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August 2009
                     TRIPLE CROWN &
Volume 36 Number 2
$5.00                YEAR IN REVIEW   SARATOGA ISSUE
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                                                                 POST TIME USA 5

                                                       LOOK UP, PIGS ARE FLYING!
   Like him or not, agree with his politics or not, fault                                                                      I would be remiss not to point out how proud I am
him or praise him, I don’t think many Americans are                                                                         of this publication’s journalists. Post Time USA has
unimpressed with Barack Obama’s eloquence. The                                                                              been honored several times at the Eclipse awards.
President is tireless, and not rooting for his success is                                                                   Bill Christine and Bill Mooney’s submissions are
tantamount to removing the U.S. from recognition as                                                                         always first-rate - Christine reveals great insight into
one of the world’s most powerful nations. So congrat-                                                                       the California racing industry’s seemingly uncor-
ulations are in order for not allowing color to prevent                                                                     rectable problems and Mooney’s review of Robbie
voters from electing him to its highest office. Prior to                                           with                     Davis’ career and family participation is fascinating.
Obama’s emergence, many said pigs would fly before                                              GINO                        Our Gent at the Races takes on super fillies Rachel
the U.S. would elect a black president. Ironically,                                                                         Alexandra and Zenyatta, and the plight racing faces
almost simultaneously to Obama being sworn in to                                                                            with its synthetic surfaces is right on as is Rab
                                                               What frequently comes from shaking hands the wrong
office, headlines in the nation’s leading newspapers,                                                                       Hagin’s coverage of Churchill Downs’ night racing
                                                            way is hospitalization, which sometimes gives way to
magazines and simulcasting outlets included the                                                                             successes. Ray Kerrison and Bernie Dickman’s
                                                            staph infections. Have you ever thought of how many
words Swine Flu.                                                                                                            articles on the degree of the racing industry’s
                                                            thousands of germs one can pick up in a hospital?
   Currently, the damage which has recategorized the                                                                        impending disasters are prize winners in waiting.
                                                               Americans spent more money on doctors in 2008 than
swine flu from epidemic to pandemic is alarming. The                                                                        Congratulations and thanks to them all.
                                                            ever before, and it’s working - more doctors are feeling
latest records from the Centers for Disease Control show                                                                       The most frequently asked question of me lately
                                                            better than ever . . . A specialist is a doctor with a small-
the numbers are growing considerably higher.                                                                                has been if this publication has been sold. That will
                                                            er practice but a bigger yacht . . . Nowadays, it costs more
According to the World Health Organization the number                                                                       be determined after the completion of Magna’s chap-
                                                            to go to a hospital than it does to go to medical school.
of deaths world-wide has reached 700. Shaking hands                                                                         ter 11 filing in Delaware. Several bidders for the
                                                            Talking about hospitals (and this is no joke), mistakes
has been given as a leading cause of this.                                                                                  Magna properties have been in negotiations for the
                                                            made in hospitals are the eighth-leading cause of death in
   Those who know me well are aware that I do not                                                                           purchase of Post Time USA so we will have to wait
                                                            the U.S. Medical mistakes have killed more Americans
shake hands, and I have received plenty of kidding.                                                                         and see how that situation unfurls prior to a decision
                                                            than AIDS, cancer and heart disease.
Instead, what I have done since age 12 is lightly tip                                                                       regarding new ownership.
                                                               My visit to New York for the Belmont Stakes reac-
someone’s fist, knuckle to knuckle, Now more and
                                                            quainted me with my birthplace. It’s not as easy to get         Cal. Racing Movie Could Be 'The Terminated' .11
more people are realizing why and doing the same.
                                                            a parking ticket in N.Y. C. as most people think - first        Legendary Joe Hirsch Was A Masterpiece ......16
Nobody knows where someone’s hands have been and
                                                            you have to find a place to park . . . We bought                The Miserable State of the Union .....................18
it has been well established that doing so is the lead-
                                                            Manhattan Island from the Indians for $24. Now it               Dave and Me .......................................................30
ing cause of catching the flu.
                                                            costs that much to park there . . . In N.Y. the cost of liv-
   Your attention is called to my demonstrating the
                                                            ing is going up while the chance of living is going                                      PICTURE PAGES
most cautious way of handshaking to N.Y. Sen.
                                                            down . . . In N.Y. zoos, the animals are kept behind bars       Eclipse Awards ............................................12, 14
Malcom Smith (below), N.Y. Gov. David Paterson
                                                            for their own protection . . . And contrary to popular          Welcome Back to Calder..................................22
and N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg. When asked if I
                                                            belief that people in N.Y. do not share, on my way out          Calder Casino Groundbreaking......................24
follow the same procedure with women, the answer is
                                                            to Belmont I saw two strangers share a cab. One was             Evans CDI Benefit ............................................35
yes, which can be attested to by the accompanying
                                                            taking the tires and radio - the other took the engine . .      Triple Crown Review........................................36
photo of me and beauty queens Jefra Bland and Maria
                                                            . It shouldn’t have been a surprise. In the neighborhood        Kentucky Derby..............................38, 40, 42, 44
Montgomery at this year’s Kentucky Derby, where I
                                                            I grew up, nobody ever asked you for the time. They             Belmont Stakes......................................61, 62, 63
did not touch any of their hands.
                                                            just took your watch.                                           Monmouth’s Skip Away Stakes .......................66
                                                                                                                            Fasig-Tipton Saratoga Select...........................74
                                                                                                                            Marylou Whitney’s Annual Gala ....................76
                                                                                                                            Travers Celebration..........................................78
                                                                                                                            Travers Stakes ...................................................79
                                                                                                                            Hall of Fame Inductions...................................80
                                                                                                                            Museum Ball .....................................................81
                                                                                                                            Belmont Child Care Auction .....................84, 85
                                                                                                                            Wishing Well .....................................................86
                                                                                                                            New York Turf Writers Awards Dinner ...88, 89
                                                                                                                            A Taste of Saratoga...........................................90
                                                                                                                            Model of the Month ..........................................96
                                                                                                                            Backstretch Appreciation Dinner..................100
                                                                                                                            Publisher’s People...........................................101
 Gene Stevens with Miss Teen Kentucky Jefra                   State Sen. Malcom Smith, Gov. David Paterson,                 Twin Spires Under Stars and Lights . . . . . . .34
 Bland and Miss Kentucky Maria Montgomery                      Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gene Stevens                     Zenyatta vs. Rachel Would Make Pot Boil . .38
                                   Photos by Rick Morgan/                 at the Belmont Stakes                             Tracks Gambling on Future To Stay Afloat .56
                       Bert & Richard Morgan Photography                                           Marguerite Hill photo
                                                                                                                            Margie Cowan Will Never Be Forgotten . . . .95

                                                                                                                                                                            Ray Kerrison
        POST TIME USA                                                                                                                   Index                                 (Guest Columnist) ..........17, 57
                                                                                                                                                                            Klingin’ to the Edge
               (FOUNDED 1973)                                                                                                                                                (Nick Kling)...........................69
             Founders: A. Robert Gaudio                                                                                                                                     Lois Lane .................................98
                                                                                                                                                                             (Looking Through the
         Gene Stevens and Bernie Dickman
           Window to the Sporting World
                                                                                                                                                     DIVE                     Peephole of Life)
                                                                                                                                                                            Meathead of the Month............59
                                                                                                                                                      IN                    Memory Lane...........................60
      of America’s Most Affluent PEOPLE!                                                                                                                                    Model of the Month.................96
                                                              One of my all-time favorite “yaks” concerns a monk             Bits & Pieces ...............58, 59, 60
              Published 4 Times Yearly -                                                                                     Bouncin’ With Bernie ..18, 30, 57
                                                                                                                                                                            New York Racing &
  (Dec. - Jan.) (Jan. - Feb.) (Feb. - Mar.) (July - Aug.)   who took a vow of silence. He was only allowed to say               (Bernie Dickman)
                                                            two words every 10 years. After the first decade he was          Breezin’ With Gino ....................5       Now and Then..........................58
                                                                                                                             By The Way .............................10     Page 11 .....................................11
        POST TIME USA • THE CRICKET CLUB                    called by the head monk. “Okay, you can say two                                                                 Publisher’s People..................101
            1800 N.E. 114th Street • Suite 2103                                                                              Claiming Box.....................18, 56
                                                            words now.” The man said, “Food cold.” After 20 years            Bill Christine............................11   Publisher’s Prerogative ..............8
        North Miami, Florida 33181 • (305) 891-4567         passed, the man was once again summoned by the head                (West Coast Scout)                           Sporting It Out .........................98
                                                            monk. “Okay, what two words do you have to say                   Gent at the Races .....................58      Gene Stevens in Show Biz.......94
     Controlled Circulation - Paid at Hollywood, Florida                                                                       (Keith Christopher)                          Where Are They Now? ............45
         Published by Post Time, Inc. / Gene Stevens        now?” he asked. “I quit,” replied the man. “I’m not sur-         Rab Hagin                                       (Bill Mooney)
                      Owner-Publisher                       prised,” said the head monk. “You’ve done nothing but            (In the Bluegrass).....................34      Yak of the Month .......................5
                                                            complain since the day you got here.” That’s funny.
8 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                                 AUGUST 2009

                                       TIME IS RIPE FOR FHBPA UPHEAVAL
   “Something’s rotten in Denmark.” Shakespeare                                                                            about Sammy helping Bill run Gulfstream. Part of my
wrote it - Marcellus said it in Hamlet - and if Willie                                                                     disappointment with Murphy and his talked-about
was alive today he’d probably use it in his next work,            Publisher’s                                              three faces concerns the wagering totals he released
“A Mid-Summer’s Nightmare.”                                       Prerogative                                              after Gulfstream’s 2009 meet.
   Rotten doesn’t begin to describe the stench from                                                                           Figures lie and liars figure, but consider this.
what has taken place in the thoroughbred racing                                                                            Murphy told the press the following, which was
                                                                       By GENE
industry. It’s no secret. The captain of the Titanic and                                                                   reported: “Gulfstream’s 2009 on-track handle of
Mr. Ponzi in tandem couldn’t have done a better job                                                                        $42,270,739 resulted in a 6.71 percent increase over
of mutilating a once-proud, powerful and promising                                                                         last year’s $39,613,200 total.” In fact, official figures
industry. There reaches a point of no return and we         Stronach and I had been good friends since he purchased        obtained from the Department of Business and
can only hope it hasn’t already passed.                     Gulfstream in September of 1999. I genuinely believe           Professional Regulation’s Division of Pari-Mutuel
   I applaud and encourage those who are still trying       Frank’s intentions were more noble than they turned out        Wagering show last year’s live Gulfstream handle of
to make sense of the current state of the industry and      to be. Unfortunately, he listened to the wrong people and      $44,035,797 to be a decrease of more than $2 million
correct what seems to be impossible to rectify. I hope      hired incapable ones to carry out his plan, whatever that      - $2,033,212 to be exact.
we pass through the current tsunami and urge them to        was. A huge mistake for anyone like Frank, who is pretty          Now I can’t prove Murphy lied on purpose, not in
never give up.                                              much an absentee owner.                                        this case, but I do have absolute proof that Sam
   To magnify how the devastation has so completely            I can’t speak about activities at his other racing facil-   Gordon not only lies continuously, but he’s a serial
infiltrated every aspect of our business, the two most      ities, but there are few, if any, activities I have not been   liar. I had one of my attorneys write to him with a
successful thoroughbred publications, in their issues       privy to at Gulfstream. The turning point of                   copy to FHBPA attorney Bruce Green, along with a
of July 4, had a combined total of 72 pages. Of those       Gulfstream’s final failure occurred when he and Sam            copy of my letter, a day later, which is printed as part
less than 30 were advertising and seven of those were       Gordon, president of the Florida Horsemen’s                    of this article.
classifieds. I kept advising these publishers that con-     Benevolent & Protection Association, became joined at             Last year, it came as a surprise that Frank Stronach
solidation was the answer to the handwriting on the         the hip. Gordon, knowing the extent of my friendship           told me on three occasions how upset he was about
wall, but so far they aren’t paying attention.              with Frank, chased after me for months requesting I            my writing unflattering things about his good friend
   So, I want to thank the advertisers of Post Time         introduce him, which I did.                                    Sam Gordon. This surprised me because of Frank’s
USA for biting the bullet in these desperate times for         Since then, I have closely observed Stronach change         life-long promotion of the importance of transparency.
their continued support and encouragement. I am             for the worse, something I concluded resulted from             I reminded him that I was the person who introduced
overwhelmed at the nearly 60 pages of advertising in        buying into Sammy’s horse and pony lies and over-              him to Sam and suggested he get over it. “Whatever is
this 104-page edition.                                      negotiating everything. This isn’t to suggest that Frank       bothering you about it,” I told Frank, “get rid of it.”
   As mentioned elsewhere in this issue, the most fre-      would have succeeded if Sammy hadn’t entered his cir-          After six months of his not “getting rid of it,” I got rid
quently-asked question of me during the past year has       cle.                                                           of Frank, refusing to talk to him even at the request of
been if the sale of this publication has been consum-          Sammy and his FHBPA group are bound by statute to           two of his CEOs and one of his best friends. It gets
mated. The answer will have to wait until MEC’s             be neutral in their duties (benevolence), supposedly to        worse but I don’t want to embarrass him further.
bankruptcy protection filing in Delaware is completed       benefit Churchill Downs-owned Calder and MEC’s                    The best thing that can happen for South Florida
since several intended bidders for MEC properties are       Gulfstream. Yet, as explained on page 23 of this issue,        racing is to dump lying Sammy and the part of his
in negotiations with me to purchase Post Time USA.          the FHBPA has been a major cause of the massive loss-          board that rubber stamps almost everything he says
   The only further information I can apprise you of at     es of the horsemen they are supposed to be supporting.         and wants, along with director Kent Stirling and Bruce
this time is that if Frank Stronach or any of the misfits      Sam Gordon admitted to former Calder president              Green. They should be replaced by an impartial group
he has running Gulfstream remain there with deci-           Ken Dunn, who did very well for Florida’s horsemen             with the ability to deal with the massive problems fac-
sion-making powers, I will not have anything to do          for close to 20 years, that he felt running CDI’s Calder       ing South Florida, much of which have been created
with them regardless of the sale of this publication.       and Tropical dates at Gulfstream would best benefit the        by and mishandled by the current board.
   While I empathize with the other racetracks              Florida horsemen. He even hinted that running at                  As though these clowns haven’t created enough of a
throughout the country and the industry in general, I       Gulfstream year round was the best option for South            fiasco, the Kentucky law firm of Dinsmore and Shohl
have written Gulfstream off concerning publishing           Florida racing. Stronach and his team across town have         sued or is in the process of suing Sammy and his boys
and distribution. It’s a sad conclusion to a wonderful      never made a secret of the fact they want many more            for non-payment of an $80,000 bill. The FHBPA hired
association that began in the days of James Donn Sr.        racing dates. It’s the primary reason Sammy and his            the firm to defend the antitrust lawsuit brought against
There hasn’t been a Post Time USA which hasn’t fea-         group refused to release last year’s simulcast signal at       them last year by Churchill Downs when CDI was
tured Gulfstream and massively been distributed there       Calder and didn’t agree to ADWs until December while           being financially clobbered to the tune of more than
over the past 36 years.                                     negotiating for horsemen’s purses.                             $10 million, detailed on page 23.
   I have given Gulfstream as much rope as I could             Despite Gulfstream’s bankruptcy, the FHBPA once                Another shining example of Sammy’s character can
find, but now can regrettably say it’s over. This has       more threatened to withhold simulcast signals prior to the     be gleaned from a letter or email Gordon sent to
resulted from my giving Stronach and many of his            opening of this year’s Calder meet in April. It was even       FHBPA member Karla Wolfson, wife of Marty, one of
Gulfstream executives who were apparently hired             suggested that CDI allow Gulfstream to run Calder’s            the leading trainers at Calder and in the country. Karla
straight out of the school for imbeciles, the benefit of    dates in exchange for a cut of the MEC handle. Even as         told Sammy she was going to sue him for failure to
the doubt for much too long. Frank has become a huge        this is being written the possibility of CDI modifying         follow the organization’s bylaws and state statutes.
disappointment as has Gulfstream’s president, Bill          some of Calder’s overnight stakes stems from the finan-        This was Sammy’s response: “Karla, your threat made
Murphy. I can assure you that were it not for its bank-     cial position CDI was backed into by Sammy and the             me wet my pants and I just s--t.” Not nice, Sammy.
ruptcy protection filed in May, I would have already        FHBPA. There seems to be no end in sight.                      Your reign of terror is in jeopardy of coming to an end,
filed a major lawsuit against Magna.                           Too often have I seen Sam Gordon sleeping in Bill           especially if I have anything to say about it.
   Everyone who is familiar with this magazine or who       Murphy’s office on Murph’s chair with both feet atop              Sammy, no doubt, feels secure in the fact that the
is the least bit familiar with me should be aware that      the desk. This makes it easy to believe what I hear
                                                                                                                                                           Continued on Page 10
10 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                            AUGUST 2009

                                                                                   Food for thought: Nobody can say for sure what the origin is of the strange fascination
                                                                                Stronach and Gordon have with each other. Here’s a possible answer. Stronach once suggested
                                                                                I become a consultant for MEC. I refused knowing Frank’s definition of consultant was “bulls
                                                                                without balls.” What’s interesting is I recently received a Bill Christine blog which revealed:
                By Gene Stevens                                                 “Frank Stronach’s 2007 total compensation at Magna International was $70.6 million - but only
                                                                                $215,000 of that was base salary and $40.6 million was for consulting. This made me wonder.
Publisher’s Prerogative                                                         Is it possible that Stronach formed some sort of consulting deal with his buddy, FHBPA presi-
Continued from Page 8                                                           dent Sammy Gordon? Hmmm!

FHBPA directors and owners’ insurance policy (paid for by horsemen) is
responsible for almost all lawsuits brought against them. What Sammy
might not understand is that among the exclusions of D & O insurance are
libel and defamation, which would make him personally liable if he is
found guilty. Sammy, I can only promise that the suit I am referring to and
might even become a party to, will make the litigation you are now facing
look like a jaywalking summons by comparison.
   In the meantime, I advise anyone who has any questions about
Sammy or the rest of his team contact attorney Tom Sclafani at 954-
563-8111 or email him at I am told Sammy
has been postponing his deposition for close to a year, but he is now set
to be deposed on Aug. 25.
   The letters I previously mentioned follow. The day Sammy and Bruce
Green received my letter the monthly FHBPA meeting was canceled.
The next one I am told is July 23, the day this issue is scheduled to be
printed, so if I can’t make it in person I will certainly be there in spirit.
   In any event, stay tuned. This might be Sammy’s first notice that his
license to help destroy SougtFlorida’s racing industry is about to expire.
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                                            POST TIME USA 11

                 California Racing Movie Could Be 'The Terminated'
   After five years as president, and more than 20             Bo Derek is a member of the California Horse               Anita. He still regrets having run Curlin there in last
years in racing, Drew Couto was sacked in June by the        Racing Board. Must I go on? Board members are paid           year's Breeders' Cup.
Thoroughbred Owners of California, the strongest             a stipend of $100 per meeting, but if Derek were paid           "Belmont Park is a great track," Jackson said before
horsemen's group in the state. Ever the wordsmith,           by the words she's said for the record at these meetings,    Rachel Alexandra's win in the Mother Goose, her first
Couto said that he jumped, but there is more evidence        she'd owe the state money. Derek, however, hadn't yet        start since the Preakness. "It ranks with Santa Anita -
on the side that he was pushed. Either way, it was           come on board a few years ago when the commission            in Santa Anita's former days. What they've done in
announced that there will be an "executive search" for                                                                    California is interfere with nature. I've got a strong
Couto's replacement. "What kind of search will that
be?" a California horseman said to me. "Who could                        Page Eleven                                      dislike for all the tracks there."
                                                                                                                             Maybe the day is gone when attendance figures are
possibly want that job? The captain of the Titanic                                                                        meaningful, because most of the handle comes from
would have had a better chance."                                                                                          off-track betting, but even Zenyatta, with her unde-
   It is easy to be cynical about California racing. Bay                                                                  feated record, didn't have any impact at the turnstiles
Meadows has been prematurely closed down, in a                      West                                                  at Hollywood Park. The crowd was just over 6,000,
mistake that will not be repeated by its parent compa-                                                                    about the same number the track drew the previous
ny in the case of another of its properties, Hollywood              Coast                                                 Saturday. Belmont did better the same day with
Park. But all that stands between Hollywood and a                                                                         Rachel Alexandra, pulling in a crowd of 13,000,
wrecking ball is the torpid economy, which makes                    Scout                                                 which included a free gate for females. Hollywood
redevelopment to the exclusion of horses temporarily                                                                      Park toyed with a similar promotion, but one of its
unrealistic. Meantime, Hollywood bumbles along,                    By Bill Christine                                      executives said that the last time a ladies' day was
fueled by its own death watch. The track, short of                                                                        planned, there were threats of discrimination lawsuits.
horses and unable to attract customers, cut out                                                                           What a country!
Wednesdays and was finishing the season on a four-           mandated that all the major thoroughbred tracks ditch           At Hollywood Park, there's a casino on the grounds.
day week. Down south, Del Mar, the last bastion of           dirt and install synthetic running surfaces. Horses were     At least they call it a casino, but it's about as Las Vegas
the Good Old Days of California horse racing, has            dying at Del Mar at an alarming rate, and the Richard        as Hoboken. In actuality, it's a card club, sans slots.
also circled the wagons and lopped Mondays off its           Shapiro-led board knee-jerked its way into painting all      You have to be a Native American tribe to open up a
schedule.                                                    the tracks with the same brush. About $40 million later,     slot machine parlor in California. Attempts by racing
    Arnold Schwarzenegger, who didn't really know            California trainers have been left with no dirt to run on.   to broaden slots have been thrashed at the polls, and
what heavy lifting was like 'til he became governor,         Shapiro, who left the board late last year, later con-       laughed at by governors, right up to the Terminator
has floated the idea that California might sell the state-   fessed that he had been virtually wiped out in Bernard       himself. The Indians pour too much money into state
owned property over which the Del Mar races are run.         Madoff's Ponzi scheme. Landing a much-needed job as          coffers, and into campaign funds, for it to be any dif-
In cash-strapped California, everything's in play. I'm       an industry consultant, Shapiro is still the newsmaker:      ferent. Racing has tried to partner up with the Indians
hearing that before Schwarzenegger sells Del Mar,            It's been alleged that he has vandalized the car of one      over the years, and the tribes have even struck some
he'll find a way to increase the state's share of an         of his detractors in a Hollywood Park parking lot.           mildly lucrative promotional pacts with the tracks, but
already onerous betting takeout. The bump in the sales                                                                    the keys to the slot parlors are in a cupboard with a
tax has taken that levy to almost 10 per cent, hardly an                                                                  foolproof lock. This is a monopoly for the Indians, and
incentive when people go to a horse sale with a cata-          "Belmont Park is a great track,"                           Confucius say that man with monopoly not need to
log in their hands.                                          Jackson said before Rachel                                   jump in bed with a schnorrer.
   Across town, the company that owns Santa Anita,                                                                           What will happen when Hollywood Park finally
Frank Stronach's Magna Entertainment, is in bank-            Alexandra's win in the Mother                                does turn turtle will be entitled, "Blood on the
ruptcy protection, and its crown jewel in California is                                                                   Saddle." The racing board might have to handcuff the
for sale, right down to the doorknobs. By November,          Goose, her first start since the                             presidents of the surviving tracks and throw them into
when they run the Breeders' Cup at Santa Anita for the       Preakness. "It ranks with Santa                              a padded room until the discussion over racing dates is
second straight year, Stronach might be standing in                                                                       settled. Once there was a well-intended plan by Mike
line to buy a ticket. His other track, Golden Gate           Anita - in Santa Anita's former                              Pegram, of Real Quiet fame, and Ed Allred, the owner
Fields, operates in Northern California almost by                                                                         of Los Alamitos Race Course, to reinvent the bandbox
default. Frank won't sell you a bridge, but he will sell     days. What they've done in                                   Orange County track and get into the thoroughbred
you Golden Gate.                                                                                                          game. Los Alamitos, the last privately owned track in
   My historical second-guess is that racing's slide in
                                                             California is interfere with                                 California, runs mixed breeds, but mostly quarter
California actually started a long time ago, when the        nature. I've got a strong dislike                            horses. For reasons that I've never heard, Los
sport lost the ear of the governor's office. The truth be                                                                 Alamitos was allowed to keep its dirt track even
known, the last governor who was simpatico with              for all the tracks there."                                   though it runs more dates than any track in the state.
horse racing was Ronald Reagan. In many of the sub-                                                                       Pegram said that when he broached the Los Alamitos
sequent years, racing had a rabbi in Sacramento in              That eventful day when synthetic tracks became            thoroughbred plan with Richard Shapiro, he was told
Ken Maddy, a Republican senator from Fresno who              mandatory, the lone commissioner who didn't vote in          that anything the racing board did would have to start
rubbed horses for trainer Warren Stute at Hollywood          favor was Jerry Moss. Moss won the Kentucky Derby            with protecting Santa Anita. At that point, Pegram and
Park as a kid. Maddy retained his fondness for the           with Giacomo, and last year he won a Breeders' Cup           Allred didn't need someone else to spell e-x-i-t for
game, and bred and raced horses, but he also com-            race and an Eclipse Award with the incredible filly          them. When I heard the story, I thought about the late
mented from time to time about the self-destructive-         Zenyatta. Racing, thin on star power, is clamoring for a     Ken Maddy, and his old remark about taking care of
ness of the people in the sport. "There are too many of      Breeders' Cup showdown this year between Zenyatta            number one. In California, they'll all be taking care of
them always looking out for number one," Maddy               and Rachel Alexandra, the filly who won the                  number one until their number is up.
said. When he naively tried to push a hay-water-and-         Preakness, but Rachel Alexandra's owner, Jess Jackson,          Bill Christine, an Eclipse Award-winning turf writer
oats bill through the state legislature, "You would          is opposed to running over what he derogatorily calls        during his long career at the Los Angeles Times,
have thought that the whole world was coming down            "plastic" tracks. Jackson lives in California, makes a lot   writes for, recently finished a
on me," he said. Maddy has been dead for almost 10           of wine there and sells most of it, but that doesn't mean    history of the Bay Meadows track, and is working on
years, and his void remains unfilled in the capital.         he has to be patriotic about running his filly at Santa      a novel.
12 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                       AUGUST 2009

  LINDA FISHER PHOTOS                                                                          FIRST OF TWO PAGES • CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

                                          Last year’s Eclipse Award win-
                                        ners were honored at the newly-
                                        refurbished ($500 million) fabled
                                        Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami
                                        Beach on Jan. 26. Principal owner
                                        Jess Jackson’s Curlin was voted
                                        Horse of the Year and 3-year-old
                                        Champion Male by a landslide.
                                        Jackson     is    proprietor     of
                                        Stonestreet Stable, one of racing’s
    Jess Jackson, Barbara Banke,        most successful enterprises of the                                             Kayla, Christine, Mike
            Gene Stevens                new millennium.                       Richard, Zack and Dee Schiavo             and Emily Iavarone

     John Roberts, Kaitlin Szulick,        Jim Tagliafari, Mike Iavarone,       Barbara Banke, John Moynihan,        Mike Smith, Chantal Sutherland,
            Jim Tagliafari                         Gene Stevens                         Lesley Howard                        Gene Stevens

                                        Brereton Jones,                                            Alice Chandler,               Cash Asmussen,
  Dr. John and Alice Chandler            Carolyn Hine                       Ed Bowen                Gene Stevens                  Carolyn Hine

        Michelle Yu,                                                Christine and Mike              John Roberts,                 Scott Blasi,
      Julien Leparoux           Jess Jackson, Barbara Banke              Iavarone                   Nick Sallusto               Robby Albarado

       Melinda and Steve Duncker,                 Ann and Jerry Moss,                Mike O’Farrell,                 Marilyn and Gil Campbell,
       Betsy and Charlie Hayward                     Carolyn Hine                Jackie and Tom Ventura              Cathy and Dick Hancock
14 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                               AUGUST 2009

  LINDA FISHER PHOTOS                                                                 SECOND OF TWO PAGES • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 12

    Mike Smith, Carolyn Hine,         Jonathan and Cathy Shephard,            Mike Smith, Gene Stevens,            Mike Smith, Carolyn Hine,
          Gary Stevens                        Ken Ramsey                            Gary Stevens                         Gene Stevens

    Katie and Doug Cauthen          Larry and Cindy Jones             Carolyn Hine,              Jim Tagliafari,    Alice Chandler, Ken Ramsey
                                                                     Dr. Scott Palmer           Michael Iavarone

    Nick Nicholson,      Gary and Angie Stevens   April and Jeanne Mayberry          Fran and Lou Raffetto Jr.     Betsy and Charlie Hayward
    Jackie Ventura

                                                                                                                     Eclipse Award Winners

                                                                                                                       Curlin - Horse of the Year
                                                                                                                   Midshipman ...........Two-Year-Old Male
                                                                                                                   Stardom Bound.......Two-Year-Old Filly
                                                                                                                   Big Brown............Three-Year-Old Male
                                                                                                                   Proud Spell ...........Three-Year-Old Filly
                                                              Patricia Cunningham,             Sharon Foley,       Curlin ....................................Older Male
     Blythe and Robert Clay      Ray and Carol Paulick            Mike Dowling                Don Richardson
                                                                                                                   Zenyatta ............................Older Female
                                                                                                                   Benny the Bull..................Male Sprinter
                                                                                                                   Indian Blessing.............Female Sprinter
                                                                                                                   Forever Together.................Female Turf
                                                                                                                   Good Night Shirt .....Steeplechase Horse
                                                                                                                   Stronach Stables ...........................Owner
                                                                                                                   Adena Springs.............................Breeder
                                                                                                                   Steve Asmussen............................Trainer
   Erik, Darren and Keith       Doug and Caton           Mike and Judy O’Farrell                                   Garrett Gomez..............................Jockey
                                                                                         Jeanne Bamberger, Gene
          Asmussen                 Bredar                                                 Stevens, Abby Pelphrey
16 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                      AUGUST 2009

By Gene Stevens                                                At first I felt a wee bit slighted not having been asked
   Joe Hirsch was a masterpiece the likes of whom we        to speak at the celebration. So many others who flew in
will never see again. The Daily Racing Form and             from around the country, and racing associates he dealt
New York Racing Association celebrated his life the         with on a daily basis, did address the audience. How
morning before the Belmont Stakes and it was strict-        well did these speakers do and how successful was the
ly first class, with the dignity and respect that the       presentation? On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 12, and I
dean of turf writers deserved. The dining room in           don’t feel I could have added anything.
which it was held displayed many renderings by                 Upon Joe’s announced retirement in 2003, former
“Peb,” the genius whose caricatures accompanied             Miami Herald sports editor Ed Pope wrote a piece
Hirsch’s writing through the years.                         which I was having prepared to be reprinted in an issue       Joe Hirsch with Woody Stephens, Angel Penna
   The accompanying article on the next page by Ray         of Post Time USA. When Joe learned of it, due to his
Kerrison aptly describes the love, respect and grati-       humble nature he asked me not to since he felt he
tude the talented, one-of-a-kind human being com-           would be embarrassed by it. Now that Joe is gone I
manded, so cherished that press boxes at several race-      have reprinted it below and hope you enjoy and appre-
tracks have been named in his honor.                        ciate it as much as I did.
   When he retired at 75, DRF and NYRA hosted a                Joe was almost everything in the world to me. His
dinner in his honor at the plush Four Seasons               naming me in his will was an honor I will never forget.
Restaurant in New York City. Carolyn Hine and I             Joe Namath and Gene Stevens were the only men
agreed it was the type of affair reserved only for a        included, along with some family members and a cou-
head of state. However, Joe was more than that. Aside       ple of women. Hirsch didn’t leave this earth with much
from his enormous talent and boundless energy, he           money because he spent most of what he earned taking
was the kindest and most consistently respectful            people, particularly his press box brethren, to dinner. If
human being I knew. Anyone whose path crossed his           someone attempted to pass on dessert he had a favorite                     With Ron Turcotte
was better off because of it. His unprecedented suc-        response: “Dessert wouldn’t even hurt a baby.” This is
cess in so many areas enabled him to become the face        how Joe chose to enjoy spending his money. I think he
of racing.                                                  passed that gene over to me.
   Joe was one of my dearest friends. We went to din-          When asked by Post Time USA associates who help
ner at the Wishing Well in Saratoga three to four           put this issue together why the most photographed pub-
times a week in the summer and repeated the process         lisher in the world did not include one picture of me
in Florida during the winter, occasionally being            and Joe in this spread, I explained. Images were taken
joined by Carolyn and Joe Durso. Kerrison’s article,        of us mostly after he contracted Parkinson’s Disease
along with family members and turf writer friends           and I didn’t want any photos of him to appear that way.
and associates who spoke at the June 5 celebration          That’s how much I loved and will continue to love Joe
did a masterful job in describing this unique gentle-       Hirsch, until my time comes to hopefully join him
man.                                                        again.

            HIS ILLUSTRIOUS CAREER FINALLY                                                                                       With Julie Krone, William Dow
                                                                                                                                  and the genius “Peb” Bellocq
                   SLOWS TO A TROT
 By Ed Pope                                                 involving legal gambling that have devoured the atten-
 Reprinted from The Miami Herald                            tion once lavished upon racing.
 November 20, 2003                                             Hirsch has been the one constant positive in racing
    I loved Seattle Slew, Affirmed, Kelso, Forego and       over all that time.
 all the other thoroughbreds with winged feet; never           You might never have heard of him. The Form's
 saw Citation run, but admired his statue. I have found     audience is small compared with, say, the television
 thoroughbred trainers, and some owners, too, to be         audience that creates today's instant celebrity. But they
 sports' most helpful people. And I believe in my deep-     know Hirsch as well in Dubai and Paris as they do in
 est heart that Joe Hirsch is the greatest figure in the    Hallandale.
 history of racing.                                            And now he is retiring. The man the Form will salute
    Joe Hirsch is the executive columnist of The Daily                                                                                 With Horatio Luro
                                                            Friday night at an elegant dinner in Manhattan is hang-
 Racing Form.                                               ing up his tack at the end of this year. At 75, Hirsch's
    What, you say. A mere columnist?                        health is sidelining the toughest as well as the most
    Nothing is mere about Joe Hirsch.                       generous person I've known.
     I nominate him as racing's greatest - greatest ever,   A MATTER OF TRUST
 and I use “ever” in its most literal sense, applying to       You want a man of parts, here he is.
 past and future - because no one did as much to bring         Who else could be best friend to people with as dis-
 into racing so many writers and commentators, so           parate backgrounds as novelist Dick Francis and quar-
 many people who drew attention to what was loving-         terback Joe Namath?
 ly called The Game. No one nurtured it the way                Who else never missed a major racing event the past
 Hirsch did.                                                half-century?
    Racing is not as healthy as it was. Fifty-five years       Who else wouldn't even raise his voice when his
 ago, when Hirsch joined The Form, there wasn't a sin-      beloved Cadillac was stolen from a track parking lot?
 gle major pro football or baseball or basketball or        “I guess someone needed it more than I did,” he said.
 hockey franchise in the entire South. Now try to
 count the enterprises, including more and more                                               Continued on Page 17
                                                                                                                                      With John Forsythe
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                           POST TIME USA 17

                                                                            ABOVE-AVERAGE JOE
                                                             RACING FORM’S HIRSCH WAS ONE OF A KIND
                                                                                                             Charlie Hayward, president of the New York Racing
                                                                                                          Association: "We all know the racing business is a
                                                                                                          very tough game, it can grind you down, results in a
                                                                             RAY                          lot of negativism and cynicism. But not Joe Hirsch.
                                                                           KERRISON                       He was upbeat all his life."
                                                                                                             Jonathon Socolow, Joe's relative: "Joe drew the best
                                                                            Guest                         out of everyone. If Joe were here today, his message
                                                                                                          would be, love the sport with all your might."
                                                                           Columnist                         Jerry Bailey, jockey: "When I came to New York in
                                                                                                          1982 to ride, I knew you were under a tremendous
                                                                                                          microscope with the media. I had to learn to forge a
                                              Joe Hirsch, perhaps the best known and best loved           relationship with the media, some good, some not so
                                            turf writer in the history of American racing, died Jan.      good. But I got to know Joe Hirsch and for that I'm
                                            9 at the age of 80 after a lifetime - 55 years - of writing   forever grateful. It changed my life forever. We had a
    Joe Hirsch, looking like a movie star   for the Daily Racing Form.                                    friendship that lasted over 20 years. The thing I
             with Joe Namath                  On the eve of the Belmont Stakes, a classic race he         remember most about Joe was that he was always
                                            cherished, the racing family gathered in Belmont's            kind, and he always saw hope and optimism in life."
                                            North Shore Terrace for a memorial service to honor              Bill Nack, writer: "Joe was tireless as a journalist
                                            his contributions to the sport and his memory.                and you could take his stuff to the bank. He was an
                                              Owners, trainers, jockeys, officials, executives and        inspiration for every journalist who ever covered the
                                            swarms of media colleagues from all over the country          racetrack. If he had it in his column, it was right. God
                                            packed the room in a tribute that glowed with warmth          bless him for all he has done for everyone in this busi-
                                            and affection, reflecting the high esteem in which            ness."
                                            Hirsch was held by virtually all cross-sections of the           D. Wayne Lukas, trainer: "Giving Joe a Triple
                                            sport.                                                        Crown to cover would be like giving Picasso a brush
                                              Hirsch was a unique figure in racing, carving out a         or Elvis a song. In my induction to the Hall of Fame,
                                            niche hard to define and probably impossible to dupli-        I made some public comments I didn't care about it,
                                            cate.                                                         and I thought I would skip the whole thing. Joe sat me
                                              He was part newspaperman, part author, part ambas-          down one day and he said, 'Wayne, we're going to put
                                            sador, part promoter, part jockey agent, part racing sec-     you in, on our terms, and you're going to go up there,
             With Bill Hartack              retary, part businessman, part diplomat, full-time trav-      and be elegant and humble and you're going to accept
                                            eler, convivial dinner host, witty raconteur, and gener-      it and that's the end of that.' I said, 'Thank you Joe, and
                                            ous of spirit to all.                                         I'll do just that.' "
                                              He was stricken with Parkinson's disease more than             Jay Hovdey, Racing Form's executive columnist:
                                            20 years ago. As the disease progressed, it ravaged his       "No man ever was able to more gracefully balance life
                                            body but his mind remained sharp and lucid almost to          and work as he did."
                                            the end.                                                         Nick Zito, trainer: "When I first started out, Joe took
                                              He had many great friends to help him through: Jim          me under his wing. When I first got on the Derby
                                            Gluckson, Dave Johnson, Jay Privman, Gene Stevens,            scene, Joe introduced me to everyone. I was always
                                            the late Joe Durso.                                           grateful for that.”
                                              Hirsch's forbearance in the face of overwhelming               Zito observed that Joe, who never married or had
                                            disability and suffering, his determination to work           children, had a family and it was racing. “A family
                                            through it and his courage to cope without complaint          needs a leader and Joe inspired everyone with his
                                            was beyond heroic.                                            courage and integrity,” Zito said.
                                              A gentle, elegant man, Joe signed off every conver-            Then the humor. “I never realized how articulate or
                                            sation with two words: "God bless." Steve Crist, chair-       how bright or how diverse I was,” Zito said, “until I
                                            man and publisher of the Daily Racing Form, hosted            read the articles Joe Hirsch wrote about me.”
           With Bill Shoemaker              the memorial hour, a sweet journey down memory                   So the memorial ended with a laugh, just as Joe
                                            lane. Here are a few remembrances of those who knew           would have liked it.
                                            Joe:                                                             Joe Hirsch, one of a kind.
                                                                                                                            Reprinted from New York Post
                                            Ed Pope
                                                                                                          make a beeline for the barns every single dawn.
                                            Continued from Page 16
                                                                                                            That's where he will be missed the most, on a
                                              Who but Joe Hirsch was the most trusted person in a         delightful morn at a Florida Derby or a Kentucky
                                            game that historically included a full share of knaves        Derby, or a Preakness, or a Belmont, introducing
                                            and cutpurses?                                                young journalists to the most famous names in rac-
                                               Who has, as they say, "been there" so long for             ing, shepherding their every step until they can walk
                                            everyone in racing?                                           through racing by themselves.
                                              He did not suffer pointless complaining. Author               One of those mornings, I said, "Joe, how do you do
                                            Steve Haskin recalls a time when a young writer               this, day after day, with so little sleep?"
                                            groaned before a big race, "It's a shame the track is           He offered a smile. ''Why do you think I look the
                                            sloppy." Without changing expression, Hirsch                  way I do?" he said.
                                            responded, "It's a shame about Marie Antoinette."               That was a long time and a thousand introductions
                                              He was Joe on the spot when you really needed him,          ago. And still Joe Hirsch is leaving too soon. It's
           With Mandy Minger                                                                              never time for the greatest to go.
                                            and, for that matter, I still can't understand how he
                                            could make the nightly rounds so regularly and still
18 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                             AUGUST 2009

                                           THE MISERABLE STATE OF THE UNION
   Remember when upcoming events - like the open-                                                                       questions about the bill's constitutionality. I met with
ing of Saratoga - sent a feel-good sensation through
the bones? No more. The industry was reeling from                   Bouncin’                                            numerous horse industry people, constituents in my dis-
                                                                                                                        trict, and (the KEEP) lawyer to talk about constitution-
top to bottom before the current economic situation
popped its ugly head . . . and the combination of ram-
                                                                      with                                              ality of the bill. I have concerns, as have many others."
                                                                                                                        What a crock of BS! Thayer is not a lawyer, he could
pant unemployment, cuts in salaries, and depleted                    Bernie                                             easily have backed the bill and let the constitutional

                                                                    in Ocala
bank accounts and 401ks, has left racing in the worst                                                                   experts take it from there. It was merely a smokescreen,
position it's been in in 80 years.                                                                                      and Kentucky horsemen are sure to gear up and get him
   Last week's announcement that wagering in June fell                                                                  defeated in the next election. Racing at Ellis Park and
16.9 percent from June of 2008 was no surprise. It was           By Bernie Dickman                                      Turfway Park is in serious jeopardy, and will remain so
devastating, but not a surprise. That followed the crush-                                                               without a gaming bill.
ing numbers from April (down 10.1 percent) and May                                                                         In New York, which gave the OK for slots at
(down 8.3 percent) and the news that total wagering for     where the stars of stage and screen have been gathering     Aqueduct about eight years ago, they're still debating
2009 is down 10.5 percent, from $7.2 billion in '08 to      for decades, now down to racing four days a week,           over who will run the casino operation! How can any
$6.5 billion in '09. In short, people do not have the       Thursday through Sunday. Who would have believed            group professing even a minor degree of intelligence
money to bet that they once had. Add that to the dimin-     it? I remember an afternoon two decades ago, a day or       be so blatantly stupid?
ishing number of horses competing at almost every           two before the Breeders' Cup, when I left the                  Down south, ground has been broken for the new
track in the country, and the future looks dismal.          Hollywood press box to try to find Fred Hooper in the       casino at Calder. Hopefully, that will stem the down-
   In Ocala, the stories emanating from the farms is        box seats. When I located him, he was talking to a dis-     ward trend in Miami - but it's still many months away.
even more dismal. Stud fees aren't being paid, board        tinguished-looking woman and I sat down a few seats         And, hopefully, the Florida HBPA, led by Sammy
bills are either not being paid or are months behind,       away, waiting patiently for them to finish. When I took     Gordon and Kent Stirling, will stop blaming its short-
farm owners are having trouble making payroll, and          a closer look as I sat there, I realized the woman Mr.      comings on Track Times and Post Time USA and
so on. The miserable performance of the 2-year-old          Hooper was talking to was Greer Garson, one of the          come together for the good of everybody in South
sales has added to the mess. There's little encouraging     greatest actresses of the post-silent film era.             Florida racing. The back-stabbing, bickering, and
news, other than the overwhelming success of the               In Kentucky, a couple of imbeciles named David           withholding information from the FHBPA member-
night racing experiment at Churchill Downs. Even            Williams (the Republican Senate president) and              ship as a whole has wreaked havoc on the horsemen.
with an admission price of $10 on Friday evening,           Damon Thayer (another Senate Republican) together           Instead of fighting with various individuals and
June 19, the goal of 12,000-15,000 bodies was sur-          took down the bill that would have brought VLTs to the      organizations, Gordon and Stirling and co. should
passed before darkness set in. There were 28,011 on         Bluegrass State and at least given the Kentuckians a lit-   start working for everybody's best interests - not just
hand for the event, and on-track wagering hit $1.6          tle hope of climbing out of the abyss they have fallen      their own. I read somewhere that Stirling labeled him-
million, up 159 percent from the corresponding              into. The pro-gaming bill had passed the House on June      self "The king of simulcasting,” or something to that
Friday in 2008. All-sources handle was up 32 percent.       19, 52-45, and backers were anticipating a similar vote     effect. I got a good laugh out of it.
And the success continued the next week.                    in the Senate. But, thanks to the imbeciles, the bill          Nobody in Florida or anywhere else is laughing
   However, at beleaguered Hollywood Park, whose            never passed out of the Senate Appropriations and           now. It’s time for action. Here’s hoping Gordon and
future is far from certain, they actually had to cancel     Revenue Committee three days later.                         Stirling get off their high horses and act!
a program due to lack of entries. Hollywood Park,              Thayer disguised his intentions by saying, "There were          Reprinted from Track Times, July17, 2009

                                                               We account-wagering patrons are once again affected      time understanding this additional greed during the
                                                            by horsemen who have seen fit to block the signals of       economic times this country is experiencing.
                  THE                                       their local racing products, a story detailed in “Lone         In addition, I would like to know how and why
                                                            Star signal curtailed.” (April 13) and “Horsemen press      horsemen obtained the right to tell tracks where (or
      CLAIMING BOX                                          for a bigger share (April 20).                              where not) they can send their signal. Does this sound
         Address All Letters To: POST TIME USA                 Considering the countless millions of dollars bet        like a classic case of the inmates running the asylum?
            1800 N.E. 114th Street • Suite 2103
               North Miami Beach, FL 33181
                                                            through account-wagering operations, I have a hard                                                   Rick Higgins
      (no unsigned letters will be used in this column)     time understanding why horsemen would significantly                                                Columbus, Ohio
                                                            hurt their own handle and at the same time cry out for a
           More Claiming Box on Page 56                     larger percentage of the take-out pie. I have a harder                         Reprinted from Daily Racing Form

 HORACE LAFF                                                                                                                     by Bob White
22 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                        AUGUST 2009

                        ‘WELCOME BACK TO CALDER’
                        RECEPTION & COCKTAIL PARTY

     John Marshall, Carolyn Hine,                Craig Trimble,                                                Tom O’Donnell, Dr. Erica Bucki,
            Gene Stevens                         Tammy Gantt              Craig Holtz, Mike Anifantis          Joe Calascibetta, Rodolfo Garcia,
                                                                                                                 Maddy Calascibetta (seated)


    Calder Race Course President Tom
  O’Donnell and Vice President and
  Director John Marshall and staff con-
  ducted a ‘Welcome Back’ reception
  for horsemen, community partners
  and media prior to the opening of the
  summer meet.
                                                 Philip Lay (Hot 105), Innocent                                           Jan Perret, Brad Gaver,
                                                 Inerard, Jean Claude FenFen           Dan Hurtak, Donna Green               Jennifer Swanson

                                      Manny Tortora,                Nadine Bankley,
    Timmy and Kathy Ritvo             Michele Blanco                Herbert Miller          Sonia and Ralph Ziadie          Jeff and Stephanie Noe


  Harry Benson, Juan Reviliego,           Sterling and Mary           John Comegys,                                                 Steve Young,
         Tammi Benson                          Anifantis             Germaine Rogers                                               Tammy Gantt

       Tom O’Donnell,                                              Janet Kownacke,                                              Milton Figueroa,
        John Marshall               Jim Freer, Tom Jicha          Vivian Hemmerick           Tony Otero, Cecil Paul       Joan Dilibero, John Marshall
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                                       POST TIME USA 23

Reprinted from Dec. ‘08–Jan. ‘09                                                                                      WHICH EXCEEDS ANY “HOST FEE” OFFER
                                                                                                                      OF ANY RACETRACK IN THE COUNTRY
   In our last issue, I attempted - in a nicer way than         Publisher’s                                           AND HAS BEEN TOLD THAT THE SIGNAL
the Florida HBPA executive board deserved - to                                                                        WILL ALSO BE OFFERED TO YOUBET.COM
advise horsemen why not to buy into the malarkey                Prerogative                                           AND TVG.COM. I EQUATE FHBPA’S BELIEF
that group sold to the majority of its members. The                                                                   THAT IT SHOULD CONTINUE TO WITH-
group is led by its president, Sam (I’ve never been                                                                   HOLD ITS SIGNAL FROM THE BETTORS TO
                                                                    By GENE
wrong) Gordon, Treasurer Barry (Ring around the                                                                       ACCOMPLISHING AS MUCH AS SUICIDE.”
Rosie) Rose and Director Kent (We’ve got to stick
                                                                    STEVENS                                              He says, “Florida owners continue to suffer from
together even if you have to starve to death) Stirling,                                                               reduced purses, while the costs continue to rise, forc-
who have brought South Florida’s horsemen to desti-                                                                   ing people out of the business and bettors to look for
                                                           the so-called benevolent association will be held
tution’s door.                                                                                                        an alternative form of entertainment. News flash!
   What is it, one might ask, that makes me seem so                                                                   Once they leave they are not coming back anytime
                                                              The following comes from our Gent At The Races,
bitter? It’s because these men and their accomplices,                                                                 soon, if ever.”
                                                           Keith Christopher’s column on page 24. “Horsemen,
as well-intentioned as they swear they are, are respon-                                                                 With the February election of FHBPA officers not
                                                           track owners and Advance Deposit Wagering compa-
sible for the theft of my identity.                                                                                   far off, anything short of giving the boot to Gordon,
                                                           nies must find a way to end their
   I can’t think of many jobs more difficult and
                                                           scorched earth shutdown. In a time
demanding than that of a horse trainer. This is why I
                                                           of slumping business, it's insanity to
have spent most of my adult life fighting for the best
                                                           deny customers access to your prod-
possible conditions to benefit them, affording the
highest remuneration for their efforts. Giving the
                                                              “Keeping players from betting
FHBPA the benefit of the doubt, it’s even possible
                                                           online or via the telephone accom-
they actually believe they have taken the right course
                                                           plishes two things, both deadly to
for the last eight months, the results of which have
                                                           horse racing. It pushes players to
brought impending disaster to the once-powerful
                                                           offshore betting sites, which con-
South Florida racing circuit.
                                                           tribute nothing back to the game,
   My disappointment is not personal because prior to
                                                           and it encourages the public to find
this past April, when the FHBPA board became
                                                           other outlets, primarily the now-
responsible for withholding the Churchill Downs-
                                                           ubiquitous Indian casinos, for their
Calder simulcast signal, we had worked together con-
                                                           disposable income (assuming there
structively for as far back as I can remember. Yet,
                                                           is any these days).
when I implored the current board at its general meet-
                                                              “What horsemen have been doing
ing in April to restore the vital simulcast signal at
                                                           the past year isn't just shooting
Calder while continuing to negotiate an equitable
                                                           themselves in the foot, it's pulling
solution with Churchill Downs, my pleas fell on deaf                                                                                                     JEAN RAFTERY TURFOTOS
                                                           their foot up right next to their brain,
ears.                                                                                                 In its heyday, Calder’s big stakes days drew crowds like the one
                                                           then pulling the trigger. This is not to
   My August editorial was headlined, “Most                                                               above. Today Calder’s apron looks like this on most days.
                                                           say there isn't merit to their position.
Horsemen Won’t Live To See The Money The
                                                           But taking it out on the ever-dwin-
FHBPA Has Squandered,” which at the time was
                                                           dling legion of customers is suici-
more than $7 million. As of Thanksgiving and three
tumultuous months of hardships later, loss of quality
                                                              When I learned of the singular
horses, trainers, jockeys and bettors has weakened the
                                                           accomplishments of Louisiana
thoroughbred product beyond belief.
                                                           HBPA president Sean Alfortish, and
   Thus far, at least a $10 million loss has been sub-
                                                           how he solved his and other states’
stantiated. With that has come the realization by
                                                           THG, ADW and other simulcast
horsemen yet to leave the area that the faith they
                                                           problems, I contacted him. I asked
placed in the promises of the FHBPA board has been
                                                           for his input as to what actions he
a huge mistake.
                                                           might suggest be taken to avert the
   A third-quarter SEC report reveals that Calder’s net
                                                           South Florida racing community’s
parimutuel revenues, which were $58.8 million for
                                                           further collapse. Please see his
the same period in 2007, were only $44.6 million this
                                                           straight-shooting reply on page 48.
year. Further, in 2007, Churchill Downs paid Calder
                                                              In a significant portion of his Dec.
horsemen purses of $37 million, while at the comple-
                                                           11 letter, he states, “From the start,
tion of the final two weeks of this year’s meet, it will
                                                           THG’s initial “model” could not
be $11 million less.
                                                           work. In fact, as of the writing of
   Simply put, the well is dry. Calder and its parent                                                                 Rose and Stirling and their underachieving executive
                                                           this letter I can tell you that the “model” for THG has
company, Churchill Downs, have not taken a penny                                                                      board would be blasphemous. It was mind-boggling
                                                           been changed numerous times because it was impos-
from the horsemen. These horsemen now better                                                                          when I read Stirling’s quote about being betrayed by
                                                           sible to adopt on a national basis.”
understand that purse money is generated from                                                                         the Louisiana horsemen. Why isn’t he angered at his
                                                              He questions why Florida’s horsemen have not set-
wagering. The consequence of the FHBPA prohibiting                                                                    betrayal of his own organization? South Florida’s
                                                           tled a dispute which should have ended long ago.
ADW wagering is the major cause of the crisis. As of                                                                  thoroughbred community has paid dearly for the
                                                           “Thus far,” he says, “the dispute at Calder this year
December, following the opening of Tampa Bay                                                                          FHBPA’s secret agendas, ulterior motives, lies, half-
                                                           alone has cost the Florida horsemen $10.3 million in
Downs and the resolving of its simulcast situation,                                                                   truths, misinformation and delusional demands. The
                                                           purse money that those horsemen will never recover.
Calder remained the only significant racing entity                                                                    fact that president Sam Gordon has sent his horses to
                                                           Florida continues to be withholding the signal without
without ADWs.                                                                                                         run elsewhere should say it all. Failure to replace the
                                                           sound business sense.”
   If the FHBPA’s Dec. 18 general meeting does not                                                                    culprits and their accomplices will only sharpen the
                                                              He continues, “FLORIDA HORSEMEN AT
result in the return of the ADWs to Calder, the final                                                                 guillotine which awaits.
                                                           GULFSTREAM HAVE ALREADY BEEN
nails might just as well be ordered for the coffin and
                                                           OFFERED A HOST FEE BY TRACKNET
24 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                         AUGUST 2009

                                                                                                                                       DON BROWN /
                             CALDER CASINO GROUNDBREAKING                                                                           JIM LISA PHOTOS

                                               When Calder Race Course was in its infancy in the early 70s, returning customers each year were usually
                                             greeted with some new addition to the grandstand, clubhouse or paddock. In January, patrons will be greeted
                                             by the long-awaited new casino. Calder officials broke ground on June 3 at a ceremony also attended by the
                                             media and other industry organizations.

   John Marshall, Calder Vice President
      and General Manager of Racing;
  Bill Carstanjen, Chief Operating Officer                                                                           Mayor Shirley Gibson (center)
      of Churchill Downs Incorporated;                                                                                and officials from the city of
       Calder President Tom O’Donnell                                                                                       Miami Gardens

      Michele Blanco, Dick Hancock,               Nick Sortal (Sun Sentinel),            Tom O’Donnell
    Bill Carstanjen, Michael O’Farrell,         Mike Vasquez (Miami Herald),           calling attention to
      Mike Compton, Tammy Gantt,                Hank Tester (WTVJ Channel 6),             Calder’s new              Tom O’Donnell, Brian Davis,
               John Marshall                     interviewing Tom O’Donnell                poker room.               Rick Durer, Bill Carstanjen
30 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                           AUGUST 2009

                                                                  DAVE AND ME
   It was October of 1970, and it seems like a lifetime
ago. Tropical Park was readying to kick off the South
Florida winter racing campaign after the first season
of summer racing had been held at Tropical while                      with
Calder Race Course was under construction.
   I was in my first couple of weeks as racing writer                Bernie
for the Miami Herald and on an off-day drove over to
Tropical to meet with Julian Cole, the publicity direc-
                                                                    in Ocala
tor. I walked into Julian's office and found him busy            By Bernie Dickman
huddling with his No. 1 assistant. That's the first time
I met David I. Goldman, referred to by the local turf
writing corps as "Digger." Little did I suspect that for
the next 39 years our lives would become so intricate-      way around and under them.
ly intertwined.                                                In those days, the Baltimore Orioles' spring training
                                      David died on         facilities were housed in Miami, so Dave told John he
                                    April 23 after many     was going to invite manager Earl Weaver and a bunch
                                    months of battling      of players for a day at the track - lunch, autographs,
                                    renal cancer from       present a trophy, etc. Good idea, John told Dave.
                                    which he could             Orioles day came, and Weaver showed up with many
                                    never rebound. He       of his stars, including Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer,
                                    left behind his         and the venture proved to be a success all around. That
                                    extraordinary wife,     is, until JJB forgot he was going to pay for all the
                                    Catherine,      sons    lunches and told Dave to give the bill to Weaver. There
                                    Peter and Robert,       was no way. Dave picked up the tab, then very deftly
                                    their wives, Laura      spread the cost around to various other promotions. If
                                    and Efrat, and Peter    John ever found out, he never let on to Dave.
                                    and Laura's daugh-         Later that year, Dave was hired by Sam F. Davis for
                                    ters, Julia and         the marketing and advertising position for the 1978-'79
                                                                                                                               No 98-pound weaklings on this beach!
                                    Emma,         whom      Florida Downs season. It was the pre-Stella Thayer-
                                    David would (not        George Steinbrenner- Tampa Bay Downs days, and the         signs couldn't be seen while driving down the rural
                                    modestly) swear         track was reeling from its bottom line. There had never    roads of 1978 northern Tampa.
                                    were     the     two    been a season in which the Oldsmar track came close           But the best sign was nailed on a pole just off 1-75
                                    smartest kids in        to averaging $300,00 a day in handle, and that was         at the Zephyrhills exit, the route Ocalans traveled to
 What woman doesn’t love a                                  Sam's goal. He offered Dave a generous salary, plus a
                                    North     America.                                                                 Florida Downs in those days. There was one minor
        man in uniform?             The names of the        $10,000 bonus if the $300,000 mark was reached.            problem, it was facing north on the pole, right into the
friends he left couldn't fit in the pages of this maga-        Dave faced a slew of problems in the December to        parking lot of a motel. When Dave confronted the
zine.                                                       April meeting, mainly that his promotional budget was      maintenance chief about the small size and small
   David had grown up in Boston, attended Riverside         about 11 cents. Dave's first move was the mark of          number of signs around town, the man said, sheepish-
Military Academy, first in Gainesville, Georgia, then       genius - he hired me to conduct handicapping seminars      ly: "That's all the wood we had."
in Hollywood, Fla. He graduated from Brandeis               every Saturday before the races - at $100 per session.        Dave's next move really bordered on genius. Florida
University, and served a hitch in the navy. All the             Next, he went to the maintenance chief and asked       Downs featured a series of "stakes" races for fillies and
while, he was honing his skills as a racetracker in         him to make a bunch of wooden signs that could be          mares called the Visitation. The purse for each was
New England at Suffolk Downs, Rockingham Park,              nailed on poles all over town, letting customers know      $5,000 (not a typo), with $3,000 to the winner, plus a
Lincoln Downs, Narragansett Park and Scarborough            how to get to Race Track Road. When the signs were         free season to various Ocala stallions for the 1-2-3 fin-
Downs, and the county fairs, Great Barrington,              in place, we rode around checking them out one day         ishers. Dave went out and roped in as many local sports
Brockton and Northampton.                                   and never laughed so hard. The signs were no more          personalities as he could and named each race after one
   When Riverside moved its operation to                    than 10 inches high and two feet long, and in horrible     of them. The participants included Tom McEwen, sports
Hollywood, it became a no-brainer for Dave and his          handwritten printing, said: "FLA DOWN'S," with a lit-      editor of the Tampa Tribune, Hubert Mizell, sports edi-
father, Bobby, a dedicated racetracker and sports           tle arrow supposedly pointing the way. Many of the
enthusiast. This was well before the minors' bill
passed, and Dave was decidedly under age. So he put
on his military uniform, stuffed a cigar in his mouth,
and his dad led him through the turnstile into famed
Hialeah Park.
   After Brandeis, Dave began a career as a turf pub-
licist, writer, marketing and advertising guru, racing
secretary and chief cook and bottle washer. His trav-
els took him from New England to South Florida and
all points in between, and spawned a myriad of tales
- as in, "you hadda be there."
    Here are a few of the memories I will always cherish.
   In 1978, John J. Brunetti hired Dave to some
unnamed position in marketing and advertising,
which, of course, included a certain amount of cook-
ing and bottle washing. Dave knew the risks involved
with working for the volatile owner of Hialeah Park,
but he tackled the job with gusto, constantly shuttling
between Ocala, where he had moved in 1976, and                    March 11, 1989 – Bernie, Catherine, David and jockey Kevin Whitley accepting the trophy
Hialeah. JJB had a vast unwritten list of rules and                 at Tampa Bay Downs for Jeanne’s Dream, owned by Joe Tanenbaum’s wife, Jeanne
regulations, and Dave became a master at skirting his                                                                                                 Continued on Page 32
32 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                             AUGUST 2009

Bernie Dickman                                                                                                           es alive in a six-horse field in the final race and the
Continued from Page 30                                                                                                   two longshots he didn't have would finish 1-2. Then
                                                                                                                         would come the inevitable phone call beginning with:
tor of the St. Pete Times, TV sports anchor Dick Crippen, Ken                                                            "Bernardo ... "
Rosenberg, racing writer for the St. Pete Times, and a few others.                                                          Dave's greatest success as a breeder came with the
At no expense, Dave had managed built-in coverage for each race                                                          speedy and talented Caltech. His sire was Explosive
from that week's personality - columns, mentions on TV and radio,                                                        Bid, a successful stallion who Dave owned a piece of.
etc. And the person would cover the race and present the trophy. It                                                      The dam was Starpiece, a daughter of little-known
worked like a charm.                                                                                                     Shredder who raced for a consortium of turf writers -
   As the season progressed, it had turned into the track's best ever                                                    Dave, me, Gulfstream media guru Joe Tanenbaum and
at the windows. With two weeks remaining in the meeting, han-                                                            the late Pete Axthelm, of Newsweek and ESPN fame.
dle was averaging $309,000-plus and the $10,000 bonus appeared                                                           When Starpiece went to the breeding shed, Dave
to be a certainty. Dave and I drove down every day, and in early                                                         bought out the other owners and she produced
April came a severe jolt. Traffic heading north on 1-75 was                                                              Caltech. David sold him for $25,000 to Gulfstream
bumper-to-bumper. Every day. By the time the doors closed on the                                                         attorney David Romanik and his partner, Brad Beilly.
final Saturday, the average had fallen to $297,500. Devastation.                                                         Caltech won the Gr. I Budweiser (Washington) D. C.
We thought Sam Davis might come up with a partial bonus, and                                                             International in 1989, finished fifth in the Breeders'
he did. He offered us a drink and some cheesecake before we left.                                                        Cup Turf the same year at Gulfstream after leading
I ate the cheesecake. For many years after the track became                                                              into the stretch, and wound up earning $726,944.
Tampa Bay Downs, those funny little signs continued to hang                                                                 But a bigger success story is that of Runagate, a
                                                                                                                         daughter of the unfashionable stallion Run Turn. What
                                                                                                                         David saw in this mare only he knew, but he had Peter
                                                                                The OBS Infancy Days:                    claim her for their Sub Rosa Stable as a 2-year-old out
                                                                          Mustafa Fustok, David and Clyde Nix            of a $12,500 maiden race at Calder in December of
                                                                                                                         1999. In the care of trainer Gary Caple, they found
                                                                        Charming won in '86, and watched Cefis           Runagate's hole card. She loved the grass, liked to run
                                                                        make like Silky Sullivan the next year.          a mile to a mile and a sixteenth, and liked to sit in
                                                                          We saw Jacinto Vasquez come in to win          midpack early, then move on the turn and mow 'em
                                                                        with Champagneforashley for trainer              down in the stretch. And she did it often, competing
                                                                        Howie Tesher, all the way up to 2007, when       mostly around $25,000 claiming company.
                                                                        Street Sense and Any Given Saturday put             When Runagate began to slip a little, she was
                                                                        on their great show and Street Sense went        entered for $18,000 in November of 2002, and was
                                                                        on to win in Louisville.                         claimed by embattled owner Michael J. Gill. But, Gill
                                                                          Our trials and tribulations didn't begin       and trainer John J. Robb decided Runagate could
                                                                        and end with horse racing. Once, we decid-       sprint on the main track and go to the lead, to boot.
                                                                        ed that Duke - with a record of 6-0 - was a      After several horrendous performances, they dropped
                                                                        good bet against FSU because the                 her in for $5,000 at Monmouth Park and David had
                                                                        Seminoles were favored by about 40               Caple swoop in and bring her home. In Caple's care,
 “The Wyonia Winters Purse” Gulfstream Park, April 22, 1965             points. We took the points, and FSU won          Runagate picked it up right where she left off on the
  David, owner W.A. Sizemore, trainer Carl Vandervoort,                 by about 50. That's the last football bet I      grass. She wound up a solid career with a record of
       jockey Jimmy Cangemie, and Wyonia herself                                                                         17-10-7 in 61 starts with earnings of $243,341, just
                                                                        ever made.
from many of the telephone poles.                                         We once bet on the over in a game in           about every penny earned for Sub Rosa. And there
   One other good thing came out of that meeting in Oldsmar.            which the Minnesota Vikings were favored,        were many good betting opportunities along the way,
The announcer was an unknown young redhead named Tom                    behind their scrambling quarterback, Fran        including one at Monmouth where she paid more than
Durkin. We agreed that Brunetti should be made aware of this            Tarkenton. By halftime, we were within six       $60.
talent and Dave brought John a tape. Not long after, Durkin             points of the over and savoring our impend-         Today, Sub Rosa is awaiting the first start of
became the announcer at Hialeah.                                        ing victory. In the third quarter, we quickly    Runagate's first foal, Fast Lane, a 2-year-old by
   This year was the first since the race was inaugurated in 1981       got within three after one of the teams          Middlesex Drive who will soon join the Caple barn at
that Dave and I didn't drive down for the Tampa Bay Derby. We           kicked a field goal - and nobody scored a        Presque Isle Downs.
were there for the first one won by Paristo, when Dave's New            point thereafter.                                   Tomorrow, Digger Goldman will be watching the
England buddy of five decades, Vinnie Blengs, finished third with         All that wonderful luck followed to the        135th Kentucky Derby from a Great ITW Palace in
Darby Gillic. We saw the improbable Morganmorganmorgan upset            racetrack. David had an uncanny ability to       another time and another dimension, and he'll no
Slew o 'Gold and Bold Southerner nip Rexson's Hope in a 10-             bet a pick 3 or pick 4, expending just $6 or     doubt have two longshots finish first in his pick 3. But
minute photo as Harold and Elsie Rose tip-toed nervously in the         $8 or $12, and hit the first two or three win-   this time he'll have the third winner, too.
aisle. We sat with the ill-fated Don Aronow when his Prince             ners. Then, invariably, he'd have four hors-           Reprinted from Track Times, May 1, 2009

                    Family, friends, turf writers and his trainers turned out for the “Remembering David Goldman” purse at Calder Race Course
                                                                                                                                                               Photo by Jim Lisa
34 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                             AUGUST 2009

                                     TWIN SPIRES UNDER STARS AND LIGHTS
                                                             Fri., 6/19 attendance                           Comparable ‘08 attendance                     % increase
                       In The Bluegrass                              28,011                                           7,515                                  273%
                                                             Fri., 6/19 on-track handle                    Comparable ‘08 on-track handle                  % increase
                                   with                           $1,607,759                                        $620,983                                 159%
                                                             Fri., 6/19 all-sources handle               Comparable ‘08 all-sources handle                 % increase
                         Rab Hagin                                $6,504,564                                       $4,924,358                                 32%

                                                             Fri., 6/26 attendance                           Comparable ‘08 attendance                     % increase
   With opinions rampant about how to “revive” rac-                  27,623                                           8,303                                  233%
ing —ranging from an alphabet soup hodge-podge of            Fri., 6/26 on-track handle                    Comparable ‘08 on-track handle                  % increase
video lottery terminals (VLTs), advance deposit                   $1,534,308                                        $687,324                                 123%
wagering (ADW), and racetrack casinos (“racinos”)            Fri., 6/26 all-sources handle               Comparable ‘08 all-sources handle                 % increase
— it is intriguing that the 40th anniversary of major             $6,324,091                                       $6,179,078                                2.3%
nighttime racing coincides with that idea’s revival at
Churchill Downs. Forty years ago, on the first               Thur., 7/2 attendance                           Comparable ‘08 attendance                     % increase
                                                                   33,481                                             5,489                                  510%
Saturday of September, 1969, Arlington Park hosted
North America’s richest thoroughbred race, the               Thur., 7/2 on-track handle                    Comparable ‘08 on-track handle                  % increase
$366,075 Arlington-Washington Futurity, before a fes-           $1,763,341                                          $646,472                                 173%
tive crowd of 29,394 that watched Elberon Farms’             Thur., 7/2 all-sources handle               Comparable ‘08 all-sources handle                 % increase
Silent Screen win by eight lengths.                             $6,233,028                                         $6,207,201                                .04%
   Racing traditionalists sniffed. Some were on record
as opposing nighttime racing, but they still sent their         A few inferences can be drawn from the above fig-        the publicly-held corporation’s spring-summer meet to
best juveniles to compete for the rich purse. The atten-     ures. Apparently, as word spread about Churchill            discuss future nighttime cards. The track’s temporary
                                                             Downs’ glittering nighttime programs, some horse-           lights, installed during the first week of June, will be
dance figure represented a 14 percent increase from
                                                             players who usually wagered through simulcasting or         replaced with permanent fixtures. Stakes features will
Arlington’s Saturday afternoon card of two weeks ear-        advance deposit wagering, showed up to bet on-track,        be planned for nighttime dates.
lier that also had featured a significant stakes event.      boosting on-track handles to record mid-week levels            More players and new players — those are the
But per capita wagering was off, and total handle            (exclusive of Kentucky Oaks day). As a reflection of        goals. There is an analogy with the breeding side of
declined about half a percent to $2,259,833.                 the overall national economy, off-track handle              the thoroughbred industry, which rather than relying
                                                             declined on two of the nights, but the difference was       exclusively on a few buyers from the Middle East to
   Nighttime racing was a mixed success. Other tracks
                                                             more than made up by soaring on-track handle. Also,         pump up sales averages, now realizes the importance
tried it: The Meadowlands (opened in 1977), Charles          as is evident for anyone doing the math, the nighttime      of attracting a variety of new owners. Attracting new
Town, Latonia (later renamed Turfway Park), and              programs no doubt attracted new or less-sophisticated       horseplayers usually causes an initial reduction in per
eventually, Mountaineer Park.                                racing fans, because just like at Arlington 40 years ear-   capita wagering, but just as horse racing needs new
   Fast-forward to Friday, June 19, 2009: Churchill          lier, per capita wagering declined as attendance            owners, it also needs new fans. Churchill Downs’
Downs hosts its first “Downs After Dark” night pro-          increased. Unlike 40 years ago, though, the per capita      nighttime programs could be a significant key.
                                                             decrease was insignificant because it was more than
gram. The evening’s stated attendance goal was               made up for by the increased volume of
12,000-to-15,000, with rosy predictions of 18,000-to-        players.
20,000. However, 28,011 showed up despite a $10                 Arlington may have been ahead of its
admission charge, overwhelming concession stands.            time, but Churchill Downs approached
What happened?                                               nighttime racing from a marketing per-
                                                             spective with the goal of creating an out-
   “We’d been optimistic about turnout,” said Darren
                                                             door nightclub atmosphere featuring live
Rogers of Churchill Downs, “but were we surprised            racing. The paddock area ambience was
by the magnitude? Well — yes,” admitted the senior           transformed with live music, mood light-
communications director, who revealed that for the           ing and specialty bars offering such deli-
track’s next scheduled nighttime program on Friday,          cacies as vegetable-chicken-and-steak
June 26, Churchill Downs would triple its staff. Even        skewers. Six-course dinners going for
                                                             $150 each in sold-out suites in
management was enlisted into helping pour $1 draft           Millionaires Row added to the hot-spot
beers during an extended four-hour happy hour, and           appeal. Private balcony parties and date-
the general admission price was dropped from $10 to          night dinner-and-dancing packages were
$6. Despite numerous complaints about long lines at          put together. Combined with shrewd mar-
concession stands at the inaugural nighttime program,        keting to attract a demographic that could
                                                             form the next generation of high-rolling
the crowds returned, and this time the Twin Spires
                                                             horseplayers, nighttime racing appears to
staff was ready.                                             have been an unqualified success.
   The third nighttime program was held on Thursday             “Obviously, the public loves the night
evening, July 2, and built on the previous successes, set-   racing product,” said Rogers, who added
ting a single-day record for Churchill Downs attendance      that acceptance among horsemen — with
                                                             whom Churchill Downs management had
exclusive of Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, or
                                                             met beforehand — was “very positive” con-
Breeders’ Cup days. Ironically, none of the nighttime        sidering that horsemen’s workdays general-
racing cards featured stakes races. Compared to equiva-      ly start at 5 a.m. Rogers said that the
lent racing cards at Churchill Downs in 2008, figures for    Churchill Downs board of directors would
attendance and on-track handle were staggering               convene soon after the July 5 conclusion of
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                    POST TIME USA 35

    Bob Evans, CEO of Churchill
  Downs, Inc., and his wife, Tracie, held
  a fundraiser at their home and
  Tenlane Farm in Versailles, Kentucky.
  Benefactors were the Disabled Jockeys
  Fund and the Susan G. Komen Race
  for the Cure.
    Nancy Brinker, founder of the Race
  for the Cure, attended the event,
  which brought out many of racing’s                                                                                  Bob Evans, Nancy Brinker
  creme de la creme.                                                                                              (founder of Susan G. Komen Race
                                                                                    Bill and Julia Carstanjen        for the Cure), Tracie Evans

    Cheryl and Greg Avioli          Jeremy and Lori Clemons        Ann and Darrell Wells        Kim and Steve Sexton        Rebecca and Rick Reed

       Bill and Julia Carstanjen,                                           Phil, Cheryl and Carrie Feigel,            Kim Sexton, Gene Stevens,
              Gene Stevens                  Tracie and Bob Evans                     John Bischke                          Julia Carstanjen

                                                                     Josh Durr                                          Nancy Brinker, Tracie Evans,
   Bob Evans, Nancy Brinker          Beth and Dan Pride        (Molecular Bartending)       Carol and Tracy Farmer            Peggy Atchley

      Chuck Kenyon, Becky Reid,             Christine A. Moore, Robert      Edie Mathews, Sarah Cornette,       Christine A. Moore, Michelle Mudd,
      Robin Kenyon, Gene Stevens             Burk, Julia Carstanjen                 Tracie Evans                          Julia Carstanjen
36 POST TIME USA                                                                                                AUGUST 2009

                                                         Owners: Double Eagle Ranch & Buena Suerte Equine
                                                 Breeders: Lamantia Blackburn & Needham/Betz Thoroughbreds (Ky);
                                                                      Trainer: Bennie L. Woolley Jr.;
                                                             By Birdstone-Mining My Own, by Smart Strike
                                                    With no standout emerging from the final preps leading up to the 135th
                                                 Kentucky Derby, the biggest questions centered on who would the bettors
                                                 finally settle in on as their choice, and just how high his odds would be.
                                                 The favorite’s role fell to Louisiana Derby winner Friesan Fire, who was
                                                 $3.80-1 with Gabriel Saez. Only two others were under 10-1, Florida
                                                 Derby runner-up Dunkirk at 5-1, and Santa Anita Derby winner Pioneerof
                                             R   The Nile at 6-1.
                                                    Chris DeCarlo had Join in the Dance on the lead for more than a mile,
                                                 and, while a slew of stalkers made a run at the 51-1 shot turning for home,
                                                 Calvin Borel unleashed one of his patented rail rides with 50-1 Mine That
                                             B   Bird. It was highly reminiscent of his performance aboard Street Sense
                                                 two years earlier, where his nickname of Bo-rail became prominent.
                                                    Mine That Bird’s explosive move was so swift and sudden, the son of
                                                 Birdstone was in the lead and drawing away before most realized what had
                                             Y   happened. Borel had him in hand by 6 ¾ lengths at the wire. The price was
                                                 a stunning $103.20 and the colt who shipped in from New Mexico became
                     Reed Palmer photos          the talk of the town for the next two weeks.
                                                         Owners: Stonestreet Stables LLC & Harold McCormick;
   RACHEL ALEXANDRA                          P    Breeder: Dolphus C. Morrison (Ky): Trainer: Steven M. Asmussen;
                                                                  By Medaglia d’Oro-Lotta Kim, by Roar
                                             R      With the racing world abuzz over the prospects of Mine That Bird mak-
                                                 ing it two in a row in Baltimore, Borel added another shocker to the fairy-
                                             E   tale. He took off his Derby winner and opted instead to ride Rachel
                                                 Alexandra in the Preakness. Borel had guided the sensational filly to a
                                                 monumental score – by more than 20 lengths – in the Kentucky Oaks the
                                             A   day before the Derby.
                                                    While taking off the Derby winner is a rarity to say the least, Mine That
                                             K   Bird’s trainer, Bennie Woolley Jr., who was enduring the Triple Crown
                                                 experience on crutches, understood Borel’s position. He replaced Calvin
                                             N   with Mike Smith, a veteran of the Triple Crown wars who knew a little
                                                 something about longshots, having won the 2005 Derby aboard 50-1

                                             E   Giacomo in one of the biggest upsets ever posted in the Run for the Roses.
                                                    Rachel Alexandra went off as the 9/5 favorite, with Mine That Bird a dis-
                                                 tant third choice at 6-1. Derby runner-up Pioneerof The Nile was also 6-1
                                             S   with Garrett Gomez. Borel put the filly just outside pacesetter Big Drama, put
                                                 the colt away coming into the stretch, and opened up a four-length advantage.

                       Jim McCue photos
                                             S   When it appeared as though it was all over, Smith came barreling down the
                                                 middle of the track and closed to within a length at the wire.
                                                      Owners/Breeders: Drs. K.K. and Vilasini D. Jayaraman (Ky);
  SUMMER BIRD                                B
                                                                               Trainer: Tim A. Ice;
                                                            By Birdstone - Hong Kong Squall, by Summer Squall
                                                    While the anticipation of having a Triple Crown winner was gone, the three
                                                 weeks leading up to the Belmont still was filled with numerous twists and
                                             E   turns to keep the media – and the public - hopping. Majority owner Jess
                                                 Jackson opted to pass the ‘Test of a Champion’ with Rachel Alexandra, leav-

                                             L   ing Borel in the clear, and Woolley put him right back aboard Mine That Bird.
                                                    Calvin was quite vocal in the days before the race, saying Mine That Bird
                                                 was a certain winner, which would have given Calvin the unique distinction
                                             M   of winning all three Triple Crown races, with two horses.
                                                    On Belmont day, Calvin flew in the face of tradition by choosing not to
                                                 take a mount before the big test to try to get a feel of the track. Mine That Bird
                                             O   was the 6/5 favorite, and his rider had him right where he wanted to be early
                                                 – last in the field of 10 as Dunkirk set the pace. This time, Calvin felt his colt
                                                 wanted to run a little earlier and he let him have his head on the turn, a move
                                             N   that is often fatal at Belmont Park.
                                                    Mine That Bird came alongside Dunkirk with a sweeping move and
                                                 appeared to be home free, but the colt hung late as 11-1 Summer Bird, anoth-
                                             T   er son of Birdstone, gobbled them up and won going away under Kent
                                                 Desormeaux. Not surprisingly, several of Borel’s decisions came under fire
                    Adam Coglianese photos
                                                 as his colt backed up to third.
38 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                               AUGUST 2009

  PHOTOS BY RICK MORGAN                                                                                                         FIRST OF 4 PAGES
  BERT & RICHARD MORGAN PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                               CONTINUED ON PAGES 40, 42 AND 44

     Longshot Mine That Bird came from last place and blew by his 18 rivals as if they were glued in place, shocking the racing world in the 135th run-
  ning of America’s most coveted race. Owned by Mark Allen and Leonard Blach, trained by Bennie “Chip” Wooley Jr. and magicly guided by Calvin
  Borel, Mine That Bird came to Louisville from Sunland Park in New Mexico in a one-horse trailer driven by his trainer, who was hobbled with crutch-
  es resulting from a motorcycle accident.
     Mine That Bird’s unlikely score was worth $1.4 million to Allen and Blach. It was the second time in the last five years that a 50-1 shot wore the roses;
  Giacomo pulled off the feat in 2005. The superfecta paid more than a half million dollars for a $2 wager. The $2 trifecta paid $41,500.60 while those who
  had the exacta for a deuce were rewarded with $2,074.80.
     Mine That Bird is from the first
  crop of Marylou Whitney’s
  Birdstone, who stands at
  Gainesway Farm. Birdstone was
  the upset winner of the 2005
  Belmont Stakes and Travers.
  Mine That Bird’s dam is by the
  highly successful Lane’s End stal-
  lion Smart Strike.

                                            Steve and Julie Asmussen,
                                                  Jessica Peterson,                                                       Ahmed, Justin, Joanne, Benjamin
                                         Darren , Keith and Eric Asmussen               Tracie and Bob Evans                     and Emma Zayat

    Dick Duchossois, Bob Evans,
           Gene Stevens                         Will and Sarah Farish              Rhonda and Garrett O’Rourke             Dick Duchossois, Gene Stevens

                                                                      John Sikura

     Robert Frankel, Julien Leparoux,                                           Bill                                    Robert McNair, Todd Pletcher,
   Ken Ramsey, William and Jeff Ramsey                                   Carstanjen                                            Terry Meyocks

   Doug Cauthen, Ramon Dominguez,             Marilyn Monroe came back                  Gov. Steve Beshear,                Debbie and Corey Johnsen,
            Nick Sallusto                          just to see Gene                       Gene Stevens                     Debbie’s daughter, Taylor

    Friends, family and rooting section of              Dick Duchossois,                                            Jerry Hollendorfer, Thomas McCarthy,
    Thomas McCarthy’s General Quarters                  Marylou Whitney                Diane and Scott Daruty             Jenny Craig, Gene Stevens
40 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                      AUGUST 2009

  PHOTOS BY RICK MORGAN                                                                                          SECOND OF 4 PAGES
  BERT & RICHARD MORGAN PHOTOGRAPHY                                           CONTINUED FROM PAGE 38 • CONTINUED ON PAGES 42 AND 44

            Gene Stevens with
   Miss Teen Kentucky Jefra Bland and                                                 Gov. Steve Beshear       Patricia Lenihan, Gene Stevens,
   Miss Kentucky Maria Montgomery            Jane and Gov. Steve Beshear             and Marilyn Monroe?             Katherine Nedelkoff

                        Bonnie Holthus,
                        Tom Brady

                              Ed Fortino                                 Lori Hall                                Bett Connel, Eli Manning,
                                                                                                                       Bonnie Holthus

   Robert Frankel, Julien Leparoux,         Angel Cordero, Chris DeCarlo         Ahmed Zayat, Bob Baffert          Jeff Seder, Patrice Miller,
            Ken Ramsey                                                                                                   Dale Romans

   Pat Day, a fan and Wayne Lukas
          clowning around                    Steve and Kim Sexton            Nuno Santos, Garrett O’Rourke         Corey Johnsen, Gene Stevens

   Ky Stubblefield, Gene Stevens          Terry Meyocks, Mike Costello          Helen Pitts, Rick Trontz     Wanda Nutt, Bill and Ky Stubblefield
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  PHOTOS BY RICK MORGAN                                                                                         THIRD OF 4 PAGES
  BERT & RICHARD MORGAN PHOTOGRAPHY                                          CONTINUED FROM PAGES 38 & 40 • CONTINUED ON PAGE 44

             Nancy Yearsley,                                                                                Bill and Ky Stubblefield, Wanda Nutt,
   Bill and Ky Stubblefield, Wanda Nutt      Dick Duchossois, Tracie Evans   Dick Duchossois, Bob Evans                 Gene Stevens

                                                                                                                       John Hendrickson,
    John Moynihan, Leslie Howard            Jenny Craig, Gene Stevens         Bill Mott, Bobby Frankel                 Marylou Whitney

    Joe DeFrancis, Gene Stevens           Ahmed Zayat, Bob Baffert           Garrett Gomez, Bob Baffert           Corey Johnsen, Joe DeFrancis

      Ken and Nolan Ramsey                Nuno Santos, Robert Frankel          Angel Cordero                    Patrice Miller, Jeff Seder

   Kenny Mayne, Hank Goldberg                Nathan Fox, John Kuehl          Don Richardson, Sue Brewster          Julien Leparoux, Ken Ramsey
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  PHOTOS BY RICK MORGAN                                                                                            FOURTH OF 4 PAGES
  BERT & RICHARD MORGAN PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                  CONTINUED FROM PAGES 38, 40 AND 42

            Patrick Madden,                                                                                        Don Richardson, Sharon Foley,
       Melanie and Mike Deascentis             Bob Baffert, D. Wayne Lukas     Bob Baffert, D. Wayne Lukas                  Ed Fortino

                                                                                Mark Hammond,
    Ara Shamalyn, Jana Olson           Ray Kerrison, Gene Stevens              Wilhelmina McEwan                     Galina and Norm Casse

                                                                         Dr. Paul

   Carol Altenburger, Justin and Beth Casse,
      Allison Altenburger, Matt Marrone                                                  Pat Riley, Gene Stevens          Pat Day, Gene Stevens

                                Southern Wine & Spirits
                           Know How To Enjoy The First Saturday In May

                                                                                                     trying to
                                                                                                     nail a

        Bob and Eileen Breier              Dr. Paul and Karen Chaplin                                                Roberta and Harvey Chaplin


       Ben and Shelly Breier          Thomas and Rochelle McDevitt                                                    Gaye and Irving Pardo
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                                Robbie Davis: Retired, But Not Forgotten
  Among the jockeys you’re likely to see at Saratoga                                                            emotional equilibrium. With his wife, Marguerite,
this summer is a 22-year-old graduate of the North                                                              and three children, Kristen, Jackie (who was then
American Riding Academy named Jackie Davis. On
Nov. 5 of last year, she registered her first career vic-
tory aboard a 4-year-old filly named Blue Hill Bay.
                                                                                 Where Are                      only two years old) and Robbie Jr., he returned to his
                                                                                                                hometown of Pocatello, Idaho, and pretty much shut
                                                                                                                himself off from the rest of the world.

                                                                                 They Now?
The race was a 1 1/16-mile turf event for $35,000                                                                  Five months later, in a feature article in Sports
claimers at Aqueduct, and although Blue Hill Bay                                                                Illustrated, William Nack detailed how the circum-
was the longest shot on the board amongst the field of                                                          stances of Venezia’s death had released a dark flood
10, Davis booted her to a wire-to-wire score, return-                                                           in Robbie’s mind – memories that included violence
ing a mutuel of $131.                                                              By Bill Mooney               and sexual abuse during his childhood. The article
  As of June 29 of this year, Jackie Davis had record-                                                          was published in the March 20, 1989, issue of the
ed 20 career wins. Her career win ratio at that point                                                           magazine. It earned Nack an Eclipse Award, and can
was seven percent. Neither of those stats inspires                                                              be found today in the periodical section of many pub-
awe, but Jackie is young, energetic and determined,know what she’s doing aboard a horse.                        lic and most university libraries.
and the people who stand at the gaps and along the    Jackie also has a pretty fair foundation for her             During the 3½-year period immediately following
rail during the morning works say she appears to   emerging career, not only in regard to the Riding            Venezia’s death, Robbie made a number of starts and
                                                   Academy, but within her bloodlines. She’s the daugh-         stops while attempting to return to riding. He tried his
                                                   ter of Robbie Davis, who accumulated 3,382 victories         luck in Southern California for a while, and won the
                                                   during his own career.                                       1990 Ramona Handicap at Del Mar aboard Double
                                                      You’re likely to see Robbie at Saratoga this summer,      Wedge. In the spring of 1992, Robbie returned to
                                                   too, handling Jackie’s book. Robbie put his own tack         New York. Many, if not most, people realized at the
                                                   away seven years ago. His riding career was not of           time that his best riding years were still to come.
                                                   Hall of Fame caliber, but it nevertheless was very              Prior to the race when Venezia was killed, the purse
                                                   good, and horses earned a cumulative $115.7 million          earnings accumulated by Robbie’s horses totaled
                                                   with Robbie aboard.                                          $37.4 million. But in the years that followed, they
                                                      In 1983, when he was 21 and in just his third season      totaled $78.3 million, more than twice as much.
                                                   of race riding, Robbie won five races one day at                Indeed, when you look at what Robbie accom-
                                                   Aqueduct and was the leading rider for the winter            plished during the final decade of the 20th century,
                                                   meeting at that track. And, from 1984 through 1987, he       it’s really quite impressive. He won the 1990 Beverly
                                                   ranked among the top 10 jockeys at every meeting on          D. Stakes at Arlington Park with Reluctant Guest in a
                                                   the New York Racing Association circuit.                     course record time of 1:53 1/5 for 1 3/16 miles on the
                                                      Robbie Davis made an impact elsewhere as well,            turf. He won the 1994 Pimlico Special with As
                                                   guiding Bounding Basque to a 4½-length triumph in            Indicated, and that same year won the Rothman’s
             Robbie and Jackie Davis               the 1985 Meadowlands Cup Handicap, and booting               International at Woodbine with Raintrap.
                                                                     Lieutenant’s Lark to a wire-to-wire,          In 1995, Robbie won the Forego Handicap at
                                                                     photo finish score in the 1986             Saratoga aboard Not Surprising (it was his second tri-
                                                                     Washington, D. C. International            umph in that event – he had previously won with
                                                                     Stakes at Laurel Race Course. (Both        Mugatea 11 years earlier). And in 1996, he won the
                                                                     were major Gr. I events back in those      Arlington Million with Mecke, and the Queen
                                                                     days). Indeed, Robbie was scaling          Elizabeth II Challenge Cup at Keeneland with
                                                                     mountains, until the afternoon of          Memories of Silver. In the spring of 1998, Robbie
                                                                     Thursday, Oct. 13, 1988, when fate         won the Wood Memorial at Aqueduct with
                                                                     delivered an emotional avalanche in        Coronado’s Quest; and in the fall of that year he won
                                                                     his direction.                             the Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont with Wagon
                                                                        That’s when Robbie’s friend and         Limit (a race in which he defeated Horse of the Year
                                                                     fellow jockey, Mike Venezia, was           Skip Away).
                                                                     killed in a riding accident. It occurred      The new century began with Robbie winning back-
                                                                     in the fifth race on the Belmont Park      to-back renewals of the United Nations Handicap at
                                                                     card. The horse Venezia was riding,        Monmouth Park with Down the Aisle and Senure.
            Robbie and Jackie Davis, Eleanor Hoveling,               Mr. Walter K., broke down midway           The year following the latter triumph, he retired.
                   Marguerite and Dylan Davis                        through the backstretch on the inner       Robbie and Marguerite and their family (who grew to
                                                                     turf course. As this was happening,        include three more children – sons Edmund and
                                                   Venezia appeared to jump off on the near side – which        Dillon and daughter Katherine) moved to a farm in
                                                   put him on the ground, directly in the path of a trailing    upstate New York.
                                                   horse named Drums in the Night, ridden by Robbie.               Somewhere in the home of that farm is the Mike
                                                      Time to react amounted to about one second, which         Venezia Memorial Award, which Robbie received in
                                                   wasn’t enough. Drums in the Night attempted to jump          1997. It honors a jockey "who exemplifies extraordi-
                                                   over Venezia, but in doing so his hind feet cracked          nary sportsmanship and citizenship." The New York
                                                   against the man’s skull, killing him instantly. It was       Racing Association has responsibility for the award,
                                                   one of the most brutal incidents to ever happen at a         and the annual winner is determined via voting by
                                                   racetrack anywhere.                                          jockeys, turf writers and racing fans. That’s what peo-
                                                      In the days that followed, Venezia’s death was head-      ple in New York think about Robbie Davis. Always
                                                   lined many times in the media. Newspapers and mag-           have, and always will.
                                                   azines, of both the general and trade variety, printed          Bill Mooney is a two-time Eclipse winner and four-
                                                   stories and published photos. Video of the race was          time winner for Best Story writer from American
                                                   shown on local and national television.                      Horse Publications.
                                                      There was a wake, a funeral and a memorial service.
          Robbie Davis and Gene Stevens            Understandably, the whole scenario taxed Robbie’s            Photos by Marguerite Hill
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                           POST TIME USA 47

                           Remembering Skip Away — The Iron Horse
Reprinted from August 2007
  With the National Hall of Fame inductions coming
up Bill Christine sent us the first of 10 Horse Star cards
published by Daily Racing Form.

                  Skip Away
  Horse of the Year honors came to Skip Away after
suffering through two seconds in the voting for the
two previous years. However, 1998 was to be the
year of vindication for the six-year-old gray. Owner
Carolyn Hine and her trainer husband, Sonny, decid-
ed to keep Skip Away in training despite lucrative
offers to retire him after their Breeders’ Cup victory
in 1997. Sonny said, “If we took the money, all we
would have is money. You have to go to the barn and
see money laying in the stall.”
  Ridden throughout 1998 by Hall of Fame jockey
Jerry Bailey, the pair started the year with a seven-
race win streak that included a victory in the Donn
Handicap and ended with their win in the Woodward
Stakes. Skip Away earned $2.7 million in 1998 rac-
ing at seven tracks and retired with lifetime earnings
of $9,616,360, only a few dollars shy of Cigar’s
North American record.
          Eclipse Award Winner Card 1 of 10

                                                                      Photo by Donna Hallaway

                                                                                  Photos by Andrea Mills

Skip To Heaven is a son of Skip Away out of the stakes-producing Relaunch mare, Heavenly Launch. Shown here at two months old, the colt is a foal share for
Carolyn Hine, Dennis Mills and Gene Stevens. The veterinarian who attended to Skip To Heaven said the colt was the largest foal he’s delivered in his 40 years of
practice. Skip To Heaven will be a three-year-old in January 2010.
56 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                                   AUGUST 2009

                                                              that all interested parties have a summit to discuss this       requires an industry-wide solution.
                   THE                                        issue. That would include breeders, auction houses,               Finally, we should all be grateful for the action of
      CLAIMING BOX                                            owners and trainers, and racetracks throughout the
                                                              country. And rather than do it at Saratoga, I think it
                                                                                                                              Pete and Donna Tardy, as related by Hovdey. They
                                                                                                                              had an easy route out, yet they chose the more diffi-
          Address All Letters To: POST TIME USA               should be held at a place like Penn National or Finger          cult one. We're lucky to have people like them
             1800 N.E. 114th Street • Suite 2103
                North Miami Beach, FL 33181                   Lakes or Suffolk Downs, as these are the places where           involved in our sport.
       (no unsigned letters will be used in this column)
                                                              most retirees are coming from. But what we can no               Sam Elliott
                                                              longer do is pretend it is these tracks' problem and            Salem, Mass.
    I am so thankful for Jay Hovdey's June 12 column,         theirs alone. It is an industry-wide problem that                            Reprinted from Daily Racing Form
"Endgame often depends on luck," telling the tale of
how Storm Legacy was able to arrive back at Marylou
Whitney's farm, where he started his life, seemingly                          RACING MUST STOP TAKING BIG HITS
against long odds. The story brought up many issues that         Let's face it. Racing has a shiner — a big, ol’ nasty        past their 3-year-old sessions. Perhaps most important-
confront the thoroughbred racing business when it             one that may not be wearing off any time soon. (Oh,             ly, a bettor could feel relatively confident that the
comes to what we do after a horse's career is over. It        what the heck, let's throw in a bloody nose and fat lip         information about a particular contestant in Daily
seems the industry has largely drawn the conclusion that      to boot.)                                                       Racing Form for all to see was a pretty fair indicator
auctioning these athletes off for slaughter is not an            Whether one chooses to (a) lay blame at the feet of          of his ability, condition and chance of winning.
appropriate means of doing so, though certainly it is the     leadership that simply refuses to acknowledge and                  We should fervently hope that there will be signifi-
option that requires the least thought or compassion.                                                                         cant changes. Raceday medication issues must be
                                                              assail the unquestionable difficulties the industry
   I think the biggest issue isn't what we do with these
                                                              undoubtedly faces, (b) rail against the country's eco-          addressed. A return to dirt racing at those tracks that so
horses when their careers are over, but rather how we
                                                              nomic woes in general, (c) point to the spectre cast by         quickly embraced the new technology (even for the
pay for their aftercare. I think the solution is for every-
one along the way to accept responsibility for not only       a few miscreants whose actions mock the integrity of            best of reasons) should be carefully considered.
the current care of the horse, but also to contribute to      the game, or (d) debate the seemingly countless issues          Horse racing, not simply gambling, must be effective-
its retirement as well - think of it as an equine 401(k).     surrounding medications, artificial surfaces, and the           ly promoted in an effort to regain its meaningful niche
   This process should start with the breeders who            safety of horse and rider, the heavyweight once herald-         in American sport.
bring the horses into the world, continue to the auction      ed as the sport of kings is on the ropes and in imminent           Those who do not abide by strict rules aimed at pro-
houses that sell them for racing purposes, and then on        danger of taking the 10 count.                                  tecting the horse and maintaining the integrity of the
to the owners who have them throughout their career.             When I began following thoroughbred racing more              game should find themselves on the outside looking in
It doesn't make any sense to look just at the individual      years ago than I care to remember, things were, at the          for significant periods. Those who abuse the grandest
who has them at the end of their careers and place all                                                                        of creatures, the thoroughbred racehorse, in any fash-
                                                              risk of understatement, different. There were no syn-
the responsibility on him because he was the owner
                                                              thetic tracks, no racinos, and career-ending or fatal           ion, must have no quarter given. Otherwise, the cham-
when the music stopped playing.
                                                              breakdowns seemed relatively rare. Fines and suspen-            pion will have fallen – and won’t get up.
   We have extraordinarily bright, committed people
                                                              sions levied against offending trainers, owners and rid-        Jim Mainard
who dedicate their lives to the cause of thoroughbred
retirement and understand it the best. Unfortunately,         ers (for whatever reasons) seemed aberrations. Most             Ozark, Ark.
they are too often looked upon as a nuisance, when            races were populated with horses made of sterner stuff                              Reprinted from Daily Racing Form
they actually are the people who can best help the            than today’s, and the bulk of them competed more
industry with the solution to the problem. I suggest          often than every 30 to 45 days in careers that extended

                                                                    NO END IN SIGHT
  A guy walks up to another guy and punches him in                                                                            Gordon is no doubt patting himself on the back,
the mouth. The second guy is not too thrilled and he                                                                          because he appears to be getting just what he wants.
punches the first guy in the mouth. So the first guy
                                                                      Bouncin’                                                It's no secret that Gordon wants Calder to shut down
says: "Hey, why did you punch me in the mouth?"                         with                                                  summer racing and have it shift over to Gulfstream,
And the second guy says: "You imbecile, because you                                                                           owned by his buddy, Frank Stronach.
punched me in the mouth first!"                                        Bernie                                                    When all this began many weeks ago, and I wrote
  Doesn't seem to be very different from this never-
ending battle between the Florida and Kentucky
                                                                      in Ocala                                                negatively about the prez, trainer Tim Ritvo told me
                                                                                                                              that Gordon (and the FHBPA) intended to write a let-
HBPAs and Calder/Churchill Downs. A battle, by the                 By Bernie Dickman                                          ter to Track Times clearing up what they considered
way, that could wind up as the device that signals the                                                                        inaccuracies in my reporting.
demise of summer racing in Florida after some 39                                                                                 I'M STILL WAITING FOR THAT LETTER! I
years. William L. McKnight and Steve Calder must              say it's a retaliatory move and they're right. It's in retal-   guess somebody is still trying to figure out just what
be looking on from above in astonishment.                     iation for the two tracks losing millions of dollars!           was inaccurate.
  As this was being written, negotiations between the            Every horsemen who has been to Calder says there's              So Gordon has this great idea. Let's move summer
Florida HBPA and Churchill Downs were pretty                  an unending stream of horses being vanned up north.             racing to Gulfstream with its 11 seats and where they
much stalled. And the Florida and Kentucky horse-             Mostly to Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.                have set a record by having the least successful slots
men are up in arms over the drastic reductions in             Who's to say, even if this thing gets settled soon, that        enterprise in American racing. And where the entire
purses at Calder and Churchill. They remind me of             those horses will be coming back? It costs a bundle to          operation is broke. Can it be Gordon owns a conces-
the guy who threw the first punch. They can't compre-         ship an entire stable north and back these days.                sion where he sells or rents lawn chairs and the like
hend why the tracks would respond to the withhold-               So, while the Calder horsemen suffer with purses             and figures he can do well at seatless Gulfstream?
ing of simulcast signals, and losing tens of thousands        from the 1960s, and many are having trouble making                 Where is John Brunetti when you need him?
of dollars a day, by cutting the purses! The horsemen         enough money to buy gas, FHBPA president Sammy                          Reprinted from Track Times June 6, 2008
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                                            POST TIME USA 57

                                                                 FAITH FINISHES 1ST
                                                     BELIEF IN ‘BIRD’ DELIVERS IN DERBY
   A couple of days before the Kentucky Derby, train-                                                                      phone calls after the race. Said he, "Nobody who owes
er Nick Zito offered some philosophy about getting                                                                         me any money has called."
his humble horse, Nowhere to Hide, into the race after                                        RAY                             Ever since he got into the business after messing
another horse had been scratched.                                                                                          around on the rodeo circuit, Chip dreamed of coming
   Nick realized that his runner had little chance, but                                     KERRISON                       to the Kentucky Derby. "It's not the richest race," he
he said, “You have to play the game. You can't win if                                                                      said, "but it's the biggest stage. That's the driving force
you don't play, and then you play the hand that's given                                                                    that keeps us coming out here every morning and
you."                                                                                        Guest                         going through all the headaches and hassles."
   He added with profound wisdom, "I've learned in
life that people of faith are always rewarded, eventu-
                                                                                            Columnist                         Next to the winner, the biggest shock of the Derby
                                                                                                                           was the dismal run by Friesan Fire, the 7-2 favorite.
ally."                                                                                                                     His jockey, Gabriel Saez, offered an extraordinary
   And that is about as good an explanation as I can                                                                       alibi. He said, "He got a bad start and got hit. I feel he
find for what happened at Churchill Downs on the              beaten half the field."                                      didn't want to go, so I let him relax and finish the race.
First Saturday in May.                                          Mine That Bird's trainer, Bennie "Chip" Woolley,           I didn't want to hurt the horse. I just dropped the reins
   Nick's horse hit a mud wall, but another horse,            who is 45, was still dumbfounded the day after. "It's        and let him gallop. He came back OK."
Mine That Bird, who by every rational handicapping            pretty hard to get your mind around it," he said.               In other words, he pulled a Kent Desormeaux.
precept of form, class, speed, pace and pedigree had            That's nothing to how multitudes of horseplayers felt      Remember how Kent pulled Big Brown up in last
no business being in the race, much less winning it,          when they saw Calvin Borel weaving and ducking his           year's Belmont because he felt the horse would not hit
came out of the gloom and nailed the second biggest           way through the field, squeezing through the eye of a        the board?
upset in the 135-year history of the Derby.                   needle in the stretch, and running off to win the Derby         So Gabby decided to take a cruise of the plant after
   Faith did it. His owners, Mark Allen and vet               by the biggest margin since Assault won by eight             a bad start. The people who bet millions of dollars in
Leonard Blach, marginal players in the racing game,           lengths in 1946.                                             all the pools on his horse didn't quite figure in his cal-
put up $25,000 to enter him in the race and another             "It's hard to believe we came in here and won this         culations. The stewards, apparently, were not interest-
$25,000 to get him into the gate. That's a lot of money       thing,” Chip said. That goes double for the rest of us.      ed either.
and a lot of faith.                                             "We came here because it is a privilege and honor to          Ah, well. One final note: Mine That Bird, sold for
   They had no real expectation of winning. At the            be a part of the Derby," he went on. "This horse never       $9,500, was sired by Birdstone, the 36-1 bombshell
barn the day after the race, Allen, a good old cowboy         got the credit for his ability. Look, he earned his way      winner of the 2004 Belmont Stakes, who deprived
in his black Stetson and Harley Davidson shirt said, "I       here. It's not like we just paid up and brought him here.    Smarty Jones of a Triple Crown. Birdstone was
can't believe this has happened to us. We put up the          He deserved his chance to run.                               trained by none other than the old philosopher, Nick
money - a lot of money for us - because we wanted               "I was surprised he went off at 50-1. I thought he'd       Zito. That was his payoff for his faith.
the experience of coming to the Derby. We hoped to            be 100-1. Every paper in town said he had the best                                     Reprinted from New York Post
run a respectable sixth or better. We would have been         chance of anyone to run last."
happy to finish 10th, which means we would have                 Chip was asked whether he had received many

   The American racing business is bankrupt. It can no                                                                     as West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Indiana,
longer sustain itself.                                                                                                     Oklahoma, New Mexico and Delaware for one reason
   It is bereft of funds, profits, leadership, ideas, ener-                                   RAY                          only -- they are funded by gushers of slot money.
gy and optimism. From New York to Los Angeles,                                                                                It has come to this: Racing in its present form will
and many circuits in between, it is sitting on its hands,                                   KERRISON                       survive only if it is subsidized by cash flows from
waiting for politicians to rescue it with slot machine                                                                     other gambling sources. After nearly 300 years, it can
bailouts.                                                                                                                  no longer support itself. How tragic.
   The spectacle is humiliating.                                                              Guest                           What went wrong? Here's a partial list: Initially
   Any lingering doubt about racing's solvency was
removed last week in Kentucky, where racing leaders
                                                                                             Columnist                     smugness, compounded with no foresight, no
                                                                                                                           accountability, too many inept executives, too much
went to the state legislature, begging bowl in hand,                                                                       political interference, too much cronyism, too much
pleading for a license to install video lottery terminals                                                                  corruption, too many taxes, indifference to the cus-
to save the sport.                                               If Kentucky cannot survive without slot machine           tomer base, etc.
   For their efforts, they got the flip.                      subsidies, what hope is there for other states?                 Here are three quick, current shortcomings:
   Kentucky is the cradle of American horse racing,              The landscape is bleak. In California, Bay Meadows           1. Modern racing has no stars. They're all in the
the historic capital with its vast Blue Grass breeding        is now a pile of rubble, the esteemed Hollywood Park         breeding shed. No sport can prosper without stars to
farms, yearling sales, bourbon and fabled Derby. Yet,         is not far behind and Santa Anita is on the auction          engage and excite the base.
there it was, confessing to the world it cannot survive       block. It has no slots.                                         2. The modern racing program is an endless stream
on its own.                                                      The New York Racing Association is bankrupt, fis-         of small fields and short-priced favorites. No compe-
   A thousand racing people -- breeders, farmers, busi-       cally and creatively. It surrendered its birthright -- its   tition, no excitement.
nessmen, trainers, jockeys -- descended on Frankfort,         three great tracks, Saratoga, Belmont and Aqueduct --           3. If a product is not selling, check the price. Casinos
the state capital, in a big rally, imploring politicians to   for a shaky promise from the venal political establish-      and sports betting take an average 5 percent off the top.
give them slots.                                              ment to get slots to keep it afloat.                         Racing's minimum take is 16 percent, stretching up to
   Republican Sen. David Williams, told them, in                 New Jersey racing is on life support, propped up by       30 percent. It is priced out of the market.
effect, "Get lost."                                           tens of millions of dollars pumped in by the Atlantic           Is it the end of the line? Not for the foreseeable
   Two of Kentucky's tracks, Ellis Park and Turfway           City casino industry, which itself is being crushed in       future. Slots will cover racing's shortfalls until their
Park, are ready to fold. Churchill Downs makes a              the economic downturn.                                       corporations and shareholders get tired of funding a
profit and has no debt, yet its president Robert Evans           Maryland racing is a wasteland. Its long dismal his-      losing proposition.
told shareholders, "Tracks without slots are going to         tory of trying to get video terminals to save it needs no       Time is running out. Racing desperately needs to
struggle mightily. There's no way around that."               retelling here. Suffolk Downs, the Massachusetts flag-       reinvent itself to save itself. Somewhere out there,
   Alex Wardrop, president of the National                    bearer, has killed off its signature event, the $500,000     hopefully, is an entrepreneur who will know how to
Thoroughbred Racing Association, put it this way,             Massachusetts Handicap (again) because it doesn't            do it.
"Unless a track has slots, it has become difficult to         have the money to bankroll it. No slots there, either.                                     Reprinted from
compete on multiple levels."                                     Racing is holding its own in some small states such
58 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                                 AUGUST 2009

                                Zenyatta Vs. Rachel Would Make Pot Boil
   Thoroughbred racing has fallen back into its annual                                                                     forcing this kind of decision.
post-Triple Crown slumber.
   Saratoga is great but on the national sports scene, it's                      Gent                                         It's too late to turn back but this should be the last
                                                                                                                           time championship day is conducted on anything other

                                                                                  at the
just another town in upstate New York. Outside of a                                                                        than a traditional surface. This might be a moot point,
tight radius of the Spa, most stakes don't get more than                                                                   since it's more likely California will return to dirt than

a sentence or two in sports sections, if that.                                                                             any other major track will embrace the phony stuff.
   The Breeders' Cup is strictly for ardent fans. It's not                                                                    If Jackson is one of racing's grand sportsmen,
even on a broadcast network anymore. Football takes                                                                        Zenyatta's owner, Jerry Moss, is in the photo. But he
all the oxygen out of the sports scene in late fall. The                                      Keith Christopher            would have to be a fool to come east, especially in a
Breeders' Cup status isn't helped by the self-serving                                                                      year when the Breeders' Cup is in his backyard. Why
decision to move some of the core events to Friday - a           So it was, too, with artificial racing surfaces. Over-    put his mare's perfect record on the line when 2009's
workday for most Americans.                                   reacting to an atypical spell of on-track injuries,          Horse of the Year title is there for Zenyatta's taking. All
   The only races that matter to most people are the          California dictated that all its major tracks immediate-     she has to do is run the table of the races on her tenta-
Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont. This didn't            ly convert to fake dirt. The thinking - if you can call it   tive dance card, the Clement Hirsch at Del Mar, Lady's
have to be the case this year. A showdown between             that - was that switching would reduce injuries, there-      Secret at Oak Tree and then the Breeders' Cup Distaff.
undefeated Breeders' Cup champion Zenyatta and                by increasing field size.                                       Assuming both continue to win and considering the
Rachel Alexandra, who beat the boys in the Preakness             How's that working out? Hollywood and Del Mar             dearth of stars in the other divisions, Zenyatta's only
and has accomplished things not even Ruffian could            weren't forced to curtail their racing schedules because     serious competitor for the title would be Rachel
do, would capture the imagination of the nation.              their help needed an extra day off. Now that the phony       Alexandra. How could you give the championship to
   It's criminal to allow this opportunity to pass.           tracks have been in use a couple of years, it's obvious      the latter when she skipped the Breeders' Cup, where
Unfortunately, it appears that the closest these two are      that all California has done is trade one set of injuries    titles are supposed to be won?
going to get to each other already happened on June           for another, mainly to soft tissues.                            What's more, it's not as if Moss has been hiding
27, when they raced about 15 minutes apart; Rachel               Meanwhile, it has produced a new form of racing, as       Zenyatta. She came east last year and crushed her foes
Alexandra setting a stakes record in the Mother Goose         different from the norm as turf is from old-fashioned        in the Apple Blossom. She would have begun her sea-
and Zenyatta toying with her opponents while carrying         dirt. To conduct the most important day in racing as a       son this year at Churchill Downs on Derby weekend if
129 pounds in the Vanity Handicap.                            whole under these conditions makes a farce of the term       the track hadn't turned into a quagmire.
   There's plenty of blame to go around but there's also      "championships."                                                Since nothing out west has shown the ability to
plenty of justification for the reasons the race of the new       This is why Jess Jackson says he has no intention of     warm up Zenyatta and east of the Mississippi distaffers
millennium is almost certainly not going to take place.       bringing his Rachel Alexandra to the Breeders' Cup for a     have been humiliated time and again by Rachel
   Start with the Breeders' Cup's decision to anchor          showdown against Zenyatta. Jackson is one of the great       Alexandra, we could wind up with a year in which the
championship day at Santa Anita for back-to-back years.       sportsmen left in the game. He raced Curlin as a 4-year-     two most exciting, dominant thoroughbreds in
Add on its entry-mate, California's decision to dictate       old for the good of the sport. He took him to Santa Anita    America do nothing but win while their failure to meet
that all its major race tracks install artificial surfaces.   for the Breeders' Cup to race on an unfamiliar surface       makes a big loser of racing.
   This was typical for loopy California, which embraces      when the Horse of the Year title was in his pocket. How               Here's a question to ponder: let's say Jackson
every goofy feel-good scheme that comes down the              many others would have done that? His decision to buy        changes his mind and takes Rachel Alexandra to the
pike. This is the state, remember, which started the trend    and race Rachel Alexandra against the boys in the            Breeders' Cup. Would her epic showdown against
to replace paper grocery bags with plastic to save trees.     Preakness brought enhanced drama (and TV ratings) to         Zenyatta still be relegated to Friday, because that has
Then it realized how much damage plastic does to the          the middle jewel of the Triple Crown.                        been designated as Ladies Day?
environment. So now, cloth bags are in vogue. They will          So his decision not to travel cross-country and take         I wouldn't bet against it.
remain so until someone discovers they can be made            on Zenyatta on her unique home court should be above
cheaper in foreign sweat shops.                               criticism. To reiterate, blame the Breeders’ Cup for

         NOW AND THEN                                                                                                              SPA HAS BEEN MISSING
                                                                   BITS & PIECES                                                       CAROLYN HINE

                                                                  NYRA WILL HONOR BCRF
                                                                   ON AUG. 22 AT SARATOGA
                                                                 On Alabama Day, Saturday, Aug. 22, the New
                                                               York Racing Association will be honoring The
                                                               Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) at
                                                               Saratoga Racetrack. The race preceding the Alabama
                                                               will be dedicated to BCRF. Myra Biblowit,
      D. Wayne Lukas                  Steve Alaimo             President, will be in the winners’ circle presenting
                                                               the winning trophy and will receive a donation from
                                                                   The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® was
                                                               founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder as an inde-
                                                               pendent, not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization dedi-
                                                               cated to funding innovative clinical and translational
                                                               research. The Foundation supports scientists at top            The Saratoga community has been missing eminent-
                                                               universities and academic medical centers world-            ly popular Carolyn Hine and her incredibly positive
                                                                                                                           interraction for several years.
                                                               wide conducting the most advanced and promising
                                                                                                                              Gene Stevens, pictured with her above, says she has
                                                               breast cancer research that will lead to prevention         finally decided to undergo the double knee surgery she
                                                               and a cure in our lifetime. A minimum of 85 cents of        has been putting off for so long. We wish Carolyn a
   ... in a galaxy far, far          ... in the teen           each dollar donated to the Foundation goes directly         special successful recovery so she can rejoin us as
             away                   heartthrob days            to breast cancer research and awareness programs.           quickly as possible.
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                                                  POST TIME USA 59

By Gene Stevens
   I have never seen the newspaper published near
Ocala named The Villages Daily Sun, nor have I ever
heard of its sports writer, Steve Day.
   However, Bernie Dickman tells me he wrote the
                                                                    BITS & PIECES
sports column for the paper for a couple of years about           Last year, Jackson, sportsman that he is, ran his
two decades ago and was fired because he wouldn’t              Horse of the Year, Curlin, with a second consecutive
write about what was happening in sports in and                Horse of the Year title assured even if he hadn’t, on the
around The Villages.                                           Santa Anita surface and the colt was defeated because
   Day, apparently is responsible for the appearance of        he couldn’t handle the synthetic track. Despite this,
an article on July 1, which was called to my attention.        Curlin was resoundingly named Horse of the Year and
The heading read “Now I See Why (Jess) Jackson’s               3-year-old Male Champion.
Silks Are Predominantly Yellow, They Match His                    While he is entitled to his opinion, I suggest that                   Barbara Banke, Julia, Chris, Katie
Personality.” When I looked up the paper’s telephone           author Day, who I assume is quite young and evidently                            and Jess Jackson
number and called it, it took two days for someone to          grossly misinformed, write about something other than                                                Photo by Marguerite Hill
answer. When I asked for the name of the article’s             horse racing until he learns more about it. Until then he
author, who was not identified, I was told it had to           is this issue’s Meathead of the Month, a booby prize for        from Ricky and myself. As a horse lover who has
come from the sports writer, Day, because he was the           which he is eminently qualified.                                worked with different talents over the years, I know
only one who wrote about horse racing. The following                                                                           this horse is special, my “Derby horse.” After the colt
                                                                                                                               went through the ring, Mr. Jackson came to the barn
are his conclusions:
   “When I heard of Jackson’s position against Santa
                                                                        Meathead of the Month                                  to see him. I pulled him out, and Mr. Jackson told me
Anita’s synthetic surface, (which he refers to as plas-                                                                        the only other big chestnut he had was Curlin. I told
tic), all I heard was cluck, cluck, cluck of a chicken.”                                                                       him the colt had big shoes to fill and Mr. Jackson
The reference was made due to Jackson’s refusal to                                                                             agreed, but I said he could do it.
run his super filly, Rachel Alexandra, against Jerry              Following is an opposing point of view regarding                Mr. Jackson, since I had to sell my “Derby horse,”
Moss’ sensational          Zenyatta in the upcoming            Jess Jackson, which is the standard shared by the major-        I am honored it was to you. You are a prime example
Breeders’ Cup Distaff at Santa Anita, which would no           ity of horsemen in the racing industry. This was printed        of what we need more of in our business – a person
doubt determine the Eclipse Award winner.                      in The Blood-Horse on Oct. 18, 2008.                            who believes in right versus wrong. You are a busi-
   Both owners are true horsemen and Moss has gone so             “Although this is a letter for publication, it is dedicat-   nessman with the love of the animal and the courage
far as to admit he is not enamored with Santa Anita’s          ed to Mr. Jess Jackson.                                         to take chances (like racing Curlin another year) that
synthetic surface, either. Jackson’s position is that he has      I have been involved with horses since the age of 5,         benefit something more than yourself.
to do what is best for his horse and risking Rachel            and currently am assistant trainer for Ricky Leppala.              Best of luck to you and Combatant.”
Alexandra’s health and future on a surface he feels she           At the Barretts May sale of 2-year-olds, Mr. Jackson                                             Stori Householder
may not like is not in the best interests of his filly.        purchased a Fusaichi Pegasus colt, named Combatant,                                                        Ocala, Fla.

                                                               MY BRIEF EPISODE WITH MICHAEL JACKSON
                                                                 It was during the late 70s or early 80s that Michael          dancers were a feature on all of Jackie’s shows. The
                                                               Jackson, at the height of his popularity, visited Miami         problem was the pandemonium it would cause,
                                                               for a few days. The one thing he wanted most was to             including gigantic traffic problems if word of the get-
                                                               meet Jackie Gleason, who had moved his weekly TV                together leaked out. With good planning and security
                                                               show from New York to Florida. Vic Jarmel, a friend of          it all worked out.
                                                               mine who was a theatrical agent and public relations               Michael, in disguise, and Jackie were hustled into a
                                                               phenom, told me about Michael’s request and swore               back room where the restaurant held parties and pri-
                                                               me to secrecy while he got to Gleason.                          vate corporate affairs. They spent two hours having
                                                                 Jackie was delighted at the opportunity and agreed to         dinner and chatting, and Gleason admitted he was just
                                                               the meeting which was set for Marty Sussman’s Place             as excited to meet Michael. The two icons hit it off
                                                               For Steak Restaurant on Biscayne Blvd. and 180th                beautifully and felt better for the experience. Perhaps
                                                               Street in Miami. Sussman also owned the successful              even equally amazing is that not one person in the
                                                               restaurant in N.Y. with the same name.                          packed restaurant recognized either of them – coming
                                                                 I had been with Gleason several times and knew his            or going.
                                                               wife, Marilyn, and her sister, June Taylor, whose

                                                                   WILL FARISH ENDOWS DISABLED JOCKEYS
                                                                          FUND WITH $1 MILLION
                                                                 Congratulations are in order to Will Farish, owner of         and others will change what these jockeys, who put
                                                               Lane’s End Farm in Versailles, Ky., for his $1 million          their lives at risk each time they climb aboard a thor-
                                                               contribution to the Disabled Jockeys Fund. It will be           oughbred, have to contend with.
                                                               distributed to the fund at $250,000 a year over four              Congratulations also to Will’s son, Bill, Chairman
                                                               years, a great gesture.                                         of the Breeders’ Cup. Bill learned that vitally-needed
                                                                 “It is my hope that members of the racing communi-            revenue, which would have come from slots and VLTs
                                                               ty continue supporting the fund, not only to help meet          in Kentucky was sidetracked due to the non-efforts of
                                                               the day-to-day needs of our athletes, but to build an           David Williams, President of the State Senate. The
                                                               endowment that will provide a permanent funding                 measure had already passed the House of
                                                               source for their long-term care,” Farish said.                  Representatives.
        Nobody can capture the essence                           It is refreshing to learn of deeds like the one Farish          “It’s a very frustrating thing to see people in the
            of a great race horse                              provided. It is what the industry needs as opposed to           industry who apparently are happy to see us leave,”
          like Anthony M. Alonso                               just words and promises from well-meaning people                Bill said.
                                                               who never follow up. Hopefully, examples by Farish                Atta boy, Bill, keep telling it like it is and never give up.
60 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                            AUGUST 2009

By Gene Stevens                                                                                                         has often been one of our publication’s contributors,
   At a time when the $4 billion Kentucky thorough-
bred racing and breeding industry is gasping for oxy-
gen, suffering the slings and arrows of intense com-
                                                                BITS & PIECES                                           can help us understand it.

                                                                                                                            OUR STATE SENATE IS CONTROLLED
petition from bordering states which have brought in
slots and VLTs, a Republican Senate led by its presi-      Williams Out Of The Kentucky Senate” signed on to                     BY A POLITICAL HACK
dent, David Williams, has managed to prohibit the          do just that and have inundated radio station Wave 3         By Billy Reed
Bluegrass state from being competitive. In denying         with calls and emails accusing him of being a gambler        Hailing from Mount Sterling, Kentucky
the slots proposal which was approved by the House         and a hypocrite and taking the position he has in order         I’ve always resented the hateful stereotypes about
of Representatives, what Williams has done has jeop-       to promote his political career.                             Southerners in general and Kentuckians in particular.
ardized what it took Kentucky’s horse industry a half        What Williams has done is put Kentucky horsemen            We’re not a bunch of ignorant, shiftless hillbillies who
century to accomplish. Nero couldn’t have been             in a rowboat floating in mid-ocean without an oar dur-       see nothing wrong with marrying our cousins. But you
more effective than Williams, who fiddles while the        ing a horrific storm. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear        know what? We are a backward society and we prove
state he represents is burning.                            and his supporters, who favor the legislation which          it every chance we get.
   As though matters weren’t deplorable enough,            Williams saw to it never was voted on, find themselves          Our state senate is controlled by a two-bit political
Williams is claiming the Kentucky horsemen’s               in the same rowboat as the horsemen. I have recently         hack who represents five of the most economically
attacks on him have put his political career and char-     suggested to begin calling Williams by the initials          depressed counties in the commonwealth. Yet proud-
acter in jeopardy. What character? Williams further        which best describe him – B.A. for Benedict Arnold.          ly, even smugly, he orchestrated the defeat of a pro-
contends the attacks on him have been a scam.                Churchill Downs recently attracted 89,000 cus-             posal that would have helped Kentucky’s world-
Commenting on the attacks against him, Williams            tomers during a three-night experiment, an increase of       famous horse industry and provided a new revenue
has said, “The entire matter has just been a scam,”        more than 400 percent compared to the attendance on          stream to put a dent in our huge budget deficit.
and he’s right. The only problem is that the $4 billion    the identical days last year. It should have afforded           The proposal was to allow Kentucky’s race tracks to
Kentucky horse industry is the party being scammed         Churchill Downs good cause for celebration. Most of          expand their gambling monies by adding slot
by Williams, the true scammer.                             that was diminished, flying out the window after what        machines. Period. Nothing more nefarious than that.
   Even Bob Evans, CEO of Churchill Downs, usual-          Williams was guilty of pulling.                              But thanks to Senate President David Williams and his
ly a non-combative person, was quoted as saying,             Someone needs to explain how any person elected to         Republican stooges in the senate, the bid didn’t even
“Williams and his followers have put Kentucky rac-         office in Kentucky can expect to successfully promote        make it to the floor. It was DOA, as they say on crime
ing on the do not resuscitate list.” More than a thou-     their political career by biting the hands that feed them.   shows.
sand horsemen formed a group called “Get David             Perhaps Eclipse-winning journalist Billy Reed, who

                            LARRY KING’S BOOK A GUARANTEED WINNER
By Gene Stevens                                            arrived in Miami, there will be a chapter dedicated to       atrical partner, Steve Lawrence, are the funniest peo-
   My pal Larry King, whom many feel is the greatest       our incredible experiences in the autobiography I am         ple I have ever met. Both could earn a substantial liv-
talk show host in history, has a new book on the mar-      being pursued to publish. Larry is not only the greatest     ing as stand-up comedians, and I can’t think of any-
ket titled “My Remarkable Journey,” which I am             salesman I’ve ever come across, he and my early the-         one who is a better story-teller than Larry.
endorsing as a must-read. The back cover carries an
endorsement from former President Bill Clinton, who
not only formed a friendship with Larry, but became                                         Memory Lane
part of his incredible life. Clinton is one of countless
notables from all walks of life who have had similar
bonding with Larry.
   King says Clinton is the world’s greatest interview
and gives the reasons why. Larry’s book details how
unlikely the odds were that Jackie Gleason and Frank
Sinatra, at a time when few knew who he was, would
be responsible for calling attention to what they
referred to as Larry’s amazing talent.
   Larry and I, both from Brooklyn, were very close
during the time he was starting his professional life in
Miami. He was one of Post Time USA’s initial con-           Elizabeth and Steve Calder get a kick out of
tributors and helped get this publication off the                  one of Larry King’s anecdotes
ground with his insightful columns. How close were
we? Look at the photo credit of his accompanying pic-
ture taken at a time that seems like a lifetime ago.
   On the few occasions we now see each other it’s as
though our kindred spirit has never waivered. I’m
proud of his accomplishments as well as the peace it
appears he has finally found.
   Don’t miss reading this book. Once you pick it up
you’ll have difficulty putting it down. The surround-
ing photos are of Larry and I acting as co-masters of
ceremony at a dinner honoring Steve Calder, who was
responsible for bringing summer racing to South
Florida.                                                                                                                        Larry King in the Miami days
                                                                   Elizabeth Calder, Steve Calder
   Larry was so much a part of my life when we both                      and Gene Stevens                                                                  Photo by Gene Stevens
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                          POST TIME USA 61

  MARGUERITE HILL                                                                                                                   FIRST OF 3 PAGES
  PHOTOS                    BIRDSTONE STRIKES AGAIN                                                                             CONTINUED ON PAGES
                                                                                                                                           62 AND 63

    When Rachel Alexandra outlasted Mine That Bird in the Preakness Stakes she stretched the streak without a Triple Crown winner to 31 years. It was
  1978 when Affirmed became the last Triple Crown winner. However, the Belmont still had unprecedented Triple Crown implications. Calvin Borel chose
  to ride Rachel Alexandra in the Preakness even though he had ridden Mine That Bird to his stunning Kentucky Derby victory two weeks before. Borel
  had guided Rachel Alexandra to a 20¼-length score in the Kentucky Oaks, and when he chose to forsake Mine That Bird in the Preakness, it did more
  than make his decision a first. It marked the first time a jockey had the possibility of winning the Triple Crown on different horses, because he was back
  aboard Mine That Bird for the Belmont. But it was not to be.
    Instead, the 52,861 who attended the Belmont saw Summer Bird come from out of the clouds to win the “Test of a Champion.” Summer Bird’s 2¼-
  length victory was sweet music for
  Kent Desormeaux, who was criticized
  over his ride in the 2008 Belmont after
  the inexplicable non-performance
  aboard heavy favorite Big Brown.
  Physicians Kalarikkal and Vilasini
  Devi Jayara-man are the owners and
  breeders of Summer Bird, who is
  trained by relative newcomer Tim Ice.
  Summer Bird skipped the Preakness
  after finishing 6th, 13 lengths behind                                                                                     Malcolm Smith, Gov. David
  Mine That Bird, in the Derby.            Ed and Maureen Lewi, Marylou             Ginny Moens, Charlotte Weber,             Paterson, Mayor Michael
                                           Whitney and John Hendrickson              Masa Hashiguchi, Tom Treacy              Bloomberg, Gene Stevens

   Livia Moller, Chris and Patricia Meech,
       Elizabeth Valando, Clara Verfy,                                                                                         Cissy and John Hamilton,
          Madeline Meech (in front)                 Hal Handel, Charles Hayward                   Steve Duncker                 Vianne and Carl Lizza

    Enzina Mastapolita, Gene Stevens,            Mike Sellitto, Aimee Brisson,               Richard Schiavo,                 Sally Hill, Dave Stevenson,
           Barbara Livingston                           Lee Einsidler                     Mike and John Iavarone                    Dr. James Hill

                                                   Garrett O’Rourke,
      Robert and Laurie La Penta                    Garrett Gomez                      Terence Collier, Sally Hill              Anna and Jeff Puglisi

                                                                                                                 Kathleen Ree, Connie de Pasquale, Carole
        Peb Bellocq, Gene Stevens             Justin and Suzee Bailey            Bronson and Stella Thayer        Mittler, Patrice Wolfson, Austin Mittler
62 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                      AUGUST 2009

  MARGUERITE HILL                                                                                                          SECOND OF 3 PAGES
  PHOTOS                  BIRDSTONE STRIKES AGAIN                                                                     CONTINUED FROM PAGE 61
                                                                                                                        CONTINUED ON PAGE 63


                                                                                                                   Amy Pospisil, Brady Lukas,
     Claire Conell, Sharon Pittman,                                                                               Kate Veitch, D. Wayne Lukas,
      Liz Wittig, Nichola Knudsen           Charlotte Weber, Gene Stevens      Lee Einsidler, Gene Stevens             John Hendrickson

     Anthony Martin, Kalie Alberti,           Richard Schiavo, Andrew Cohen,          Mike Iavarone,             Susie Crowell, Gene Stevens,
     Gene Stevens, Robby Albarado                      Rick Dutrow                    Molly Dutrow               Jenny Lake, Tania Giauque

      Aimee Brisson,                  Joe and Katherine                                                                   Suzie and Dr. Lynwood
       Lee Einsidler                      De Francis                Steve Haskin                  John Sikura                     O’Cain

      Mike Iavarone,                                                                                                          Larry Saumell,
      Gene Stevens               Jeff and Michael Hess          Jennifer and Scott Lake     John Adger, Angie Ellis            Gene Stevens

      Gov. David Paterson,
         Gene Stevens                      Don Zimmer             Elizabeth Valando             Steve Crist           Bill and Corinne Heiligbrodt
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                   POST TIME USA 63

  MARGUERITE HILL                                                                                                             THIRD OF 3 PAGES
  PHOTOS                    BIRDSTONE STRIKES AGAIN                                                                           CONTINUED FROM
                                                                                                                                  PAGES 61 & 62


  Terence Collier, Sally Hill, Gene Stevens     Dave Stevenson, Dr. James Hill             Mike Letis           Gov. David Paterson, Gene Stevens

        Ed and Maureen Lewi                   Rick Hammerle, Joanne Daw          Cot and Anne Campbell             Eileen and Joe Cornacchia

                                                                 Shawn and
                                                                 Emma Collins

         Richard Schiavo,                                                                                        Bob Shwajlyk, John O’Connell,
          Michelle Nevin                                               Mike Iavarone                                   Sgt. Rudy Baffa

          The Steel Curtain:                                               Heliodoro Gustines,           Claire Conell, Sharon Pittman, Saul Kagan,
      Janine Cope, German Toro                Samuel Torres                 John Paul Pucek                      Mark Frimmel, Liz Wittig

   Susan and Josh Finley, Susan and Keith
       Rose, Debbie and Terry Finley,                                                                               Anthony Martin, Kalie Alberti,
   Tom Bellhouse, Ryan Finley, Britt Hall            Kathleen and Barry Irwin       Al Hunt, William Bayham                 Ken McPeek
66 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                          AUGUST 2009

                                                                 BILL DENVER / EQUI/PHOTOS
                                                           It was as though time stood still as Skip Away’s
                                                        owner, Carolyn Hine, made her usual appearance at
                                                        tracks which run stakes in memory of her iron
                                                        thoroughbred’s superior exploits. Her late husband,
                                                        Hubert “Sonny” Hine, trained the grey locomotive
                                                        Horse of the Year (both earned Hall of Fame honors).
                                                           Dozens of friends, fans and Monmouth’s racing
                                                        community greeted Carolyn throughout the day and
                                                        it was as though she had never left the seashore track
                                                        where she and Sonny spent a large part of their lives.
     Carolyn Hine, Gene Stevens, Laura Brunetti         Despite Carolyn always traveling to New
  and Dr. Angelo Chinnici present the trophy for the
  Skip Away Stakes to the connections of the winner,    Jersey from her home in Florida for the annual
  Chirac, including trainer Jane Cibelli (third from    trophy presentation, this year seemed more nostalgic     Pia M. Kirkham’s Chirac, trained by
            left) and jockey Elvis Trujillo             than most.                                                 Jane Cibelli, under Elvis Trujillo,
                                                                                                                     winning the Skip Away Stakes

    Terry Meyocks, CEO of the Jockeys Guild,
   Bob Kulina, V.P. of Thoroughbred Racing for          Blood-Horse columnist Steve Haskin,
  the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority,        Michael Iavarone, CEO of IEAH Stable,            Dr. Angelo Chinnici, Monmouth Park Medical
  and Gene Stevens, publisher of Post Time USA,          and publisher Gene Stevens in the                  Director, Carolyn Hine, Gene Stevens,
         in the Monmouth Park paddock                     Monmouth Park winners’ circle                            Joan and Steve Haskin

     There’s a new window                                                           Horse Transportation At It’s Finest
    to the sporting world of                                                     Lorraine Horse Trans. Inc.
  America’s most affluent PEOPLE                                                                 9226 N.W. Hwy. 27, Ocala, FL

                                                                                         Horsemen Serving Horsemen
                                                                                        For Over a Quarter of a Century
                                                                                        Local & Long Distance
                                                                                           Regular Trips Between Ocala & Miami
                                                                                            Every Monday - Wednesday - Friday

                                                                                                 Offices at Ocala
      POST TIME USA                                                                    1-800-423-5935 • Local 352-622-2214
                                                                                           Rockland, MA 1-800-533-577
      IS ON THE WEB                                                                              Also Arrangements For Flying
                                                                                                 Airport & Show Horse Service                                                      Layover Barn Accommodations
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                                          POST TIME USA 69

   POST TIME                                                                        New York State
                                                                                    Racing and
      USA                                                                           Breeding Section
Volume 36 Number 2                                                                                                                                                 August 2009

   I opened a thesaurus recently looking for synonyms                                                                    son, President and CEO Charles Hayward said
for the word dysfunctional. Listed were the following:
"broken, debilitated, decayed, defective, deteriorated,
                                                                                 Klingin’                                NYRA's year-to-year business is down about 10 per-
                                                                                                                         cent over the first six months of 2009. He projected a
maladjusted, sick, unfit, wounded, flawed."
   Those words, and many more which are unprintable                              To The Edge                             5-7 percent drop at Saratoga. The anticipated Spa
                                                                                                                         decline is even worse when considered in the context
in polite society, describe the legislative system in                                                                    that the 2008 numbers were down 10 percent from
New York. As this is being written, governance in the                                         by Nick Kling              2007.
'Empire State' is at a standstill.                                                                                          Hayward went on to say purse levels at Saratoga will
    There are 62 State Senators in New York. At the          than Aug. 1. That date is in peril until the Senate (tem-   contract to 2006 levels, the result of the national reces-
moment, there is a de facto split among them — 31 in         porarily) ends its dysfunctionality. A Senate Majority      sion and the smaller NYRA revenue stream. COO Hal
the Democratic caucus and 31 in the Republican. The          Leader has to sign off on the project, along with the       Handel added that the association could take only
standoff was created when two of the former switched         Governor and Assembly Speaker. No leadership, no            "cold comfort" from the reality that the casino gaming
sides, then one went back to his original affiliation.       VLT decision.                                               industry was in worse shape than thoroughbred racing.
   Both parties claim the position of Senate Majority           There is no conceivable way to explain New York's           The silver lining for Saratoga fans is that the quality
Leader. Neither has been able to establish the authori-      history of inaction on the Aqueduct Racino. Let's recap.    of racing is not expected to change.
ty to hold the gavel of control. Although Governor              VLTs were authorized for nine state racetracks eight        The 36 days of racing will feature 48 stakes races
David Paterson has issued a daily order for the body to      years ago. Eight of the nine have had operational           with $10.8 million of purse money. The stakes are
convene, the respective caucuses gavel in and gavel          Racinos for several years. Only the Aqueduct project        divided into 15 Gr. 1 events, 14 Gr. IIs, 5 Gr. IIIs, and
out in mere moments, with no work being done.                has been stalled and stonewalled. The revenue that          14 listed stakes. There will be a Gr. I race held every
   One might think by the time you read this the situa-      would have been produced by the yet unbuilt facility        Saturday of the meet.
tion would have resolved itself. One might think that,       would dwarf the others combined.                               The quality of those events, and the approximately
but the stalemate has dragged on for several weeks              New York taxpayers are losing $400 million every         305-310 other races carded over the course of the six
with no sign either party is willing to give an inch.        year — more than $1 million per day. VLTs would pro-        weeks, should be outstanding. According to vice pres-
Maybe they'll find a coin to flip.                           vide $30-40 million per year for purses at Aqueduct,        ident and director of racing P.J. Campo, NYRA had
   Remember. This is New York, where politics trump          Belmont and Saratoga, elevating payouts from $115           3,400 stall applications from 170 trainers. With a
logic every day of the week and twice on Sundays.            million to the neighborhood of $150 million.                capacity of around 1,800 stalls, that allows Campo to
   The impasse has been worsened by a previous scan-            The power of the machines was illustrated recently       assign space to the most worthy, and those most likely
dal. There has been no Lieutenant Governor for 16            by a comparison between New York and Pennsylvania.          to put their animals on the racetrack.
months. That is the result of former Governor Eliot          Two years ago, Pennsylvania horsemen received $3               There is a reasonable chance Spa patrons will get to see
Spitzer's resignation following 'Hookergate,' his dal-       million in purse augmentation from their state. That        super filly Rachel Alexandra on a Saturday afternoon.
liance with a high-priced call girl. Paterson moved up,      total has climbed to $22 million, the direct result of      Among the events being considered for the 3-year-old
leaving his former office unfilled. The Lt. Governor is      VLT revenue in the Commonwealth.                            winner of the Preakness and Kentucky Oaks are the
authorized by the New York constitution to preside              Two years ago, New York horsemen benefited to the        Travers Stakes versus males, or the Alabama, Personal
over the Senate and break ties. If no such person            tune of $13 million from similar augmentation. Today,       Ensign and Go For Wand, versus her own gender.
exists, no deciding vote can be cast.                        the total remains at the same $13 million level.               Less likely is a match-up between Rachel and
   The New York legislative process mimics the                  The result? New York breeders are shipping horses        Eclipse Award winner Zenyatta. After opening the door
Federal system. A bicameral legislature passes bills,        across the border. Along with them go jobs and associ-      to such a prospect, Zenyatta's owner, Jerry Moss,
which then become law if signed by the Governor.             ated agribusiness revenue -- losses that cash-strapped      closed it by saying a trip east for the mare was unlike-
Paterson and the State Assembly have been going              New York State can ill afford.                              ly. Moss went on to add, "(The Breeders' Cup) is where
about business as usual. The Senate's inaction means            The New York Racing Association (NYRA) would             championships are supposed to be resolved."
nothing moves to completion.                                 get a significant portion as well. That revenue stream         Rachel Alexandra's majority owner, Jess Jackson,
   Although it may be pleasant to fantasize about a          was included in NYRA's reorganization plan when it          had previously ruled out pointing his filly for the
world where politicians don't exist and can't cause          came out of bankruptcy.                                     Breeders' Cup, which will be run on Santa Anita's Pro-
trouble, that is not the reality.The longer the stalemate       The association traded deeds to its racetrack proper-    Ride surface. That declaration had raised hopes for a
continues, the greater the cost to New York taxpayers,       ties for an upfront payment to keep it afloat until VLT     confrontation at the Spa.
institutions and businesses.                                 money kicked in. Not one nail in the Aqueduct Racino           A race between the two would make Saratoga 2009
   Among the losers is New York racing.                      has been driven, virtually guaranteeing NYRA will run       something special. Even without it, the summer should
   Still in waiting is the designation of an operator for    short of cash sometime in 2010.                             still be mighty good.
the Aqueduct VLT (video lottery terminal) Racino.               That creates two potential scenarios. In the first,
But, you ask, didn't it say in this space last winter that   NYRA goes back to the state for operating revenue and
an operator had been chosen? Yes, it did. However,           gets it. In the second, it goes back to the state and is
that was before the full effects of the national reces-      denied. The latter would threaten the continuation of
sion became known.                                           NYRA racing. As implausible as that seems, the Senate
   Paterson selected Delaware North as the VLT fran-         stalemate is one more example of how New Yorkers             Gov. David
chisee last year. The firm was unable to complete            never say never to government malfeasance.                     Paterson
financing for the project and could not make a prom-            Even if NYRA gets the funds, it is money wrested                  and
ised up-front cash payment to the state, forcing it to       away from taxpayers -- cash which should have come
withdraw.                                                                                                                Gene Stevens
                                                             from VLT players.                                                  at the
   The bidding was reopened and at least six compa-             Given economic circumstances, things would be far
nies offered proposals. Paterson announced several                                                                           Belmont
                                                             from rosy at NYRA even with VLT revenue. At a June
weeks ago the new operator would be chosen no later                                                                            Stakes
                                                             29 press conference detailing the coming Saratoga sea-
                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Marguerite Hill
74 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                       AUGUST 2009

                         BUCKS AUCTION TREND                                                                                   MARGUERITE HILL

        James Schettine, Kate Lillecrapp,
          William and Alex Schettine                    Jill and Bob Baffert               John Sikura              Charlotte Weber, Ginny Moens

     How does a top auction company reverse an
  industry trend decline after its previous August
  Select Yearling Sale’s huge $289,310 average? If the
  company is Fasig-Tipton, it averages $295,738 at its
  following August sale, which is exactly what hap-
  pened to the delight of its owners, customers and
     Michael Vincent Magnier, son of Coolmore man-
  aging partner John Magnier, signed the $2 million
  ticket for the sale topper, a son of Storm Cat con-
  signed by Ben Walden - Graceland. The top-priced
  filly, also by Storm Cat, who has been pensioned, Paul Pompa Jr., Michael Pompa,           Michael O’Farrell,       Walter Blum Jr., Walter Blum,
  was consigned by John Sikura’s Hill ‘n’ Dale Sales       Laura Reynolds                    James LaMonica                 Louie Lazzinnaro
  Agency. She was purchased by Barry Irwin’s Team
  Valor for $1.5 million.

                                      Louie and
                                      Gene Stevens

                                                                                                                  John Kimmel, Dr. Jenifer Garber,
                                                        Alex Schettine, Will Massey       Marlene Brody                   Caesar Kimmel

        Lori Vetter, Gene Stevens,                                             Deputy Mayor Shauna M. Sutton,         Patrice Smith, Gene Stevens,
              April Steward                  Kate Lillecrapp, Gene Stevens      Gene Stevens, Therese Connolly           Stephanie Lazzinnaro

           Abigail Adsit,                   Michael Hess, Kim Alessi,
       Lance and Ashleigh Bell                      Jeff Hess                   Kelly Jette, Jerry Carroll        James, William and Alex Schettine
76 POST TIME USA                                                                                                            AUGUST 2009

  20                                                                                                      MARGUERITE HILL PHOTOS

                                A medaled
                                escort and
                                John Hendrickson                                                Susan Lucci,
                                lead Marylou                                                       Marylou
                                to the entrance of                                                 Whitney,
                                Saratoga’s                                                             John
                                Canfield Casino           Cindi Bollettieri, Anders Ebbeson,    Hendrickson
                                                       Sue Bassett Klauber, Gwen Hendrickson

    Out of respect to the
 effect of the nation’s eco-
 nomic downturn, Marylou                             Anders                                    Lucci,
 and her husband, John                               Ebbeson,                                  Gene      Elizabeth
 Hendrickson, have put                               Katherine                                 Stevens   Valando,
                                                     Harris,                                                 Gene
 their annual themed gala,
                                                     Gene Stevens                                          Stevens
 in     conjunction     with
 NYRA’s Whitney Stakes,
 on hold this year.
    However, last year’s
 gala came off without a                             Helmut                                John
                                                     Huber,                                Hendrickson
 hitch with the usual cast of                        Susan                                 and his
 Marylou and John’s fami-                            Lucci                                 mother,
 ly, friends and associates                                                                Gwen
 in attendance.                                                                                            Gene Stevens, Marylou Whitney,
                                                                                                                 John Hendrickson
78 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                   AUGUST 2009

                                                                                                                          MARGUERITE HILL

  Charles and Betsy Senior Hayward,                                       D. Wayne Lukas, Katie Veitch,
            Carl Nafzger                       Ed Lewi, Jim Tafel                Michael Dubb             Ed Lewi, Betsy and Charles Hayward

   Joseph Saucier, Timothy Rodriguez,               Charles Hayward,                                               Carl Nafzger, Ed Lewi,
         Michele and Ron Riggi                       Steve Duncker          Maureen Lewi, Gene Stevens      Betsy Senior Hayward and Jim Tafel

    Each year, a few days prior to the Travers
  Stakes, NYRA pays tribute to the previous Mid-
  Summer Derby-winning connections. Last year’s
  honorees were Street Sense winning owner Jim
  Tafel, trainer Carl Nafzger and jockey Calvin
    This year’s honorees are Colonel John’s own-
  ers, Winstar Farm’s Bill Casner and Kenny             Ray Rivers with Anne and Joe
  Troutt, trainer Eoin Harty and rider Garrett       McMahon, whom he introduced decades                                   Timothy Rodriguez,
  Gomez. The auction, celebration and dinner ben-      ago after which they got married            Tom Durkin             Patty Rich, Lou Riggi
  efit worthy charities.
    Festivities will be
  held at Saratoga Race
  Course on Aug. 27
  and begin at 6:30 p.m.
  Call Ed Lewi and
  Associates at 518-383-
  6183 for ticket avail-
  ability information.

                          Frankie and Mary Ann Flores,                                                                 Ann Marie Flores,
                                  Gene Stevens                 Mary and John Ryan          Donna and Ken Cook      Gene Stevens, Roddy Valente

                                                                                                                    John and Susan Moore,
   Dr. Lynwood O’Cain, Phylise Banner,                                          Vinny Feola, Liz Wise,          Suzie and Dr. Lynwood O’Cain,
  Gene Stevens, Suzie O’Cain, Todd Engel      Mustapha and Ann Fostock              Gene Stevens                   Linda and Sam Palazzole
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                      POST TIME USA 79

     0   8
                                                                                                                        MARGUERITE HILL PHOTOS

       Visionaire wins Kings Bishop.
   NetJets presents trophy to Team Valor            Marylou Whitney                  Gov. David Paterson,
          and jockey Alan Garcia                  and John Hendrickson           Sen. Joe Bruno, Gene Stevens      Colonel John eked out the victory

    Two of the four stakes races carded for last year’s
  Travers Day, NYRA’s signature race day at
  Saratoga, were Gr. 1’s. Winstar Farm’s Colonel
  John, trained by Eoin Harty under Garrett Gomez,
  won the Travers over Mrs. William S. Kilroy and
  William S. Farish’s Mambo In Seattle, trained by
  Neil Howard with Robby Albarado. The photo was
  so close each jockey thought the other had won it. It
  was the second consecutive year the Farish/Howard
  team captured second place in the Travers. It was
  also a day that N.Y. Gov. David Paterson attended
                                                             Michael Iavarone,                                                  Robert LaPenta,
  the Spa with his entourage.
                                                              Gene Stevens                Lee Einsidler, Amee Brisson            Gene Stevens

  Gayle Brophy, Mustapha and Ann Fostock,           Ginny Moens, Karla Wolfson,              Michele Riggi,               Joe Bruno, Sylvia Hamer,
                Gene Stevens                             Charlotte Weber                    Margie Rotchford                Gov. David Paterson

      Steve and Belinda           Dr. Lynwood and Suzie           Kent Desormeaux,                Sylvia Hamer,         Maryann Aarseth, Vinny Feola,
          Duncker                        O’Cain                     Sohby Sonbol                  Gene Stevens               Liz Wise (NetJets)

    Jimmy Christmas, German Toro,                Garrett O’Rourke,           Lance Bell, Garrett O’Rourke,            Jeff and Annabelle Puglisi,
      Janine Cope, Dolph Rotfeld                   Gene Stevens                   David Richardson                 Anna Lepore Conte, Gene Stevens
80 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                          AUGUST 2009

    0                        NATIONAL MUSEUM OF RACING’S
                               HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONS                                                                           MARGUERITE HILL

                                                   The class of 2008 was formally entered into Racing’s Hall
                                                of Fame at Fasig-Tipton’s sales pavillion in Saratoga. They
                                                included trainer Carl Nafzger, jockey Edgar Prado, cham-
                                                pion filly Inside Information, grass specialist Manila, jock-
                                                ey Milo Valenzuela and California-bred Ancient Title. The
                                                last two were selected by the Museum’s historic committee.
                                                   This year’s class of six will be honored at Fasig-Tipton’s
                                                pavillion Friday, Aug. 14. They are trainer Bob Baffert,
                                                jockey Eddie Maple, Tiznow and Silverbulletday in the
                                                contemporary category. Steeplechase trainer Janet Elliot
                                                 and steeplechaser Ben Nevis II were selected by the historic
        trophy to Client Nine connections        committee.                                                                  Skipadate
                                                   The 2008 Hall of Fame Stakes, following the induction
  festivities, was won by Peter Willmott’s Wesley, trained by Mark Hennig with Javier Castellano aboard. In the race prior to the stake there was a dead
  heat between Heilgbrodt Racing Stable’s Skipadate, a standout Gr. III-placed son of Skip Away, and Marylou Whitney’s Ninth Client, whom she and
  John Hendrickson humorously named after N.Y. Governor Eliot Spitzer’s shenanigans. Both dead-heaters are pictured here in the winners’ circle.

    Robert Klesaris, Edgar Prado           Shug McGaughey, Ogden Phipps        Leroy Jolley, Bradley Shannon       Jim Tafel, Carl and Wanda Nafzger

    Margarita and Jorge Velasquez,
            Gene Stevens                         Dean Richardson                  D. Wayne Lukas             Roy and Gretchen Jackson, Gene Stevens

                              Kate and
                              Mary Ann

                                                   Kate Lillecrapp,
                                                    Gene Stevens                  Kent Desormeaux               John, Patricia and Diana Valenzuela

                                                                                            Randy Romero,
    Cathy Lindberg, Gene Stevens                   Valenzuela family                        Wendy Hopkins                   Pat Day, Gene Stevens
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                        POST TIME USA 81

                     RACING HALL OF FAME MUSEUM BALL
                                                               MARGUERITE HILL PHOTOS

                                                    The black tie and
                                                  evening gown crowd
                                                  turned out in force for last
                                                  year’s Hall of Fame
                                                  Museum Ball. Admission
                                                  to the affair (by invitation
                                                  only) was $1,500 to $2,000
                                                  per couple. That has been
                                                  reduced to $500 per ticket
                                                  for this year’s affair, which
                                                  will be conducted the
                                                  evening of the inductions,
                                                  Aug. 14.
   Arthur Hancock III, Staci, Lynn, Hutchi,                                                                             Chris and Patricia Meech,
       Walker and Arthur Hancock IV                                                Ron and Michele Riggi             Elizabeth Valando, Gene Stevens

        Dr. Jim and Sally Hill,               Paul Tonko, Liz Bishop          Noelle and Seth Melhado             Rodion and Melissa Cantacuzene,
     Barbara and Dave Stevenson                                                                                      Stella and Bronson Thayer

                                                                            June Kimmel,                Eileen and Joe
     Paul and Joanne Oreffice         Caesar and June Kimmel                Gene Stevens                 Cornacchia            Anne and Cot Campbell

         Hilmer and                                                                                                                 Robert Clay,
   the late Faye Schmidt        Bill and Mary Hirsch            Augie and Jeannette Jordan    Mustapha and Ann Fostock             Hilmer Schmidt

    Richard Corbett, Stella Thayer,                                                    Melinda Smith,
         Dennis Dammerman                     Beverly Lewis, Gene Stevens              Doug Henderson                Bob and Wanda Quigley, Rye Paige
82 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                        AUGUST 2009

    0  8

                                                    James Parker, Lenny Carparelli,
   Tom Dillon and his son, Brady, cooking            John Farrell, Michelle Alicino         Tom Dillon, Gene Stevens,        Elisabeth and Terence
      something up with Gene Stevens                      and Gene Stevens                       Brady Dillon                       Collier

    Only a gate separates Saratoga Race Course
  from Siro’s, home of a memorable dining
  experience no matter where you've eaten
  around the world. As the photos suggest,
  everyone from owners, chefs, maitre d's, et al
  at Siro’s partake in the nightly celebrations.
    Siro's is among the most unique dining
  establishments in the country. How magnifi-
  cent is its bottom line? Up until this year, it
  was the only restaurant in America open for
  less than two months, beginning the final
  week in July, prior to NYRA's Saratoga                   Marcia Millington                                                   Michael Stone,
  meeting, through its closing a week after                and Gene Stevens            Alan Garcia and Gene Stevens            Terence Collier
  Labor Day.

                                                    Pastry Chefs Elise Soto
    Wayne Beddoe, Michael Dickinson                    and Talia DeVito           Rajiv Maragh and Carrie Enrigh            Tom and Gene

                                                                                                                        Frankie Spagnolo,
   Miranda and Linda Lia, Lisa Pettograsso               Brady and Tom            Tom Daddona, Mike Letis     Michael and Pina Basone, Anne Sawyer

                                                                                                                Tony and Lisa Pettograsso, Linda Lia,
              Marilyn Seltzer,                        Rich Decker, Art Preston           Rayana Sedlak,           William Lia Sr., William Lia Jr.,
   George and Stephanie Autry, Patti Miller              and Gene Stevens                 Gene Stevens                      Miranda Lia
84 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                         AUGUST 2009

   0 08                      BELMONT CHILD CARE’S 13TH ANNUAL
  MARGUERITE HILL             SILENT AUCTION DINNER & DANCE                                                                    FIRST OF 2 PAGES
  PHOTOS                                                                                                                  CONTINUED ON PAGE 85

          Lori and Ken Gray,                                                                                                Eugene Melnyk,
       Eugene and Laura Melnyk                 Emcee D. Wayne Lukas              Jennifer Lake, Gene Stevens           Michael & Leona Velazquez

                                           A nice turnout of 400 attended the 2008 BCCA
                                         benefit and $375,000 was raised for the children
                                         at Anna House. Among the auction highlights was
                                         Tommy Roberts’ bid of $14,000 for a seven-day
                                         trip to the Tokyo Japan Cup donated by the
                                         Japan Racing Association. Robby Albarado bid
                                         $11,000 for a John Deere 4 x 4 Gator donated by
                                         the New York Horsemen’s Association.
                                            This worthwhile event benefitting the children
     Graham Motion, Gail Beitz,          of backstretch workers began with a $1 million
     Dave and Barbara Stevenson          contribution from Eugene Melnyk. Its continued    Maggie Moss, Scott Lake          Paul and Joanne Oreffice
                                         success has come about via the support of racing
  industry people, many of whom are pictured here.
    This year’s event will be held at the Gideon Putnam Aug 26 at 6:30 p.m. D. Wayne Lukas, as usual, will be the master of ceremonies. For more infor-
  mation, call 516-527-4746.

                                and John

                                                  Julien Leparoux, Michelle Yu       Julien Leparoux, Michelle Yu       Kiaran and Erin McLaughlin

  Eugene Melnyk, Charles Hayward,           Roddy Valente, Jennifer Lake,        Anthony and Kim Dutrow,               Michael Dubb, Maggi Moss,
           Gene Stevens                            John Selinger                      Gene Stevens                           Gene Stevens

                                                                                                                         Eugene Melnyk,
   Suzie and Dr. Lynwood O’Cain             Tommy Roberts, Sally Hill        Michael and John Velazquez              Fonda and Tom Albertrani
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                           POST TIME USA 85

     0 8
  20                  BELMONT CHILD CARE’S 13TH ANNUAL
                       SILENT AUCTION DINNER & DANCE                                                             SECOND OF 2 PAGES
  PHOTOS                                                                                                    CONTINUED FROM PAGE 84

   Randi Melton, Stacy, Robby Albarado,              Eugene Melnyk,                  D. Wayne Lukas,
   Gene Stevens, Dana Zak, Jennifer Lake             Charles Hayward                 Charles Hayward         Javier and Abby Castellano

                                    Todd Pletcher,             Tracy Pletcher,           Eugene Melnyk,
  Eugene and Laura Melnyk           Eugene Melnyk              Eugene Melnyk              Gene Stevens        Jennifer Lake, Kim Dutrow

    Eugene Melnyk, Kim Dutrow,                                                                             Michael Dubb, Gene Stevens,
           Gene Stevens                    Rick Violette, Dave Stevenson    Joe McMahon, Dave Stevenson          Phylise Banner

    Tony Gonzalez, Frank Cavalli,                                                                         Eugene Melnyk, Jennifer Lake,
           Felix Huertas                     Stuart and Donna Chenkin            Donna and John Ward             Gene Stevens

  Joanne Nielsen, Eugene Melnyk,                                             Anthony and Kim Dutrow,         Kim Dutrow, Gene Stevens,
          Karen Kuehler                       Mike DeSano                      Chris and Jack Oddo           Chris Oddo, Jennifer Lake
86 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                    AUGUST 2009


     The Wishing Well was the leg-
   endary media giant Joe Hirsch’s
   favorite place to dine. One of the
   absolute musts when visiting the Spa
   is the Lee family’s Wishing Well
   Restaurant, where the quality and
   service match America’s top dining
   establishments. Brenda Lee and her
   late husband, Bob, began the
   Wishing Well about four decades ago
                                           Paul Chaplin, Dale Brown,
   and it continues to be a gathering                                              Mary Alice,                  Jules Demchick, Barbara Ness,
                                          Harvey and Roberta Chaplin,
   place for the luminaries of racing.                                         Bobby and Brenda Lee                Adele Rose, Allan Weiss
                                                 Gene Stevens

                                                                                        Lou Palmer,
                                                                                       Sam Grossman               Edgar Prado and his daughter,
      John and Ann Vieau                   Jeff Halstead                                                                    Patricia

    Monica and Ray Kerrison, Brenda Lee,           David “Hook” Steele,
               Gene Stevens                            Bobby Lee             Helen and Dave Lenahan            Keith Chamblin, Jim Gluckson


   Jessica Morin, Dawn Briggs,
         Gene Stevens and                        Courtney Balzer, Jessica Morin,                                  Jessica Morin, Dawn Briggs,
          Mary Alice Lee                         Gene Stevens and Dawn Briggs      Dawn Briggs, Gene Stevens      Mary Alice Lee, Gene Stevens

   Mary Alice, Bobby and Brenda Lee            Brenda Lee, Gene Stevens             Rocky Richter, Brenda Lee          Brenda Lee, Gene Stevens
88 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                     AUGUST 2009

    0  8
  MARGUERITE HILL                                                                                                            FIRST OF 2 PAGES
  PHOTOS                                                                                                                CONTINUED ON PAGE 89

                                                                              Richard Schiavo and
                                                                            Michael Iavarone receive       Steve Crist presents Secretariat Award
     Katie Jackson, Scott Blasi,            Richard Schiavo,               Alfred G. Vanderbilt award           for Curlin to Katie Jackson,
          Barbara Banke               Michael Iavarone, John Roberts           from Irwin Cohen                Barbara Banke and Scott Blasi

                                                                     2008 WINNERS
                                         IEAH STABLES: Alfred G. Vanderbilt Award
                                            (Person who did the most for racing)
                                         CURLIN: Secretariat Award
                                         RAGS TO RICHES: C.V. Whitney Achievement Award
                                         WILLIAM MOTT: Fourstardave Award
                                          (Excellence at the Saratoga Meeting)
                                         LARRY JONES: Red Smith “Good Guy” Award
                                         ALBERT FRIED JR.: Big Apple Award (N.Y.-bred achievement)
                                         KIARAN MCLAUGHLIN: Woody Stevens Award
                                           (Outstanding New York trainer)
                                         CORNELIO VELASQUEZ: Eddie Arcaro Award
                                           (Oustanding New York Jockey)                                           Richard and Dee Schiavo,
       Kathy and Joanne Jones,           ADENA SPRINGS FARMS: Ogden Phipps Award (Outstanding breeder)            Riley, Tina and Bill Mott,
     Barbara Banke, Katie Jackson        ZAYAT STABLES: Paul Mellon Award (Outstanding owner)                   Christine and Michael Iavarone

                                          Michael Iavarone,
    Dee and Richard Schiavo                Ed Fountaine                  Michael and Christine Iavarone             Anne Collins, John Roberts

        David Grening presents                                                Sobhy Sonbol accepts the Paul      Jose Cuevas accepts Ogden Phipps
        Todd Pletcher with the        Kiaran McLaughlin receives Woody       Mellon Award on behalf of Zayat       Award for Adena Springs from
   C.V. Whitney Achievement Award      Stephens Award from Rick Lang            Stables from Irwin Cohen                   Gene Stevens

    John Roberts, Michael Iavarone,                                      Bill Mott accepts Fourstardave         John and Brad Hennegan receive
     Gene Stevens, Richard Schiavo          Donna and Ken Cook             Award from Jenny Kellner            Presidents’ Award from John Pricci
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                 POST TIME USA 89

  MARGUERITE HILL                                                                                                      SECOND OF 2 PAGES
  PHOTOS                                                                                                          CONTINUED FROM PAGE 88

                                                                           Kiaran McLaughlin waiting to
                                        Ed Fountaine accepts Red Smith     receive Woody Stephens Award          Rick and Dawn Schosberg,
        Riley, Tina and Bill Mott       Good Guy Award for Larry Jones        for Outstanding Trainer         Sigrid and Al Fried, Stan O’Dell

       Dr. Lynwood and Suzie O’Cain,
               Gene Stevens                     Allen Jerkens, Dave Erb            Steve and Robin Crist          John and Tonya Terranova

                                                                          Gene calls time out when an award
       Todd and Tracy Pletcher         Mandy Minger, Gene Stevens            recipient couldn’t be found        Barbara Banke, Katie Jackson

                                                                                                                 Al Fried receives Big Apple
                                                                                     Suzie and Dr. Lynwood      N.Y.-Bred Achievement Award
      Dave and Robin Litfin      Rick and Dawn Schosberg     Charles Hayward                 O’Cain                    from Bill Heller

                                                     Rick Lang,                                                 Kathie Pokoik, Stan O’Dell,
      Marci, Irwin and Willner Cohen           Alice and Ron Ceisler         Luis Martinez, Tom Amello            Donna and Ken Cook
90 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                          AUGUST 2009

     0 8
  20                                 A TASTE OF SARATOGA                                                                         MARGUERITE HILL

     Farish family receives trophy for                                             Richard Schiavo,                    Ralph Theroux, Dan Silver,
             Mambo in Seattle                 Bob Baffert, John Sikura             Michael Iavarone                      Hal Handel, Ken Cook

   Harvey and Roberta Chaplin,           Clay Davis, Viane Lizza,                                            Cindi and Nick Bollettieri, Helmut Huber,
          Gene Stevens                         Lucy Davis                 Teddy and Steve Duncker           Marylou Whitney, Susan Lucci, Gene Stevens

                                                                                   Kassem Masri, James Boyd,             Dale Brown, Paul, Roberta
    Jason Blewitt, Jerry Bossert         Joe and Anne McMahon and family                 Nick Sallusto                      and Harvey Chaplin

   Ashley, Justin, Ahmed and Benjamin                                                  Randee Longo,
                   Zayat                     Al and Sigrid Fried, Stan O’Dell        Judge Larry LaBelle              Adam, Ros and Bob Coglianese

    Carl Lizza, Patricia Prado,              Braulio Baeza Jr.,                 Joan Harris, Joe and Anne          Fred Nicholson, Carl Lizza III, John
           Viane Lizza                   Carmine Donofrio, Ken Cook              McMahon, Anne Hayes                Lizza, Carl Lizza Jr., Frank Lizza

  Ellis Rubenstein, Marty Teriaco,                                                                                Billy Haugland, Brittany Beardslee,
            Jeff Puglisi                  Howard and Susan Kaskel          Mallory Mort, Marlene Brody           Andrea Latham, John and Viane Lizza
92 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                       AUGUST 2009

    0  8
 20                           SERGIO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT,
                            SARATOGA’S TRIPLE CROWN DINING

   Michael Iavarone, Louie Lazzinnaro,
             Richard Schiavo                  Stephanie and Louie Lazzinnaro      Michael and Christine Iavarone        Dee and Richard Schiavo

    The Lazzinnaro family is in the busi-
  ness of making people happy. The food
  at Sergios is so good, customers make
  reservations a year in advance to avoid
  getting turned away on crowded nights.
  Widely considered the premier Italian
  restaurant in Saratoga, the beautiful
  people, track crowd and families gravi-
  tate to Sergios in droves for authentic
  cuisine that only mama could make. In
  some cases, papa.                              Kayla and Emily Iavarone and             Stephanie and Gail                 Doug Allocco,
                                             Zack Schiavo cheer about a great dinner          Lazzinnaro             Sergio and Mario Lazzinnaro

     Alan Garcia, Bobby Frankel,                                                                                   Carolyn Conley, Edgar Prado,
          Louie Lazzinnaro              Gail, Frankie and Sergio Lazzinnaro Walter Blum and Walter Blum Jr.         Ken Ramsey, Nolan Grant

                                                 Michael Iavarone,                                                 Lee Einsidler, Aimee Brisson,
    Louie Lazzinnaro, Gene Stevens               William Schettine          William Schettine, Gene Stevens                Mike Sellito

                                                                                                               Adam Dion, Gabrielle Acierno,
   Sergio Lazzinnaro, Pierre Khoueiri       Walter Blum Jr., Louie Lazzinnaro   Anne Collins, John Roberts            Claudio Soto
94 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                       AUGUST 2009

                               Gene Stevens
                                                            Within moments of
                                                         MICHAEL JACKSON’s
                                                         death, text messages con-
                                    in                   cerning his surprising pass-
                              Show Business              ing were calculated at
                                                         65,000 per second. Initial
                                                                                            Larry King
                                                         cause of death was listed as
                                                         cardiac arrest, but it is
widely believed to have resulted from drug overdose mixed with pain killers.
Jackson had been spending $48,000 a month to kill his pain and it worked. Michael
no longer is in pain. He died only weeks prior to his scheduled 50-city, 50-night
tour for which he was to receive $1 million per city. He is said to have been $400
                                                                                           Gene Stevens
million in debt with an estimated worth of $500 million.
   Jackson’s memorial service conducted by his family at Los Angeles’ Staples
Center had about 20,000 attendees, and was viewed by hundreds of million people
                                                                                              agree                              Superstar Larry King and Post Time USA
                                                                                                                                    go way back. Larry was a featured
                                                                                                                                 correspondent during the paper’s infancy.
worldwide.About 750 million were tuned in to the marriage of Princess Di and
Prince Charles. Every major network carried the Jackson memorial in its entirety.                  The Best Bang For Your Advertising Dollar
   Many of the biggest stars on Earth were on hand to bid Michael goodbye.
STEVIE WONDER said, “This is a moment I didn’t want to see come.”                                            Is In Post Time USA
Motown’s BERRY GORDY said, “Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer
that ever lived.” REV. AL SHARPTON skirted the pedophilia accusations when               • Six-Week Shelf Life
he said, “I want his children to know nothing was strange about your daddy. It was
strange what he had to deal with.”                                                       • Extensive Mailing Distribution
   Jackson’s marriage to ELVIS PRESLEY’s daughter, LISA MARIE, was con-                  • New York Racing and Breeding Section in Each
sidered rock & roll royalty. Lisa Marie admitted Michael once told her that he             of Four Annual Issues
would die the same way her father did.
   As bizarre and mystifying was his personal life, his death raised even greater        • 34 Years of Successful Marketing & Promotion
questions which might never be answered. Questions like the paternity of his three                          for our Advertisers
children, their custodians, location of his body - and the one allegedly contained in
the golden casket we were told he was in at his service. Even rumors that his death      • Four Annual Advertising Insertions - Six Months of Distribution
was a homicide have surfaced.                                                                                                                                 1973          2009
   Jackson is said to have been spending $30 to $40 million more a year than he was
earning. But money should not be a problem to Michael’s heirs. A day after his                                                                                       36th
death there weren’t many of his singles or albums to be found in most music stores
throughout the country. Since the death of Elvis, The King’s estate has quadrupled.        CRICKET CLUB · 1800 Northeast 114th Street, Suite 2103
The same is expected for the Jackson scenario.                                                  North Miami, Florida 33181 · 305-891-4567

         Monday–Friday 11:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
            South Florida’s Only Toast Bar
       Monday–Thursday 5:00 p.m.–11:00 p.m.
        Friday–Saturday 5:00 p.m.–12:00 a.m.
                      Happy Hour:
            Monday–Friday 5:00–8:00 p.m.
            Half-priced martinis & appetizers
                    Flights & Bites:
        Monday–Friday 5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.
Complimentary piccolini with every flight of wine purchased



               19004 NE 29th Avenue • Aventura, Florida 33180                           450 East Las Olas Boulevard • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
                                        (Behind Loehmann’s Plaza)                            Telephone (954) 522-4450 • Facsimile (954) 522-1911
                       305.933.3418 •
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                                           POST TIME USA 95

                            MARGIE COWAN WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN
By Gene Stevens                                               When the Cowans befriended you it was forever.                occasional movie matinee on a mid-week, mid-day
   South Florida had its own Princess Grace and Di         They made sure I was invited to every party and saw              afternoon when it wasn’t unusual if we were the only
in Marjorie Cowan, adopted daughter of supermar-           to it that at the times I wasn’t seated at their main ring-      people in the theater. We preferred it that way.
ket tycoon Sam Friedland and his wife Hattie.              side table for the opening night shows due to certain            Woodsey was the last winner Irv owned prior to
Margie married Irv Cowan, eight years her senior,          business commitments, two seats in the first row next            Hollywood Wildcat’s emergence.
who worked for her father when she attended Miami          to theirs were reserved for me. I vividly recall attend-           I feel blessed by the special friendship I formed with
Beach High School at age 16. If ever there was a           ing Debbie and Art’s wedding and Jon’s Bar Mitzvah.              the Cowans, and the opportunity they provided for me
couple destined for each other it was Margie and Irv.      The greatest party planners in the world could not               to build my entertainment portfolio, and for the suc-
Together they built a dynasty of success, affluence        have conducted anything more incredible or unforget-             cess they helped me to achieve with Post Time USA.
and community leadership rarely duplicated. Their          table. Nor could it have been better produced by the             Margie always told me I was an extension of the
interaction and friendship with every modern U. S.         most renowned filmmakers.                                        Cowan family. I’m sure Margie is up there somewhere
president, heads of state, superstar athletes, enter-         I was fortunate enough to never have the Cowans               instructing St. Peter how to better manage his endeav-
tainers and the nation’s decision makers, should be        say no to me. Irv and I owned a colt named Woodsey               ors. Margie, down here you’ll never be forgotten.
published and made into a movie.                           who was a handicap winner, and I took Margie to an
   They began by taking over a failing Florida hotel
on Hollywood Beach called the Diplomat. It wasn’t
long before a complete refurbishing, combined with
Irv’s business acumen and Margie’s tenacity, turned
the hotel into a dynasty that equaled or surpassed
anything Las Vegas had to offer.
   It came at a time when the entertainment industry
and its highly-paid feature performers were enjoying
a halcyon period in the ‘60s. Much of the Cowans'
initial success stemmed from their unique ability to
entice the nation’s most iconic performers to appear
at their suddenly world-famous Diplomat Hotel dur-
ing the bustling winter months - prior to their com-
petitors beating them to the punch. The majority of
these icons, from Frank Sinatra and the Ratpack on
down, became lifelong friends of the dynamic duo.          Margie and Irv with the dream of a       With the Chairman of the Board,                   With Julio Iglesias
    Soon afterward, Margie, a possible incarnation of              lifetime awaiting                     Francis Albert Sinatra
P.T. Barnum, was so successful in her ability to do
what others deemed impossible, she became looked
upon as the queen of all she surveyed and accom-
plished. Everything she and King Irv touched seem-
ingly turned to gold. This included producing a
Broadway musical for their friend, singer Peggy
Lee, and Margie’s creation of her own clothing line.
   Other than their magnanimous charitable under-
takings, what they were most proud of was their suc-
cess in the multi-billion-dollar breeding and racing
   Among their equine successes were Hollywood                  With Connie Francis                    The Cowan family:                     Sammy Davis Jr. with the Cowans
Wildcat, winner of the 1993 Breeder’ Cup Distaff                                                  Cindy, Irv, Jon, Margie, Debbie               as they renew their vows
and 3-year-old Eclipse winner for Outstanding
Female; War Chant, winner of the 2000 Breeders’
Cup Turf, after being beaten in the Kentucky Derby
by Fusaichi Pegasus, and Society Selection, a three-
time Gr. 1-winning daughter of War Chant who com-
piled earnings of $2 million. All were bred by
Margie and Irv. Their progeny, along with other top
Cowan contenders, are listed among America’s and
Europe’s most successful achievers.
   Margie and Irv had three children. Cindy is a
movie producer in Los Angeles; Debbie married Art
                                                                                                                                              Margie, Carol Bayer Sager and
Fishman, one of the most successful and sought-after              With Jerry Lewis                                                           Elizabeth Taylor (holding Olivia
ophthalmologists in the country, and Jonathan (Jon),              and Totie Fields           With Shirley McLaine and Barbara Eden          Newton John’s daughter) and Olivia
who oversees the Cowans’ Schelborne Hotel on
South Beach for Irv. All inherited a love of horses.
Cindy and Debbie were national champion equestri-
ans, and Jon, a show horse jumping rider, was
injured preparing for the Olympics.
   It’s difficult for me to accept Margie not being here
anymore. She suffered a stroke three years ago and this
past February her enormous heart stopped beating.
   Throughout Margie and Irv’s 52-year marriage
they were hailed to be the greatest party givers on the
planet. During the decade of the ‘60s, each entertain-
ment icon’s weekly engagements were featured by
pre-opening as well as post-opening night parties
which were the talk of the industry. Margie and Irv
were a throwback to the way things used to be done.           War Chant winning the          At 2005 Festival of         Billy Eckstein, Margie     Margie with Sammy Davis Jr.,
First class, no scrimping, down to the most minute             Breeders’ Cup Mile            the Sun at Calder             and Tony Bennett         Liza Minelli and Gene Stevens
details - and the sky was the limit.
96 POST TIME USA                                                                 AUGUST 2009

     Cecilia Brozovich began her career in her native Peru, but within one
 month after arriving in Miami, was booked for a Ford Motors shoot and
 hosted a major PAF convention. After hosting "Bienvenidos" on
 Telefutura Miami, she went on to supporting roles in "Nino," "Boulevard
 Torbellino," "For Maria," and "Soledad," before landing the leading role
 in "Tormenta de Pasiones."
     Cecilia is an accomplished singer and dancer and has appeared in "La
 Cage aux Folles." She loves to play squash and swim and can also hold
 her own in the boxing ring. She says she's attracted to people who are      D
 down to earth, warm, friendly and outgoing. Cecilia sends hugs and kiss-
 es to everyone who reads this.
    If it hadn't been so many years since they recorded it, we would swear
 we know who Simon and Garfunkel meant when they sang: "Cecilia,
 you're breaking my heart . . . "                                            L



98 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                                               AUGUST 2009

   COPYRIGHT DEAL A JACKSON COUP                                                          YANKEES, SOX WILL SLUG IT OUT
                                                          One of MICHAEL JACK-              As of the All-Star game, won
                                                        SON’s shrewdest deals was his    by the American League for the                                  Gene Stevens
                                                        $47.5 million acquisition in     13th straight time, it looks like
                                                        1985 of ATV Music, which         the Yankees and Red Sox will go                              S    PORTING
                                                        owned the copyrights to the
                                                        songs by the BEATLES’
                                                                                         down to the wire, neck and neck
                                                                                         in the battle to capture the
                                                                                                                                                      I    T
                                                        JOHN LENNON and PAUL             American League East Cham-                                   O      UT
                                                        McCARTNEY. It provided           pionship, with the runner-up get-
                                                        him with a steady stream of      ting the wild card. As the second half of the season began, the Sox, on the strength
income and the ability to afford a lavish lifestyle. He purchased Neverland Ranch in     of having beaten the Yanks in all eight of their match-ups, were three games ahead
1988 for $14.6 million, a phenomenal price for the 2,500-acre property in the hills of   of the second-place New Yorkers, with Tampa Bay’s Rays trailing the Sox by 6½.
Santa Barbara’s wine country.                                                            By July 20 the Yankees had whittled the lead to one game. The Rays, last year’s
  MADONNA seems to be having a tough time of it these days. I guess the older            A.L. champions, still can’t be counted out, despite getting off to a slow start. I was-
she gets the younger she wants to look and it becomes quite challenging. She has         n’t surprised to see the Rays stumble out of the gate since I usually look for the pre-
been named the third party in the ALEX and CYNTHIA RODRIGUEZ divorce.                    vious year’s champions to be affected by the understandable intoxication of success.
Following that came the whopper, and I don’t mean the one you get at Burger King.        This is particularly true of the Rays and their youthful contingent. Tampa Bay’s tal-
Former baseball star JOSE CANSECO told U.S. Weekly that Madonna, 49,                     ent and incredible speed should make them highly competitive the rest of the way.
begged him for his sperm during the ‘90s prior to having CARLOS LEON’s baby                 Yankee reliever Mariano Rivera, considered by most as the most prolific “saver” since
- LOURDES, now 11. “Madge wanted to get married and have a child with me,”               that stat was invented, recently became the second pitcher to pass the 500-save mark. He
says Canseco. “She wanted a Cuban child.” But then again, almost everyone knows          still has quite a way to go to catch Trevor Hoffman, the all-time leader in that category
that Jose has never exactly lived in the palace of truth.                                and still pitching for the Brewers. Rivera told an ESPN interviewer that he felt Hoffman
  OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN, 59, whose photo with MARGIE COWAN,                                 is a better pitcher than he is. In the midst of the latest steroid scandal, Rivera was asked
CAROL BAYER SAGER and ELIZABETH TAYLOR holding her peanut of a                           if he ever considered using steroids, to which he laughed and replied, “I would never con-
baby girl, appears on page 95 of this issue. That little peanut is currently staging
                                                                                         sider putting anything like that into my body. I don’t even drink coffee.”
her own singing career while Newton John recently completed filming a renewal
                                                                                            The L.A. Lakers, led by Kobe Bryant and buoyed by the incredible play of Pau
of the musical Grease in which she originally co-starred with JOHN TRAVOLTA
and FRANKIE AVALON. Olivia’s former boyfriend, PATRICK McDERMOTT,                        Gasol, won the NBA championship relatively easily over the Orlando Magic. It has
disappeared in June 2005. He never returned from a fishing trip off the coast of         led to a game of musical chairs regarding the trading and relocation of many of the
California and has not been seen nor heard from since. Newton John and JOHN              league’s premier players. The three leading players in the league are Kobe, LeBron
EASTERLING, 56-year-old founder of Amazon Herb Co., who hails from Jupiter,              James and this year’s leading scorer, Dwyane Wade. Common thinking was one
Florida, tied the knot on June 21 in Cuzco, Peru.                                        more high profile player obtained by either LeBron’s Cavs or Dwyane’s Heat would
  Speaking of Florida, WILL SMITH is smitten with Miami. He believes there is            put that franchise in the most likely position to deny Kobe and Gasol a second con-
a specific place on Earth for every person and says Miami is his. His wife, JADA,        secutive championship. The Cavs have already brought in Shaq to team up with
agrees and says, “There is something about Miami that makes Will very happy and          James, and it leaves only Dwyane to be rewarded with another high quality team-
upbeat.” Will says Jada is a mountain girl. “She needs Connecticut in the winter.        mate which could be what he needs to put the Heat on par to compete with the other
She’s happiest when she’s snowed in in Utah or someplace. For me, it’s Miami.            top franchises. As we were going to press with this issue, there was talk that the
Everything I do I do better there.”                                                      Heat was thinking about making an offer to secure Alan Iverson and the Jazz’s
  Ciao for now.                                                                          Carlos Boozer to form Wade’s iron curtain.
100 POST TIME USA                                                                                                                      AUGUST 2009

                             AN OVERWHELMING SUCCESS                                                                         MARGUERITE HILL

                                                                                                                Catarino Abejandro; Aguilar Rjuana
    A short time before the end of last year’s Saratoga meet, Charlotte Weber and pal Ginny Moens suggested (holding Post Time USA showing the
  we do an article about a wonderful happening that illustrates how many visable stars of the racing industry back cover with Shakespeare, who tells
  make the effort to improve the lives of the backstretch employees. They told us about a benefit spearheaded us he was the groom of Shakespeare);
  by Marylou Whitney and her husband, John Hendrickson, which provides a free dinner and movie every               Mavla Garcia, Pedro Orantca
  Sunday evening after the races. Included are grooms, exercise riders, trainers and all the vital - but rarely
  acknowledged - backstretch employees.
    Each Sunday a different themed dinner and a movie are featured. The first was Mexican, followed by Chinese, Italian and Cuban, followed by bar-
  becued chicken and ribs, and ending with a turkey dinner. Marguerite Hill and I
  attended the final event at Recreation Hall on Union Avenue. Panza Restaurants
  are the primary contributors of the catered dinners and set up large white tents
  decorated for the weekly attendees, usually around 1,000.
    Marylou donated her own tablecloths and was in attendance with John at five of
  the six dinners. Many of the leading farm and stable owners and trainers who race at
  Saratoga contribute their time and funding to the project and were often seen join-
  ing the backstretch personnel and their families for dinner.
    A major sponsor was the New York Racing Association, whose president, Charlie
  Hayward, and his wife, Betsy Senior, were instrumental in getting the program off
  the ground. D. Wayne Lukas and Ana Maria Bonar, president of Youth and Family
  Services, together with NYRA’s racetrack chaplaincy, also played major roles in
                                                                                         Marylou Whitney         Marylou shares a laugh with back-
  the affair. Based on its initial overwhelming success, the program will be repeated
                                                                                       and John Hendrickson      stretch worker Alfonso Rodriguez
  this year.

                                                            kids honing
                                                            their hoop

                                                                                    Ana Veitch,           Jean Zorn, Cate Dolan, Phyllis Frederick,
   D. Wayne Lukas, Ana Maria Bonar,                                              Ana Maria Bonar,            D. Wayne Lukas, Dean Frederick,
             Gene Stevens                                                        Christopher Veitch                   Linda Watters

        Anticipating a delicious        Julie Cobello, Giuseppe Forman,                                        Exciting experience for backstretch
            catered dinner                        Cate Dolan                  Katie Veitch, D. Wayne Lukas         employee family members

                                                                                                              Graciela Lopez and Zuniga Gonzolo
   An abundance of Post Time USA’s         Two of catering master Panza’s             Sophia Burton,            who said, “This is the best meal
     Saratoga issue was provided            vehicles, a truck and a bicycle            Gene Stevens                       I ever had.”
AUGUST 2009                                                                                                                    POST TIME USA 101

     0  8
                           CONSISTENT IN HIS PURSUIT                                                                           MARGUERITE HILL

                 Since this is the
  final issue of the year, our staff
  wanted to be certain they did
  everything they could to assure
  each of the images appearing on          Jerry Bilinski, David Cassidy,         Senator Charles Schumer,            Angel Cordero, Laffit Pincay,
                                                   Gene Stevens                  Joseph Bruno, Gene Stevens              Gene Stevens, Pat Day
  this page included Gene Stevens,
  the world’s most photographed
  publisher. The over/under for
                                                                            Liz Lupo,                             Liz Lupo
  the issue was 112, so the 18                                                   a local                                and
  images on this page sent the                                               Saratoga                          Gene Stevens
  number soaring to 145, an easy                                        schoolteacher,
                                                                            has all the
  score for the over players.                                            qualifications
                                                                        to be a future
                                                                             Model of
                                                                           the Month
  April Stewart and Gene Stevens

                                                                            Jonathan Rand, one of Post Time
  Staci and Arthur Hancock, Liz Harris        Dr. Patricia Hogan,            USA’s long-ago interim editors,        Gene with Arthur Hancock III
            and Gene Stevens                     Gene Stevens                      and Gene Stevens                   and Arthur Hancock IV

                                                                           Post Time USA photographer
                                                                             Marguerite Hill and Gene.
    Barbara Livingston and Gene           Jeanne Wood and Gene          Wait a minute - who took the picture?            Lisa Guaraldi and Gene

                                      Martha Hudson and Gene,
       Did Nick call Gene           who just had to get a photo with        Dr. Lynwood O’Cain, Gene Stevens,          John DaSilva, Marla Foust,
         or vice-versa?                  a guy named Martha                           Suzie O’Cain                           Gene Stevens