-attended trail maintenance        by cell phone anywhere in B.C.
practice at dirt jump parks. If riders do not      days in Jan/Feb to help with this and hand          For more information on BCAA “Bike
respect closures, the take off lips quickly        tamping of the trail. Realistically, limited     Assist” or road safety tips for cyclists and
will quickly disintegrate. The trail is actually   openings, depending on mud, may occur            motorists, refer to
being built at a good time because the             in February. But by next summer, the trail       or email
moisture will help settle the trail. Ideally,      should be well packed, fast and fun.
                                    Trail maintenance                                                                                                              Chris OMAN

                                    Torpedo Run in the works, Sofa King is history
                                       October 18th was an interesting trail            the features, volunteers will do the finishing
                                    maintenance day - as we worked on the new           work by hand. If you are interested in helping
                                    section of Fun trail, riders soared through the     out please send me an email. There is also an
                                    air beside us. They were trying to get some         approved portion of the trail near the top and
                                    final runs in on Sofa King before the gaps          we will build that by hand once the machine
                                    were removed later that week.                       work is done. Some people have already
                                       Normally we don’t build entrances and exits      walked or ridden parts of the trail and made
                                    on a new trail until it is ready to open but        comments, even though the trail is under
                                    people are obviously riding this section of         construction! Once it is done and sets up,
                                    Fun. When some riders reached the end of the        and after we all have a chance to ride it, it will
                                    built trail, they blazed their own trail straight   need tweaking. That’s to be expected with any
                                    downhill to Bottom Feeder. We decided to            new trail, and especially one with features like
                                    rough in an obvious entrance to keep riders on      table tops, step-ups and downs and berms.
                                    the planned line. We completed the entrance         We welcome your feedback – just realize that
                                    during the November trail day and we’ll see         this is a work in progress. One last thing - the
                                    how it sets up.                                     trail is designed so that you lose all your speed
                                       When this section of Fun is complete in the      at the end. We want to avoid riders hurtling
                                    next few months you will be able to ride up to      out onto Centrefold.
                                    the Sofa King/Green Ribbon/Organ Donor                If you would like to receive a monthly email
                                    intersection. From there you can make it up         about upcoming trail maintenance days at
                                    to South Ridge using existing trail. Sofa King      Hartland, please send a note to chris@simbs.
                                    still provides an option for going downhill.        com.
                                    The gaps are gone but the berms are still there.      Harbourview Road                                   Above: Stacy Jensen shows off the step-up
                                       Work also began on Torpedo Run in                  Dan Cammiade is building a list of those           on Torpedo Run.
                                    October. CRD has provided a mini-                   interested in future trail maintenance at            Below: Russ Campbell finishes up work on
                                    excavator and an operator and Craig Gillett         Harbourview Road out in Sooke. If you                the exit area for the second wall ride on the
                                    has graciously given his free time to be on         think you might be interested in building and        newest section of Fun Trail.
                                    site to supervise on behalf of SIMBS. Once          maintaining trails out there, please send Dan        Bottom left: Richard, Scott and Craig doing
                                    the machine builds the trail and roughs in          a note at                   rock work on the next section of Fun Trail.
Mud News • November-December 2009
Gear review                                                                                                     Stacy JENSEN

Kenda Nevegal 2.35 Stick-E Tires
   I’ve used a whole number of different tires over      can send you from upright to sprawled out in a
the years and rarely have they lived up to the billing   nanosecond.
extolled by the manufacturer, media, etc. and have          The Nevegals are billed as a 2.35 which to
found myself quoting Public Enemy a lot with             me is a nice balance between size and leaving
‘don’t believe the hype’. That being said, I have been   ample mud clearance and the blocky tread
nothing but impressed with these Nevegals from           pattern doesn’t bung up too badly with mud
Kenda, so much so that I recently anted up for a         when the trails are wet. I’m sure that there
fresh pair for fall.                                     are better tires for specific conditions, but
   Previously, I had been using a Nevegal on the back,   as an all around tire for riding on the
with some ho hum tire that shall remain nameless         island, I’ll stick with my Nevegals.
on the front. In my quest for a long wearing tire,
and having had a bad experience with sticky tires
in the distant past, such as the grey knob shredding
Specialized Umma Gumma, I went for the standard
                                                         These tires stick
hardness Nevegal. In the standard durometer tread        to rock and seem
the Nevegal isn’t a bad tire, but in the Stick-E
compound rubber alright becomes dynamite.                to deform nicely
   I have no idea how Kenda has done it, but with        which is a benefit
these Stick-E tires I repeatedly ride up and down
stuff that leaves me shaking my head. These tires        on the thousands
stick to rock and seem to deform nicely which is a
benefit on the thousands of roots in Hartland that
                                                         of roots in
cut across the trail in all sorts of weird angles and    Hartland.

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Mud News • November-December 2009

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