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					November 2009

News from the

League of Women Voters of Berrien and Cass Counties
           Co-President/Editor: Susan Gilbert 269-545-2610 • Distribution: Margaret Anderson 269-469-3250

                                                Late Fall Calendar
     October 26 (Monday) 1:30                               First meeting of the new Education Committee.
     Ginny Burd’s in Bridgman                               For more information contact chair Liz Ennis at
                                                   or 269-469-0806
     November 3 (Tuesday) 7:00 pm                           Membership Meeting
     The Livery                                             Speaker Andy Shaw
     190 5th St., Benton Harbor
     ALSO ELECTION DAY                                      Vote if there are elections in your area!
     November 17 (Tuesday) 5:00 pm                          Board Meeting
     Three Oaks Library                                     (All members welcome)
     November 20 (Friday) 12:00                             Lunch meeting with Director of
     Fernwood Botanic Garden                                Berrien County Board of Health
     13988 Range Line Rd., Niles                            RSVP Required
     December 11 (Friday)                                   LWVBCC Holiday Party
     Lorraine & Jim Stepaneks’, New Buffalo                 Save the date!

                                     TWO TERRIFIC MEETINGS IN NOVEMBER!

Meeting #1 Membership: Tuesday, November 3

This is a meeting to recruit new members, but it is also an opportunity for newer members to find out more about
the League and for all members to hear our superstar speaker Andy Shaw. In other words, everyone is invited and
encouraged to attend. Here are the particulars.

       Time & Place: 7:00 The Livery, 190 5th St. in Benton Harbor

       Speaker: Andy Shaw on “Fixing What is Wrong With Government: What Will It Take?”

       More information: Contact membership chair Candace Broecker at or 269-465-3373.
       Give Candace the names and contact information of any prospective members.

You will probably recognize Andy Shaw immediately. That’s because you have seen him on TV for most of your
adult life (some of us are older than others!). Andy is an award- winning Chicago journalist who spent 35 years
covering politics, business, education and day-to-day news at the City News Bureau, Chicago Sun-Times, NBC
5 and ABC 7. He retired as ABC 7’s political reporter in January 2009 after covering the Obama inauguration.
After retirement he chose to pursue civic engagement and accepted the position of Executive Director of the Better
Government Association (BGA). Like the League, the BGA is a nonpartisan political organization that works for
better government. Almost as old as the League, the BGA was formed in 1923 by citizens concerned about the
influence of the Capone mob.

Coffee and light refreshments will be served. There is construction on Business 94 between the bridge over the
river and Paw Paw St., so avoid that area. To get to the Livery from St. Joseph, stay on Route 63 across the river to
Klock Rd. and turn right and then right again on N. Shore Drive. N. Shore turns into 5th and the Livery is at 5th
and Park. If you would like to carpool contact Candace.
Meeting #2: Lunch with the Director of the Berrien             in the dues notice, we have not increased our dues, even
County Health Department Friday, November 20                   though we now send to LWVMI and LWVUS more per
                                                               member than we take in. It is our hope that, if you can,
County Clerk Louise Stine spoke at one of our Annual           you will make an extra contribution. If the dues are more
Meetings and Treasurer Bret Witkowski educated us on           than you can afford, please contact us. We also encourage
local taxes. Now it’s the turn of Mike Mortimore, the          you to pay as promptly as you can. Sending reminders,
Director of the Berrien County Department of Public            calling and generally nagging members about their
Health.                                                        payment is not something we enjoy or want to do.

Why so much emphasis on the county? It’s important—            Also included in the dues notice was a member
the most important unit of local government, and               questionnaire that we hope each of you will take a few
becoming increasingly so as the roles of counties              moments to complete and return with your dues. The
expand. The League has recognized the importance of            information will help us know your interests and serve you
county government for a long time. In 1960 our League          better.
studied county health and adopted as an action item
the establishment of a county health department with a         Susan and Darlene
professional director. The current professional director
and one of his associates will be our guests.
                                                               Legislative Luncheon Report
    Date, time and place: Friday, November 20 at noon
    at Fernwood Botanic Garden, 13988 Range Line Rd.,          On October 12 League members and guests met with our
    Niles. Lunch followed by the program.                      four state legislators (Jelinek, Tyler, Proos and Lori) for an
                                                               hour and a half and followed that with a delicious lunch—
    Speakers: Mike Mortimore, Director, and Nicki              all at Wheatberry Restaurant in Buchanan. The good
    Britten, epidemiologist, Berrien County Depart. of         news is all 15 budget bills have been approved by both
    Public Health                                              the House and Senate, but only nine have been sent to the
                                                               Governor. That’s because the governor has a line item veto
    Lunch is $15 complete. RSVP to Bonnie Pollack no           and the legislators are afraid she will use it, so they are
    later than Tuesday, November 17 at pollbon@hotmail.        keeping the bills from her as long as possible. Partisanship
    com or 269-756-9149.                                       is both better and as bad as we think, but gamesmanship is
                                                               alive and well.
Mike Mortimore will give us an overview of the many
responsibilities of the Department of Public Health.           The schools are ending up, it appears, with a $165 per
Their four main areas of responsibility are: clinical and      pupil cut (an improvement over the $218 number under
community health; environmental health; substance abuse        consideration for awhile) and a per pupil state foundation
treatment and prevention and emergency and disaster            level of about $7,300. The foundation level has hovered
preparedness. Then he and Ms. Britten will present and         around this number for years while costs have continued
explain the brand new Behavioral Risk Factor Survey            to rise. It is hard to find accurate total expenditures per
(BRFS) conducted by Michigan State University in Berrien       pupil by state, but we know Michigan is well down on the
County. This survey deals with health issues between the       list. The Legislature found $340 million in new revenues
birth and death statistics and addresses personal habits,      that are not tax increases and $100 million of that went to
access to health care and use of health care. We will be the   schools.
first group outside the County Board to see the survey data.
                                                               John Proos recounted the recent history of Michigan’s
Chef Tim will prepare another of his delicious, and I’m        economy and finances, which in a relatively short
sure healthy, lunches and watercolorist Cyndy Callog will      period went from flourishing and flush to depressed and
be showing in the Clark Gallery, where we will also lunch.     desperate. Programs were created in the good days, such
This meeting promises to be an interesting treat before the    as the Promise scholarships, and taxes were cut. And
Thanksgiving rush!                                             while it appears they have gotten through yet another
                                                               budget (although it is reviewed and adjusted through the
                                                               year), next year promises to be worse. As Jelinek said, the
From the Co-Presidents                                         “cuts plan won” this year, but even the Republicans are
                                                               considering tax increases.
Members: By the time you read this, you should have
received the bill for your annual League dues–unless you       In response to a question on the tax structure, Proos ran
are a newer member or have already paid. As explained          through the income produced by source, including federal
funds. Two major sources of revenue, the property tax                                       Cheaper and Fairer Health Care, and the PBS News Hour
and the sales tax are “constitutional” and the rates cannot                                 is doing a series on how other countries manage to provide
be increased without a vote of the people. The sales tax,                                   health care. Reflecting this trend, a recent Letter to the
however, can be lowered and expanded and an idea in                                         Editor suggested learning from the experience of other
development is that the rate should be lowered (which                                       countries, and wondered if in health care they might have a
might attract buyers from out of state) but expanded to                                     better answer than we in the U.S!
include services, so everything except food, housing and
medical care would carry a sales tax. Jelinek pointed out                                   However, there is rough sailing ahead, as various interest
that either directly by referendum or indirectly at the next                                groups and political factions ratchet up their opposition
election, voters will vote on any tax increases.                                            with ads on their version of our health care future. Our
                                                                                            Representatives in Congress have probably made their
At the end, after edifying presentations by all four                                        decisions, with Senators Stabenow and Levin, both
legislators and a good conversational exchange, we all                                      Democrats, in favor of reform, and Upton, a Republican,
agreed Michigan has a lot to offer and we cannot just                                       also following his party line of professing to be in favor
continue to let it slide downhill. Investment in the state                                  of reform but not really liking any of the proposals on
will be necessary and there will be some costs involved.                                    the table. Nonetheless, it is good for constituents to send
Hopefully, both political parties will have the courage to                                  their opinions to their elected leaders on the larger issue
do what is right for the state.                                                             or particulars of the legislation. Go to for
                                                                                            contact information. Go to to learn more about the
                                                                                            League’s position in favor of health care reform.
Welcome to a New Member

Mary Lister of Buchanan attended the Legislative                                            Patronize Local & Michigan Businesses and our
Luncheon with long-time member Shirley Roti Roti and                                        Advertisers
joined the League on the spot. Good decision Mary!
                                                                                            More of the dollars that we spend locally stay in our
                                                                                            community and help local businesses survive, which is
Health Care—Moving Slowly But Progressing                                                   much more of a challenge than it ever was before. The
                                                                                            rule of thumb is of every $100 spent in a chain store,
Health care legislation is working its way through                                          $14 goes back in to the local economy. For a locally
Congress and has gone farther than any health care                                          owned business, $45 goes back. The League’s breakfast,
reform legislation in decades. There’s a change in tone in                                  lunch and dinner meetings are held at independent local
Letters to the Editor, with more people supporting reform,                                  restaurants, so just by coming to a meeting you are
including doctors.                                                                          helping!

Another encouraging sign is that we are beginning to look                                   Living in a border area, as many of us do, it is often
at the experiences of other countries with comprehensive                                    convenient to shop in South Bend or Michigan City. Not
health care systems, which is most. T.R. Reid, of the                                       that we don’t want Indiana to prosper too, but Michigan
Washington Post and NPR fame, has written a book called                                     really needs our sales tax dollars and Michigan businesses
The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better,                                          pay taxes that go into the Michigan treasury.

            ����������������������������                                                    The Census and the Snowbirds

                                                                                            There was a detailed article in the September newsletter
                                                                                            about the importance of the census and the specific issue of
                                                                                            how the snowbirds are counted. The issue is Question 1,
                                                                                            which reads: “How many people were living or staying in
                                                                                            this house, apartment or mobile home on April 1, 2010?

                                                                                            Every address in the United States will be sent a barcoded,
       ���������������������������������                                                    address specific census form in February or March.
       ������������                                                  ��������������         Millions of census forms will be sent to second homes
                                                                                            that will be occupied by retirees and other snowbirds from
                                                                         Johnson            northern states still wintering in their temporary southern
  ����������������������������������������������������������������                          residence. The timing of this count will lead many to
complete and return the census form they receive at this          THE OHIO CASE
southern residence. This action will result in them being
counted as a southern state resident, even though they may        The League’s complaint alleged that Ohio elections had
reside in a permanent residence in a northern state, say          suffered for decades from “pervasive, severe, chronic,
Michigan, more than six months each year.                         and persistent” defects. The State’s motion to dismiss the
                                                                  complaint was denied, and that ruling was affirmed by
So what is a snowbird to do come April 1? Here is                 the U.S. Court of Appeals, who summarized the League’s
an official Q&A. Please pass the message on to any                 complaints as follows:
snowbirds you know. Watch for additional details in the
coming months or visit to learn more.                  Voters were forced to wait from two to twelve hours
                                                                      to vote because of inadequate allocation of voting
Question: I am leaving Michigan for the winter; will I be             machines... Long wait times caused some voters to
counted in Michigan or at my winter home?                             leave their polling places without voting …. Poll
                                                                      workers received inadequate training … leading to the
If residents consider Michigan their permanent home and               discounting of votes… Provisional balloting was not
wish to be counted in Michigan, residents must wait until             utilized properly, causing 22% of provisional ballots
they get back to Michigan and complete the questionnaire.             cast to be discounted, with the percentage of ballots
Michigan residents should NOT fill out the questionnaire               discounted reaching 39.5% in one county. Disabled
received at their winter home for it will have the winter             voters who required assistance were turned away.
home address on it already. There is no place on the
questionnaire to put another address.                             After the Court ruled, the State capitulated. It agreed to
                                                                  correct the defects in its election procedures and to pay the
If they arrive back home in April, they can fill out the           League $450.000 for its attorneys fees! The settlement
questionnaire during the mail back period. If returning           agreement is embodied in an “Order Enforcing Settlement
to Michigan in May, a Census taker (Enumerator) will              Agreement”, which adds potential contempt sanctions to
complete the Census questionnaire in person at their home         the League’s arsenal of enforcement options.
during the Non-Response Follow Up process.
                                                                  THE INDIANA CASE
Question: All of my mail is being forwarded to my
vacation home; won’t I receive my Census Questionnaire            The story in Indiana is about two lawsuits, both attacking
there?                                                            Indiana’s Voter ID law, that reached quite different results.
                                                                  In the first, a federal lawsuit filed by the Marion County
The Census questionnaire is not forwarded; forms will be          Democratic Party, the U.S. Supreme Court last year
returned to the US Census Bureau.                                 upheld the law’s constitutionality. In the second, filed
                                                                  by the League in state court after the Supreme Court had
                                                                  ruled in the other case, a three-judge panel of Indiana’s
State and Local Leagues Litigate Unfair Voting                    court of appeals recently declared the same law to be
Procedures By Geoff Gilbert                                       not constitutional. (The same lawyers, incidentally,
                                                                  represented the plaintiffs in both cases.)
In Ohio, after a federal court ruled in the League’s favor,
the State agreed to change its election procedures. On            Predictably, supporters of the Voter ID law were outraged,
September 17, a unanimous Indiana appellate court                 accusing the Indiana court of trying to overrule the US
declared Indiana’s Voter ID law unconstitutional.                 Supreme Court. See, end notes. The conflict between the

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two decisions, however, is more apparent than real. That       residents of care facilities generally. The court ruled that
is because state laws must comply with both their own          the purported rationale for such an exemption did not pass
and the federal constitutions. As the Indiana appeals court    constitutional muster:
explained in announcing its decision: “Interpretation of
the Indiana Constitution is an ‘independent judicial act in        The class created by [the Voter ID law] is based in part
which federal cases play only a persuasive role.’”                 upon an arbitrary or unnatural characteristic which
                                                                   grants an unequal privilege or immunity to residents
In its case, the Democratic Party argued the Voter ID              of state licensed care facilities which also happen to
statute violated the due process clause of the U.S.                be polling places and fails to treat persons similarly
Constitution. The Supreme Court disagreed. It ruled that           situated uniformly.
the goals of “deterring voter fraud” and “safeguarding
voter confidence” gave the voter ID statute a “plainly          Even though the court found only two parts of the Voter ID
legitimate sweep”. The high court rejected the plaintiff’s     law unconstitutional, it decided it had no choice but to void
claim on the ground that the law did not unduly burden any     the entire statute:
class of voters.
                                                                   [I]nconsistent and impartial treatment favoring voters
The opinion in the League’s case, by comparison, reflected          who reside at state care facilities which also happen
a more narrowly focused attack on specific provisions               to be polling places could be excised from the Voter
in the Voter ID law based on the “equal privileges and             I.D. Law without destroying the primary objectives
immunities” clause of Indiana’s constitution, which states         of the Law. However, the same cannot be said for the
as follows: “The General Assembly shall not grant to               inconsistent and partial treatment favoring absentee
any citizen, or class of citizens, privileges or immunities        voters who choose to mail their votes[,] without
which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to            destroying the opportunity for mailing votes. There
all citizens.” The appellate court concluded that the law          may be different ways in which the inconsistent
violated this provision in the following ways:                     and partial treatment of the Voter I.D. Law could be
                                                                   cured, but it is not our task to form suggestions for
    By exempting absentee voters from the photo id                 legislation.
                                                               The case is headed to the 5-man Indiana Supreme Court
As the Supreme Court noted, reducing voter fraud is one        (there are no women), which will have the final word on
of the ostensible goals of Indiana’s Voter ID law. The         the constitutionality of Voter ID in Indiana. See, end
Indiana Supreme Court, however, had ruled in an earlier        notes.
case that absentee voting was “more susceptible to …
fraud” than in-person voting. The appellate court decided,     End Notes:
therefore, that excusing absentee voters from the photo ID
requirement conflicted with the law’s ostensible purpose        1. See
and unreasonably discriminated against in-person voters.       AID=2009909180393 for a report of Governor Daniels’
                                                               remarks about the Indiana court of appeals decision. For
    By exempting residents of state-licensed care facilities   an equally intemperate reaction to the Supreme Court’s
    that also served as polling stations.                      decision upholding Voter ID, see the comments by League
                                                               of Women Voters President, Mary Wilson, at http://www.
Indiana’s Voter ID law exempts residents of state-licensed
care facilities that also serve as polling stations, but not   CM/HTMLDisplay.cfm&ContentID=11245.

                                                                            Harrington Collision

                                                                  Mark Harrington                          P.O. Box 139
                                                                  Ph 269-469-1961                 16153 Red Arrow Hwy
                                                                  Fax 269-469-3151                 Union Pier, MI 49129
2. Incidentally, the Michigan Supreme Court affirmed               Lake Michigan League of Women Voters (LMLWV)
Michigan’s voter ID law in 2007. A key difference between         Annual Meeting Convenes During Blustering Rain at
Indiana’s and Michigan’s laws is that, in Michigan, a voter       Saugatuck by Merrill Clark
who does not have a photo ID and signs an affidavit to that
effect at the polling station, will be permitted to vote.         With winds howling and waves whipping the shores of
                                                                  the Presbyterian Camp just north of Saugatuck, the Lake
                                                                  Michigan League of Women Voters convened this year’s
LWVUS President Travels to Michigan on Climate                    annual meeting, focusing on past year accomplishments
Change Mission                                                    and jobs to undertake in the future.

Mary G. Wilson, national president of the League of               The work of the Healing Our Waters (HOW) consortium
Women Voters, recently completed a trip to Michigan to            was reviewed; several members of LMLWV are involved
advocate for strong climate change legislation.                   in this continuing work, taking place both in Michigan and
                                                                  Washington D.C., to create and get passed legislation that
After meeting with both Michigan residents and                    further protects Great Lakes waters. Proposed Program for
lawmakers, Ms. Wilson said, “I am more convinced than             2009-2010 includes several areas of emphasis:
ever that Michigan voters are ready for their leaders to
make the responsible and tough choices on this issue—and             a. Monitor Great Lakes restoration bills from GL
support comprehensive reforms that fully acknowledge the                Restoration Conference ‘09, including restoration of
urgency of the situation.”                                              water quality, prevention of invasive species, clean
                                                                        up of toxic pollution, and mitigation of the impact of
Alongside a panel of experts that included David Gard,                  global warming on the Great Lakes;
Energy Program Director from Michigan Environmental                 b. Implementation of the Great Lakes Regional
Council, and Shelley Vinyard from Environment Michigan,                 Collaborative Protection and Restoration Strategy;
Wilson spoke to a large group of citizens in Lansing at a           c. Support efforts to reduce the use of pesticides and
September 17th forum, “Climate Change: Global Concerns                  promote non-toxic alternatives;
and Local Actions.” The event, sponsored by the League              d. Advocate for water conservation and resource
of Women Voters of Michigan, focused on the effects of                  protection and monitor Great Lakes Compact
climate change at the local, national and global levels.                implementation;
                                                                    e. Monitor progress of the Review of the Great Lakes
“Studies indicate that the climate is already changing in the           Water Quality Agreement with particular attention to
Midwest,” Wilson stated. “Until we get a grip on emissions,             pharmaceuticals in the water and
these changes are expected to persist—and could have a              f. Address the permitted discharges into the Great Lakes
dramatic impact on Michigan in the coming decades.”                     with a goal to reduce them.

                                                                  The LWV Michigan CAFO (concentrated animal feeding
New Series of Reports on Climate Impacts to U.S.                  operations) position was addressed. This position
Midwest                                                           originated with the
                                                                  LWVBCC CAFO
The Union of Concerned Scientists recently released a series      position. I referred               Our food’s
of reports by state on the effects of global warming in the       to a recent large-        not only better when it
Midwest. Specifically, by the end of the century Chicago           scale release from      comes out of the kitchen,
could have 70 summer days of temperatures over 90, the            a CAFO operation            it’s better going in.
level of the Great Lakes would decrease by one to two feet,       into the Black
spring and winter precipitation in Michigan would increase        River in Michigan,
25% and warmer winters would increase the growing season          which killed 100s
but also the pest season. The Union of Concerned Scientists       of fish and other
was formed in 1969. Go to for more information.        water wildlife in
                                                                  the area. Combined
Editor’s note: The thought of 70 days of summer temperatures      sewage overflows
above 90 makes me glad I won’t be around at the end of            result from billions
the century. Yet we are always being asked to consider the        of gallons of raw
burdens we are putting on our children and grandchildren and,     sewage dumped                artisan comfort cuisine
in this case, great grandchildren and so on. So, since current    into the Great Lakes     waterfront dining • 269.469.1699
generations are responsible for this sorry state of affairs, we   yearly. According to      600 W. Water St., New Buffalo, MI
really should try to do something about it.                       the Michigan DEQ,      
over 33 million gallons of raw and partially treated sewage    Poverty is on the Rise—In the United States
polluted the Rouge and Detroit rivers last year.
                                                               Time magazine (October 12) reports that the poverty level
In addition, Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak has              has hit an 11-year high of 13.2%, with a 13% increase in the
been holding hearings in the state on the lack of oversight    number of people getting food stamps. Poverty levels rose in
related to bottled water, less, in fact, than from municipal   31 states and the District of Columbia from 2007 to 2008.
systems. He reported in a handout “Bottled water has
been recalled due to contamination by arsenic, bromate,        A USA Today Snapshot (September 30) shows the number
cleaning compounds, mold and bacteria. Ten bottled-            of children eating subsidized school lunches was 24.2
water companies had a mid-August deadline to submit            million in 1990, 27.3 million in 2000 and 31.0 million in
information about their sources of water.”                     2008. That’s an astounding number of children whose
                                                               families are near or below the poverty level.
The LWV of Michigan Great Lakes Ecosystem position,
adopted in 1974, 1981 and 2005 fills two pages with             The National School Lunch Act was signed by President
“provisions for cleaning up” as well as for “protection of     Harry Truman in 1946. Any child at a participating school
water resources” before clean up becomes necessary.            may purchase a meal through the National School Lunch
                                                               Program. Children from families with incomes at or below
Along with a naturalist who showed the myriad of wild          130 percent of the poverty level are eligible for free meals.
growth along the lakeshores, Melvin J.Visser, author of        Those with incomes between 130 percent and 185 percent
“Clear, Cold and Deadly: Unraveling a Toxic Legacy”,           of the poverty level are eligible for reduced�price meals,
revealed that as a chemist at Upjohn (Kalamazoo)               for which students can be charged no more than 40 cents.
earlier in his life, he had “migrated” into the company’s      (For the period July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010, 130
environmental division, engaging in research to discover       percent of the poverty level is $28,665 for a family of four;
the source of POPs (persistent organic pollutants) ending      185 percent is $40,793.)
up in the fish of the cold northern water of the Great Lakes
to the Arctic. “Can you imagine the most toxic chemical
in Great Lakes fish not being included in fish eating
advisories?” he writes. No longer with Upjohn and now a
quasi-informant on toxics used and released from places
similar to Upjohn, he tells all in his book, very much worth
the reading. Visser noted that both Michigan Congressmen
Vern Ehlers and Fred Upton know the issue, and “have
listened.” It is clear they need to hear from more people,
particularly in their jurisdictions, if saving a vital water
resource is to occur.

For Your Winter Reading Pleasure—New Book Group                 Embodying true League grit, member Lorraine Stepanek biked over 9
                                                                miles round trip to attend the Book Group meeting on September 14
Selection                                                       at the home of Liz Ennis and Annette Van Dusen.

The next Book Group selection is Cheap by Ellen Ruppell
Shell, just published n 2009. The subtitle of this book is
“The High Cost of Discount Culture” and her thesis is that
“America has been transformed by our relentless fixation
on low prices.” Part history (this all began some time
ago with merchants like F.W. Woolworth, a clever creep
who exploited both his customers and sales staff), part
sociology (the Franklin Mills Outlet outside Philadelphia
attracts four times more visitors than the Liberty Bell)
and part economics (creativity and innovation, American
strengths, can get lost in the stampede to lower prices).
And do you have any idea how you are manipulated?

Get the book, read more and we’ll discuss it at a meeting in    Senator Ron Jelinek chats with Sue and Werner Petterson and Chris
April.                                                          Vanlandingham of the Region IV Area Council on Aging at the
                                                                October 12 Legislative Luncheon.
League of Women Voters
of Berrien and Cass Counties
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 Two Terrific Meetings
Tuesday, November 3, 7:00 p.m.
          The Livery
Friday, November 20, 12:00 p.m.
 Fernwood Botanical Garden

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