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					The breakup of a love relationship is the most traumatic of human experiences. In many ways we can
more easily cope with the death of a loved one. Although we don't understand death, at least we
understand its finality. With the breakup of a relationship, days and weeks of lingering and haunting
"ifs" often follow. In the days following the breakup we think of little else than the one we loved and
trusted, the one we had so much invested in.
You're About To Discover The Right Tool To Survive A Breakup And Get Back Together With You Ex.
Here Are Words Of Comfort To Try And Help You Go Through It..

Secret Methods To Survive A Breakup Even If It Seems Hopeless
Every relationship is bound to be problematic eventually, especially between lovers. When a lover
breaks up with you, it is a natural feeling to become sad after your lover breaks up with you. You may
feel down and broken, and you might want to cry your heart out.
Want to survive a break up? Now what do you do? Well, you have a few options. But don’t do anything
until you read the rest of this article. If you do the wrong thing at the wrong time, you will ruin your
chance of getting back with your ex. So here are tips on how to survive breakup.
Do not punish yourself. You can experience anger and frustration when you try to figure out how to
survive break up. Do not use your partner as punching bag. If doing this makes you feel better then, go
purchase one or visit a gym. There are great way to get air and lessen the stress. Pray it will help you a
lot in handling this type of situation. For the love of God do not make the mistake. Wounds, weight,
and other pain need more time to heal from One way to do it is to get busy.
Depression is self-perpetuating. The more time you spend thinking of how badly you miss your ex, the
longer it will take for you to get over her. You need to break this vicious cycle and get over her, no
matter how hard it sounds.
Even when you would like to survive break up, you can not possibly achieve this before you actually
accept what has taken place. All the phases are important, but they all boil down to this level.
Accepting the break-up is what will help you to move on.
You’re probably starting get a lot of advice by now. Don’t listen to it. It is what they think you need to
hear. Instead learn how to survive a break up by getting a good plan.
If you want to get over this breakup you are experiencing, you have to put some distance between you
and your ex. If at all possible refrain from talking to them. Do not text them or e-mail them and make
sure you are not checking out any type of social websites of theirs. You must stop any and all types of
communication that you have with them. This will give you time to get over them. If you decide to stay
in contact with them, the process of getting over your ex and survive break up will become harder and
You also build yourself up when you make efforts to improve yourself. This is a good thing to do
regardless of your relationship status as it helps you become a more rounded person and it gives you
something to do as a person rather than focusing your life on activities that are designed for couples.
Many people think that the best way how to survive a break up is by jumping into another relationship.
Unfortunately that new relationship is often doomed to failure.
Relationships are about companionship, connection and comfort. Remembering that they are fragile
bonds, which needs to be built up and maintained in order to keep them healthy and allow them to
flourish over time is key to a happy partnership.
Survive A Breakup Without Losing Your Mind: Difficult But
If you are one of the many people around the world wondering how to survive a breakup there are
many great things you can do, that will help make the healing process move along at a more rapid pace.
It is normal to be blue after the ending of a relationship. Getting through a breakup is a process that
should be taken step by step. Knowing these steps will make it possible for you to gauge your progress
and help you get through it quicker. Follow advice below
In order to survive a break up, first you need to focus all your energies on yourself. Instead of thinking
what she or he may be doing right now, focus on what you are doing and what you could be doing to
clear the mind out of negative thoughts. This may sound harsh at first, but can become an easy task if
you take time to practice and especially dedicate the free time to yourself and your actions.
As difficult as it may be right now, keep in mind that your feelings are normal and simply part of a
process you will get beyond.
Acceptance comes to terms with what has happened and acknowledge and accept it without any
unhealthy tendency like being angry or blaming yourself constantly. Now, you are ready once again to
take on the world, resume your normal life and be your former self. However, avoid a new relationship
if it is still too soon after a break up. Such relationships are called rebound relationships; they occur as
a reaction to the break up and hence are not founded on healthy and strong grounds. As such, they
break sooner rather than later, and thus do more harm than good to you
If you want to survive the break up you are experiencing, you have to put some distance between you
and your ex. If at all possible refrain from talking to them. Do not text them or e-mail them and make
sure you are not checking out any type of social websites of theirs. You must stop any and all types of
communication that you have with them. This will give you time to get over them. If you decide to stay
in contact with them, the process of getting over your ex will become harder and harder.
The sooner you take action and do what is good for you, the sooner you will be moving toward the kind
of life and relationship you really want.
Find the courage to pull yourself out of this funk. Take charge of your life and you will find that there
actually      is    life    after      What’s-His-Name!        You      just      have      to     make
the decision so you can move.
Soul search, gently and without judgement, ask yourself if you could’ve done things a little differently.
Were you a good partner? It helps to know your blind spots so you won’t repeat them in your next
relationship, whether it be with a different person or with your ex. It may also be good to ask yourself if
you still want to survive a breakup and reconcile with your ex.
Do not worry about this though; there are plenty of great guides out there to help someone in exactly
your situation. It is better to invest in a proven method than to go it alone and make a fool of yourself.

Will You Survive A Breakup? Learn Healthy Ways For Repairing
Your Relationship
Breakups are a normal thing in the present day scenario of fast like where everything’s moving faster
than we can even think. But what we all want to know how to survive a breakup you have broken up
with someone nothing much can be done, all you can do is move on but that very thought of breakup
keeps circling your brain no matter how hard you try.
But the truth is, there are few lonelier places than in a relationship where a person feels just about
tolerated or put up with for convenience. Read on to find out some of the best and most effective ways
on how to survive a breakup.
The immediate effect of the break-up is pain. The pain goes away slowly over a number of years, but
the initial impact is high. It is the initial period during which one has to gather all the energy and
tolerate the pain.
The second effect is bitterness and blame. There is recap of all the arguments and fights and there is a
large amount of self-talk about how one was ditched. That is not pleasant. Try the following to
overcome this phase.
We usually need time to work through the emotions that come with the loss of something or someone
special to us. So take the time you need to handle all those feelings you have. Some people will tell you
to jump directly into a new relationship. This isn’t going to help you in the long run. Rebound
relationships are very rarely successful. It’s not fair to start another relationship with someone new and
expect them to deal with all your unresolved emotions from your last relationship.
Learn to feel complete as your own individual and move past your previous relationship. Then after
you feel ready to find love, you can start dating again. It is very important that you get closure on all
the issues from your last relationship and reestablish your unique personality as a way to survive a
Breakups are hard, but you do not have to go through this alone. Talk to friends and family and seek
their support. True, you don’t want to overload them with your grief, but realize that your friends and
family really ARE there to help you in time of need, just as you are there for them. They will be there
for you when you need them, and they truly do want to be. They will help you, just as you would help
them in a similar circumstance.
To survive a break up, you need to take your mind off what happened between you and your loved one.
Start catching up with your studies or excel in your job. Not only will you forget about your sad break
up, you might even get good grades or a raise.
A break up is a great time to change things up a bit. Get a new look, find a new hobby. Saying yes will
open up new avenues, let you explore new paths. Hopefully you should start to feel better about
yourself – because it is perhaps your ego that has taken the most battering through the break up.
After you overcoming this situation, you can try meeting new people. Try to go out a lot. This can help
you survive a breakup present. Do not drown yourself in suffering.

Survive A Breakup Is Easier Than You Think: Tips You Should
Know To Get Your Ex Back
It’s one thing to survive but you want to do better than survive a breakup. You want to be able to move
back into the world of the living and enjoy life at its best. It may take time but doing things the right
way can help you really put the past behind you so that you’re prepared to face the future.
So, what do you need to do to really survive after a break up?
Realize that the pain you feel right now is absolutely normal and to be expected. There’s no dodging
the pain that you’re feeling. Let the pain wash over you, feel it fully, give it a name, a color, a smell,
don’t resist the pain at this stage. There is a famous quote by a sage of some sort that goes “That which
we resist, persists.” Don’t resist the pain, let it all out, cry for days. You could take an entire week to
mope around and feel terrible, it’s okay. It’s a natural process.
The second tip for how to survive a breakup is to focus on your goals and dreams. Far to many people
depend on love and another person to make them happy and make their live feel valuable. Love and a
significant other shouldn’t be the source of value in your life, but add to the current value of your life.
If you have goals and dreams and things you want to accomplish and are moving toward, finding love
will only add to the value of your life, not be the only value of your life.
Begging and pleading is a very natural response to breakup. Especially, if you still want to get back
together with your ex. What begging and pleading does though, is make you feel bad about yourself,
and puts you at a distinct disadvantage with your ex. So, this is one of the situations where you need to
fake it until you make it. Act confident, even if you’re not.
Work on bettering yourself. Make a plan and abide by it. If you don’t like certain flaws you have, fix
them (if you can). If there are certain physical aspects or even behavioral ones you need to work on,
this is the time to do work on them. Rebuild your confidence and get back your self – esteem.
Have as little contact as possible after you breakup. If you work together or have classes together, this
can be difficult but remember to be civil. Try treating one another as an acquaintance rather than the
person you were just with. The space allows you to understand what your life could be like without one
You can also lay to rest any feelings of frustration and hurt that typically ensues after a breakup. When
she starts missing you and the wonderful things you do for her then she might think of getting her
tracks back to you. Just be patient with these matters. Taking things slow will make things to freshen up
and to have more time for each other.
How to survive a breakup advice might be hard to follow at first especially if you are still in the verge
of broken heart but if you want to get your ex back then you should learn to be honest to yourself more.

Helpful Advice And Tips To Survive A Breakup And Work To Get
Your Ex Back
Survive a breakup can be a tiresome and troubling experience. A lot of people find it hard dealing with
the pressure and the emotions of a breakup. If you find yourself in this situation and you really want no
how to survive a breakup, you need to make sure that you have your emotions under control.
The days and week after a breakup can be depressing and dull. You may are unwilling to go out and get
on with lives and instead feel self pity and regret. Please do not let this be you. Now you decide that
you need a remedy, then you should pay attention to these tips.
It begins with the stage of denial. Although you have broken up and your relationship ended, it seems
to you that all this is unreal, that the relationship has not really ended, that you have not really broken
up. So, the first thing you have to do is to come to terms with the reality. Things like putting away her
pictures and other memorabilia will start the process of reality check.
In order to get past your heartbreak you must have no contact at all with your ex. This means no
calling, text, or email your boyfriend/girlfriend. This rule cannot be applied if you work or study with
your ex, but the reasoning to make no contact is simple, act cool, be indifferent and don’t beg for
coming back. Better yet, do nothing.
The reason you feel abandoned right now is because you had a routine that included your ex. You need
to make a new routine that doesn’t include him/her. Bury yourself in work. Try volunteering. Have
some fun with your friends, go out, meet new people. Take up a new hobby. There are so many things
to do.
Try to get out and about. Get involved with a new activity or hobby so that you can direct your
attention to something constructive and away from self pity. It is best to pick something which involves
social interaction so that you meet new people. .Just do not start a new relationship as you need time to
heal yourself.
Moving on, pull yourself out and get back to living life will allow you to heal. I promise, the pain you
are feeling right now will heal with time. I’ve been there. I know what you are feeling.
This will take time but once you can get yourself into a calm state you can now look back and try and
find out where you and your ex are in the relationship and evaluate the situation most times. Once you
know where you are you will be able to make right decisions.
It may be hard to believe when you’re to survive a breakup, but life gets better. Coping with a broken
heart is never easy, but the pain eases as you begin to let the relationship go. Don’t be too hard on
yourself, and take the time you need. You deserve to be happy. Use this time to rediscover yourself.

Survive A Breakup Before Things Get Ugly – Simple Steps That
You Need To Follow
Dealing with a breakup is never easy. If you don’t know how to survive a break up the first step is to
actually decide if the relationship is worth saving. If you or your ex has opted out and doesn’t want
back in, then there will be little that can be done. Is there still any emotion in the relationship?
Remember that any emotion, good or bad, is better than pure indifference.
Once you’ve decided that the relationship is worth saving, the next step is to commit to saving it. Are
you searching for ways to save your relationship? There is something you need to know about getting
your ex back. It isn’t going to just fall together. It is going to take some effort. Getting back with your
ex is possible if you implement the right plan.
Are you ready to take action to stop it? These simple questions are for you. If you stand before God in
judgment today, can you honestly answer these three questions? Why do you want to get a divorce?
Why did you say all those negative things to your spouse? Why did you do all those hurtful things you
did to your spouse?
If you think things are taking a turn for the worse and you want to bring the issues to the surface, some
open and honest dialog will always be your first step.
You must be prepared to bite your tongue and go against any natural urges you may have to try and
survive break up. With love on the line we tend to lose control of all our rational thoughts by saying
and doing things will later regret.
Arrange a mutually convenient time to talk with your ex when neither of you will be disturbed.
Communication is the key for all relationship stages. When you arrange to talk with your ex make sure
they know that the idea is not to point fingers or blame each other about the break up.
You will have to keep your emotions in check; you do not want to be dragged into another fight.
During your talk with your ex, be objective about the problems in your relationship. Resist the urge to
beg or plead to get back together.
When you start to deal with the core problems rather than the symptoms, you will start to understand
what needs to be fixed and how to survive a break up
In life, especially when it comes to relationships, we as people always seem to remember and begrudge
all the negative things our partner had done to hurt us. But although it’s easier to hold onto hurtful
memories, why don’t we try forgiving from our heart and aim towards making our relationship more
positive and fun filled. Say I love you once in a while, hold hands when you go out walking, and do
whatever you can (the both of you) to keep your love life going strong.

A Proven Plan To Survive A Break Up And Get Back Together
Are you in a relationship that seems to be on its last legs? You would not probably be surprised with
how many individuals find themselves in this situation. If you would like to be able to stay in that
relationship, it is important for you to win your lover back. Here are some tips on how to survive a
break up
There are a number of different reasons why relationships seem to be on the wane, and you may feel as
if it has to do with one particular incident that caused the stress to happen in the relationship. More than
likely, however, this is just the visible part of the problems but the issues that you may have to deal
with can be lying quite a bit under the surface.
How to save your relationship can be a million dollar question after a break up. In situations where one
partner wants to reconcile while the other does not wants so, then it can really leave anyone in a fix.
Unfortunately, many people give up even a trial to survive break up for the fear of a negative response.
While, some find it impossible to their curb ego and approach their ex. Forget all your anxiousness.
Relationships are like plants, they need care and nurturing to grow and be healthy. Once you stop trying
they wither and die. Familiarity really does breed contempt, once you stop making that effort to keep
your relationship growing it starts to die. At some point one of you then makes the decision to end the
Honestly, this is a very lame but effective idea to save your relationship, even if you are not the person
to be blamed. Human in nature, will always feel better if the opposition are the one who starts to
apologize. Your apology should sound sincere even though you may feel unfair or unhappy to do so.
But is that really matters if this is only one of your ’strategies’ to save your dying relationship? Most of
the time after you have apologized, your beloved partner will apologize too for his misbehave and that
is a very good moment to cool down for both of you and continue to find out different ways together
to .
Saving your relationship is going to take some time. Don’t get impatient. You should take a good,
honest look at the relationship dynamics and see if you can figure out why it is failing. What was it that
your ex liked about you to begin with? What didn’t they like? What about you has changed? Do the
things they didn’t like dominate your personality now? Being honest with yourself is not an easy thing
to do. Let’s face it, it pretty much stinks! If you want to save break up, you have to be willing to change

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Description: Every relationship is bound to be problematic eventually, especially between lovers. When a lover breaks up with you, it is a natural feeling to become sad after your lover breaks up with you. You may feel down and broken, and you might want to cry your heart out. Want to survive a break up? Now what do you do? Well, you have a few options. But don’t do anything until you read the rest of this article. If you do the wrong thing at the wrong time, you will ruin your chance of getting back with your ex. So here are tips on how to survive breakup.