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									                  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated
                                    A Public Service Sorority Founded in 1913

                                       South Atlantic Region
April 2008

                                                                    Linda Richardson Wilson, Regional Director
                                                                    Tarryn Lael Simmons, Regional Representative

Greetings Sorors of the Sensational South Atlantic Region,

During the Fall 2007 Fall State Meeting cycle, you received information regarding the creation of the Delta
Leadership Fellows (DLF) program, a year-long coaching and development effort designed to encourage and
prepare sorors to attain leadership positions within and outside our sisterhood. The DLF program is now prepared
to offer the program for the 2008-2009 sorority year.

The DLF committee is currently identifying sorors who would like to serve as Mentees, Mentors, Advisors and
Observants for the 2008-2009 inaugural class. Mentees selected to participate in the program will work closely with
a mentor within her specific area of interest. If you have an aspiration to become a leader within a certain arena of
our Sorority or your community, we encourage you to consider applying to become a mentee in this year-long
program. A description of the Delta Leadership Fellows program and application materials may be found at the
South Atlantic regional website: http://www.dstsouthatlanticregion.org/ .     The application deadline is August 1,

If you are interested in providing your leadership expertise and guidance, we are seeking sorors to serve as
Mentors, Advisors, and Observants.        Mentors are asked to have held a leadership position within the Sorority
(national, regional and/or local level) and have served in a leadership capacity within the local community. Advisors
and Observants are not required to have held a leadership position within the sorority; however, these sorors must
have held an external leadership position. If you wish to serve in one of these capacities, kindly contact one of DLF
committee members (see below) or send a message to leadershipfellowsprogram@gmail.com.                      Additional
information regarding the DLF program may be found at the South Atlantic regional website.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in this effort to empower sorors to reach their full leadership potential. If you
have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the following committee members: Dr. Laquita Blockson, SC
Chair, Dr4t2d@yahoo.com; Evelyn Hart, NC Co-Chair, Ehart0148@aol.com; Penny Thompson, NC Co-Chair,
Ptmk61@yahoo.com; and, Sandra Cook, VA Chair, Sacook39@aol.com.

Yours in Delta,

       Annette                                  Linda                           Tarryn
M. Annette Goldring                     Linda R. Richardson             Tarryn L. Simmons
Leadership Fellows, Regional Chair      15th Regional Director          19th Regional Representative
mannettegoldring@aol.com                South Atlantic Region           South Atlantic Region
Delta Leadership Fellows
A Regional Leadership Program
sponsored by the South Atlantic
Region of Delta Sigma Theta
Sorority, Inc.
      Delta Leadership Fellows
       Development Program

 Delta Leadership Fellows (DLF) is a year-
 long regional leader development program
 for all sorors who aspire to hold a
 national, regional, or chapter leadership
 position or membership on councils or
 boards in their communities.
           Mission Statement

The purpose of the Delta Leadership
 Fellows development program is to…

“Implement an initiative that will identify,
  enhance, mentor, and empower sorors to
  reach their full leadership potential locally,
  regionally, and nationally within Delta
  Sigma Theta and externally within our
  various communities.”

To achieve this mission, DLF will survey and
 assess internal (sorority) leadership
 opportunities and external leadership

DLF will also collaborate with committees,
 programs, and organizations that provide
 leadership training, in order to develop,
 direct, and support our sorors in pursuing
 and achieving their leadership goals.
           Benchmarked Programs

   National African-American Women’s Leadership Institute
   GE Leadership Delta
   White House Fellows Program
   DHS Fellows Program (Dept of Homeland Security)
   MacArthur Fellows Program
   AMC Fellows Program (US Army Material Command
    Fellows Program)
   Minority Fellows Program
           Mentoring Opportunities

   Leadership Positions in Delta Sigma Theta:
        National Executive Committee (elected national officers)
        Chair, National or Regional Committee or Commission (elected
         and appointed)
        Member, National or Regional Committee or Commission
         (elected and appointed)
        Regional Director (elected)
        Regional Representative (elected)
        State Coordinator (appointed)
        State Facilitator (appointed)
        Chapter President (elected)
        Chapter Officer (elected)
        Chapter Committee Chair or Co-Chair   (appointed)
      Mentoring Opportunities

 Leadership       Opportunities External to
     Board Member
       – educational/school board
       – corporate board
       – nonprofit/charity board
     Civic Position
       – legislative positions (e.g., city/county council; state
       – executive positions (e.g., governor; mayor; city
       – national, state, county and city commissions
             Participants Will…

 Engage in a variety of activities, experiences and
  interactions that will significantly increase their
  leadership skills.
 Be paired with a mentor, who will guide them in
  developing their leadership skills.
   Be provided with an opportunity to meet and
    network with outstanding African-American
    women in different leadership roles.
       Participants Will Also…

 Learn  how to obtain leadership positions
  in Delta, their profession and their
 Enhance their chances of achieving
  distinction in their particular area of
    Leadership Fellows Criteria
 Mentors must have held a leadership position
  within Delta Sigma Theta and various other
  organizations within their communities.
 Mentees must have a desire to obtain
  leadership skills and opportunities via the
  Leadership Fellows Program.
 Advisors must be accessible to share
  experiences, provide feedback, coaching and
  leadership development to participants of the
  Leadership Fellows Program.
 Observants must be available throughout the
  process to provide assistance where needed or
  to become future participants of the program.
       Delta Leadership Fellows
          Calendar of Events

 Application Available during the Spring
  State Meeting Cycle (via disc, SAR
  website, and/or e-mail).
 Applications due by August 1, 2008 (after
  the National Convention).
 Participants identified September 1, 2008.
 Weekend Collaborative Program to be held
  November 14-16 or 21-23, 2008.
    Delta Leadership Fellows
 Calendar of Events (continued)

 Shadow   a leader in the role that you
  aspire by February 1, 2009.
 Present or participate in a leadership
  workshop by April 1, 2009.
 Delta Leadership Fellows Graduation at
  2009 Regional Conference.
           Delta Leadership Fellows
            Leadership Conference
                 November 2008

 Friday
    Overview of the Program
    Meet & Greet Mentors and Mentees
             Delta Leadership Fellows
              Leadership Conference
                    November 2008

   Saturday Agenda:
      Concurrent Workshops:
             Interpersonal Skills
             Business Etiquette
             Effective Interviewing Techniques
             Effective Leadership Skills
             Public Speaking Tips
             Speech Writing and Delivery
           Delta Leadership Fellows
            Leadership Conference
                 November 2008

 SundayAgenda:
     Prayer Breakfast
     Managing the Mentoring Relationship
     Program Assignments
       Application Requirements

   Each mentee applicant is required to submit the
    following information:
    – Application (including Statement of Purpose)
    – One Letter of Recommendation from a Soror
    – Current Resume

   Any soror interested in serving as a mentor,
    advisor, or observer should contact a DLF
    committee member for additional information.
    Delta Leadership Fellows Application

Background Information
 Current profession (alumnae) or declared
  major (collegiate)
 Position(s) held within sorority
 Position(s) held outside sorority
 Membership held in organizations outside
 Honors and awards received (civic,
  professional, and academic awards/honors)
       Delta Leadership Fellows Application
              2008-2009 (continued)

Statement of Purpose
   Statement of Purpose should reflect why applicant is interested
    in being a participant in the Leadership Fellows Program
   Statement should be no longer than 750 words
   Statement should include the following information:
     Define leadership, in your own words
     Describe what characteristics you possess that enable you to be (or
      become) a leader
     Indicate what leadership position/capacity you aspire to hold, if
      known (professional, civic, and/or sorority)
     Discuss your academic, civic, professional and/or sorority interests
     Specify why you are interested in the Leadership Fellows Program,
      and how participating in the Leadership Fellows Program may help
      you become an effective leader in our sorority, in your profession,
      and/or in your community.
      Delta Leadership Fellows
       Executive Committee

 Linda R. Wilson, Regional Director
 Tarryn Simmons, Regional Representative
 M. Annette Goldring, Regional Chair
 Evelyn Hart, NC Co-Chair
 Penny Thompson, NC Co-Chair
 Laquita Blockson, Ph.D., SC Chair
 Sandra Cook, VA Chair
    Delta Leadership Fellows Program Graduate

For more information, please send an e-mail to leadershipfellowsprogram@gmail.com
      Delta Leadership Fellows
       Development Program

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