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					                                                        Mother Earth’s Market

                                                  Mother Earth’s
                                             Product Catalogue 2009-2010

Mother Earth’s Market
                                      Fantastic Products!
                                       Soy Candles
97 Alsace Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14220
                                       Incense
Phone: 716-795-8157
                                       Bath products

                                           Fall 2009
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                                                                                                                     Order Form

Table of Contents
                                                                    Item #                             Description                Qty.         Price              Subtotal
Benefits of Soy Candles…….. 3

Soy Candle Jar Types and Sizes ……..4-5

Soy Candle Scents…….. 6-12

Handmade Items……… 13

Incense…….. 14-16
                                                                                                                                              Order total:
Handmade Soaps……..17-22

Bath Salts……..22-23                                                                                                                             Shipping:

Order Form…..23


                      Be Good 2 Mother Earth/Mother
                      Earth’s Market is proud to be a Certi-
                      fied Green Business. We promote eco
                      friendly items and packaging; reducing,
                      reusing and recycling as much as possi-

                      We also are certified through the Natu-       Method of Payment
                      ral Ingredient Resource Center. We’ve                                                                   Be Good 2 Mother Earth/Mother
                                                                           Check (Make Payable To Be Good 2 Mother Earth)
                      taken the Truth in Labeling Pledge to                                                                           Earth’s Market
                      be honest about the items we use in our              Cash                                                     97 Alsace Avenue
                      products and identify when things are                                                                         Buffalo, NY 14220
                                                                           Google Checkouts (online only)
                      not from “natural” sources.                                                                                  Phone: 716-795-8157
                                                                                                                                        Email: in-
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                                     Bath Salts                                   Soy Candles
                      Scents              Important Information on spe-           Quality, Clean, Eco-friendly
                                          cial orders:
                     Lemongrass                                                  Everyone loves candles, but some don’t realize the damage they’re doing to
                                          These other scents in Soaps and         their lungs, homes and environment by using candles created from byprod-
                           Mango
                                          Salts will come available as demand     ucts of crude and lead wicks.
                     Ocean Breeze        calls for them.                              Our candles are soy, which burn 50% longer than paraffin candles.
                           Orange        If you see something that you
                                          would like special ordered, you can          They are virtually soot free.
             Orange (hibiscus)           be accommodated.
                                                                                       Soy candles do not get the sooty black build up on the jars like paraffin
                          Patchouli      Special Order Rules:
                                          You must purchase at least (3) bars
                     Pear & Berry
                                          of each soap requested and (3) 4 oz.         Our candles are 100% Natural, Kosher, and created in the USA!
                         Peppermint      bags of salts.
                                          Additional shipping charges will be          Paraffin is a byproduct of crude oil.
                          Plumeria
                                          added.                                       Our candles do not leave behind unburned wax.
                 Raspberry Rush          Prepayment is necessary.
                                          (for these items, email me your              Our candles are designed for an even burn so there is no wax left over
                         Rosewood                                                      after the candle is fully burned.
                                          order, I will send you a price quote.
                     Sweet Roses         If you like the terms, I will email
                                                                                       Our candles use only lead free cotton wicks.
                         Unscented       you google checkout invoice <same
                                          as paypal>).
                         Vanilla Silk    If you’re local and prefer by check
             Vanilla Ylang Ylang         you can either mail the check or
                                          drop it off.
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Jar Types and Sizes                                                                  Handmade Soap/Bath Salts
Apothecary Jars                                                               Scents Continued                            Special Order:
The Apothecary Jars are glass, you                                                 Raspberry Rush                Other Bath Salts
can get them with a domed lid or a
flat lid (if you do not specify, I will                                            Rosewood                                Dead Sea Salt: is
choose for you.)                                                                                                          simply Dead Sea Salt
                                                                                   Sandalwood Incense
                                                                                                                            (Sodium Chloride)
                                                                                   Super Shea
                                                                                                                       Bath Salt: (Sodium
Size: 10 oz.                                                                       Sweet Roses                         Chloride). May also
                                                                                                                      contain additional Ep-
Burn Time: 60-70 Hours                    Tea Lights                               Oatmeal Unscented                 som Salts (Magnesium
Approx. 4” tall and 4” diam-              Tea lights come in packages of 6                                                    Sulfate)
                                                                                   Unscented Castile
eter                                      or 12.
                                                                                                                 Additives/Ingredients for
                                          Burn Time: 6-7 hours                     Vanilla Silk
Price: $10.99                                                                                                           Bath Salts:
                                                                                   Vanilla Ylang Ylang
                                          Size: 6 pack                                                                               Black Licorice
                                          Price: $5.99                             Wind Blossom                                       Cucumber
Size: 16 oz.
                                                                                   Woodberry                                          Champaka
Burn Time: 90-100 Hours                   Size: 12 pack
                                                                                                                                     Cherry Almond
Approx. 5.5” tall and 4” di-              Price: $8.99
                                                                              Special Order Rules:                                   Coconut Cream
                                                                              You must purchase at least (3)
                                          Wax Melts                                                                                  Cran Van Peach
Price: $16.99                                                                 bars of each soap requested and
                                          Our wax melts are sold by the       (3) 4 oz. bags of salts.                                 Eucalyptus
                                          pack, each pack contains 6 break-   Additional shipping charges will
                                          away melts. Each melt is an ap-     be added.                                      Euc/Tea Tree Blend
Size: 26 oz.                              prox 1” cube. The package is 3.5
                                                                                                                                     Honey Almond
Burn Time: 150-180 Hours                  oz. These are great for tea light
                                          and electric tart/oil burners.                                                              Honeysuckle
Approx. 7.5” tall and 4” di-
ameter                                                                                                                                 Key Lime
                                          Price per pack: $3.49 (you
                                                                                                                             Lavender (flowers/
Price: $19.99                             get 6 melts)
    PAGE 20                               TO ORDER CALL: 716– 795-8157                    MOTHER EARTH’S MARKET                                                PAGE 5

                              Handmade Soap                                             Mason Jars
                                                                                        The mason jars are actual glass
                                                                                        mason jars with a rustic style
            Special Order:                                     Evergreen Forest        lid.

                Other Scents                                   Fir Needle Soap         Size: 8 oz.
                                                       Florida Sunrise Soap            Burn Time: 50-60 hours
    Soon to be available as de-
                                                                                        Approx. 3.5” tall and 3”
         mand increases.                                           Frank & Myrrh       diameter
                   Aloe and Calendula                          Honey Almond           Price: 8.99
                          Bay Rum                                 Honeysuckle
                                                                                        Size: 16 oz.                       Please note additional charges for ship-
                        Black Licorice                                    Key Lime    Burn Time:: 90-100 hours
                                                                                                                           ment will be added at final tally (usually
           Burnt Orange Patchouli                                                      Approx. 2” tall and 3.25
                                                         Lavender and                  diameter                           $1.50 per candle and NYS sales tax
                    Brown Sugar Fig                     Lemongrass Castile             Price: 13.99
                    Cedarwood Sage                                        Lavender

           Chamomile Neroli Aloe                          Lavender Oatmeal

               Chamomile Neroli Or-                                Lemongrass
                      ganic                                                  Lilac
                         Champaka                                          Mango      Metal Tins
                                                                                        Completely tin with a tight
                       Cherry Almond                              Mountain Air        cover.
                   Cinnamon Almond                                Nature Walk
                                                                                        Size: 3 oz.
                          Cinnabee                                Ocean Breeze        Burn Time: 25-30 hours
                   Citrus Cedar Sage                                                   Approx. 1.75” tall and 2.75”
                                                               Orange Hibiscus         diameter.
                       Coconut Cream                                      Patchouli   Price: $5.99
           Cranberry Vanilla Peach                                Pear & Berry
                                                                                        Size: 7 oz.
                         Cucumber                             Pear & Redwood          Burn Time: 45-55 hours            Size: 14 oz.
               Eucalyptus Hemp and                                                     Approx. 2” tall and 3.25”         Burn Time: 80-90 hours
                                                                       Peppermint      diameter
                      Tea Tree                                                                                            Approx. 2.5” tall and 3.75” diameter
                                                       Peppermint Tea Tree             Price: $7.99                      Price: $12.99
           Evergreen and Lavender
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                Soy Candle Scents                                                                             Handmade Soap
                                                                                 Vanilla Silk
                                  Scents                                         Handmade soap with fresh goat milk and Shea
Here is a list of the scents available. if you’d like more description, please   butter.
                                                                                 An amazing Vanilla fragrance inspired by Victo-
                                                                                 ria Secret fragrance “Vanilla Lace”. Sweet and
   Amaretto: Strong almond fragrance along with a dash of ripe cherries.
                                                                                 creamy vanilla with notes of sandalwood, musk
   Apple Pie: A nice blend of apple & cinnamon that smells good
       enough to eat.                                                            and caramelized sugar will surround you with
   Apricot Freesia: Apricot, tangerine & orange zests dominate over the          it’s enticing aroma.
       delicate bouquet of lilies, roses & freesia.                              Ingredients: saponified vegetable oils (olive, rice bran, coconut, organic palm and shea butter), fresh goat milk,
                                      -B-                                        fragrance and natural vitamin E.
   Baby Powder: Lavender rose and gardenia with sandalwood and vanil-            Size: 1 inch bar, 4 oz.
       la musk undertones coalesce into a powdery, clean and fresh scent.
   Banana Nut Bread: Nutty mélange merged with sweet banana and                  Price: $2.50
       buttery tones.
   Bergamot: An exotically sharp orange scent blanketed by a lemony              Dead Sea Bath Salts
       herbal fragrance.
   Berry Cobbler: Scrumptious berries baked in a sweet warm graham               Currently in stock
       cracker crust.
   Blackberry Gelato: A delectable combination of oranges, merlot                Dead Sea Salt is the best for making quality bath
       grape and loganberry with a dash of strawberries, vanilla and mint.       salts. Our bath salts come with fantastic scents, pure and wonderful!
   Blackberry Sage: Luscious blackberries intermingled with subtle hints         Peppermint: invigorating, clean and crisp. Great for tired muscles and as a
       of fresh cut herbs.                                                       foot bath. Please note: these salts are very strong, a little goes a long way.
   Blueberry Muffin: Delightful accord of juicy blueberries, warm butter
                                                                                 Peppermint comes with the purest of essential oil and chopped up herb in
       cake & vanilla.
                                                                                 the mix.
   Candy Cane: The stimulating fragrance of fresh peppermint leaves,             Vanilla Silk: resembles the soap. Soft, relaxing and romantic. Had a stress-
       vanilla and just a trace of strawberries.                                 ful day? Lose yourself in this dreamy bath salt.
   Carrot Cake: This timeless and classic baking scent is a mingling of
       brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, raisins and carrots.                      Current size available: natural muslin bag
   Cedar Closet: The woody and earthy aroma of a cedar tree.                     Weight 4 oz.
   Cinnamon Bun: A union of cinnamon and vanilla cake with a tinge of
       sweet icing.                                                              Price $3.00 per bag
   Citronella: The renowned scent of a plant-based insect repellant.
   Clove: The warm and comforting fragrance of a spicy clove bud.
  PAGE 18                                                   TO ORDER CALL: 716– 795-8157                           MOTHER EARTH’S MARKET                                         PAGE 7

                             Handmade Soap                                                                                      Soy Candle Scents
Currently In Stock                                                                                                                                -C-
Nature Walk                                                                                                          Clove: The warm and comforting fragrance of a spicy clove bud.
                                                                                                                     Coconut Lime Verbena: Smooth coconut infused with lime zest and
Handmade soap with olive oil,                                                                                            soft floral undertones.
Shea butter and aloe.                                                                                                Coffee: A sweet smell akin to finest freshly ground cup of brew.
Ylang ylang, cedar wood and                                                                                          Cotton Blossom: A sweet & gentle scent reminiscent of a fresh sum-
more fill the air with this complex                                                                                      mer breeze, potent with jasmine, violet & gardenia.
walk through floral woodland                                                                                         Cucumber Melon: Soft & invigorating fusion of fresh and crisp cu-
park. Contains rooibos tea for exfoliation and alpha-hydroxy content for                                                 cumber with sweet honeydew melon.
healthy skin.
Note: this soap is extremely exfoliating, great for gardeners, construction
workers, mechanics, etc.
                                                                                                                     Eggnog: A robust, creamy and warm scent of butter cream vanilla
Ingredients: saponified vegetable oils (olive, rice bran, coconut, organic palm and shea), cucumber concentrate,        with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.
essential oils, aloe concentrate, rooibos tea, rosemary extract, and/or natural vitamin E.
                                                                                                                     English Toffee: Sweet and buttery with just a murmur of pecans.
Bar Size: 1 inch, 5 oz.                                                                                              Eucalyptus: A strong savor of freshly picked eucalyptus leaves and a
                                                                                                                        touch of lime.
Price: $3.00                                                                                                         Evergreen Citrus: Freshly squeezed oranges and newly arrived Christ-
                                                                                                                        mas tree comprise into a warm and enticing aroma.

                             Brown Sugar Fig                                                                                                         -F-
                             Handmade soap with fresh goat milk and Shea butter.
                                                                                                                     Farmer’s Market: A complex fruity floral concoction of peach, mag-
                             Decadent sweet brown sugar with notes of fig.                                               nolia & raspberry suggestive of apples, berries, jasmine, rose &
                             Ingredients: saponified vegetable oils (olive, rice bran, coconut, organic                  lavender.
                             palm and Shea), fresh goat milk, fragrance and vitamin E.                               Frankincense: The earthy and smoky fragrance of the aromatic tree
                                                                                                                         resin that’s sweet and spicy.
                             Bar Size: 1 inch, 4 oz.                                                                 French Vanilla: A creamy and sugary vanilla aroma.
                                                                                                                     Fresh Cut flowers: Elaborate and elegant aura that blossoms of tulip,
                             Price: $2.50                                                                                lilac, hyacinth, jasmine, rose & carnation.
                                                                                                                     Fresh Cut Grass: The sweet & refreshing smell of cut green grass on a
                                                                                                                         sunny summer's day.
                                                                                                                     Fresh Linen: A fresh, clean scent with musky and floral undertones.
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             Soy Candle Scents                                                            Handmade Soaps
                                    -G-                                  Our soap is high quality, like nothing you’ve experienced be-
  Gardenia: A sweet and spicy floral combination of gardenia, zesty      fore. If you’ve ever used store brand hand soaps, you know
     orange flowers and tropical tuberose.
  Ginger Peach: Warm ginger coupled with plump peaches.
                                                                         that they leave your skin dry, tight, flakey. Usually you follow
  Gingerbread: The warming scents of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla &         up with lotion. But not with our soaps. They’ve been tested by
     ginger baked into our candles.                                      us personally, and many of our friends. Everyone states that
  Grandma’s Kitchen: A mishmash of multiple cooking spices with a
                                                                         they’re skin is much improved, no dryness, and the exfoliating
     hint of sweet juicy oranges.
  Grape: Sweet aroma reminiscent of plump, ripe and juicy grapes.        bars are great on their elbows, feet and knees.

                                  -H-                                         True premium blends of shea butter, concentrated aloe,
  Harvest Spice: Spicy and complex combination of cinnamon bark,               olive oil and more.
     nutmeg seed, clove bud, pumpkin fruit, vanilla bean and ginger
     root.                                                                    Each bar is made with quality essential oils and herbs.
  Home Sweet Home: Spicy cinnamon and clove concoction with hints
     of rose and ylang ylang.
                                                                              Cold process soap: these soaps are made from scratch with
  Honeysuckle Blossom: Sweet and fresh honeysuckle accord with                 high quality vegetable based ingredients, from raw ingredi-
     hints of lilac, rose and jasmine.                                         ents, no glycerin or shaped soaps here, novelty soaps are
                                                                               cute, but not good for the skin.
  Irish Cream: A rich and smooth blend of vanilla, fresh cream and            Reputable sources for raw materials—no shady distribu-
       chocolate with a hint of liquor.                                        tors.
                                   -J-                                        Made in the USA.

  Jack Frost: a most refreshing combination of pungent peppermint,            No animal testing!
      warm vanilla and enticing musk.
  Jasmine: An extravagant, powerful & warm scent of a blossoming
      jasmine bouquet.
  Juicy Pear: A wonderful aroma of a plump ripened pear with its cool,
      sweet and earthy undertones.
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                    Incense Scents                                                      Soy Candle Scents
Gardenia Lily                                                                                                -L-
The sweet floral fragrance of the Hawaiian gar-
denia flower in full bloom. Each pack is loaded                              Lavender: A soothing and calming medley of lavender, sage, patchouli
with sixteen incense cones.                                                      & rosemary.
                                                                             Lemongrass: Wonderful redolence of fresh cut lemongrass & green
Good Fortune
                                                                             Lilac: Fresh and clean fragrance of a blooming lilac bush.
A smooth cinnamon fragrance.
Spiritual Cleansing
                                                                             Macintosh Apple: The sweet and refreshing scent of mouthwatering
A cedar and lavender flower blend.                                               Macintosh apples.
                                                                             Magnolia: Delightful floral scent of a blooming magnolia tree.
Goddess of Love                                                              Mango Papaya: Tangy, sweet, juicy fusion of scrumptious mango &
Sweet plumeria flower scent.                                                     plump papaya.
                                                                             Maraschino Cherry: Ripe red cherries bursting with sweet vanilla
                                                                                 syrup flavor.
Premium Patchouli                                                            Midsummer’s Night: Seductive, warm & spicy scent suggestive of
                                                                                 clean & uplifting walks in the moonlight.
                                                                             Milk Chocolate: The familiar and irreplaceable scent of cocoa that's
Pure, uncut and essential - best in the world (imported from Indonesia).
                                                                                 addictive and scrumptious.
                                                                             Monkey Bombs: A truly unique & creative blend of fresh bananas,
                                                                                 juicy grapefruit, kiwi, bubblegum and plump strawberries with a
                                                                                 hint of vanilla.
                                                                             Moonlight Path: A deeply romantic fragrance with notes of pungent
                                                                                 lavender, delicate rose, sweet musk, and woodsy oak moss.
                                                                             Mountain Breeze: A crisp aroma of the clean & fresh air on a moun-
                                                                                 tain top with flowery undertones.
                                                                             Mulberry: Classic mulberry embellished by the addition of cinnamon,
                                                                                 wild berries & bitter orange peels.
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              Soy Candle Scents                                                                 Incense Scents
                                    -O-                                     All scents available in stick or cone (16 per pack)
  Orange Dreamsicle: Yummy & refreshing orange scent with faint             Premium Amber
     hints of creamy vanilla filling.
                                                                            This incense invokes a sense of warmth, lightly sweet and smooth. Each
  Orange Ginger: Fresh juicy orange merged with spicy ginger and a
     sprinkling of cinnamon & balsam.                                       pack is loaded with sixteen incense cones or sticks

                                                                            Angelic Dreams
                                                                            An energizing, bright fragrance. Each pack is loaded with sixteen incense
  Patchouli: An exotic, earthy and sensual scent.                           cones or sticks.
  Pear Vanilla: A mellow blend of tender pears and sweet vanilla.
  Pearberry: A perfect blend of crisp fresh pears and sweet ripe berries.   Buddhist Blend
  Peonies & Peaches: Scrumptious, fresh peaches together with soft          Contains the precious oils of the Cedar-Sandalwood and Patchouli plants.
      peonies.                                                              Each pack is loaded with sixteen incense cones or sticks.
  Pine: The natural & woody essence of fir and balsam trees.
  Plumeria: A sweet floral merging of jasmine, mimosa and iris accom-
      panied by traces of plum, lemon, lime and apple.                      Tranquility
  Pomegranate: An exotic and sweet scent that is refreshing and slightly    A sweet fragrance with a hint of ginger. Each pack is loaded with sixteen
      floral.                                                               incense cones or sticks.
  Pumpkin: Very creamy & sweet aroma akin to that of a freshly rip-
      ened pumpkin.                                                         Ecstasy
  Pumpkin Pie Spice: The aroma of sweet pumpkins complimented
      with nuances of nutmeg, clove and ginger.                             A scent with zing - extremely refreshing. Each pack is loaded with sixteen
                                                                            incense cones.
                                                                            Pure Frank and Myrrh
  Rain: A floral assortment of lily, hyacinth & wisteria that's uplifting
      and clean.                                                            Highly scented classic blend of Frankincense & Myrrh. Each pack is loaded
  Raspberry Merlot: Complex coupling of plump grapes and tart rasp-         with sixteen incense cones.
      berries with hints of warming spices and alcohol.
  Rose: Real red roses intermingled with splashes of sweet musk &           Safe Haven
      smooth sandalwood.
                                                                            The pure fragrance of French Lavender flowers.

                                                                            A mellow fruity fragrance. Each pack is loaded with sixteen incense cones
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                  Dragon Eye Incense
                  Finest Incense Ever Made
                  The Dragon’s Eye Essential Blend of incense
                  isn’t just a heavily scented premium line of
                                                                    Soy Candle Scents
                  incense, it’s the finest incense ever made.
                  Each oil is mixed by hand and each and every
                  stick is individually dipped.                       Sage and Citrus: Fresh and zesty herbal citrus melding of lemon and
                                                                           lemongrass with accents of fresh sage, lavender and thyme.
                  No Synthetic Oils
   Cruelty Free   The premium oils used are so pure; you could
                                                                      Sandalwood: Rich, yet delicate, woody yet floral, exotic yet familiar.
                                                                      Southern Delight: A dainty intermingling of blooming magnolia flow-
                  wear them as perfume. They are cosmetic                  ers, white gardenia and honeysuckle blossoms.
   Eco Friendly                                                       Spiced Cranberry: Spicy and woody fragrance of tart cranberries, cin-
                  grade and skin safe. No synthetic oils. And,
                                                                           namon and ground cloves.
                  the sticks are so heavily scented that you will
   Made In USA                                                        Starfruit: The sweet vibrant fragrance of the sun.
                  be able to smell the sticks right through the       Strawberry: Delectable aroma of sweet and ripe strawberries.
                  plastic pack. Cones and Sticks available.           Sugar Cookie: The delicious smell of a sweet freshly baked sugar
                                                                      Sugar Plum: A savory joining of plump cherries, juicy peaches and
                                                                           sweet grapes with a tinge of plums and vanilla sugar.
                                                                      Sunflower: An offbeat scent that is floral and clean with a pinch of
                                                                           vanilla and musk.
                                                                      Sun Ripened Raspberry: A sweet and pleasing fruity concoction of
                                                                           raspberries, peaches, strawberries, coconut and apples.
                                                                      Sweet Pea: A fusion of hyacinth, lily of the valley, wild jasmine and
                                                                           violets with a murmur of herbal and musky undertones.


                       ALL PACKS COME WITH                            Tangerine: Sweet citrus fragrance of ripe and juicy tangerines that is
                       16 STICKS OR 16 CONES.                            clean, refreshing and delicious.

                       PRICE: $4.00/ PACK
                                                                      Vanilla Lace: A hybrid of French & African vanillas with a sweet flo-
                                                                         ral nuance.
                                                                      Vanilla Lavender: A creamy and mellow blending of smooth vanilla
                                                                         and pungent lavender.
                                                                      Vermont Maple: A delectable and sweet scent of traditional maple
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              Soy Candle Scents                                                               Handmade Items
                                    -W-                                   Unique Items
                                                                          Unique items made by our studio are available:
  Warm Vanilla Sugar: A delightful combination of brown sugar and
     buttery vanilla with soft mossy undertones.                               Healing Jewelry
  Watermelon: Juicy and invigorating sugary slices of fresh watermelon.
  White Tea and Ginger: Delicate, warm and soothing white tea min-             Meditational Pieces for Sacred Space
     gles with just a pinch of spicy and tangy ginger.
                                  -Y-                                          Crochet Creations
                                                                               Sewn Spell Squares
  Yucca: An exceptional sweet aroma of the peculiar desert plant with
     floral and powder notes.                                                  Dream Catchers and Healing Hoops
  Yuzu: A marvelous ruby red grapefruit jumble of mandarin, tangerine,
     lemon Satsuma, bergamot and oak moss.                                     Deva Darcy’s Designs
                                                                          Please visit: and click on the “Mother
                                                                          Earth’s Market” icon to see items currently for sale. They can be bought
                                                                          online or locally (for mail delivery or you can pick them up).

                                                                          From L-R: (Top Row)Earth Goddess Jewelry, Greenman Crochet Creation, Deva Darcy’s Pet
                                                                          Bandanas, (Bottom Row) Aries (Astrology’s Children), Dream Catcher, Dragonfly set.

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