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Fall/Winter 2008

Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 36 Peshtigo, WI 54157 715-582-0327

  W. S. Plumbing and Hardware                                                             INSIDE THIS ISSUE
     Peshtigo’s downtown area is getting a new look.
  Wade and Kathy Schenk bought the former Pete’s Sport             W. S. Plumbing and Hardware
  Shop (Hidden Treasures) building in September.                   Consumers Benefit from Increased FDIC Insurance
     The Schenk family is busy remodeling and getting              Four Words You Shouldn’t Believe
  ready to move their plumbing business out of their               Recycling Old Cell Phones Does More than Clean Up
  house. They will also be adding a hardware store to the          the Clutter
  mix.                                                             Vandervest Harley-Davidson Annual Christmas Party
                                                                   James Hummel Joins Culligan
     “Right now we aren’t sure of the opening date, since
                                                                   Great Idea
  we want to make sure everything is stocked and ready to
                                                                   2009 Bands at Badger Dates Announced
  go, before opening the doors”, said Wade about his new
                                                                   GFWC Peshtigo Woman’s Club Holiday Stop & Shop
  addition to the plumbing business. “Watch for our
                                                                   Larson Promoted to Branch Manager
  opening sometime in the 1st quarter of 2009. We are
                                                                   Justin Oberg Received Designation
  looking forward to helping supply a need in the city of
                                                                   Fun and Easy Christmas Window Decorating
  Peshtigo. Until then we can be reached at 582-0552 or
                                                                   Menominee Animal Shelter
  923-1026 for all of your plumbing needs”.

  Consumers Benefit from Increased FDIC Insurance Coverage
  New Law Temporarily Increases Basic Insurance to $250,000
     Consumers will benefit directly from a provision in the new Emergency Economic Stabilization Act that immediately
  increases the basic FDIC insurance coverage limits on your money in insured financial institutions to $250,000, according to
  The Stephenson National Bank & Trust (SNB&T). The new increased limits are fixed through December 31, 2009.
     “There has never been a better time to keep your money in the bank,” explained John Reinke, president, SNB&T. “The new
  temporary increased coverage not only applies to accounts held by individuals, but also to accounts held by corporations,
  partnerships, limited liability companies and municipalities.” There is no cost to the public for the FDIC insurance coverage as
  it is paid for through assessments on insured financial institutions. After December 31, 2009, the basic FDIC insurance
  coverage limit will be $100,000 except for certain retirement accounts, like IRAs, which will continue to receive FDIC
  insurance coverage up to $250,000.
     FDIC insurance covers all types of deposits received by you at an insured bank, including deposits in checking, NOW, and
  savings accounts, money market deposit accounts, and certificates of deposit (CDs). Safe deposit boxes, and their contents,
  are not insured. Remember, even under the prior FDIC insurance limits, there are ways to easily and legally structure your
  accounts at a single financial institution to receive FDIC insurance coverage in amounts greater than the basic insurance limit.
  Under the new temporary increased limits, for example, a husband and wife by themselves could structure multiple accounts
  to easily receive up to $2 million in FDIC insurance coverage, while a family of four could receive up to $3 million in FDIC
  insurance coverage at one insured institution. Contact your local banker to understand how the new temporary increased
  coverage specifically benefits you.
          “You can sleep well at night knowing your money at SNB&T or any insured financial institution is protected by FDIC
  insurance coverage,” continued Reinke. “No one has ever lost a penny of insured deposits in the 75 years of FDIC’s
The Changing Times                                                        The Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce

 Four Words you Shouldn’t Believe
 These are the words that make investors irrational.

 “This time is different.” Beware those four little words. They are perhaps the most dangerous words an investor can believe in. If you
 believe “this time is different,” you are mentally positioning yourself to exit the stock market and make impulsive, short-sighted
 decisions with your money. This is the belief that has made too many investors miss out on the best market days, and scramble to catch
 up with stock market recoveries.

 Stock market investing is a long-term proposition – which is true for most forms of investing. Any form of long-range investing requires
 a certain temperament. You must be patient, you must be dedicated to realizing your objectives, and you can’t let short-term headlines
 deter you from your long-term quest.

 But wait – isn’t this time different? Well, it is unusual. We are seeing a level of government intervention in the financial markets that we
 haven’t seen since the 1930s. We’ve also seen banks, insurers and brokerages seized or rescued. So when headlines say “bank failure”
 and “government bailout”, and media outlets conduct “man on the street” interviews, you are going to get a sound byte or two of
 someone – not an economist – wondering aloud about a second Great Depression. (In every recession, some news story inevitably
 appears weighing how the current economic situation stacks up against the 1930s.)

 But you know what? This time is different. Today, the federal government is able to intervene in the financial markets in a way it couldn’t
 then. When the Bank of the United States (one of the bigger private banks of that time) collapsed in 1930, the Federal Reserve lacked the
 power to rescue it. It was an event that gravely wounded the banking system and aggravated the Depression.1

 Today, by contrast, the U.S. government has pulled out all the stops. You have $700+ billion assigned to mop up bad debt and ease a
 credit squeeze. You have the Treasury taking stakes in banks and the Fed issuing loans and helping to engineer bank mergers. You have
 economic stimulus packages and federal government efforts to stem foreclosures. Yes, this is different – and welcome.

 What happens when investors believe those four little words? It’s called panic. In early October, we all saw it. And yes, the potential for
 panic still exists – witness the morning of October 24, when index futures declined so fast that “circuit breakers” had to be enacted to
 halt selling on Wall Street.2

 The silver lining here is that recently, the market has begun to move in response to standard indicators again - earnings reports,
 economic releases from the federal government, news from the housing sector, etc. – rather than fear. The news hasn’t been great, but
 investors have shifted their attention from credit market concerns (inspiring panic) to economic concerns (resulting in more predictable

 Look at the good news we’re getting. No kidding, there really is some. As of Friday, the overnight LIBOR rate (the interest rate banks
 charge each other for loans) was 1.28% - below the benchmark U.S. interest rate of 1.5%, well below the high of 4.82% reached on
 October 10.3 Existing home sales increased 5.5% in September, as a result of a buyer’s market - and by the way, year-over-year sales
 were up 1.4%.4 The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage fell to 6.04% this week, down from 6.46% last week.5 Remember when oil
 prices were $147 a barrel? On October 24, they settled at $64.22 per barrel (56% lower).6 The Treasury Department may soon move to
 shore up more than 20 financial companies through cash injections, according to Bloomberg; PNC Financial Services Group announced
 Friday that it would use Treasury funds to buy National City Corporation, effectively creating one of the larger banks in the U.S.7

 This is the time to stay in the market. Withdrawing money from a retirement savings account (and the investment funds within it) might
 feel rational in the short term, but it can be hazardous for the long term – especially since many Americans haven’t saved enough for
 retirement to start with. We’re looking at a turbulent stock market right now, and the market may fall a bit further before a recovery
 builds momentum. The key is to remember that a recession is a few quarters long, not the length of your retirement. If you have
 questions about your money, turn to the financial advisor you count on as a resource.
 Douglas J. Waelchli is a Representative with Sii Investments and may be reached at, 715/582-3185 or These are the views of Peter Montoya Inc., not the named Representative nor Broker/Dealer, and should
 not be construed as investment advice. Neither the named Representative nor Broker/Dealer gives tax or legal advice. All information is
 believed to be from reliable sources; however, we make no representation as to its completeness or accuracy. The publisher is not
 engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional services. If other expert assistance is needed, the reader is advised to
 engage the services of a competent professional. Please consult your Financial Advisor for further information.
The Changing Times                                           The Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce

  Recycling Old Cell Phones Does More than Clean Up the Clutter
     As cell phone technology rapidly innovates and the demand for these technologies increases, about 150 million
  cell phones are retired each year in the U.S. alone. When considering a new cell phone this holiday season, donate
  the old cell phone to Cellcom’s recycling program. This program helps to reduce stress on the environment and at
  the same time raises money for local charities that create healthier communities.
     According to Keep America Beautiful, Inc., when 150 million retired phones are recycled 75,000 pounds of e-
  waste, dangerous-minuscule metals and toxins, are diverted from landfills, ultimately improving the environment.
  When these chemicals end up in landfills they seep into ground water causing cancer and human development and
  reproductive problems. In addition to producing a better environment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  reports that if only one million cell phones are recycled, the energy saved from the process would provide
  electricity for 1,940 U.S. households for one year. If the estimated 150 million retired cell phones sitting in homes
  and offices across the nation are recycled, there is the potential to offset the energy consumption of more than
  291,000 households.
     In the recycling process, some of the cell phones and accessories recycled are able to be refurbished to be
  directly reused and sent back into the world market. If cell phones can not be reused, precious metals that would
  otherwise need to be mined from the earth are pulled from the retired cell phones in the U.S. according to EPA
     Since 2004, Cellcom has recycled more than 65,000 retired cell phones and accessories to donate financial
  assistance to numerous charities. Proceeds from cell phone donations made during November 1 to December 31
  will benefit The Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA of Green Bay, Appleton and Oshkosh. Cell phone donators
  during this time will also be given 100 free outgoing text messages.
     This holiday season when purchasing that new cell phone consider the benefits of giving your old cell phone.

  Vandervest Harley-Davidson Annual Christmas Party
  Saturday, December 6 from 9am-4pm
  Store sales, food & refreshments, music & free gift wrapping
  Vandervest Harley-Davidson located at 810 Frontage Road, Peshtigo
  715-582-8843 ·

  Limited Edition 2008 Holiday Heritage Collection
  'Motorcycles of the Nineties'
  This limited edition is free with a qualifying purchase of $350 or
  more on official licensed Harley-Davidson products between now and
  December 24, 2008 or while supplies last.

  Special Financing!
  Buy Now & Make No Payments until Spring. Zero Down - Zero Payments
  Financing offer is available to qualified applicants and is subject to credit approval by Eaglemark Savings
  Bank. Finance charges will not accrue for 90 days from contract date. First payment is due in 120 days
  from contract date. This offer may not be combined with any other offer. Offer good on in-stock models.
  Promotion ends December 27, 2008.
The Changing Times                                        The Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce

 James Hummel Joins Culligan
    Culligan is proud to introduce James Hummel as their newest Licensed Water
 Consultant. The Culligan Sales License Program demonstrates that licensed
 representatives in the Culligan system have achieved and maintain the
 required standards of professionalism measured in terms of sound fundamental
 technical knowledge and the dedication to consumer protection and customer
 satisfaction. Furthermore, licensed representatives have passed the test in
 course study of the water treatment industry, water chemistry, business law,
 and the water treatment process.
    Culligan offers a full line of treatment systems and drinking water options to
 fit every need. To have a water analysis done at your home call James at 715-
 923-2960, or drop off samples at their office located at 860 Frontage Road in
 Peshtigo, WI. Label the samples hot and cold. The water analysis is FREE which
 normally costs $75.00.
              Culligan better water pure and simple. 800-252-9396.

                                                                               2009 Bands at Badger
                                                                               Dates Announced
  When doing your Christmas cards this year,
take one card and send it to this address. If
                                                                               June 10th Neon Detour
we pass this on and everyone sends one card,
                                                                               June 24th C’est la Vie
think of how many cards these wonderful
                                                                               July 8th Instant Karma
special people who have sacrificed so much
                                                                               July 22nd Chris Dura Band
would get. When you are making out your
                                                                               August 5th Music Jar
Christmas card list this year, include the
                                                                               August 19th Check One Two

       A Recovering American Soldier
       c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
       6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
       Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

     Pastor David Zahn of Zion Lutheran Church is planning a once in a lifetime eleven day tour to Alpine
   Europe. Please go to and then ‘Downloads” and open Alpine Europe Tour I
   and II for more information.
The Changing Times                                  The Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce

         Henry Drees Community Center 600 Pine Street Peshtigo
              SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6TH * 9am to 3pm

        *Santa will be visiting the children from 1-3pm*
                   Children’s Play Area with Supervision
                 Peshtigo Woman’s Club Members Bake Sale


    Homemade Soap, quilts, table runners, hot pads, wall hangings,
    aprons, welders hats, plastic bag holders, blown glass paper weights,
    perfume bottles, pendants, sculptures, baby quilts, fitted crib sheets,
    bibs, burp cloths, hanging towels, garden stones, Christmas lighted
    items, handmade jewelry, floral arrangements, solar lights.


    Home Interiors           Tastefully Simple                    Dove Chocolate
    Tupperware               Megan’s Purses                       MaryKay Cosmetics
    Linen World              Mineral Make-up                      Uppercase Living
    Pet Lane                 Avon                                 Latasia Jewelry
    Pampered Chef            Home & Garden Party                  SimplyFun

           Admission: $1 or a canned food item to be donated to the Peshtigo Food Pantry
The Changing Times                                                The Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce

 Larson Promoted to Branch Manager
    Beth Larson has recently been promoted to Branch Manager of The Stephenson
 National Bank & Trust (SNB&T) Oconto office.
    Larson has nearly 20 years of banking experience in Oconto as a teller, sales
 associate, CSR supervisor, and Assistant Branch Manager. She joined SNB&T in July 2001
 when the Oconto office opened for business.
    In her new position, she is responsible for managing the staff in Oconto, working with
 retail and commercial business customers, as well as consumer and mortgage lending.
   “With her extensive background in banking and hard work ethic, Beth is a perfect fit to
 manage our Oconto office,” said John Reinke, SNB&T president. “There is a strong team
 of knowledgeable staff behind her and they are ready to serve the needs of the
 community.” Larson is a past recipient of the bank’s Award of Excellence, an award

 given semi-annually to employees who demonstrate excellence in customer service, reliability, responsiveness to
 customer needs, superior job knowledge, professionalism, motivation and productivity.
    She is a graduate of the NWTC Principals of Banking Course and Supervisor/Management Course, and has completed
 the Wisconsin Bankers Association School of Lending Fundamentals as well as numerous seminars in the financial
 services field. Her volunteer activities include Teach Children to Save Day and volunteering at her church for various
 functions. She lives in Lena with her husband, Tom and they have two daughters and four grandchildren.
    The Stephenson National Bank & Trust is a 134-year old independent community bank with assets of $236 million
 and Trust assets exceeding $196 million. Offices are located in Marinette and Oconto, Wisconsin and Menominee,
 Michigan for more information about The Stephenson National Bank & Trust visit

 Justin Oberg Received Designation
    Justin Oberg of the financial services firm Edward Jones in Peshtigo has achieved the professional designation of
 Accredited Asset Management Specialist. Oberg successfully completed the Accredited Asset Management Specialist, or
 AAM, Professional Education Program from the Denver based College for Financial Planning. Those who complete the
 program, pass a final exam and sign a code of ethics and disclosure form earn the AAMS designation.
    This advanced training offers investment professionals the hands on information needed to provide comprehensive
 financial services. Study topics include understanding the asset management process to understanding asset allocation
 and strategies.
    Edward Jones provides financial services for individual investors in the Untied States and through its affiliates in
 Canada and the United Kingdom. Every aspect of the firm’s business from the types of investment options offered to the
 location of branch offices is designed to cater to investors in the communities in which they live and work. The firm’s
 10,000+ financial advisors work directly with more than 7 million clients to understand their personal goals—from
 college savings to retirement—and create long term investment solutions that emphasize a well-balanced portfolio and a
 buy-and-hold-strategy. Edward Jones embraces the importance of building long term, face-to-face relationships with
 clients, helping them to understand and make sense of the investment options available today.

 Fun and Easy Christmas Window Decorating
    Join the Christmas decorating fun! Local art students from Peshtigo
 Middle/High School led by Mrs. Devroy are painting area business windows for
 the holiday season.
    If your business is looking for some holiday decorating to be done by the
 local youth, please call Rick Thill, State Farm Insurance, at 715-582-4466,
 Sonny Kostreva, Peshtigo Leather and Upholstery, at 715-582-4444 or the
 Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce at 715-582-0327. Your only cost will be to
 buy the paint.
The Changing Times                               The Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce

      Mission Statement
  The purpose of the               The Menominee Animal Shelter is in the process of
  Peshtigo Chamber of           building a much needed addition to their facility but
  Commerce is to advance        they still need a lot of financial help to complete it.
                                This would be such a huge help right now, especially
  the economic, recreational,
                                with donations down with the current economic
  industrial, professional,     situation. It only takes a few seconds of your time to
  agricultural, cultural,       vote and the shelter could win a $25,000 grant!
  educational and civic
                                    The Animal Rescue site is awarding $100,000 in grants to eligible
  welfare of the Peshtigo       Petfinder member rescue organizations. The grand prize is a $25,000
  community and vicinity.       grant. Just imagine how many animals we could help with $25,000!
                                The rescue organizations with the most votes will win. You can click
                                to help animals at Vote for your
                                favorite participating shelter. Clicking and voting are free, with no
                                registration required. You can vote once every day during the
         We’re on the Web!
             Visit us at:

Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 36
Peshtigo, WI 54157