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									              Sub: Statistics                                                                                  Topic: ANOVA

              Multiple choices related to ANOVA.

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              1. An ANOVA procedure is used for data obtained from four populations. Four samples, each
              comprised of 30 observations, were taken from the four populations. The numerator and
              denominator (respectively) degrees of freedom for the critical value of F are

              a. 3 and 30

              b. 4 and 30

              c. 3 and 119

              d. 3 and 116

              e. None of the above answers is correct

              Ans: D

              2. Which of the following is not a required assumption for the analysis of variance?

              a. The random variable of interest for each population has a normal distribution

              b. The variance associated with the random variable must be the same for each population

              c. At least 3 populations are under consideration

              d. All of the above are required assumpt
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