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					LazyDazeArts&CraftsFestival2010                                                                                                        Date Received

                                                                                                                                                                                   Office Use Only
                                                                                                                                       Space:                1         2      .5

Artist Application                                                                                                                     Electric:
                                                                                                                                       Booth Assigned:
                                                                                                                                                            Yes   No

Name:                                                                            Business:


City:                                                                 ST:                            Zip:

Phone:                                                                Email:                                                Website:

 MediaCraft, Glass, or Jewelry. -Circleonlyonecatergory.Indicatesubcategory Special Requests
 if applying in                               (If you are applying in more than one cat-
 egory, you must submit separate applications.)
Clay               Fiber - Wearable              Garden Art                 Mixed Media
Craft              Fine Art Painting             Graphics                   Photography
   r Candles       Floral                        Instruments                Sculpture
   r Leather       Folk Art                      Jewelry                    Wood
   r Soap          Furniture                        r Beaded
Drawing            Glass                            r Glass
Decorative Painting r Blown                         r Metal Smith                              Please list four keywords that most closely describe the type of work
Fiber - Art           r Fused/                                                                 you produce: (For example: If your category is wood, you may list
                        Stained                                                                copper top birdhouses, painted toys, plant holders.) This will be used in
                                                                                               promotional materials - be specific.
 If accepted I will require: [ ] 1 booth space (a single booth)
                                   [ ] 2 booth spaces (a double booth)
                                   [ ] 1/2 booth space (a shared booth)

                                   [ ] I wish to have a corner space if
                                                                                                Image 1
 I wish to share a booth with the following artist, if we are both
                                                                                                Image 2
 I would like electricity: [ ] Yes             [ ] No

 Artistic Process Statement                                                                     Image 3
 In the following space, describe your artistic process. See the How to
 Apply page for instructions.
                                                                                                Image 4

                                                                                                Artistic Honor Statement (must be signed)
                                                                                                I have read, understand and agree to the requirements and regulations of
                                                                                                the Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival and verify that all information I have
                                                                                                provided is correct.

                                                                                                     Fees: $15.00 per application

                                                                                                     Total Enclosed: __________
                                                                                             Make checks payable and remit to: TOC/Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts
 Which side do you unload your vehicle from? ___________________                             Festival, PO Box 8005, Cary, NC 27512-8005/ Ph (919) 469-4061.
              34th annual                     August 28, 2010                                              DowntownCary,NC
We invite you to join us at the 34th annual       All applications must have the Artistic           • The work displayed must be the same
Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival. Lining the      Process Statement completed or they                 as the images submitted with the
charming streets of historic Downtown Cary,       will be returned. In your Artistic Process          application.
this acclaimed festival hosts the best artists    Statement, cover the following points: (1)
                                                                                                    • The Festival Committee also reserves
from across the United States. The last lazy      identify process/techniques used including
                                                                                                      the right to deny entrance into the
days of summer beckon us as we celebrate          materials and methods of handling those
                                                                                                      festival to any artist’s work that is
the coming of fall by joining our friends and     materials (2) specific explanation of how
                                                                                                      deemed to be inappropriate or not
neighbors in a celebration of art, music and      the work is produced (3) if assistants/
                                                                                                      meeting the festival’s standards of
food! THIS EVENT IS RAIN OR SHINE!                apprentices are used, a concise statement
                                                  of their involvement; if you do not use
                                                  assistants, state that none are used (4) it       • No imports, live animals or concessions
1. Fill out the artist application.               should be stated if an outside source such          are allowed.
                                                  as a foundry or printing lab is used. Attach      • Each artist must be on-site during
2. Choose one media category. Separate            a separate sheet if necessary.                      the festival to staff his/her booth.
applications and separate application fees                                                            No representatives or subletting is
must be submitted if applying in multiple         SELECTION PROCESS                                   allowed.
categories.                                       Applications will be selected based on the        • Acceptance is not guaranteed based
                                                  following criteria:                                 on previous participation in the
3. Submit an application fee of $15.00.            • All work exhibited must be original              festival.
                                                       artwork produced by the artist.
4. Submit four (4) images of your work.            • Work that has been produced with               DISPLAY SPACE
Three (3) images will be of the type of                commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans,     Each booth is 10 ft. wide x 10 ft. deep.
work to be exhibited. One (1) image                    prefabricated forms or other commercial      Artists should come prepared with materials
will be of the booth display with works                methods will not be permitted.               for leveling tables and other displays. Tents
exhibited. Images must be of current work                                                           should be secured, however, nothing can be
                                                   • All applicants will be judged by a
and no more than three years old. Please                                                            staked into the ground or pavement. There
                                                       panel of jurors and given a score within
submit images digitally on a CD. Each CD                                                            is a maximum of two (2) adjoining spaces
                                                       the media category in which the artist
should be labeled with the artist’s name                                                            per exhibitor. All exhibitors must provide
                                                       applied. Artists with the highest scores
and phone number. Each image should be                                                              all necessary display equipment and should
                                                       within each media category will be
labeled with a number to correspond with                                                            bring adequate overhead sun and moisture
the image descriptions on the application                                                           protection.
form. Traditional photographs will not be
                                                  Admissions will be made keeping in mind
accepted. If you are a new artist and do                                                            FEES
                                                  that the show must remain balanced among
not have an image of your booth set-up,                                                             Application Fee - $15.00 (non-refundable)
                                                  media categories. All decisions of the jury
then include another image of your work
                                                  are final.                                        Booth Fees: Cary, NC residents - $125
and make a note on your application that
you do not have a booth photo.                                                                      Non-Cary, NC residents - $145
                                                  WAITING LIST                                      Corner booth - $20 additional (limited
                                                  A waiting list will be maintained comprised       availability).
5. Include an appropriately sized, self-
                                                  of the highest five to ten scores of applicants
addressed, stamped envelope if you wish
                                                  not initially accepted within each media          Electrical Power - $30.00 (Electrical
to have your CD returned to you.
                                                  category. In the case that spaces become          connections are limited and only one 20
                                                  available, artists will be pulled from the        amp draw per exhibitor is available.)
If you wish to share a booth with another
                                                  waiting list based on their jury score and
artist, both artists must submit an application
                                                  relevant media category. Every attempt            Do not send booth fees with your
and a separate application fee (joint
                                                  will be made to pull from the waiting list as     application.
applications will not be accepted). There is
                                                  soon as possible.
a limit of two (2) artists per booth share.                                                         Fees must be in the form of a check or money
                                                  OTHER THINGS TO KNOW                              order made payable to TOC / Lazy Daze
• Send no samples.                                                                                  Arts & Crafts Festival. There will be a $5.00
                                                   • The Festival Committee reserves
                                                     the right to remove from the show              processing fee for any cancellations after
• Incomplete applications will be                                                                   booth fees are paid. A bank fee of $25
  returned.                                          (without refund) any exhibit that is not
                                                     comparable to the submitted images.            will be assessed for all returned checks.
All works must be original and signed by the artist. Note: Henna painting
will no longer be considered for the Lazy Daze artist area in 2009.         Graphics: Printed works for which the artist creates the plates,
                                                                            stones or screens and pulls the prints. The limited edition results
Clay: Original works made of clay/ceramic materials (porce-                 must be signed by the artist, and the number of pieces in the
lain, stoneware, raku pottery, etc). (Excludes clay jewelry and             edition and where each piece falls in the sequence of the edition
clay sculpture). No commercial casts or molds are permitted.                must be documented.

Craft: (Has three subcategories)                                            Instruments: Handcrafted devices designed to make music. Can
1. Candles - handcrafted candles of all types                               be crafted from any medium. Each item must be hand created
2. Leather - includes hats, handbags, belts, and other items                and available for sale at the festival.
tooled from leather.
3. Soap - handcrafted soap of all types. This category also                 Jewelry: (Has three subcategories)
includes lotions, bath salts, etc.                                          No commercial casts or molds permitted.
                                                                            1. Beaded - Personal adornment such as bracelets, necklaces and
Decorative Painting: Painting on functional and nonfunctional               rings made from any material using basic beading techniques.
surfaces, excluding traditional artist canvas or paper (e.g. plates,        2. Glass - Personal adornment such as bracelets, necklaces and
window panes, mailboxes, pails, boxes, etc.) utilizing a variety of         rings made from glass using lampworking and fused glass tech-
techniques and media.                                                       niques.
                                                                            3. Metal Smith - Personal adornment such as bracelets, neck-
Drawing: Work created using dry media such as chalk, char-                  laces and rings made using traditional metal smithing techniques.
coal, pencil, crayon, or from fluid media such as ink applied by            Includes use of gems, enamels, and wire wrapping.
pen or brush.
                                                                            Mixed Media: Non-sculptural work combining more than one
Fiber-Art: Handcrafted non-wearable textile items. (Examples:               media and / or technique to create a single work of art. (For
rugs, quilts, felting and weavings which are painted, dyed and/             example, collage, painting and drawing).
or embellished.)
                                                                            Photography: Signed, numbered limited edition prints, from
Fiber-Wearable: Handcrafted wearable textiles. (Examples:                   the artist’s own original images. The edition size shall not ex-
coats, scarves, shirts, and handbags not made of leather.)                  ceed 250 of any one image, regardless of physical image size.
                                                                            Commercial photographers not selling non-commercial artistic
Fine Art Painting: Original two-dimensional work created in oils,           works are not permitted.
acrylics, watercolors, etc. on traditional canvas or art papers.
                                                                            Sculpture: Non-functional, three-dimensional work in any medi-
Floral: Handcrafted items using either live or silk flowers and             um. Materials include marble, wood, plastic, found objects and
associated floral items. Examples include wreaths, floral                   original mold cast sculpture. No commercial casts or molds are
arrangements, Bonsai, etc.                                                  permitted.

Folk Art: Works such as paintings, sculptures, basketry, and found          Wood: Works crafted from wood, excluding furniture and sculp-
objects marked by attributes including highly decorative design,            ture that are hand-tooled, machine-worked, machine-turned or
bright, bold colors, flattened perspectives, and strong forms in            machine- carved. (Example: toys, bowls, cutting boards, etc.)
simple arrangements, and immediacy of meaning.

Furniture: Functional tables, chairs, screens, desks, beds, etc.
crafted from any material.                                                  FESTIVAL DATE AND HOURS
                                                                            Saturday, August 28, 2010
Garden Art: Original works that are made for the garden. This               Festival hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
category encompasses mosaics, bird baths, feeders and houses,               Festival is rain or shine.
sculpture for the garden, stepping stones, etc.
Glass: (Has two subcategories)
                                                                            • Applications due: February 26, 2010
1. Blown Glass: Handmade blown glass objects in which no part
                                                                            • Acceptance letters mailed: beginning of April
of the finished pieces is the result of mass reproduction.
                                                                            • Booth fees due: May 7, 2010
2. Fused/Stained Glass: Handmade fused glass or stained glass
                                                                            • Last day to receive a refund on booth fees for
objects in which no part of the finished pieces are the result of
                                                                                     cancellations: July 31, 2010
mass reproduction. No glass jewelry in this category.

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