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About the Multi Arts Center                                   Hours
Our Mission:                                                  Monday through Thursday: 9am – 9pm
The City of Stillwater’s Multi Arts Center (MAC) is           Friday: 9am – 8pm
dedicated to education and outreach, and promotes             Saturday: 9am – 5pm
support for the arts and artists by providing a               Sunday: 2pm – 5pm
widespread community with opportunities to create,
explore and be exposed to various mediums of art.             Website
The MAC constantly strives to stimulate artistic              www.stillwater.org
creation and appreciation, and serves the public as
consumers and as artists by offering a variety of high        2009 Dates to Remember
quality classes for adults and children, as well as regular   January 1 – Closed
gallery installations.                                        January 2 – Enrollment begins for Spring classes
                                                              January 9-31 – Multi Arts Center Student Exhibit
The MAC is an open arts studio operated by the City           January 19 – Closed
of Stillwater’s Parks, Events and Recreation                  February 6-28 – “Something Red” Valentine Exhibit
Department. With over 14000 square feet of                    March 6-31 – Youth Art Exhibit
programming space, we are able to design a variety of         April 3-30 – Poetic Art Exhibit.
visual arts and craft experiences in both class and           April 18-20 – Closed for the Stillwater Arts &
workshop form. The MAC offers a relaxed, friendly,            Heritage Festival
and creative atmosphere for children and adults to            May 1-31 – Annual Art of the Woman Exhibit
                                                              Important Information
The MAC often partners with local and state
organizations to offer quality programming including          Remember, classes fill up quickly. Enroll by mail,
classes and special exhibits. Additionally, the MAC is        phone, or in person. Mail early! Payment is due at
proud to be one of only three municipal glassblowing          the time of registration. If unable to pay when
facilities in the U.S. The MAC can offer specialized          registering, you will be placed on a waiting list until
workshops and demonstrations for civic groups,                payment is received. The MAC accepts cash, checks,
visiting tour groups, scout badge workshops, children’s       Visa and Mastercard for class fees and gallery
birthday parties, and more. Please call to arrange your       purchases. Checks should be made payable to the
tour or workshop.                                             Multi Art Center. Supply fees must be paid by cash or
                                                              check, made payable to the instructor. If no supply
New semesters begin in January, May and September.            fee or list is shown, supplies are included in the
                                                              cost of the class.
MAC Summer Art Camp for Children:
Our Summer Art Camp is a great way for your child
to explore his or her creative side. Sessions run             Refund Policy
throughout the summer with eight mornings of fun and
discovery in the wonderful world of art. Kids will            Classes with insufficient enrollment will be cancelled
learn about many cultures and various artists’ work           and all fees returned. No refunds will be granted
through different art media. The summer culminates in         after the first class, or if a student misses any classes.
mid-August with a special exhibit featuring the work of       If an individual cancels their enrollment, it must be no
each child.                                                   later than one week before the class for fees to be
The Gift Gallery is an exhibit space where local artists
                                                              Attention Artists
can exhibit and sell their artwork. Open year round,
                                                              The Multi Arts Center is always on the look out for
the gallery offers unique, handmade items, and is a
                                                              passionate artists and creative class ideas. If you are
great place to find the perfect gift. The MAC also holds
                                                              interested in selling artwork in the Gift Gallery or
monthly themed special exhibits, and enjoys entries
                                                              teaching a class, please contact Jessica at
from all levels of artists. Check with the front desk for
                                                              405.533.8539 for more information.
submission guidelines. Enjoy delicious refreshments
during the opening receptions, held on the first Friday
                                                               A special thank you goes to the OSU Graphic
of every month (excluding August, November and
                                                              Design Professor Phil Choo, and his students Heath
December) from 5-8pm.
                                                              Potter, Cassie Post, Christopher Feltz, and Becky
                                                              Graheck, for the creation of this catalogue’s graphic
Stained and Hot Glass                                       Stained Glass Guided Open Studio
                                                            (Ages 18 & up)
Intro to Glass Bead Making   ng                             Patricia Torrey
(Ages 14 & up. Ages 11-13 may enroll if                     Pre-requisite: Beginning Stained Glass.
accompanied by a parent.)                                   Guided Open Studio allows students to work on
Lori Bode                                                   personal projects in an unstructured setting under
Learn how to make beautiful, unique glass beads. This       the guidance of an instructor. Fee includes solder,
class will cover the characteristics of a great bead, how   foil, and a limited selection of glass. Students wanting
to form beads, how to work with frit, and more.             to complete larger projects must provide their own
Thursdays, 5:30-8:30pm                                      glass.
February 5-26                                               Thursdays, 6:30-9:30pm
Class Fee: $55                                              March 26-April 9
Activity Number: 1115001                                    Class Fee: $45
                                                            Activity Number: 1132011
Basic Glass Fusing (Ages 14 & up)
Claire Zevnik-Cline                                         Intro to Glass Slumping (Ages 14 & up)
Learn the basic techniques of glass fusing. Complete        Claire Zevnik-Cline
two 6” shelves of design during this workshop, and          Slumping is the process of shaping glass forms by
turn your creations into eye-catching sun-catchers,         bending them into or over a mold. Students will first
jewelry pieces, or whatever you wish!                       learn to fuse colored glass, then learn how to slump.
Saturday, February 7, 10am-3pm                              Finished projects may include small decorative and
Class Fee: $45                                              useful bowls or other items.
Activity Number: 1125001                                    Saturday, 10am-2pm and Sunday, 2-5pm
                                                            April 4 & 5
Intermediate/Adv. Glass Fusing (Ages 14 & up)               Class Fee: $55
Claire Zevnik-Cline                                         Activity Number:1145001
Continue to advance your skills in glass fusing by
learning to use frits, dichroics, stringers and other       Intro to Glassblowing (Ages 18 & up)
materials during this two day workshop.                     Doug Fultz or Mark Gregory
Saturday, 10am-3pm and Sunday, 2-5pm                        Learn the basics of glassblowing in this one day
February 28 & March 1                                       workshop. Each student will complete at least one
Class Fee: $55                                              solid glass paperweight incorporating colored glass.
Activity Number: 1125011                                    This class is required to take any other glassblowing
                                                            class. Call for specific dates.
Supervised Open Studio for Glass Fusers                     Saturday, 9am-5pm
(Ages 14 & up)                                              Class Fee: $150 (each workshop)
Claire Zevnik-Cline                                         Activity Number: 1152001
Pre-requisite: Intermediate/Adv. Glass Fusing.
Work on your own glass fusing projects in a                 Glassblowing (Ages 18 & up)
supervised setting. Open studio students will have          Doug Fultz or Mark Gregory
access to fusing tools and kilns. Glass and jewelry         Continue to learn the awesome craft of glassblowing.
findings are not included and must be provided by the       Intermediate and advanced students will learn to
student. Open studio hours are available on Thursdays       make hollow pieces such as vases and bowls, as well
from 5-6:30 (except for the month of February) and          as experiment with other projects. To enroll in this
Fridays from noon-2pm. Students must enroll at least one    class the student must have taken Beginning
week in advance for each open studio session.               Glassblowing or be able to furnish evidence of
Fee per session: $30                                        proficiency in glassblowing. All classes meet from
Fee per session for 3 or more students: $10                 6:30-9:30pm.
                                                            1. Mondays, February 2-23
Beginning Stained Glass (Ages 18 & up)                           Class Fee: $175
Patricia Torrey                                                  All levels. Activity Number: 1152011
Introduce yourself to the art of stained glass creation.    2. Mondays, March 2-30
Learn basic techniques needed to finish a beautiful sun-         Class Fee: $200
catcher project. Choose from various patterns.                   All levels. Activity Number: 1152012
Thursdays, 6:30-9:30pm                                      3. Thursdays, January 8-March 26
February 5-26                                                    Class Fee: $450
Class Fee: $60                                                   Advanced students only.
Activity Number: 1132001                                         Activity Number: 1152021
Jewelry & Metalsmithing                                      Beginners Ceramics (Ages 13 & up)
                                                             Nathan Rice
Beginning Fine Jewelry & Metalsmithing                       Beginning students will work on basic techniques in
(Ages 18 & up)                                               ceramics, both on the wheel and in hand building, and
Joseph Richardson                                            will finish this semester long class with a collection of
This class is designed to teach a complete novice the        pottery that is both functional and aesthetically
fundamental skills of fine jewelry making, including         pleasing. Students will complete the following
soldering, piercing, forging, etching, stone setting and     projects on the wheel: cylinders, bowls (small and
general metal construction skills. Projects include          large), mugs, hollow vessels, deconstruction pots,
making and embellishing a metal vessel or box, making        found object, stacked pot. In addition, the following
a silver ring with a set precious stone such as a            hand built projects will be completed: 12” vessel,
sapphire or ruby, and constructing a silver bracelet.        duplicated container, self portrait, natural texture.
Mondays, 6-9pm                                               Tuesdays, 6-9pm
January 26-March 2                                           January 27 – April 28. No class March 17.
Class Fee: $140                                              Class Fee: $140
Activity Number: 1162001                                     Activity Number: 1185011

Intro to Silver Metal Clay (Ages 14 & up)                    Intermediate Ceramics (Ages 13 & up)
Claire Zevnik-Cline                                          Nathan Rice
Silver Metal Clay is a pliable material that can be easily   The ceramic projects completed in this class will
worked with using the hands or simple tools. When            require students to advance their techniques in
fired, the clay becomes a solid precious metal. Learn        throwing clay on the wheel. In addition to pursuing
how to work with Silver Metal Clay in this workshop          their own interests, students will complete the
to create simple jewelry pieces.                             following projects: set of 10 uniform cups, 3 marbled
Saturday, April 11, 10am-2pm                                 clay 12” vases, tea service for 7, set of 3 cascading
Class Fee: $55                                               lidded containers, large platter, open work vessels,
Activity Number: 1175001                                     art style vessels, and a set of 2 large stacked pots (at
                                                             least 36”). Students must be proficient in basic
                                                             throwing skills in order to participate in this class.
Clay and Pottery                                             Mondays, 6-9pm
                                                             January 26-April 27. No class March 16 or April 20.
Playing with Clay (Ages 16 & up)                             Class Fee: $145
Tandi Memmott                                                Activity Number: 1185021
Explore the possibilities with clay – both on the wheel
and hand building. This is a great introductory class        Advanced Ceramics (Ages 13 & up)
with a relaxed atmosphere that allows students to            Nathan Rice
experiment with clay and learn the basic skills needed       This challenging and exciting class is designed for
(wedging, centering, throwing, slab building, etc.) in       pottery students with advanced skills. The main
order to create their own projects. Learn to make            purpose of this class is to help students evaluate their
beautiful and functional ceramic glazed pieces. Potters      personal goals in ceramics and experiment with new
of all levels are invited to enroll to work on their         techniques in order to create new designs. Students
techniques.                                                  may have the opportunity to experiment with
Wednesdays, 6pm-9pm                                          slipcasting, handbuilding, wheel throwing, traditional
January 21-April 1. No class March 18.                       pottery, replicas, sculpting and more, based on
Class Fee: $130                                              interest.
Activity Number: 1185001                                     Thursdays, 6-9pm
                                                             January 29-April April 30. No class March 19.
                                                             Class Fee: $150
                                                             Activity Number: 1185031
Sculpting with Clay (Ages 18 & up)                          Monotype Printing
Mike Smolen                                                 (Ages 9 & up. Ages 5-8 may enroll if
Learn to sculpt the human figure using a live model as      accompanied by an adult.)
reference in this informal class. Projects include a head   Bill Miller
study of a live model, as well as a full figure if time     A monotype is a one of a kind, unique piece of
permits. No previous sculpting experience is                artwork made by painting a surface and then pressing
necessary. Sculptors of all levels are welcome to           the paper over it. Monotypes are completely unique
participate. Hollowed out sculptures may be fired           because only one or two images can be created
depending on kiln availability.                             before the paint is used up from the original surface.
Tuesdays, 7-9:30                                            Learn how to create watercolor monotypes in this
January 27-March 31. No class February 10 or                fun and easy beginning level class.
March 24.                                                   Monday, February 9, 6-8pm
Class Fee: $90                                              Class Fee: $10
Activity Number: 1192001                                    Activity Number: 1235001

                                                            Intermediate & Advanced Acrylic Painting
Painting and Drawing                                        (Ages 13 & up)
                                                            Bill Miller
Drawing (Ages 14 & up)                                      Further develop your skill as a painter by learning the
Chance Hays                                                 many techniques and benefits of painting with
This semester long class will focus on honing skills in     acrylics, as well as gain tips on purchasing quality
drawing, beginning with basic techniques and moving         supplies. Students will complete at least one 14x16
on to more advanced methods. Students will start by         painting, using a reference picture of their choice.
drawing simple still lifes and progress to working with     Wednesdays, 7-9pm
intense dark and light shades, as well as outdoor           March 4-April 1. No class March 18.
drawing activities.                                         Class Fee: $45. Supply list.
Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30am                                      Activity Number: 1245001
January 20-April 28.
Class Fee: $85. Supply List.
Activity Number: 1205001
                                                            Textile and Fiber Arts
Watercolor (Ages 14 & up)
Chance Hays                                                 Fast and Easy Crazy Quilt Blocks
In this class dedicated to watercolor techniques,           (Ages 18 & up)
students will learn various methods of manipulating         Sherrill Lewis
watercolor paints and brushes to advance their ability      Chain and slice your way to an intricately pieced 12”
in using this translucent medium. Several paintings will    block without sewing the tiny pieces and seams.
be completed, including about four large size paintings.    Faster than sew-n-flip or old fashioned landscape
Tuesdays, 5-7:30pm                                          methods; sew four blocks in no time flat. Students
January 20-April 28                                         must be familiar with machine sewing. Choose from
Class Fee: $100. Supply List.                               two times.
Activity Number: 1215001                                    1. Tuesday, January 20, 1-4:30pm
                                                                Activity Number: 1252001
Pastels (Ages 14 & up)                                      2. Tuesday, January 20, 6-9:30pm
Chance Hays                                                     Activity Number: 1252002
Take your drawing skills to the next level by learning      Class Fee: $25. Supply list.
to use pastels. Students will learn how to mix dry
media and create colored drawings using hard and soft
pastels and charcoals.
Thursdays, 9:30-11:30am
January 22-April 30
Class Fee: $85. Supply List
Activity Number: 1225001
Embroidery Workshop Series (Ages 14 & up)                  Cake Walk Lap Quilt (Ages 18 & up)
Sherrill Lewis                                             Susan Oliver
These workshops are technique, not project oriented.       Create a lap sized quilt (up to 64 ½ “ square) from a
Beginning Embroidery                                       Jelly Roll and a Layer Cake. Rotary cutting techniques
This workshop is great for beginners or those who are      will be covered, and this class is recommended for
looking for a refresher on the basics. Create a sampler    beginning and intermediate students. This class does
of 10 basic stitches. Choose from two times.               not cover machine quilting, binding or finishing.
1. Thursday, January 22, 1-4:30pm                          Saturday, February 21, 9am-5pm
     Activity Number: 1265001                              Class Fee: $25. Supply List.
2. Thursday, January 22, 6-9:30pm                          Activity Number: 1292001
     Activity Number: 1265002
Intermediate Embroidery Stitches                           Pfaff Grand Quilter Workshop (Ages 18 & up)
Create a sampler of 12 less familiar stitches including    Susan Oliver
Cretan, Holbein, wheatear and more.                        Each student will learn the basics of using the Grand
Saturday, January 24, 1-4:30pm                             Quilter machine at the Multi Arts Center, including
Activity Number: 1265011                                   sewing/pining zippers on the quilt top and backing,
Composite Embroidery Stitches                              loading a quilt on the frame, practicing quilting with
For more advanced students, this class will build upon     the machine and frame, and more. Completion of this
stitches learned in the previous workshops to create       workshop is required for those who would like to
thread embroidery that looks like lace.                    rent time on the machine to work on their own
Saturday, February 7, 1-4:30pm                             projects.
Activity Number: 1265021                                   Saturday, February 28, 9am-5pm
                                                           Class Fee: $25
Each separate workshop costs: $50                          Activity Number: 1302001
Enroll in all three for $80
                                                           Photo Transfer for Quilting (Ages 18 & up)
Natural Dyes (Ages 14 & up)                                Susan Oliver
Gina Levesque                                              Bring your favorite photographs (either printed or on
Learn about the art and history of fabric dyeing using     a USB device) and learn to print them on fabric. The
natural dyes. Traditional dyes used will include indigo,   quilt top created in this workshop will be up to 21”
cochineal, osage orange, and many more. Dye pots will      square and will accent thirteen 3 ½“ squares of
include cotton, linen, and basket making materials.        photos. Students will also learn how to use this
Students are encouraged to bring their own fabric to       technique to create personal quilt labels.
test in the dye pots. Each student will take home a        Saturday, March 7, 9am-5pm
recipe book and fabric swatches.                           Class Fee: $45
Saturday, January 31, 9am-5pm                              Activity Number: 1312001
Class Fee: $35
Activity Number: 1275001                                   I Spy Wall Hanging (Ages 18 & up)
                                                           Susan Oliver
Ribbon Star Table Topper (Ages 18 & up)                    Learn how to create this great pattern to showcase
Susan Oliver                                               your personal photographs printed on fabric or
This is a great workshop for the beginner quilter.         novelty fabric. The quilt top will be up to 21” square.
Learn to make a star block and a ribbon border using a     This class does not cover machine quilting, binding or
Fons & Porter ruler for half square and quarter square     finishing.
triangles. The ruler is not required, and other            Saturday, March 28, 9am-5pm
techniques will be taught to achieve the same result.      Class Fee: $25. Supply List.
The quilt top will be 24” square. This class does not      Activity Number: 1322001
cover machine quilting, binding or finishing.
Saturday, January 31, 9:30am-3pm                           Free Style Embroidery (Ages 14 & up)
Class Fee: $20. Supply list.                               Gina Levesque
Activity Number: 1282001                                   Novice fiber artists will learn basic embroidery
                                                           stitches to be able to embellish a small felted wool
                                                           coin purse or needle case.
                                                           Saturday, April 25, 9am-noon
                                                           Class Fee: $20
                                                           Activity Number: 1335001
Spinning on a Drop Spindle (Ages 14 & up)                 Woodburning Art Painting (Ages 12 & up)
Gina Levesque                                             Kristin Gentry
A drop spindle is a wooden spike weighted at one end      Learn basic woodburning techniques to create a
with a circular whorl, and is used to spin wool into      beautiful wood burnt composition on an 8x8 flat
thread. Spindles may represent some of the earliest       piece of wood. Enhance your creation by painting to
technology available to humankind. Learn this ancient     make something truly unique! Some drawing skills are
technique of carding wool and spinning it into yarn. If   helpful.
time permits, students may also have the chance to try    Sunday, March 15, 2-4pm
spinning on wheels.                                       Class Fee: $30
Saturday, April 25, noon-5pm                              Activity Number: 1375001
Class Fee: $50
Activity Number: 1345001
Convergence Quilt (Ages 18 & up)
Susan Oliver                                              Beginning Digital Photography (Ages 13 & up)
In this workshop students will make a Convergence         Linda Guenther
Quilt using techniques from Ricky Tim’s instruction       This class will give new photographers a basic
book. Beginning students will work on a simple            understanding of composition and lighting using
convergence, learning rotary cutting and strip piecing.   “point and shoot” digital cameras. Students will be
Intermediate students will focus more on color. The       given shooting assignments each week, and the
quilt top will be up to 36”x42”. This class does not      images will be evaluated during class. Students should
cover machine quilting, binding or finishing.             bring their cameras to class, and must be able to
Saturday, April 25, 9am-5pm                               download their photos from the camera to a flash
Class Fee: $25. Supply List.                              drive for viewing in class.
Activity Number: 1352001                                  Tuesdays, 7-9pm
                                                          February 3-24
Quilting Bee: Organized Open Studio                       Class Fee: $30
No Instructor                                             Activity Number: 1385001
This is a pre-scheduled open studio time allowing
quilters to socialize while working on individual         Weekend in the Darkroom (Ages 14 & up)
projects. There is no instruction offered. For open       Claire Zevnik-Cline
studio details, see the last page of this catalogue.      Beginning students will learn how to print black &
Thursdays 6pm                                             white photographs from negatives, and work on skills
January 8-April 30                                        such as cropping, burning and dodging. Experienced
Open Studio Fee: $10 per month                            students will learn new skills in manipulating
                                                          photographs and special effects. Students should
                                                          come prepared for the first class with at least one
Woodworking                                               roll of processed 35mm black & white film.
                                                          Saturday, April 25, 1-5pm AND
Woodturning – Turning Bowls (Ages 12 & up)
                                                          Sunday, April 26, 2-5pm
Daniel Livsey
                                                          Class Fee: $40
Learn to turn beautiful wood bowls with both finished
                                                          Activity Number: 1395001
and unfinished rims. This class will also cover tool
selection and technique, and the difficulty of projects
will depend on the students’ level of experience.
Beginners and more advanced students are welcome
to enroll. Choose from two classes, or enroll in both.    Traditional Soapmaking (Ages 18 & up)
Fridays, 6-8pm AND                                        Lisa Lincoln
Saturdays, 9am-4pm. Lunch break from noon-1pm.            Learn the art of soapmaking. Choose from a variety
Class Fee: $55                                            of different scents to personalize your soaps.
1. February 20-28                                         Handmade soap makes a great gift for you or for a
     Activity Number: 1365001                             friend!
2. March 27-April 4                                       Saturday, January 24, 9am-noon
     Activity Number: 1365002                             Class Fee: $20
                                                          Activity Number: 1402001
Art Dolls (Ages 13 & up)                                  Basic Italic Calligraphy
Sherrill Lewis                                            Al Tongco
Make and stuff a simple doll, then go wild with           This class covers the fundamentals of the Italic
embellishments! Create your alter ego or whatever         letterform, also known as Chancery cursive. These
character you choose. Basic knowledge of machine          basic skills are considered to be the foundation of
sewing is necessary. Students must bring their own        calligraphy, and mastery of them is necessary for
machine. Choose from two times.                           participation in the more advanced classes.
1. Wednesday January 28, 1-4:30                           1. For ages 7-12:
    Activity Number: 1415001                                    Tuesdays & Fridays, 6-8pm
2. Wednesday January 28, 6-9:30                                 March 3-24
    Activity Number: 1415002
                                                                Class Fee: $30. Supply List
                                                                Activity Number: 1461001
Class Fee: $25. Supply List.
                                                          2. For ages 13 to adult:
                                                                Mondays and Thursdays, 6-8:30pm
Cooking with Herbs (Ages 18 & up)
Jacqui Savage                                                   March 2-23
Learn how to use herbs to enhance your favorite                 Class Fee: $40. Supply list.
everyday meals. Students will learn to prepare several          Activity Number: 1465001
dishes using fresh and dried herbs. The class ends with
a delicious tasting of all the dishes.                    Intermediate Flourished Italic Calligraphy
Saturday, February 7, 9am-1pm                             (Ages 7 & up)
Class Fee: $30                                            Al Tongco
Activity Number: 122001                                   This intensive, hands-on workshop will focus on the
                                                          intricacies of Italic flourishing as built upon the basic
Gourd Birdhouses (Ages 18 & up)                           letterforms.
Mary Ann Gibson                                           Saturday, April 4, 9am-5pm
Give the birds a home during these cold months!           Class Fee: $35. Supply list.
Create a one of a kind painted birdhouse from dried       Activity Number: 1465011
and cleaned gourds.
Wednesday, February 18, 9-11am                            Gothic Black Letter Calligraphy
Class Fee: $20                                            (Ages 7 & up)
Activity Number: 1432001                                  Al Tongco
                                                          This intensive, hands-on workshop will focus on the
Found Object Figurative Sculpture                         modern Gothic-Blackletter letterform, and method
(Ages 14 & up)                                            to simplify the complexity of this beautiful lettering
Kate Blalack                                              style. Skills in this workshop build upon techniques
Let your imagination lead the way when learning to        taught in early classes.
create a sculpture from everyday found objects.           Saturday, April 11, 9am-5pm
Students will learn how to make a wire armature of a      Class Fee: $35. Supply list.
figure, then use Fimo, paper clay and other various       Activity Number: 1465021
materials to bring the figures to life. This class may
include short field trips to local antique stores in      Hands-on Art History (Ages 7 & up)
search of materials.                                      Bill Miller
Saturday 10am-2pm and Sunday 2-5pm                        This class is a fun and interactive way to learn about
February 21-28                                            art history, as well as different styles of painting,
Class Fee: $65                                            sculptures, and more. As students learn about art
Activity Number: 1445001                                  history, they will complete several multi-media
                                                          projects that support the time period studied, such
Beaded Needlecase – Peyote Stitch Technique               as Impressionism, Cubism, and others.
(Ages 18 & up)                                            Wednesdays, 5-7pm
Sherrill Lewis                                            March 4-25. No class March 18.
In this beginner level workshop students will learn the   Class Fee: $45
basics of the tubular peyote stitch while creating a      Activity Number: 1475001
distinctive red, white and blue cover for a wooden
Saturday, February 28, 10am-4pm
Class Fee: $60. Supply list.
Activity Number: 1452001
Gourd Bowl with Decorative Rim                              Cooking with a Story
(Ages 16 & up)                                              3. For 9 & 10 year olds
Iris Eby                                                       April 9-30
Choose from a variety of materials including pine              Class Fee: $40
needles, sea grass and leather lacing to decorate a            Activity Number: 1511003
gourd bowl.
Saturday, March 14, 9am-noon                                Clay Beadmaking (Ages 9-12)
Class Fee: $20                                              Kristin Gentry
Activity Number: 1485001                                    Learn how to make clay beads that look just like
                                                            miniature cupcakes with colorful icing! Students will
Herb Propagation (Ages 18 & up)                             also learn how to make other beads to complete a
Jacqui Savage                                               coordinated necklace or bracelet that looks good
Learn how to successfully grow herbs at home to have        enough to eat. Choose from two dates.
the pleasure of picking fresh herbs for your meals and      1. Saturday, January 24, 2:30-4pm
save money at the grocery store! Students will also               Activity Number: 1521001
learn how to preserve your favorite summer herbs for        2. Saturday, March 14, 2:30-4pm
winter use. Each student will take home their own set             Activity Number: 1521002
of seeds to plant and seedlings to transplant.
                                                            Class Fee: $20
Saturday, March 28, 9:30am-12:30pm
Class Fee: $25
                                                            Rubber Stamp Printmaking (Ages 9-11)
Activity Number: 1492001
                                                            Kristin Gentry & Lindsey Martin
                                                            Learn traditional printmaking techniques by carving
                                                            your own design into a rubber stamp, painting the
     Kids’ Workshops and                                    surface, then transfering the image onto paper.
            Classes                                         Students complete the class with their own stamp
                                                            and a set of twelve notecards for Valentines Day.
*Please note that other classes open to young               Sunday, February 1, 2-4:30pm
ages may be located throughout the catalogue.               Class Fee: $30
                                                            Activity Number: 1531001

Beginning Drawing & Watercolor (Ages 9-12)                  Wee Art for 2 to 4 Year-olds
Chance Hays                                                 Dawn Slanker
Young children will have the opportunity to begin           With the help of a parent or guardian, children will
molding their artistic abilities with the fundamentals of   be introduced to a variety of artistic media including
art. Students will learn basic techniques in drawing and    paint, ink, clay and paper mache and more! This class
watercolor.                                                 provides a great opportunity for you and your child
Thursdays, 5-7:30pm                                         to bond while exploring the world of art.
January 22-April 30. No class March 19.                     Fridays, 10-11am
Class Fee: $100                                             February 6-March 27
Activity Number: 1501001                                    Class Fee $40
                                                            Activity Number: 1541001
Cooking with a Story
Jacqui Savage                                               Valentine Chocolate Making (Ages 5-7)
Kids will experience stirring up some tasty delights.       Kristin Gentry
While waiting for the food to bake, a story will be read    With the help of a parent or guardian, children will
and the class will create an art project related to the     learn how to make delicious flowers and hearts using
illustrations from the book. Kids will also decorate an     candy molds, colored chocolate and other
apron and their own recipe book to continue cooking         decorations. A great workshop just in time for
at home.                                                    Valentine’s Day! An adult must attend with the child.
Thursdays, 4-5:15                                           Sunday, February 8, 3-4:30pm
1. For 5 & 6 year olds                                      Class Fee: $15
      January 29-February 19                                Activity Number: 1551001
      Class Fee: $40
      Activity Number: 1511001
2. For 7 & 8 year olds
      March 5-April 2. No class March 19.
      Class Fee: $40
      Activity Number: 1511002
Valentine Cookie Decorating (Ages 2-4)                   OPEN STUDIOS
Kristin Gentry                                           Open studios are ongoing, year-round opportunities
Young artists will have the chance to make their own     to advance your skills as an artist by working
decisions and explore their creativity in this cookie    independently. Students must be able to demonstrate
decorating workshop. The cookies will be pre-baked       previous experience in their chosen media. All fees
so kids can focus on mixing their own colored icing      refer to students who are not currently enrolled in
and decorating a beautiful and delicious batch of        an instructional class at the MAC. Students currently
Valentine themed cookies. An adult must attend with      enrolled may use the space free of charge to work on
the child.                                               class projects. The space is available for use during
Friday, February 13, 2-3:30pm                            regular MAC hours, when it is not being used by a
Class Fee: $10                                           scheduled class.
Activity Number: 1561001                                 Ceramics and Sculpture
                                                         Studio Fee: $7 per week
St. Patty’s Day Cookie Decorating (Ages 2-4)             You are responsible for providing clay. You may
Lindsey Martin                                           make clay in the MAC’s pug mill for $35.00 per 100
Young artists will have the chance to make their own     pounds of clay.
decisions and explore their creativity in this cookie    Stained Glass
decorating workshop. The cookies will be pre-baked       Studio Fee: $10 per week
so kids can focus on mixing their own colored icing      Special permission from the instructor is needed to
and decorating a beautiful and delicious batch of St.    participate. You are responsible for providing all
Patrick’s Day themed cookies. An adult must attend       expendable materials, including glass, foil, copper,
with the child.                                          solder, etc.
Sunday, March 15, 3-4pm                                  Weaving
Class Fee: $10                                           Studio Fee: $10 per month
Activity Number: 1571001                                 Quilting
                                                         Studio Fee: $10 per month
Paint Like Pollock! (Ages 5-6)                           You are responsible for providing cutters and a
Lindsey Martin                                           sewing machine.
Throw your paint without getting in trouble! In this     Grand Quilter Machine Fee: $3 per hour
workshop kids will experience what it is like to paint   Darkroom
like the famous painter Jackson Pollock. Learn about     Studio Fee: $10 per week. You are responsible for
mixing paints and Pollock’s drip method of painting.     providing film and paper.
This workshop will be held outdoors, weather
permitting. Choose from two dates.
1. Sunday, March 29, 3-4pm
     Activity Number: 1581001                                     REMEMBER –
2. Sunday, April 5, 3-4pm
     Activity Number: 1581002
                                                                ENROLLMENT BEGINS
Class Fee: $10                                               FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, AT 9AM.
Easter Cookie Decorating (Ages 2-4)                        Classes are filled on first-come, first-served basis.
Kristin Gentry                                               Additional classes are added through-out the
Celebrate Easter with your child in this workshop.         semester; please check often for new additions.
This is a fun class where young children can create
their own icing colors to decorate cookies in fun
shapes. An adult must attend with the child.
Saturday, April 4, 2-3:30pm                                             Refund Policy
Class Fee: $10
Activity Number: 1591001                                 Classes with insufficient enrollment will be cancelled
                                                         and all fees returned. No refunds will be granted
                                                         after the first class, or if a student misses any classes.
                                                         If an individual cancels their enrollment, it must be no
                                                         later than one week before the class for fees to be
                                       Beginning to Advanced Ceramics with
Woodburning with Kristin Gentry          Nathan Rice or Tandi Memmott

   Woodturning with Daniel Livsey

                                    Ribbon Star Table Topper with Susan Oliver

     Calligraphy with Al Tongco

                                               Glassblowing with
                                           Doug Fultz or Mark Gregory

  Clay Sculpture with Mike Smolen
Registration Form
 Student Information

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 Address: ________________________________________________________________________

 City : ____________________________________                      State: ______ Zip: __________________

 Home Phone: ____________________________ Work or Cell Phone: _______________________

 If student is under 18, please give age: __________ Grade: ________ Date of Birth: _____________

 Parent/Guardian Name: __________________________________________________________

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 Email Address: ___________________________________________________________________

 Class Information

 Class Name & Activity Number                                                      Class Fee:
       ______________________________________                                      _________________

       ______________________________________                                      _________________

       ______________________________________                                      _________________

                                                                  Total Fees:      _________________

 Please make checks payable to the Multi Arts Center. Payment is due at the time of registration. Enrollment is on a first-paid

 Classes with insufficient enrollment will be cancelled & all fees returned. No refunds will be granted after the first class, or if a
 student misses any classes. If an individual cancels their enrollment, it must be no later than one week before the class for fees
 to be returned.

 The City of Stillwater’s Parks, Events & Recreation Department is committed to an inclusive approach to recreation. Inclusion
 refers to a philosophy that goes well beyond non-discrimination & takes a proactive approach to including all people in all
 programs and services. If you have a need for reasonable accommodations and/or financial assistance, please call the Program
 Manager at 405-533-8505.

 The undersigned agree that the City of Stillwater and PE&R Department or any of its agents, agencies, boards or staff, shall be
 released from liability, claims, or demands whatsoever in the event of any accident or injury to said participant resulting
 directly or indirectly from their participation in a Stillwater PE&R program or activity.

 Abusive or insulting remarks to or about supervisors, instructors, or other participants of the program are prohibited.
 Violation of this will result in suspension from attending PE&R programs until reinstated by the Program Manager.
 Furthermore, I understand that by signing this form I accept the purpose and philosophy of the program.

 Signature of Student or Parent/Guardian __________________________________________
Multi Arts Center
1001 S. Duck
Stillwater, Ok 74074

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