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           Bel-Wood’s Neighborhood News

On September 20, Bel-Wood had an unusual guest: Clyde
Otis Spears, a 10 month old bloodhound. While there’s
nothing unusual about a dog at Bel-Wood, this particular
pup is unique in that he is trained to track people. And Bel-     Many medical services are offered at Bel-Wood as a
                                                                  convenience to you, our residents, but the days and
Wood provided Clyde and master/owner Stephanie Spears,
                                                                  times of these services vary. Please refer to the following
a deputy with the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office, a great         when considering a foot doctor, eye doctor, or dental
opportunity to track an “institutionalized” scent, meaning        visit.
one person’s scent may be difficult to distinguish from
                                                                                Bel-Wood’s foot doctor is Dr. Hart. He
another’s because of a shared living environment.
                                                                                is currently scheduled to visit Bel-Wood
     Clyde is trained to track people by scent and so must be                   on October 31, December 5, and January
presented an item with only the missing person’s scent—                         9. You or a family member may request
known as a “pure scent” article—such as a shoe or a pillow.                     your name be added to the patient list by
Once he has the scent, nothing will deter him from then           talking to your unit coordinator, the ADON or the
following the path, regardless of how convoluted that path        DON. Nursing staff may also recommend residents be
may be by the intrusion of other scents. Clyde’s first experi-    added to the list.
ence with institutionalized scents was a great success: he
                                                                                  The eye doctor visits Bel-Wood the
was able to track his “victim” and the residents absolutely                       2nd Thursday of every month. To see
adored him!                                                                       the eye doctor, you or a family member
     Clyde has been training since he was 2 months old and                        may ask your unit coordinator or Kim
will be certified by the U.S. Police Bloodhound Association       Darrah of Social Services to add you to the list.
in November. While he does not ride with Deputy Spears,
he can be called upon by the Sheriff’s Office to help search                   Dental visits are on an as needed basis.
                                                                               Dental cleanings are not offered at Bel-
for a lost child or missing person when needed. Currently
                                                                               Wood; however, routine checkups and
Clyde’s training regimen involves training exercises with                      routine dental care are offered onsite.
Deputy Spears three days/week and one day a week with a
professional trainer. He has had limited practical experience,
but this will change as his skills become renown in the area.
     Clyde is a typical bloodhound in that he is driven to
succeed, making him a highly motivated tracker. ‘Course it
doesn’t hurt to have a hot dog waiting as a prize at the
other end! Actually, Clyde does very well without the bribe;
pride alone spurs this pup to successful searches—soon to
be rescues. And Clyde is such a delight he can smell our
                                                shoes at Bel-
                                                Wood any

                                                                                             6701 W Plank Rd
                                                                                             Peoria, IL 61604
                                              Clyde is pictured
                                                                                               (309) 697-4541
                                              with resident
                                              Phyllis Weber.
                                              Joanne           has

                  Earlier this decade, Peoria County identified and defined primary values                       10/1
to help guide employees’ work ethic and performance. These values are Service, Productivity,      Josephine Crank, 94
Integrity, Responsibility, Initiative and Teamwork; hence, the SPIRIT Campaign was                    Shirley Knell, 76
formed. Annually, 18 of the County’s 1000 employees are recognized as SPIRIT Award                                10/4
winners: 3 winners are selected through a peer nomination process for each guiding value.              Virginia Bill, 83
     In September, Peoria County selected Joanne Brown from Bel-Wood’s dietary depart-                 Lora Bitner, 86
ment as a winner of this year’s Teamwork Award; Joanne is one of three winners for the
award. Teamwork award winners are active in their department; supportive of the county,
                                                                                                  Virginia Burchell, 83
the department and their team; and are responsible and cooperative. Joanne was selected               Lois Driskell, 79
for exemplifying these qualities every day at Bel-Wood.
     Joanne helps serve meals to 50 residents on the Norwood wing and several of her                           10/10
Norwood colleagues took the time to add their thoughts to her nomination form. They                  Rosie Harris, 97
                                                                                                    Myrtle Haynes, 89
explained that Joanne is ready to go as soon as she arrives every morning, wanting to
pass out trays to residents at 7:30am. She doesn’t complain, helps out where needed,                             10/16
and never says, “That’s not my job.” Joanne goes above and beyond her duties time                      Susan Finley, 69
and again to help the staff and
residents at Bel-Wood. Congratu-                                                                               10/17
                                                                                                    Theresa Baer, 90
lations Joanne and keep up the
                                                                                                  Marilyn Rhoades, 83
good work!
     To nominate a co-worker for a                                                                               10/18
SPIRIT value, Bel-Wood employees                                                                     Shirley Foster, 78
can pick up a nomination form in the
break room, fill it out and send it                                                                            10/22
                                                                                                  Dorothy Haynes, 92
in to County Administration.
                                                                                                   Shirley Palmer, 79
Nomination forms are accepted                                                                       George Pfanz, 94
year-round for any SPIRIT value.
The SPIRIT Committee will retain Winner Joanne Brown (center) is surrounded by her col-                       10/23
the form until the appropriate value leagues: Maria Burnside; Reckel Booker; Lisa Baker; Vicki   Bernice Moorman, 78
is due for recognition so start Mitchell; James Batey; Kim Grisham and Vicki Jennings. Also
                                        nominating, but not pictured, was Dawn Mitzelfeldt.                   10/27
                                                                                                      Dora Adams, 82

                                                                                                      June Hartseil, 81
         Bel-Wood is seeking
                                                       Wellness Clinic                                         10/31
     volunteers to help residents                                                                    Dale Leonard, 90
      at meal times. If you would                    A Peoria County wellness                       Barbara Swank, 96
   like to assist residents during                   clinic has been scheduled for em-
 some meals, please call either                      ployees on Monday, October 29 at Bel-Wood Nursing Home.
  Christy Delaware or                                Methodist Wellness Center staff will be onsite to take blood
      Penny Marsh at                                 pressure, do cholesterol screenings and more. Details will be
        697-4541.                                    accompanying a paycheck soon. All County employees are
                                                     eligible to participate; services are reimbursable for health plan
                                                     members under the $500 wellness benefit.