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					      April 2006
      Volume 1, Issue 5

                                                        Old Dominion Blacksmith Association/ 434-335-5621
  President: Bobby Floyd

  Editor: Mora Larson
  Treasurer: Charlie Boothe
  V.P. Administration: Rick Green
  V.P. Library: Wendell Wyland                                                   Edited by Mora Larson
  Recorder/Producer: Glen Bryant
  Asst. Recorder/Producer: Reo Garrett

                                                              President‘s Message
                                         I cannot remember when I             in the country demonstrate and       started off late because of
                                         have been so excited about           explain some of things he            the threatening weather and
                                         something as on that Saturday        knows about this historic craft      some members
                                         in April when Peter Ross came        to you.                              underestimated the distance
                                         and demonstrated for ODBSA.            I must thank the ones who          to get to the ―suburb of the
                                         I had invited Peter to our home      made this wonderful experience       Boonies‖. Thanks again to
                                         and did not have a shop for him      possible. George Juettner, a         Wendell Wyland (VP) and
                                         so the pressure was on. Thank        member and a retired general         Mora Larson (Editor) for
                                                                              contractor from New Jersey for
                                         goodness that we had a mild                                               pitching in and working the
                                                                              designing and helping me frame
                                         winter! The last of the              the building in. Jocelyne Floyd,     sign in table besides doing
                                         weatherboards went on eight          my wife, for preparing the meal,     their regular responsibilities
                                         days before the event. I should      Phyllis Juettner for helping         at this meeting/demo. Your
                                         call my “Plantation Forge” the       Jocelyne and cleaning up the         commitment to ODBSA is
                                         Peter Ross building for it was       Cook House, Renee Boothe for         really appreciated by all.
                                         built for him and he christened      helping them the day of the          Charlie Boothe in his quiet
                                         it (first to use it) with his        demo. The day could not have         way again did another
                                         demonstration. Some days will        been possible without Charlie        masterful job of managing
                                         always be remembered and for         Boothe’s help during the week        the Iron-in-the Hat. Thank
                                                                              leading up to the event. His
                                         those who enjoy blacksmithing                                             you Sarah Anderson (Peyton
                                                                              portable forge with his 400
                                         as I do, this day will remain        blower, lighting and his “gold”      Anderson‘s wife and Mike
  President‘s Message                    with you for life because you        coal was again used.
                                         just had the premier blacksmith                                               Message cont. on page 7
  Questions and Answers                                                          The Day meeting/demo
A Tale by Rick Green; The Ups and

  Downs of Blacksmithing    3

  Current News              4                                            Questions and Answers
  Review by Mora Larson     8            (Many of you have asked these questions and I thought it would be good time to post them).

  Next Meeting              9
                                         Q. When did you think of forming this association?
                                         A. One day last October when Charlie Boothe and I were in his shop in Nathalie, Virginia while banging
                                         on some metal decided to form a group even if we‘re the only two members.
                                         Q. Is it true that everything is working smoothly for the Association?
                                         A. Not always the case but I never dwell on the negatives. A positive attitude is key to anything you do
                                         in life. We all try to do our best but we will continue making mistakes. When you are dealing with the
                                         public at large you will never please everyone. I am very satisfied with the direction the ODBSA is going
                                         and the tremendous help that I am having with the officers and members.
                                         Q. What if the association gets too large?
                                         A. It is not a question of too large an organization but how many members/guest can observe the
                                         demonstrator in some of these shops. Most shop will only accommodate about 50 people. So if we
                                         approach that number continuously we might have to limit the number of members and/or guests
                                         Q. What do you consider the maximum numbers of members are?
                                         A. That is a hard question to answer and all that I can tell you is what other professional blacksmiths and
                                         associations have told me. ― As time goes by, you will be lucky to get 20 percent of members attend.‖
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                                                 Questions and Answers continued
                         ―As members learn the craft after a few years they start to leave,‖ ― a lot of blacksmithing hobbies will
                         show up to just a few meeting/demonstrations and then quit.‖ As you know we have been having
                         between 40 to 50 percent attendance of members. With guest these percentages are higher. One large,
                         long time association that has 250 members and only have quarterly events had 44 in attendance at
                         their last meeting.
                         Q. Do you think that you will be like most organizations and have less than 20 percent
                         A. There are a lot of good organizations out there that have this percent. It‘s really hard to fight
                         statistics. We will work hard in communications with members in the hope that we can do better but I
                         already see signs that this could happen to us.
                         Q. Just about all Blacksmithing organization has trouble getting officers. Does ODBSA?
                         A. That is a real problem. We have some excellent officers now but I believe in time we will have more
                         members willing to assist.
                         Q. What do you see for the future of the ODBSA?
                         A. I personally take one day at a time. Nothing is permanent. If ODBSA were to discontinue tomorrow, I
                         would know that we all did our best to keep it going. I plan to continue doing what we have done the
                         last five months providing different sites with gifted blacksmiths sharing their expertise with us. I believe
                         if we continue on the path that we have started, this association has a good chance of being around for
                         many years to come.
                         Q. What do you see for yourself?
                         A. My hope is that one of the members would step forward and be President next year so that I can
                         concentrate on learning blacksmithing and just be an active member.
                         Q. Why is the Iron-in-the-Hat emphasized so much?
                         A. We have no dues and it is the only way we have to pay expenses (like the professional blacksmith
                         Q. Why not have dues?
                         A. I hate chasing after money and besides that, not every member can attend all of our
                         meeting/demonstrations and their cost per meeting would be more than the ones that attend most of
“My hope is one of the   Q. Why charge $30 a year for the ones that want the Newsletter by regular mail?
members would step       A. Other members should not have to pay for this expense.
                         Q. Why is mail free to Educational Directors and Officers?
forward and be           A. This is our way of saying thanks for everything they are doing for ODBSA.
president next year so   Q. Why cover such a large area for membership?
that I can concentrate   A. We are mainly in a very rural part of the country and the number of blacksmiths and people
on learning              interested in blacksmithing is limited. To be able to see different shops and get members so that we
                         could afford the best demonstrators we needed to go outside the immediate area.
blacksmithing and just   Q. Wouldn’t it be easier to have one central meeting place?
be an active member.”    A. It definitely would be easier but we do not have the numbers in one particular area to support what
—Bobby Floyd             we are doing and it would take away something that others and I like and that is to see/visit other
                         blacksmithing shops.
                         Q. Why don’t you have meeting/demo’s during the weekdays like some other associations
                         instead of Saturday?
                         A. Because we do cover a large rural area and it is not feasible like the other groups that are located in a
                         more dense populated area.
                         Q. I see you had a meeting/demo on Sunday. Will you have another event on that day?
                         A. I have learned ―never to say never‖ but I will try not to do that again.
                         Q. Why do you think that ODBSA has grown in membership so fast?
                         A. There are a lot of variables: a need, nationally known blacksmiths demonstrators that we have had
                         and are going to have, large area to draw membership from, more people are becoming interested in
                         this craft, good officers and members with positive attitudes, we try to do what we say we will do, the
                         events are run on schedule, timing, personalized Newsletter, quality members, instant communication
                         (the Web) and we try to provide every venue possible for learning blacksmithing.
                         Q. Why do you use the computer so much?
                         A. In my opinion it is the best communication tool of our time. I don‘t use our Web site
                         like all other Web sites out there which are static (very little change) but instead I use it like (but better
                         than) Newspaper, TV or radio news. Sometimes I make changes daily with our Current News. Our
                         members have the opportunity go to our site and see what is going on as soon as it happens. Not only
                         instantaneous updates but also the cost of communication is drastically cut. Our members can read it at
                         their leisure and not have to wait for snail mail, telephone, or other ways of communication. E-mail is

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                                 More Questions and Answers
     another facet that is wonderful.                                              and enthusiasm.
     Q. What do you plan for the rest of the year?                                 Q. What are you most proud of?
     A. More of same.                                                              A. I‘m proud of everything that we have been able to do
     Q. Have you ever advertised in Newspaper for members?                         together: member of ABANA, article to be published in Anvil
     A. No, most initial membership was the result of Rick Green and               Fire, fast growth in membership and I believe it to be the
     Allen Hartman‘s ―hammer-in‖ and phone calls but the real growth               fastest in the United States and we are approaching to be
     recently has been by ODBSA members telling other people about us.             the largest guild or association in the State of Virginia, great
     Q. What have you mostly been criticized for?                                  members, the diversity of places where demonstrations were
     A. That‘s easy, that I‘m too wordy when I write. I‘ve tried to change         performed, the best demonstrators in the country
     and I agree that it‘s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.                    performing for us, the commitment of members to learn and
     Q. Is there a reason that you are pushing The Jacksonville                    participate in everything, the greatly improved participation
     Center for the Arts and Dale Morse for Blacksmithing                          in the Iron-in-the Hat with hand forge items, John Elliott
     Classes? Yes, because I am a firm believer in helping the ones that           bringing his box truck with blacksmithing supplies for all of
     help ODBSA, as they have and also, ODBSA has four of its Education            us, our tailgaters, the Library by Wendell Wyland, our terrific
     Directors teaching at Jacksonville Center.                                    Newsletter by Mora Larson, the filming of our events by Glen
     Q. What would you like most ODBSA members to do?                              Bryant and Reo Garrett, Charlie Boothe‘s superb skill in
     A. Participate in everything like the Iron-in-the –Hat and pitch in           managing his Iron-in-the Hat and Rick Green for his advice
     when asked to help, let me know early if you are planning to attend           and help he gives me. I believe ODBSA offers as much as
     the next meeting/demo, relax, don‘t take this to serious, have fun,           any organization in the country the opportunity for anyone
     be yourself, adhere to our goal, purpose and objectives and enjoy             to learn this craft. My greatest satisfaction is when I look
     what‘s being offered to you and keep a positive attitude.                     upon the members while they are absorbing the information
     Q. What has surprised you the most?                                           that the demonstrator is presenting and knowing that I had
     A. The willingness and eagerness of these professional Master                 something to do with making this happen.
     Blacksmiths to take their time for very little monetary rewards to
     spread their knowledge of this craft to all of us with such dedication        Bobby Floyd (President ODBSA)

     The Ups and Downs of Blacksmithing: A Humorous Tale
                               By Rick Green (V.P. Administration)

SOMETIMES DURING OUR QUEST TO         a problem because I had                 both     were     pondering     our
become true blacksmiths we have
                                      Bobby‘s phone number. I                 predicament but somehow in my
an experience or two that our
fellow smiths would find a little     figured we could call him on a          semi-photographic      memory     I
humorous. April‘s ODBSA meeting       cell phone once we reached              seemed to recall that we had to
at Bobby Floyd‘s shop (Buttercup      Gretna. That sounded like a             go on past Alta Vista on Route 40.
Forge) was just such an
                                      good enough plan so down                After nearly ten miles I came to
experience for Eric Bourhill and
myself so I thought I would share     Route 40 we went. Problem               the conclusion that Route 40 did
it with everyone.                     was I had forgotten to bring            not actually go anywhere near
           A little after 8 AM that   my cell phone but Eric had his          Alta Vista. Eric and I looked at
Saturday Eric and I met in Glade      phone so neither of us had a            each other and the ―L‖ word was
Hill so we could share a ride to      worry in the world. Before              on the tips of our tongues but
Long Island. We had not yet           long we got to Gretna but we            neither of us cared to utter it. I
pulled out on the road before we      were so engrossed at solving            looked at the clock in the dash;
both discovered that neither of us    the problems of the world that          8:30 still plenty of time. We just
had the directions to Bobby‘s         we didn‘t really think about            needed a map. Yeah! That is all
place. Eric had his blacksmith        where we were headed.                   we needed, a map! The only
dossier in the car but after          Eventually the conversation             trouble was that section of
shuffling through the contents for    got back to the problem at              country where we were traveling
five minutes he realized that his     hand and we began to                    was not the thriving metropolis
map was home on the table,            wonder where the H were                 that we needed it to be at that
which coincidentally was where        we? There was no cell service           particular time. The only buildings
mine was too. I told him it wasn‘t    either (Murphy‘s Law). We               we were passing were churches.

                                                                                Continued on page 5
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                  Current News and Information
                  Copy of newspaper article (front page) of          planning on attending the Sat. May 6th
                  ODBSA meeting/demo with Peter Ross on              meeting/demonstration
                  April 8th at the Buttercup Plantation in Long      (Donkey heads, Horse Heads etc.). It is imperative
                  Island, Virginia is at the bottom of Current       to let me know soon. We will be eating at Ferrum
                  News page on our Web site. It has been             College cafeteria and they need to know how
                  published in The Gazette Virginian, AltaVista      many to plan for. The meal will cost $5.00.
                  Journal, Chatham Star Tribune and Brookneal
                                                                         The following have told me that they are
                  Union Star.
                                                                     planning on Attending (as of April 25th): Bobby
                                                                     Floyd, Joe Rotenberry, Billy Phelps, Kevin Riddle, L.T.
                  Membership: ODBSA now have 81 members.
                                                                     Skinnell, Gerald Boggs, John Riddle, George
                                                                     Juettner, Michael Peay, Tim Stephenson, Tony
                  Help is needed: If you are interested in
                                                                     Gowen, Charles Whitting, Jerry Jones, Randy Cox,
                  helping the ODBSA as an officer or assistant,
                                                                     Glen Bryant, Reo Garrett,
                  please contact Bobby Floyd at 434-335-5621
                                                                     Note: The following members cannot attended this
                  or Two of the
                                                                     meeting/demo because they are fulfilling
                  requirements are: that you try to attend most
                                                                     ODBSA Purpose:
                  of the meetings and arrive one hour before
                                                                            1. Charlie Boothe: 3 day demonstration for the
                  each meeting starts. Positions available are:
                                                                     Halifax Heritage Festival
                  Assistant Editor (contact Mora Larson),
                                                                            2. David Tucciarone: Teaching a beginners
                  Assistant to Vice President
                                                                     blacksmithing course at The Jacksonvile Center.
                  (Administrator*sign-in table*) and Assistant
                                                                            3. Missy Coates: Taking a course with David T.
                  Treasurer (*helping with the
                                                                     at The Jacksonville Center.
                  Iron-in-the- Hat*). This is not required but it
                                                                            4. Mike Tanner: Demonstrating at the Heart of
                  would be helpful if the Assistant to Vice
 If you are                                                          Virginia Festival
                  President were to live in the area somewhere
 planning on                                                                5. Peyton Anderson: Demonstrating at the
                  around Stuart, Rock Mount, and Martinsville.
                                                                     Heart of Virgina Festival
 attending the    This person would also help in finding places
 Sat. May 6th     to hold our meetings/demonstrations in that
                                                                     We need an Assistant Editor: Mora Larson, our
 demonstration    area and coordinate membership in
                                                                     Editor, would like to have an Assistant Editor.
                  that area.
 (donkey heads,                                                      If you are interested please contact Mora. 434-542-
 horse heads                                                         4720 or
                  Participation: The ODBSA is "Not" about
 etc.) please     money but as a member/guest of ODBSA you
 let Bobby know                                                      Mary Bartelt the Winner: Congratulations to Mary
                  are, as of April 2006, "required" to Participate
 soon.                                                               for her painting was chosen as the Logo for ODBSA.
                  in the Iron-in-the-Hat. Donate an item and
                                                                     As the winner she will receive the first hat and t-shirt
                  also purchase tickets or the least desirable
                  way (forgot to bring an item, don't believe in
                  raffles, have no need for the items, don't
                                                                     43 in Attendance at our 4th meeting: Peter Ross,
                  know what to donate, don't like the items,
                                                                     Bobby Floyd, L.T. Skinnell, Charles Hanks, Jimmy
                  etc) should donate at least $10.00. Every
                                                                     Blanks, Missy Coates, Ellen Hendricks, Calvin Carey,
                  ODBSA member goal should be to make a
                                                                     Carol Carey, Michael Carey, Joe Smith, Mike Tanner,
                  hand forged item that other members
                                                                     Wendell Wyland, Peyton Anderson, Linda Tanner,
                  will purchase tickets for.
                                                                     Sarah Anderson, Richard Bartelt, Mary Bartelt,
                                                                     Jonathan Parker, Mike Wyland, Wendell Brooks, Jerry
                  Yesteryear Forge: We are very please to            Jones, Andy Bowling, Charlie Hudson, Mora Larson,
                  announce that Mike and Linda Tanner have           Reo Garrrett, Glen Bryant, Gerald Boggs, John
                  agreed to host our November meeting at their       Riddle, Kevin Riddle, Charlie Boothe, Renee Boothe,
                  place in Amelia. We are all looking forward        George Juettner, Phyllis Juettner, Dale Morse, John
                  to Mike Tanner and Peyton Anderson                 Hussey, Ann Hussey, Jocelyne Floyd, Joe Rotenberry,
                  demonstrations and to see Mike's collection of     Rick Green, Eric Bourhill, Sam Barksdale, Johnny
                  blacksmithing tools and equipment.                 Brooks and a few others that did not sign in. The
                  As many of us know he is a collector.              projected bad weather must have kept 14 others
                                                                     away, who said that they were planning on
                  Are you planning to attend? : If you are
                                                                                          Continued on page 6
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Ups and Downs, from page 3
Eric and I discussed the situation and decided to turn around and back track toward Gretna because we both dimly
recalled passing a couple of gas stations a few miles back.
           Once turned around we soon came upon one of those stations and Eric whipped the car into the parking
lot. Upon his exiting the car I thought I distinctly heard someone speaking in a tongue strange to me. I looked
around and there sat an older man on the corner of the sidewalk petting a dog and sort of jeering at Eric as only a
profoundly mentally challenged person can. It didn‘t take Eric long to size this situation up as he continued walking
toward the building keeping one eye on the fellow on the sidewalk. Much to his surprise he found the station was
closed (that Murphy again!). The sentry must have been trying to tell him this in his strange jargon. Eric quickly
returned to the car while saying something about that fellow wouldn‘t be of much help to us. We then proceeded to
the next gas station, which was about another mile up Route 40. Notice here that I said ―up‖ Route 40 because this
is a crucial part of the story. Upon pulling into that next gas station we realized that it was definitely open because
the door was standing wide open and there was an elderly man behind the counter. It looked promising thus far so
Eric leapt out of the car and through the doorway he went. I decided to wait in the car; after all there was no sense
in both of us compromising our manhood by admitting that we were lost. (There was no use in two men
condescending to a lower level by having to humble themselves in front of a perfect stranger.) I only knew that I
was thankful for Eric‘s sake that there were no other customers in the store. Actually Eric has no problem asking for
directions from strangers because he admitted to me once that he stays lost most of the time anyway. He believes it
is sheer luck that he finds his way home from work every night.
           Now we come to my favorite part of the story. I could see Eric‘s face through the glass storefront as he
faced the proprietor but I could not hear any part of their conversation (if only I had). This is how Eric related it to
me later:
Eric: ―Hello, do you sell road maps?‖
Store clerk: ―Nope.‖
After an awkward silence Eric realized this was all that he was going to get out of the man so he continued, ― Do you
know the way to Long Island?‖
Store clerk: ―Yep.‖
Now after an even longer silence Eric again realized that he was going to have to jump-start this conversation so he
asked outright, ― Will you tell me how to get to Long Island?‖
           The man was obviously not a conversationalist but he did force himself to begin by saying, ―You have to
go down Route 40 …‖ at which point Eric interjected the question, ―Which way is ‗down‘ Route 40?‖ (After all, we
were in flat land.) Now this question only seemed to aggravate the old man because this simple statement should
have been a given. It should have been a concept that any human who spoke English could have been able to grasp
but not poor Eric.
I must transgress at this point to explain to those raised in the city how direction is determined here in the Rural
South. Every child born has instilled in their brains from a very early age which way is what. North is up, (just look at
any map on a wall), that is where Yankees come from. South is down and that‘s a good place to be. (Why else
would all those Yankees be coming down here?) Now there are also other variables. State Route 40 runs east to
west. The western end runs into the Blue Ridge Mountains before it ends while the eastern end goes to the coast.            South is down
Water runs downhill; therefore east has to be down and west is up. Simple. Eric Bourhill never in over 45 years had
grasped this concept. He explained to me that he grew up in Catawba, Virginia which is a long narrow valley that            and that’s a good
runs east to west from Blacksburg to Fincastle. The watershed drains from about midway in two opposite directions
so both of these ways are down. North goes up one mountain and south goes up the other mountain so essentially              place to be. (Why
they have 2 ―ups‖ and 2 ―downs‖ in Catawba. I thought to myself what a heck of a place to grow up. No wonder
they built the Sanitarium there. Enough said so back to the story.                                                          else would all
           The disgusted store clerk leaned over the counter toward Eric and indicated with his finger. That way is up
(west), that way is down (east) and this way is sideways. At this point Eric almost lost it and started to laugh but the
                                                                                                                            those Yankees be
store clerk snapped, ―Pay attention!‖ and he realized this man was not smiling. Eric replied, ―Yes sir!‖ and the clerk      coming down
continued, ―Go down Route 40 and take a left on Route 640. Go three miles and you will come to a fork in the road.
Bear a right at this Y and that road takes you to Long Island. Have you got that?‖                                          here?)
Eric replied, ―I think so.‖ At which point the clerk commanded, ―Repeat it back to me!‖ (much to Eric‘s amusement).
Eric: ―You go ‗down‘ Route 40, take a left on 640. Bear a right at the Y and that takes you to Long Island.‖
After an eerie silence the clerk replied in a perfect deadpan, ―You forgot the three miles.‖ To which Eric quickly
replied, ―I am so sorry! OK. You go ‗down‘ Route 40. Turn left on 640. Go three miles and bear a right at the Y and
that takes you to Long Island!‖
The store clerk affirmed that he finally had it right. Eric thanked him and soon we were Long Island bound once
again. Once he was in the car Eric told me that the next time I would have to get the directions because that had
been just too intense for him.
           Pretty soon we found ourselves in thriving downtown Long Island, Virginia. There we found a set of
railroad tracks and several old abandoned store buildings all boarded up. That was it. No people anywhere. You
know I never realized that there were still ghost towns in this country. There isn‘t Jack in Long Island. Nada, zilch,
nothing! We did find right in the middle of this commercial haven a modern brick post office and it was even open.
Eric whipped us into the parking lot and once again he went in— he is a glutton for punishment I guess—assuming

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                                                 Ups and Downs (cont. from page 5)
     that someone inside would know something. Well guess what? The only person in there, whom I believe was the postmaster, sadly replied
     to Eric‘s question ―I am not from around here.‖ We don‘t know if he was part of the federal witness protection plan or maybe he was being
     punished by the U.S. Postal Service for being disgruntled or thirdly did he have the real postal workers bound and gagged in the back
     room? Suddenly the man had a revelation: ―Let me check the route map.‖ (Hooray, he had a map!) He disappeared into the back room for
     a good while (long enough for Eric to probably start pondering option three above) but finally he returned and told Eric that we had passed
     it on our way into town. Once again we turned around and back down the Yellow Brick Road we went (or was it up?). Shortly we found
     ourselves at Buttercup Plantation. We were about the last to arrive and Eric made the comment, ―Whew! We just did make it in time.‖ I
     looked at the clock in the car and it displayed 9:00 but Eric informed me that he never had changed it for Daylight Savings Time! Next time
     I‘ll bet we don‘t forget the directions.
                                                                                       —Rick Green

News Cont’d
                                                                        2. Bam Box with Tools
Iron-in-the Hat Donations: Mora Larson(Handmade soap                    3. Ron Kinyon Air Hammer
& dish), Mora Larson (Handmade bowl & soap), Mike Wyland                4. 2006 ABANA Seattle Personalized "Tom Clark" Hand Hammer
(flat bars), L.T. Skinnell (hand forged hook), Mike Tanner              Note: You are responsible for the cost of shipping if you were to
(hammer), Mike Tanner(chisel), MikeTanner (cold cutter),                win. If you are interested in participating, ticket sales will be at the
Mike Tanner (hammer handles), Mike Tanner (2 hand made                  sign-in table at our meeting.
twisting devices),Glen Bryant(hand-forge cross), Glen Bryant(           At the April meeting $110.00 of tickets were purchased. You have
hand forged wall sconce), David Hammer, a guest (gloves),               one more chance to buy tickets
L.T. Skinnell (hand-forged cross), Rick Green (rat tail tongs),         at our next meeting at Ferrum. We all should support ABANA.
Bobby Floyd (Hammer), Rick Green (anvil Magnets), Jerry
Jones (wrought iron), Missy Coates (sourdough bread),
Charlie Hudson ( metal spikes), Reo Garrett (springs),
Wendell Wyland (new drilling and screw driving set), Rick
Green (critical heat magnet), Rick Green (3 hammers), Rick
Green another (3 hammers) Peyton Anderson (wrench), Dale
Morse (swages), Dale Morse (swages), Reo Garrett(hand
forged cheese slicer), Peyton Anderson (gloves), Charlie
Hanks (hand forged poker), Bobby Floyd (easy out), Charlie
Boothe (new hammer), Charlie
Boothe (hand forged fork), L. T. Skinnell (hand forged cross),
Richard Bartelt (horse shoe nail puller). In my opinion this
was the best items donated with the smallest number of
members present to date. It's great to see hand made items
(everything in bold). Remember it does not have to be
blacksmithing items. Thanks, Mora
and Missy, your items were a real hit with the guys
and especially with our lady guests. This was one of our best
ticket sales and items donate yet. Thank you very much for
your participation. Bobby
ABANA Iron-In-The-Hat: The ABANA Conference will be
held in Seattle, Washington, on July 5-8 and they will
be having an Iron-In-The Hat drawing. They have mailed to
us 200 tickets at $1.00 each. All proceeds will benefit
ABANA's Educational Programs, Scholarship Program &
Affiliate Grant Program.
The four items for the drawing are:
1. Ozark Pattern Anvil with Stand and Tools
   ODBSA                                                                                                Page 7 of 9

President‘s Message continued from page 1
and Linda Tanner‘s daughter)     She was very excited to be         and your wife served to us was a
for helping in drawing           able to get the hammer, heat       feast fit for kings‖. ―The best I
numbers for the Iron-in-the-     the metal and bang on it. I        have ever had at any blacksmith
Hat. Glen Bryant and Reo         must say, congratulations to       gathering hands down.‖
Garrett were so skilled at       you, Missy, for making your        Dale Morse
their filming of Peter Ross      first hook with a twist in it.
demo that one almost forgot         After the event I finally had   2. When asked if he would
(which I did when I walked in    time to get a haircut, do my       consider coming back next year?
front of the camera) they        taxes and most importantly to      ―I‘d enjoy coming back next year‖
were doing their thing.          make the anvil ring (first time    ―I had a great time with your
Charlie Hanks, Gerald Boggs      in three months)                   group and look forward to the
and Charlie Boothe can now          Thank you Peter Ross for        next visit‖
boast that they assisted Peter   keeping the past alive with        Peter Ross
Ross. Good job guys in           your demonstration to us.
working the blower. Charlie      Peter could have left at 3 pm        Thank you all for attending and
B‘s ―claim to fame‖ is that he   but remained until 5pm             learning.
was a striker for Peter Ross.    (that‘s dedication). We all        Bobby Floyd (President of the
Jerry Jones took pictures and    thank you for your
downloaded them to my            commitment to this craft,
computer that day. I must        preserving the past and
thank my barking door- bells     helping ODBSA members
(Shiloh, Cody, MyLi and          understand more of this
Hobo), they were of great        historic trade. It was a great
assistance except when Peter     day because we had a great
was talking. Sorry guys.         blacksmithing demonstrator
  Really good tailgaters (Mike   and great blacksmithing
Tanner, Charlie Hudson,          friends.
Charlie Boothe and Joe
Rodenberry.                        Here are parts of some e-
  Congratulations to Dale        mail that I must share with
Morse for buying the ―baby‖      you all.
anvil (368 lbs) from Joe.
  Missy Coates had never 1.      1. ―Thank you so much for
worked with hot metal before     your efforts towards creating
this day. At the end of the      a top-notch blacksmithing
day she had her opportunity.     organization‖ ―the food you

                                                    Lock Made by Peter Ross
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           Review of Peter Ross Demonstration
                                                                By Mora Larson (Editor)

            Members of the ODBSA had the honor to have Williamsburg blacksmith Pete Ross
        demonstrate on Sat. April 8th hosted by Pres. Bobby Floyd and his beautiful wife Jocelyne at
        their handsome Buttercup Plantation. It was interesting to hear Pete‘s take on what people
        of today and colonial times wanted in a forged piece: today we often want that ―handmade
        look,‖ whereas in the 17th and 18th century the beaten, forged surface would often be
        transformed with filing and polishing. Pete‘s work exemplified this lovely finished look and
        we were fortunate to have him show us how to make a few simple pieces including a hook
        and staple, a latch, hasp, and tongs.
             Here is a run-down of some general advice from his demonstration. For more explicit
        instructions you should watch Pete Ross and Ken Schwartz‘s DVD on basic forge processes
        and borrow the DVD XXXX made at this meeting.

       Tools available now are much more accurate than colonial tools, e.g. the metal ruler. Use a
        metal ruler and a good set of calipers.
       Why not use as few tools as possible?
       Use the corner of your hammer as a fuller.
       Your peen head should be nearly flat, to leave less marks. (Pete‘s hammer, which he made,
        weighs approx. 35-40 oz.)
       Do not quench your work if possible. Quenching will harden your work.
       Pete‘s way of welding: have the two pieces to be welded of similar shape & equal weight.
        Put the pieces horizontally in the fire, flux — he used Borax— by spooning it onto pieces
        already in the fire. Welding heat is just below sparking.
       Do not think the longer the joint the stronger the joint: this is not gluing, this is fusion. The
        shorter the overlap the better.
       ―I suggest not making some special contortion to make your weld.‖ [Move the pieces into
        your normal working position.]
       When you put the pieces in the fire make sure they‘re in the right position for removing
        from the fire.
       To make a smoother transition, you can upset the area back from the scarf weld to
        compensate for the weld, e.g. attaching the reins to your tongs. Thicken back from the weld
        because the amount of material is already doubled at the weld.
       To reduce scale: do drastic shaping at the high end of the heat; smooth it during the red,
        low end of the heat. When you are done with a piece you can bring it to a dull red and air
        dry (or ―normalize‖) to relieve stress on the metal.
       Wire brushing is not historic—therefore use the above technique to make less scale.
       ―Plan ahead to prevent a problem, rather than fix it later.‖
       Your drift needs to be annealed tool steel—a drift is used to increase the size of a hole or
        shape a hole, into a rectangle for example.
       Who knew? ¼ in. square stock rounds out larger than ¼ in dia.
       The first eight to ten pair of tongs you make won‘t look good, but thereafter you should be
        able to make a pair of tongs that will be light, strong, and springy. Working with a good set
        of tongs will enable you to better concentrate. Plus, if your tools are a pleasure to use, your
        work will be better.
       The reins of tongs are not in the same plane usually—they are offset to fall naturally in the
        hand; for this reason there are left- and right-handed tongs.

            Pete Ross‘s easygoing yet exacting approach to blacksmithing energized those who
        found their way to Bobby‘s house Saturday. We hope Pete will come back soon.
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    Old Dominion
                         Next Meeting
  816 Honeybee Rd.
 Long Island, Virginia
                         Saturday May 6, 2006
                         Location: Blue Ridge Institute and Museum
       Phone:                         Ferrum College
    434-335-5621                      P.O. Box 1000
                                      Ferrum, Virginia 24088
      E-Mail:                         540-365-4416        Host: Roddy Moore, Director of the Blue Ridge Institute and Museum.
                                (Roddy told us that he worked for over a year at Colonial Williamsburg
                                gunshop and was the striker on the first gun barrel made there.)
                         Time: 10:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M.
                         Refreshments: coffee and pastries furnished
                         Lunch: 12:00 until 1:00 P.M. At Ferrum College cafeteria. Cost $5.00 each.

                         Techniques Used to Forge Animal Heads:
                         Demonstrators: Billy Phelps and Joe Rotenberry
                         Billy is one of the most impressive professional master blacksmiths that you could
                         ever meet. He is a local artisan whose extraordinary talent should be witnessed by
                         all. For over 30 years Billy has been demonstrating to the public his skill at moving
                         metal his way with an artistic flair that is truly awesome.
                         Joe is a professional Ferrier and as Billy says:‖ he is as good as I am." Some of us
We‘re on the Web!        have had the pleasure to see him perform and he is really good.
    See us at:           When explaining to Roddy Moore (Director of Blue Ridge Institute and Museum)
                         that we were in the process of finding a demonstrator for his location, he insisted            that he wanted Billy and Joe to do the job because he knows and respects both of
                         Billy and Joe's talent in this craft.