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					                          Appropriate Use Agreement and Permission Form
                     For the Use of Computers, The Internet and Electronic Mail

Technology provides students with unique and powerful ways to enhance their learning. Chinook’s Edge School
Division No. 73 supports the use of technology for the purpose of enhancing and supporting teaching and learning
and is pleased to offer students access to computer networks for electronic mail and the Internet.

Access is a privilege, not a right therefore, the use of technology whether owned by the Division or devices supplied
by the user entails personal responsibility. It is expected that users will comply with division standards, act in a
responsible manner, and will honor the terms and conditions set by the school and classroom teacher and the
division. Failure to comply with such terms and conditions may result in permanent or temporary loss of access by
the division and the school as well as other disciplinary or legal action as necessary. Students will be held
accountable for their actions and are encouraged to report any accidental use immediately to school administration.

It is the goal of the Chinook’s Edge School Division to ensure that student interactions and the use of technology
contribute positively to the learning environment both at school and in the community. Negative use of technology
through Division owned devices inside or outside of our schools that degrades or defames members of our
communities or the Division is unacceptable. Chinook’s Edge School Division also recognizes that students have
widespread access to both technology and the Internet, therefore use of personal devices and connectivity is
considered to be included in this Appropriate Use Agreement.

Digital storage areas may or may not be located on property of the school division therefore users should not expect
that files and communications are stored on division servers nor should users expect that files and communication
are private. Network Administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and to
insure responsible use.

In order for a student to gain access to email and the Internet within our schools, Chinook’s Edge School Division
must obtain parental permission for a minor student under the age of 17 years. Students 18 years and older are also
required to acknowledge and accept the Division’s terms and conditions prior to obtaining access to technology
within our schools. Under both circumstances this may be accomplished by completing an “Appropriate Use
Agreement Acknowledgement Form”. Should a parent prefer that a student not have email and Internet access, use
of the computers is still possible for more traditional purposes such a word processing to assist in learning.

Terms and Conditions

Unacceptable use of technology includes but is not limited to:
   • Using technology for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright laws.
   • Using technology in ways, which violate school policies and behavior standards.
   • Degrading or disrupting equipment or system performance.
   • Invading the privacy of other individuals by photographing without consent, publishing, sending, or
       displaying private information and by accessing and/or vandalizing their electronic data.
   • Wasting technology resources, including bandwidth, file space, and printers
   • Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities.
   • Using an account owned by another user with or without his/her permission.
   • Posting personal communication without the author’s consent.
   • Submitting, posting, publishing, sending or displaying obscene, profane, threatening, illegal or other
       inappropriate material on the internet or other electronic devices.
   • Photographing, copying or storing, or deliberately viewing obscene, profane, threatening, illegal other
       inappropriate material.

Technology Etiquette
    • Be polite. Do not get abusive in your communications to others.
    • Use appropriate language. Do not swear, use vulgarities, or other inappropriate language.
    • Do not engage in activities prohibited under municipal, provincial or federal law.
    • Do not reveal your or any other person’s personal information (home address or phone number or

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    •    Electronic mail (e-mail) is not private. People who operate the system do have access to all mail. Messages
         relating to or in support of illegal activities will be reported to the authorities and will result in the loss of
         user privileges.
    •    Use technology in such a way that you will not disrupt others.
    •    All communications and information accessible through technology should be assumed to be the private
         property of those created it.
    •    If you see a security problem on the network, report it to a system administrator.
    •    Do not use mobile technology during class, examinations, assemblies or other events unless directed to do
         so by the teacher.

Use and Installation of Software
    • Only individuals designated by a school or site administrator shall be authorized to install software on
        division technology.
    • No one shall install illegal or pirated software on any division equipment.

Use of public Web tools
    • Technology provides an abundance of opportunities for students to use interactive tools and sites on public
        websites that benefit learning, communication and social interaction. The Division does not control these
        public sites and does not manage the information posted by students and therefore does not accept
        responsibility for their use. Personal information could be used for commercial purposes and information
        stored there could be lost. Students in consultation with their parents should use discretion when selecting
        and/or using these interactive tools.
    • Students may be held accountable for the use of and information posted on these sites if it detrimentally
        affects the welfare of individual students or the governance, climate, or effectiveness of the school(s)
    • From time to time teachers may recommend and use public interactive sites that to the best of their
        knowledge are legitimate and safe. As the site is “public” and the teacher (School and Division) is not in
        control of it, students and parents must use their discretion when using, accessing information , storing,
        and displaying student work on the site.
    • Student and parent use of public sites and public interactive tools is at their own risk.

Security and Supervision
    • Student owned devices must have up-to-date virus protection software
    • The division does provide content filtering controls for student access to the internet using the division
         network as well as reasonable adult supervision but at times inappropriate, objectionable and/or offensive
         material may circumvent the filter as well as the supervision and be viewed by students. Students are to
         report the occurrence to their teacher or the nearest supervisor. Students will be held accountable for any
         deliberate attempt to circumvent division technology security and supervision.
    • Students using mobile and cellular devices on networks other than the divisions are subject to the rights
         and responsibilities outlined in this document and are accountable for their use.

    • Network refers to wired and wireless technology networks including school networks, cellular networks,
         commercial, community or home based wireless networks accessible to students
    • Student owned (supplied) mobile devices refers to cellular phones, blackberry type devices, PDAs, MP3
         players, iPod type devices, and portable computers such as laptops, notebooks, and netbooks as well as
         portable storage devices.

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                                    Appropriate Use Acknowledgement
   Chinook’s Edge School Division No. 73 is not liable for any harm or injury that a user may suffer as a
   consequence of any inaccurate information the user may obtain through the use of the division’s technology and
   networks (including Internet services). By entering into this Appropriate Use Agreement, the user agrees to be
   bound by this release of liability and waives any and all rights to assert claims, which may arise due to use of
   these electronic services. The user also agrees to comply with the Appropriate Use Terms and Conditions.
   Chinook’s Edge School Division No.73 specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of
   information obtained through its services.

                                   MINOR STUDENT – 17 YEARS OR YOUNGER
    As the parent or legal guardian of the minor student named above, I have read and reviewed with my child
    the Chinook’s Edge School Division No. 73’s Appropriate Use Agreement. I understand that the use of this
    electronic information resource is for educational purposes. I recognize the division has initiated reasonable
    safeguards to filter and monitor inappropriate materials. I understand that while the division has also taken
    steps to restrict student access on the Internet to inappropriate information and sites, it is impossible to
    restrict access to all controversial materials. I further recognize that if my child does not abide by the rules of
    appropriate use, he/she may be disciplined. I will not hold the Chinook’s Edge School Division responsible
    for materials my child may acquire on the Internet.

     My Child may use email and the Internet while at school according to the terms and conditions outlined
     I do not give permission for my child to use email and the Internet while at school
    Student Name (please print): __________________________________________________________

    School: _______________________________________________                     Grade: __________________

     Signature: ____________________________________________                     Date: ___________________

    Signature: ____________________________________________                     Date: ___________________
                             Parent/Legal Guardian

                          MATURE STUDENT/INDEPENDENT – 18 YEARS OR OLDER
    Rules of conduct are described in this Appropriate Use Requirement for Chinook’s Edge School Division No.
    73 and apply when the electronic information system is in use. I understand any violations of may result in
    disciplinary and/or legal action, including but not limited to suspension or expulsion, or referral to legal
    authorities. I therefore agree to maintain acceptable standards and to report any misuse of the system to the
    appropriate teacher or administrator. Misuse or violation of this agreement comes in many forms, but can be
    viewed as any messages, information or graphics sent or received that include/suggest pornography,
    unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language, and/or other listings previously
    described in this user Requirement. I have read the Appropriate Use Agreement and understand that Internet
    sites are filtered and that Internet use on the division computer may be monitored. I hereby agree to comply
    with the above-described conditions of appropriate use.

    Student Name (please print): __________________________________________________________

    School: _______________________________________________                     Grade: __________________

    Signature: ____________________________________________                      Date: ___________________

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