The Ancient Egyptians by pengxiuhui


									         The Ancient Egyptians




The Egypt
     Egyptian culture arose approximately five thousand
years ago near the Nile in North Eastern Africa. It was a
unique culture that prospered for almost three thousand
year, making it one of the longest lasting civilizations in
history. Fortunately for people today, the Egyptians left
many pieces of their art and writing in good condition. We
can therefore piece together the way these people lived
and understand the ways in which they have influenced
the modern world.

1. It was yesterday that I went to lantern exhibition.
 It was ________________that I went to yesterday.
2. …, which made it one of the longest lasting civilization
 …, making it one of the longest lasting civilization
3. make/leave/keep O. O.C.
EX: Please leave the door open.
The Nile
    The Nile is a major north-
    flowing river in Africa,
    generally regarded as the
    longest river, though not the
    most voluminous, in the
    world. The Nile has two
    major tributaries, the White
    Nile and Blue Nile, the latter
    being the source of most of
    the Nile's water and fertile
    soil, but the former being
    the longer of the two.
             The Nile was very important for the
        ancient Egyptians. It provided rich soil for
尼羅河很重   agriculture and an efficient means of
 要喔!    transportation. Egyptian farmers began
        growing large quantities of food around the
        year 3000 B.C., and then traveled down
        the Nile and into the Mediterranean Sea to
        trade. Once the people were easily fed a
        society that became one of the most
        advanced in the world was formed. The
        Egyptians devised the 365 day calendar
        and were the first people to create a
        national government. They also invented a
        writing form by using pictures.
僧侶體(hieratic)和古埃及       中國也有象形
世俗體(demotic)是古埃及         文字耶!


 問問題時間!    1. Why the Nile was
              very important for
              the ancient
           2. What did the ancient
              Egyptians invent?

    The ancient Egyptians were dark-skinned
people with black hair. They mostly dressed in
white linen garments and wore leather sandals on
their feet. The Egyptians especially liked cosmetics
and jewelry. Women wore red lip powder and
colored their eyebrows with gray, black and green
paint. Men also outlined their eyes and sometimes
wore as much makeup as the women.
1. compounded adjectives: adj.+N-ed
EX: a one-eyed monster
2. …as adj./adv./N. as … 如…一樣
EX: She’s as ____________as Chilin.
     He runs as ___________ as a tiger.
    I have as ____________as May (does).   many pens
     Both men and women wore perfume and jewelry
such as rings, bracelets and necklaces. The Egyptians
also had a fascination with religion and life after death.
Much of their time was spent preparing for life after
death and this was the major reason behind their most
famous constructions, the Pyramids. The pyramids
were built as massive tombs for Egyptians rulers. Each
Pyramid was built over a burial chamber in order to
protect the dead soul and keep it safe from the common
                                      reading       read
 1.   I spend a lot of time_____________.           to read
 2.   She stayed up preparing ________ tests.

                           for          to
                     The Pyramid
A pyramid is any three-
dimensional structure where the
upper surfaces are triangular and
converge on one point. The base
of pyramids are usually
quadrilateral or trilateral but
generally it can be any polygon
shape), meaning that a pyramid         The Great Pyramid of Khufu
usually has three or four sides.
For thousands of years, the largest
structures on Earth were pyramids:
first the Red Pyramid in the Dashur
Necropolis and then the Great
Pyramid of Khufu, the only remaining
Wonder of the World.
                                        A Pharaoh of Old Kingdom
      Most of the Pyramids were built around 4,500 years
ago. When people in the modern age began to explore
the tombs underneath the Pyramids, they found jewelry,
clothes, art and weapons. The objects in the tomb were
for the ruler to take into the next life. The art included
paintings, showing what life was like in Egyptian times.
The jewelry was the work of highly skilled craftsmen and
the clothes gave experts a clear insight into the dress
style of ancient Egypt.

  1.The window was broken (by me).
  2.The art included paintings, which shows what
    life was like in Egyptian times.
  …paintings, showing …
    Thirty dynasties rose and fell during the years of
ancient Egypt. One of the most famous rulers was
Tutenkharmen of the 20th dynasty. He was the ruler
around the year 1300 B.C. and encouraged both old
and modern forms of Egyptian religion. Tutenkharmen
was one of Egypt’s strongest leaders, and the gold and
other jewelry found in his tomb are among the finest
treasures ever found.

又來囉!      1.   Why was Tutenkharmen so famous?
          2.   Why are the jewelry found in
               Tutenkharmen’s tomb the finest
    Today many artifacts from ancient Egypt remain in
good condition and can be viewed by tourists. Most of
the Pyramids are located just south of the modern
Egyptian city of Cairo, and every year they attract
thousands of visitors. Yet despite what we know about
the Egyptians, we still have unanswered questions.
Many of these questions shall remain mysteries lost
forever in time.
 1.    稻江位於新生北路上。
      Daojiang is located on the Shinsheng North Road.
 2.    despite = in spite of 儘管
 EX:    He went to work __________ his illness.

                  despite        despite the fact that
Cairo, which means "The
Triumphant", is the capital
city of Egypt. It has a
metropolitan area
population of officially about
11.1 million people. Cairo is
the twenty-first most
populous metropolitan area
in the world. Cairo is also
the most populous metropolitan
area and the most populous city
in Africa.
                 Key Words
1. ancient 古代的
eg: We were impressed by the ruins of an ancient
2. Egypt 埃及
3. Egyptian 埃及人
4. Nile 尼羅河
5. arise 產生
eg: Unexpected difficulties arose in the course of
    their experiment.
6. outline 畫輪廓
eg: He outlined a map of North America.
7. artifact 工藝品
eg: An artifact is a human-made object.
8. eyebrow 眉毛
9. perfume 香水
eg: She bought a small bottle of French perfume.
10. bracelet 手環
eg: She wore huge bracelets on her wrists.
11. fascination 著迷
eg: He was staring at her with fascination.
** be fascinated with 對…著迷
   = have a fascination with
 She has a fascination with Hello Kitty.
12. piece together 拼湊
eg: She‘s piecing together the torn picture.
13. burial (考古學者所指的 )墓地
14. feed 餵食
eg: We feed the birds every day.
15. powder 粉末
eg: There’s too much powder on your nose.
16. Cairo 開羅
eg: Cairo is the capital of Egypt.
17. garment 服裝
eg: This shop sells garments of all kinds.
18. prosper 昌盛
eg: The country is prospering under a strong
19. calendar 曆法
eg: Today is her birthday according to the solar
    calendar. ** lunar calendar ____________
20. invent 創造
eg: He invented a new type of stethoscope(聽診器).
21. pyramid 金字塔
eg: The Pyramids were among the seven wonders
    of the world. ** 粽子 ______________
22. chamber 室
eg: The king retired to his chamber.
23. jewelry 珠寶 **jewel _________/ jury _______
 eg: Rebecca never wears jewelry.
24. quantity 量 ** quality ___________
eg: There is a small quantity of water left in the
    bottle.                        質
25. civilization 文明
eg: Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the
26. leather 皮革
eg: These gloves are made of leather.
27. ring 戒指
eg: He proposed to her with an engagement ring.
28. construction 建築物
eg: The building is a construction of wood.
29. linen 亞麻布
30. sandal 便鞋
eg: Many people wear sandals in the summer.
31. cosmetics 化妝品
32. lip 嘴唇
eg: None of your lip! 【俚】唐突無禮的話
33. soil 土壤
eg: That farm has a very rich soil.
34. craftsman 工匠
eg: Her father is a skilled craftsman.
35. makeup= ___________
36. tomb 墓
eg: We visited the tomb of Shakespeare.
37. devise 設計
eg: He devised a new method of teaching writing.
38. mystery 謎 **myth ____________
eg: His death has remained a mystery.
39. tourist 旅客
eg: San Francisco is full of tourists in the summer.
40.dynasty 朝代
eg: I like paintings from the Qing Dynasty.
41. necklace 項鍊
eg: He gave her a necklace of silver, glass and
   amber (琥珀) as a gift on Valentine’s Day.
42. underneath 在…之下
eg: The baby liked to sit underneath the table.

  你在看我嗎?                               Welcome to
  再靠近一點!                                Egypt!!


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