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                                                                                                                                                             with Reverend Leo

                                                                                                                                       By Reverend Leo Booth
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug De-             FAIR HONEST SOBER LIVING ENVIRONMENT—
pendence, San Diego (NCADD-SD) monthly                  Excellent, garden grove location. Relaxes, friendly

breakfast forums 2nd Wednesday of each month            and caring. for information call 714-468-9686.                                                       Humbly asked Him to
at the Sizzler Restaurant, Interstate 15 & Aero
Drive, San Diego, from 8 to 9:30 a.m. Noted speak-      —ON-GOING—                                                                                       remove our shortcomings.
ers in treatment, education, law enforcement and        COMEDY IN RECOVERY—EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT
research present information and innovative ideas       at 9:30 PM following the 8:00 PM CA Meeting. Foun-
about dealing with problems of alcohol and other        tain Valley Alano Club , 16581 Brookhurst Street ,
drug addictions. Earn CEU’s. Information visit
                                                                                                                   I was recently at a recovery meeting           gram. Indeed, I believe that we play an es-
                                                        Fountain Valley , CA. 714-839-5501 Free Parking
( or call 619-685-6335.                                                                      and the topic of humility came up; what             sential role in our recovery. However, I
                                                        and Free Show. Prizes.
                                                                                                              does it mean to be a humble person? A great         believe that the role we play needs to be
JULY 13– Los Angeles—“Integrative Ap-                   SUNDAY INSPIRATIONAL—4:00 p.m. Holy Ground            discussion developed and it became clear            surrounded by humility.
proaches to Treating Eating Disorder Pa-                Christian Fellowship, 7699 Ninth St, Buena Park,      that there were two viewpoints, not too
tients with Trauma” by Carolyn Coker Ross,                                                                                                                             I am helped in understanding this
                                                        714 736 9304.               dissimilar, that were articulated:
M.D., M.P.H., 9 –11:30 a.m., Crowne Plaza Beverly                                                                                                                 abused word “humility” by knowing that
Hills. $20 pre-registration fee includes continental    ALCOHOL & OTHER DRUG AWARENESS HOURS                                                                      its roots suggest “of the earth.” We are
breakfast. Visit or call           presented at the Annenberg Center for Health          To Be Humble Means                                  humble when we stay grounded. Don’t get
1-800-624-5858, Ext. 2132.                                                                                    a.   To be humble means not seeking our
                                                        Sciences, 39000 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mi-                                                                too big for our boots. Remember that there
                                                        rage— For information call 760-773-4342.                   will, not pushing our point of view,           are other people in this world besides our-
RIES—“My Secret Addiction: Sexual                                                                                  indeed being willing to follow another’s       selves!
                                                        FOOD ADDICTS IN RECOVERY ANONYMOUS
Compulsivity”, 7-9:00 p.m. Culver City Senior           (FA) MEETINGS FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:
                                                                                                                   direction and....                                   And yet, it is important for us to re-
Center, 4095 Overland Avenue, Culver City, CA           Free yourself from excess weight and/or obses-        b.   Realizing that you are not above               member that we need to be present. We are
Speaker: Nancy Sobel, PhD. For More Infor-              sive thoughts about food and body image. Foun-             another person but you are also not less       not useless or unimportant. God, contrary
mation: Colleen Capistrano 562-439-7353, 800-           tain Valley,Thurs. 7:00PM, King of Glory Lutheran          than others; humility is about
510-5572.                                                                                                                                                         to popular opinion, does not do things in
                                                        Church, Room 5, 10280 Slater Street, Hunting-              respecting others and yourself.
                                                        ton Beach, Sat. 8:00 AM, St Wilfreds Episcopal
                                                                                                                                                                  our lives in spite of us, but rather with us,
NOV. 7-9—The Meadows Presents: Maureen                  Church, 18631 Chapel Lane, Irvine, Sun. 9:30AM,                                                           in partnership—co-creation.
Canning, MA, CMFT. Sexual Compulsivity                  Irvine Family Clinic, 14150 Culver Drive. Informa-         I enjoyed hearing these two points of               We humbly ask…that’s our part. We
Clinical Training. Palm Springs. This dynamic and       tion 800-600-6028.                view and appreciated the different but not          need to do something…ask. And the re-
interactive workshop presents an innovative                                                                   necessarily opposing ideas being postulated.
model for the treatment of sexual compulsivity.
                                                                                                                                                                  moval of our shortcomings follows the ask-
The workshop will provide assimilation of trauma,
                                                        TEEN SUPPORT GROUP—Thursdays, 7:00pm -                (For some reason I am feeling rather pompous        ing.
                                                        8:30pm. 14156 Magnolia Blvd. #101 Sherman Oaks,
addiction and relational wounding to enhance the                                                              as I write this article. Obviously I need to hear        In this sense we get what we asked
                                                        CA 91423. 818-501-3512.
scope of treatment in your practice. Location:                                                                what is being written!)                             for!
Doral Desert Princess Resort, 67967 Vista               Los Angeles—Sierra Tucson Alumni Sup-                      Step Seven is important and if you have             Do you need to get on your knees?
Chino at Landau, Cathedral City, CA 92234                                                                     been following my articles you will know
                                                        port Group. Group is open to anyone who has                                                               Some people find the act of getting on their
760-322-7000. Cost: $250 per person                     gone through a treatment program, not only Sierra     that I believe all the steps are interconnected;    knees really helpful, however it is not es-
(Includes workshop, materials and 16.5 continu-         Tucson alumni. 2nd and 4th Wednesday each
ing education credits.) For more information call                                                             they are affirming a recovery process.              sential. Humility is less about what you do
                                                        month, 6-7:30 p.m., 1901 Avenue of the Stars,
800-MEADOWS (800-632-3697)                              Suite     500,      Los      Angeles.       Visit
                                                                                                                   One is admitting that we have more             rather is it more about who you are, or
                                               (Alumni Resources) or            than a problem with alcohol.                        who you hope to become. In this sense it is
—CLASSIFIED ADS—                                        call Tim McLeod at 1-866-638-1650.                         Two suggests that there is a Power             an inside job.
GET HEALTHY AND STAY HEALTHY! Improve                                                                         greater than ourselves than can bring us to              In Step Seven we need to avoid being
your Lifestyle with a Personal Fitness Coach            INFORMATION SESSION FREE & OPEN TO THE                sanity.
                                                        PUBLIC. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
                                                                                                                                                                  showy. Truly we do not need incense,
Ready to help you stay on track to reach your                                                                      Three is the decision to walk in a spiri-
goals. Call Total LifeStyle Solutions for a free        (FA) WHAT: A free information session for anyone                                                          candles and a prayer mat. What we need is
consultation! 714-809-2714.           mail to:          suffering from food addiction, overeating, under-     tual direction.                                     our heart, our love, our belief in forgive-                            eating, and bulimia. Everyone is welcome. 11am-            Four tells us we need to discover what         ness, and our intention to change.
                                                        12:30pm SANTA MONICA FIRST UNITED METH-               we are like.                                             Now I don’t feel so pompous!
A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION— Luxury so-               ODIST CHURCH 1008 11TH STREET: Visit                       Five says we need to talk about our
ber living home for women in beautiful Northridge, PHONE: 800-600-6028
CA. Lots of love and support plus: swimming pool,
                                                        SAN JOSE—Sierra Tucson Alumni Support                      Six affirms forgiveness.                             Reverend Leo Booth is a Unity minister, a
pool table, large screen TV, unlimited local and
long distance calls, wireless internet. Contact Linda   Group. Meets once a month. For more informa-               And now we are ready, in Step Seven,           published author, conference and workshop pre-
818-720-7075 or visit our website at                    tion on the dates, location, and time, please visit   for the cleansing.                                  senter in all aspects of addiction. He is a Spiri-               (Alumni Resources) or                 But why “humbly asked Him?” Well,              tual Advisor at Renaissance Malibu in CA
                                                        call Tim McLeod at 1-866-638-1650.                    here we go back to the discussion that I            and Casa De Las Amigas in Pasadena, CA.
                                                        NEWPORT BEACH—Sierra Tucson Alumni Sup-
                                                                                                              heard at my recovery group—I need to get            He is also the author of “Say Yes To Life”
cost. No storing products. No shipping. No MLM.
For full information visit www.NATBDC.ORG/olbd.         port Group. 3rd Wednesday each month, 7 p.m.,         out of my own way. Obviously, I mean this           and the workbook “Say Yes To Life Continu-
Online business design. 714-761-5599.                   3404 Via Lido Drive, Newport Beach, CA. Visit         poetically. I need to be willing to allow for-      ing the Journey”. For more information please
                                               (Alumni Resources) or            giveness and change into my life.                   visit his website: or Email
LIVE WELL WITHOUT A PAYCHECK—An instruc-                call Tim McLeod at 1-866-638-1650.                         You can tell that I am not a person who        him at or call us at
tion book to change your life. Is your future worth                                                           believes that we do nothing to get this pro-        (562) 427-6003.
$19.95?       For   full     information       visit
www.NATBDC.ORG/olbd. Online business design.

GET A NEW CREDIT IDENTITY—Bad or weak                                                                                                                                       Showcase your
credit? Change it. Powerful how to. Want more
information? www.NATBDC.ORG/olbd. Online                                                                                                                                      business!
business design. 714-761-5599.                                                                                                  Visit us online                      Advertising in California Together
                                                                                                                                      helps you reach the community.
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     Visit us online @                                                                                         Do you have financial wreckage?
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                                                                                                                                                    We may be able to assist you.
                                                                                                                                                    If you qualify, filing bankruptcy
                                                                                                                                                        may provide you with the
                                                                                                                                                     opportunity for a Fresh Start.
                                                                                                                                              Call 24/7 to speak with Catherine Moscarello, Esq.

                                                                                                                              THE MOSCARELLO LAW GROUP, P.C.
                                                                                                                                      (714) 505-2121
                                                                                                                          We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy
                                                                                                                                        relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
                                                                      California Together—July 2007
                                                                                                    The Court Is
                                                                                                     In Session
                   By Stephen Groth, MD                                                                                                                 By Debra J. Rice, ESQ

    Suboxone—Coming Down from Opiate                                                                               Life Does Get Better
    Addiction with a Gentle Parachute Ride
                                                                                                        This month, having just returned from            Today I have a relationship with a higher
     Last month I rounded out my discus-         such as valium, clonidine, and anti-              my honeymoon to a wonderful place, I                  power, a loving husband who is also in re-
sion of so-called “brain restoration” thera-     diarrheals. Neither method is particularly        would just like to express some of my grati-          covery, a successful practice and hope for
pies with a review of an amino acid treat-       great, and many opiate addicts quickly are        tude about how life does get better and life’s        the wonderful things to come.
ment called “NTR”, or, NeuroTransmission         lured back to active using simply to remove       hurdles can be overcome when you do the                     Sometimes, like now, we have to stop
Restoration.                                     the misery of withdrawal. In other words,         right thing. No one is immune to the “bad             and be grateful for our blessings and for
     NTRTM and PrometaTM are two newer           they bolt and leave.                              things” that come with drug and alcohol               each and every day we have here. If you
approaches for the first step in drug and             Suboxone detox has been likened to           abuse, including myself. I’ve been there.             are new to recovery I encourage you to keep
alcohol treatment—getting the drug out of        coming down from opiate withdrawal with                When my clients come to my office I              coming back and don’t leave before the
the system and going yet another stop for-       a gentle parachute ride instead of a thun-        am happy to discuss my past and how alco-             miracle happens. You will be able to cleanup
ward—healing the drug-affected brain. This       derous jolt. The addict must be in early with-    hol caused harm in my life. It is no secret           the wreckage of your past and begin a new
month I will discuss another new drug that       drawal before the first dose of Suboxone is       that I have been arrested for DUI and have            future as I have done.
some would consider being a God-send for         given, but once given quickly eases the with-     had to deal with the repercussions of that.                 So as always, remember to take it one
opiate      addicts:     Suboxone™,        or,   drawal symptoms. Timing of first dose is          What I also learned is that there was more            day at a time and, as I say, if you don’t do
buprenorphine.                                   critical, however, to avoid “precipitated         to it than just drinking and driving. Alco-           anything wrong today, all you have is your
     Suboxone™ was introduced to the U.S.        withdrawal” which happens in a very small         hol was damaging more than just my police             past to clean up!
market about 4 years ago, and has quickly        percentage of patients, and is due to the         record.                                                     Debra Rice is a Criminal Defense Attor-
replaced methadone as the drug of choice         blocking effects of Suboxone. Do NOT try               When I entered the rooms of a twelve-            ney in Orange, California. She has practiced
for opiate detox, as well as for maintenance     Suboxone detox on your own for this rea-          step group I didn’t really know what to ex-           for over 15 years in State and Federal courts.
or “substitution” treatment for opiate ad-       son: leave this judgment to a skilled profes-     pect and I, like many others, could not see           Ms. Rice is active in her own recovery and spe-
diction.                                         sional.                                           how someone could live alcohol free. Years            cializes in sentencing options for those with drug
     Substitution treatment has been viewed           Some Suboxone patients choose to use         later, I’ve learned that life without alcohol is      and alcohol related offenses. For more informa-
by some more as a “harm reduction” ap-           Suboxone as a bridge to full detoxification,      not only possible, but it “does get better!”          tion      call    714.771.4529          or    visit
proach to managing society’s problems with       and do not desire maintenance. This can                                                       
heroin and other opiate addicts. But the fact    usually be done over a span of 3-7 days.
                                                                                                   Straight Talk continued
is, Suboxone™ not only is a great way to         Some will find, however, that once
detoxify more gently than with other drug        Suboxone is discontinued, that drug cravings           Next month I will “put it all together”
approaches, it has powerful drug cravings-       come back- in which case ongoing mainte-          and provide some useful guidance to alco-
reduction (or elimination) properties that       nance with Suboxone may be a very useful          holics and addicts who are puzzled by all
are the real crux of why it is so useful for     management option. Maintenance may be             the great new choices that are available to-
treating opiate addiction.                       continued indefinitely.                           day for humane and effective drug and al-
     Withdrawal from heroin and other opi-            In contrast to methadone maintenance         cohol detoxification- and brain healing- and
ates is generally considered to be THE most      for opiate addicts, Suboxone can be pre-          to help them pick the right one for them.
painful and unpleasant detox syndrome that       scribed in a doctor’s office instead of a spe-         This is Dr. Steve giving it to you
exists. Those who have gone through it will      cially-licensed clinic as is the case with        straight!
certainly agree—I do. While no one has           methadone. Another important advantage                 Dr. Stephen Groth is a licensed physician        Everyone who achieves success in
died strictly from the effects of opiate with-   of Suboxone is that it is easier to taper off     in the State of California and serves as Execu-          a great venture, solves each
drawal, most who have gone through it            of it when the decision is made to discon-        tive Director of Operations and Medical Di-
wish they would! It is miserable.                tinue, whereas most patients in methadone
                                                                                                                                                          problem as they came to it. They
                                                                                                   rector of the TRIAD Treatment Center in Or-
     Opiate withdrawal, or dope-sickness”,       clinics linger there for years due to the dif-    ange County, CA. He himself is in recovery. He        helped themselves. And they were
is characterized by pain, muscle aches, bone     ficulty in tapering off; and often for the rest   writes about medical issues in drug and alcohol       helped through powers known and
and joint aches, severe stomach cramps,          of their lives.                                   treatment, as well as within the context of recov-    unknown to them at the time they
explosive diarrhea, cold drenching sweats,            The main downside of Suboxone is it’s        ery and overall well-being for the recovering         set out on their voyage. They keep
incessant yawning, major agitation, and a        cost: it is relatively very expensive. While      addict. If you have a question for him, or an
dysphoric horrible sensation throughout the      methadone costs only pennies per dose,
                                                                                                                                                         going regardless of the obstacles
                                                                                                   issue you would like addressed in these pages,
body that is indescribable—and seemingly         Suboxone typically cost $7-8 per pill, and        please       contact      Dr.      Groth        at
                                                                                                                                                             they met. —W. Clement Stone
endless. This terrible withdrawal complex        most opiate addicts on Suboxone mainte- 
alone is what keeps most heroin and pre-         nance will spend $15-20/day on their
scription opiate addicts from seeking recov-     Suboxone. A full 3-7 day detox package in a
ery.                                             doctor’s office typically will cost about
     Suboxone™ is itself an opiate but is        $1500-$2000 including doctor’s fee plus the
unique in having both agonist and blocking       detox medication. While this is not at all
properties. The pharmacology is complex,         high compared to the cost of ongoing ad-
but the bottom line making it such a useful      diction and drug use, it is high when viewed
maintenance medication is that is that it        as a medical intervention for opiate addic-
satisfies drug “cravings” by attaching to one    tion.
of the key opiate receptor sub-units but not          Two excellent websites contain a wealth
to others. It also does not get one “high” or    of information about Suboxone, and each
result in any sort of “euphoria”. It does not    of which also have “physician locators” that
get one “high”. So, when used for mainte-        assist opiate addicts in finding a Suboxone
nance, the addict has a clear mind, feels        prescribing physician near them. Physicians
normal,and does not constantly obsess on         who prescribe Suboxone for use in treating
his or her drug.                                 addicts must be specially credentialed to use
     Historically, the medical detox of an       Suboxone for treating opiate addiction in
opiate addict has been done one of two           this manner, a factor that has limited the
ways: 1) substituting another opiate for the     supply of available Suboxone-prescribing
drug of choice (usually methadone) and           physicians                        SAMHSA:
gradually tapering it down to zero over sev- NAABT:
eral days, or 2) stopping the opiate “cold
turkey”, and supporting the addict during
withdrawal with symptomatic medications

                                                                  California Together—July 2007
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Overeater Anonymous            (310) 473-5207       by Thomas E. Anthony
Battered Women Hotline         (818) 887-6589
Rape Hotline                   (800) 585-6231        Sober Living homes have been under               Every addict seeking recovery needs         psychological craving abatement tech-
                                                assault for years by local and state oversight   loving and sometimes firm disciplinary           niques, and sober living principles, among
             Inland Empire                      bodies, including cities and the California      support if he or she is to manage these          other things.
                                                State Legislature. Elected officials and         cravings. A quality and safe sober living             Certified sober living homes require
                                                policy makers have sought to regulate so-        environment is paramount to receiving this       all of these features and more. The drug
Alcoholics Anonymous           (909) 825-4700   ber living environments and to push them         support, and is particularly critical in the     and alcohol treatment world can improve
Cocaine Anonymous              (909) 359-3895   out of the communities they exist and where      early weeks and months of new recovery.          the success rate among their clients seek-
Gamblers Anonymous             (909) 424-5020   they offer vital services. If allowed to pro-                                                     ing long-lasting recovery by strongly sug-
Marijuana Anonymous            (626) 583-9582   ceed unabated, this trend portends only ill      Addicts and Cravings                             gesting that their rehab “graduates” move
                                                for the overall well-being of recovering ad-          How and where do addicts develop            into a transitional sober living environment
     If you would like to be listed as          dicts and the places they live and work.         these needs? These are questions that so-        upon completion of rehab treatment.. So-
     a resource, send information to                                                             ber living home environments help us iden-       ber living homes are a critical bridge be-                What is Addiction?                               tify and cope with, and they help us to bet-     tween formal rehab experiences, and living
                                                     Addiction is a continuing need to sat-      ter manage our lives Law Enforcement and         independently within the community.
     by 20th of month prior to printing         isfy a craving; a compulsive action under-       sociological studies have been conducted              Society should focus on the good that
                                                taken to reach a desired result. Why we          in the pasta and have shown that Sober           comes from sober living homes; not the
 Resource/Advertiser                            form these cravings is as individual as any
                                                other psychological issue in one’s life. In-
                                                                                                 Living homes do not increase neighbor-
                                                                                                 hood crime rates, that they do not devalue
                                                                                                                                                  “problems’ that it often perceives are the
                                                                                                                                                  main impact on the communities where
     DIRECTORY                                  dividually we have our own reasons for           property , and that they do not pose a dan-      such homes are located, . Sober living homes
                                                doing what we do. Sometimes we can iden-         ger to neighborhood residents. Yet, many         are a vital part of the neighborhood com-
Art of Recovery Expo            480-767.7880                                                                                                      munity we call our own. Let’s support the
                                                tify these reasons and cope with them;           communities actively try to push sober liv-
Chopra Center For Living        888.230.5433    whereas at other times we react compul-          ing homes out.                                   ability of Sober living homes to exist within
Cottonwood de Tucson            800.877.4520    sively without thinking. In any case, recov-          Sober living homes help improve the         our local communities where they now are
Decision Point Center           928.778.4600    ering addicts need to change their thought       success rate for recovering addicts re-en-       located. They are good neighbors and
Desert Canyon Treatment         888.811.8371    processes, and many times some of their          tering society by coupling the features of       should become an integral part of the fab-
Dr. Dina Evan                   602.997.1200    beliefs, if they are to relieve this state of    social interactive training, physiological and   ric of our communities.
The Meadows                     800.632.3697    mind that some refer to as “addictive be-
                                                havior”. Sober Living Homes are available
Michael’s House                 760.320.5486
                                                to assist with the reintegration of recover-
Moscarello Law Group            714.505.2121    ing addicts into society, and must be made
Nu Balance                      714.418.4778    available to those of us who may be strug-
PAC Hills                       866.638.1890    gling with addiction.
Rainbow Addiction Guide         800.440.4780
Rev. Leo Booth                  562.427.6003    Who is Addicted?
Rio de Esperanza               866.397.9789          More than likely every one of us to
Debra Rice, APC         714.771.4.LAW           some degree has an overwhelming repeti-
                                                tive need to seek emotional or physical sat-
Sober Living Network      310.396.5270
                                                isfaction of a craving for something- from
Triad Treatment Systems   877.664.3550          chocolate cake, to heroin, to workaholics,
V3 Tucson                 888.838.8276          food and gambling.
                                                                           California Together—July 2007

                                                                                                                    Between Friends
                                                                                                               By Melissa Stewart and Laura Peach
                                                                                                                 Allow us to introduce ourselves. We        Anything can be healed through the power
                                                                                                           a r e Melissa and Laura and have been            of love, and each of us can get a fresh start
                                                                                                           friends for as long as we can remember.          in life by choosing to focus on the positives
                                                                                                           Not only are we the best of friends, we are      rather than negatives.
                                                                                                           cousins and at this point in our lives, we’re          Building each other up—and those
                                                                                                           more like sisters.                               around us produces the greatest results, in
                                                                                                                 Everyone needs a good friend from time     our lives as well as in the lives of others.
                                                                                                           to time. Someone in their corner with a                If we choose to see others through
                                                                                                           ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, and wise   God’s eyes, the glass is half full, rather then
                                                                                                           advice to offer in those inevitable times of     half empty.
                                                                                                           need.                                                  We welcome the opportunity to share
                                                                                                                 Since we’ve been blessed by our own        our friendship and are committed to pro-
                                                                                                           close friendship, we will be sharing our in-     vide a non judgmental atmosphere. People
                                                                                                           sights and wisdom with our California To-        rise to their full potential through encour-
                                                                                                           gether readers and invite you to join the        agement not condemnation. Each of us is
                                                                                                           conversation.                                    greatly loved and when we realize this it
                                                                                                                 Who on earth does not have a problem       changes every part of our lives.
                                                                                                           of some sort? Marriages, relationships, fam-            Every human being is filled with great
                                                                                                           ily arguments, job problems, and yes, sex.       value, a fact that many of us sadly never
                                                                                                           No question is too big or small, we are          recognize. Once we come to believe in
                                                                                                           here to listen!                                  ourselves and our inherent value as human
Relapse from page 1                                                                                              Both of us have worked in a recovery       beings, filled with promise and potential,
                                                                                                           ministry and it is our observation no one        our lives will change for the better.
     Some have a short term and low con-                References                                         passes through life without something they             Pull up a chair and sit with us each
sequence relapse. They recognize that they               Gorski, Terence T., and Miller, M., Staying So-   must overcome—be it drugs, alcohol, other        month as we have a metaphorical cup of
are in serious trouble, see that they are          ber - A Guide for Relapse Prevention. Independence,     addictions, or life’s basic challenges, rela-    tea together.
loosing control, and manage to reach out           Missouri, Herald House/Independence Press, 1986.        tionships, marriage, divorce, losing a job.            Reach us by writing an email at
                                                         Gorski, Terence Gorski, T., Passages Through                                             
for help and get back into recovery.
                                                   Recovery - An Action Plan for Preventing Relapse.
     Others start to use alcohol or drugs,         Center City, Minnesota, Hazelden, 1989.
feel extreme shame and guilt, and refuse to              Gorski, Terence T., How to Start Relapse Pre-
seek help. They eventually develop progres-        vention Support Groups. Independence, Missouri:
sive health and life problems and either get       Herald House/Independence Press, 1989.
back into recovery, commit suicide, or die.              Gorski, Terence T., Relapse - Relapse Preven-
                                                   tion - A New Recovery Tool, Alcoholism & Addiction
Death from addictive relapse is not pleas-         Magazine. September 25, 1989 (CENREF
ant. It usually takes the form of medical          ART001)
complications, accidents, or drug-related
violence.                                              For Further Information About Recov-
                                                   ery and Relapse Prevention Contact:
Other Outcomes Of The                              GORSKI-CENAPS®, 6147 Deltona Bou-
Relapse Process                                    levard, Spring Hill, Florida 34606-1000
     Some us will experience all of these          Phone: 352-596-8000; Fax: 352-596-8002
problems, but never start drinking or drug-        Email:; Websites:
ging. We may say “I’d rather be dead than
drunk” and attempt suicide. We may just  
hang in there until we have a stress col-
lapse, develop a stress related illness, or have
a nervous breakdown.
                                                        Mr. Gorski is the Founder and Presi-
                                                   dent of The CENAPS® Corporation, a                                    California Together Seeks
                                                   training and consultation firm, that provides
     Or we might use half measures to tem-
porarily pull ourselves together for a little
while only to have the problems come back
                                                   solutions to the problems of relapse. He
                                                   holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psy-
                                                                                                                         Dedicated Team Members
later. This is called partial recovery and many    chology and Sociology from Northeastern
people stay in it for years. They never get        Illinois University and a Master of Arts                     Are you committed to your recovery?         therapists’ offices, and other places where
really well, but they never really get drunk       Degree from Webster University in St.                   Would you like to join a unique team of          those in recovery tend to congregate.
either.                                            Louis, Missouri. He is also a Master Ad-                others who are dedicated to bringing the              We pay a competitive wage for each
     What I have just described is called the      diction Counselor (MAC), Nationally Cer-                joys of recovery to others who want and          drop-off, plus will pay mileage and expenses.
relapse process and it’s not rare. Most recov-     tified Addiction Counselor (NCAC II), and               need it? This is your opportunity to make             Innovative and creative individuals will
ering people periodically experience some          a Senior Certified Addiction Counselor                  extra cash for a few days of work, while         be considered for advancement opportuni-
of these warning signs. About half can stop        (CSAC) in the State of Illinois.                        doing something positive for yourself and        ties within the California Together organi-
the process BEFORE they start using sub-                                                                   others. If so, we want you!                      zation, and include writing, editing, and
stances or collapse from stress. The other              Mr. Gorski’s practical approach to re-                  California Together is looking for a few    more.
half revert to using alcohol or other drugs,       covery and relapse prevention is based on               good people to join our team. We need help            If you wish to build and broaden your
collapse from stress related illness, or kill      more than thirty years’ experience as a thera-          primarily in the Orange and Los Angeles          own recovery while at the same time put-
themselves.                                        pist, supervisor, program administrator, and            counties in our distribution efforts, and will   ting extra dollars in your pocket (plus de-
     It’s not a pretty picture. No wonder          consultant. He is a prolific author and has             consider anyone from any area who likes          veloping great friendships in the process)
we don’t want to think or talk about re-           published such classics as Staying Sober: A             what we do. If you have a car, a valid driv-     please call us.
lapse. It’s depressing. The problem is that        Guide for Relapse Prevention, and Passages              ers’ license, and a desire to grow with a
refusing to think or talk about it doesn’t         Through Recovery: An Action Plan for Pre-               quality recovery-oriented organization, you           For information, call Bruce Wicksell, VP
stop it from happening. As a matter of fact        venting Relapse.                                        may just be the person we are looking for!       of Business Services at 949-273-8490, or send
ignoring the early warning sing makes us                                                                        Distribution involves making drop-off       us an e-mail to
more likely to relapse.                                                                                    deliveries of bundles of our paper to 12-
                                                                                                           step meetings, Alano Clubs, rehab facili-
                                                                                                           ties, sober living homes, doctors’ offices,

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