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					                                                                                                                   May 2006
           Bel-Wood’s Neighborhood News

                        National Nursing                                               for
                          Home Week
                           May 14th - 20th
                                                               Bel-Wood Nursing Home sets itself apart from other
The theme of this year’s National Nursing Home Week            area nursing homes by offering many amenities those
(NNHW) is “Legends in Our Own Time.” Many of you               homes do not. One such amenity is the presence of our
have honored a Bel-Wood resident, family member of a           pets. Many residents cared for pets before coming to
resident, staff member or volunteer by nominating him or       Bel-Wood, so it is natural and comforting to have pets
her as a 2006 “Bel-Wood Legend in Our Own Time.”               available to them here. Not only do our employees
Winners will be announced during NNHW and properly             recognize the benefits Autumn, Fred, Millie, Henry and
recognized for those qualities that have earned them this      Patches provide the residents, but all County employees
title. NNHW also affords us an opportunity to recognize        recognize how important it is to have pets at Bel-
Bel-Wood staff for the kindness and compassion they            Wood. Recently, the County Clerk’s Office began a
exhibit towards residents year round. To show our              campaign for County employees to donate funds towards
appreciation for all those associated with the nursing
                                                               medical care and food for our four-legged friends. Bel-
home, we have planned several meaningful activities through-
                                                               Wood appreciates the efforts of our co-workers at
out the week. For more information on any of the following
                                                               other County facilities to help provide for our dogs,
events, please call Jennifer Waggoner, (309) 697-4541.
                                                               cats and rabbit so that they may continue to provide
       May 14th - Mothers’ Day Tea                             companionship to our residents. You can be certain our
       May 15th - We Love Our Pets Day
                                                               crew of canines and cats thank those employees as well!

       May 16th - Resident Day                                   FRED
       May 17th - Volunteer Luncheon
       May 18th - Family Night
       May 19th - Staff Appreciation Day

                                                  Discount Prescription Card:
                                                               A Win-Win for Everyone
                                      Do you or someone you know not have health insurance?
                                     Or have insurance that does not cover certain prescriptions?
                                    On June 1, 2006, all Peoria County residents will be able to get a free
                              discount drug card to help cover the cost of prescriptions. The Peoria
                      County Board recently approved a National Association of Counties’ (NACo) discount
            card program that provides discounts on prescription drugs through pharmacy contracts
with Caremark. Savings range from 17 to 35% and participating pharmacies include, but are not limited
to, Walgreens and CVS. The discount card can be used for mail-order prescriptions; for pet medications
purchased through a pharmacy; and when traveling.
       The discount card is not an insurance program; it is available for the insured and uninsured alike.
Card holders simply present the card at participating pharmacies when picking up a prescription and pay
the lowest price. For example, if the Walgreens’ price is cheaper than the Caremark price, the card holder
will be charged the Walgreens’ price and vice-versa. Peoria
County residents can pick up free discount cards at participating
township offices, village and city halls, libraries, and social                        6701 W Plank Rd
service agencies. For a complete list of card distribution sites,                      Peoria, IL 61604
please contact Shauna Musselman in County Administration,                                (309) 697-4541
(309) 672-6056.
                                                                                                  May 2006
                                                                  * Activities shown in first row recur the same time each week on the day they appear.
5/1                      5/14                        Sunday             Monday           Tuesday         Wednesday           Thursday         Friday            Saturday
Pearl Hankins, 96        Janice McGuire, 63                                                             9:30
                                                9:00               9:30             9:30 Mass                                             9:30             9:00
                         Thelma Storry, 95                                                              10:00 Piano
5/4                                                                                 10:00 Hazel’s
Beatrice Vanwinkle, 98 5/16                     2:00               11:00                                by Nancy                          10:00            2:00
                       Bernice Tyer, 74                                                                 11:00
Hattie Pediford, 99    5/19                                        1                2                   3 10:00 Advisory 4                5                6
                       Charles Mendenhall, 81                      9:30                                 Board                             10:00 Open
5/6                                                                                                     11:00            2:00 Token       Bible Ministry
Thomas Ott, 56         5/21                                        11:00            6:30 Howard         1:30                                               2:00        by
Merle Thomas, 84       Rova Hislope, 96                                             Leman               2:00 Dr. Wives   6:30 Blind       2:00 Lloyd       Meyers
                       Cecelia Pilger, 87                                                               Bingo            Center Chorus    Hedges
Betty Colvin, 81       5/23                     7                  8                9                   10               11               12               13
                       Paula Kegel, 78                             8:00             10:00 Hazel’s                                         10:00 Open       9:00
5/8                                                                                 Girls               11:00 Lord’s     2:00             Bible Ministry
Elizabeth Anderson, 80 5/25                     2:30 Berea                                              Table
                                                                   1:30 Limestone                                                                          2:00 Jim Park
                       Betty Reames, 85         Baptist                             2:00 Trivia                                           2:30 Music by
5/9                                                                Walters                                               7:00             MaryAnn
Elaine Bowers, 84      5/26
Hazel Montag, 89       Elizabeth Buttrum, 82    14                 15               16                  17               18               19               20
                                                                                    10:00 Hazel’s                        10:00 Ransom     10:00 Open
5/10                     5/27                                      9:30             Girls               1:30 Volunteer   Troyan           Bible Ministry   2:00 Lord’s
Ruth Stock, 92           Betty Burge, 78                                            1:30 Cooties        Luncheon                                           Table Memorial
                         Alice Rickgauer, 75         Mothers’      11:00            Popcorn                              6:30 Country     2:00 +55
5/11                                                                                                                     Express
Shirley Buhs, 72         5/30                        Day Tea
                         Eva Latham, 81         21                 22               23                  24               25               26               27
                                                                                                        11:00 Lord’s     7:00 Breakfast   10:00 Open
Ellen Fechter, 85        5/31                                                       2:00 Siek’s                                                            9:00
                                                                   2:00 Glenn                           Table            Group            Bible Ministry
                         Mae Hutchens, 96
5/13                                            2:00 Baptist       Reader           6:30 Freight        6:30 Telephone   1:00 2nd Baptist 2:30 Sing w/     2:00
Sophia Hughes, 89                               Church                              Train Mike          Bingo            Sing Along       Mary Ann

                                                28                 29               30                  31
       Happy hands                Piano                                             10:00 Hazel’s       11:00 Lord’s
                                                                                    Girls               Table
       Wing activities             Outing       2:00 Christ the
                                                                   11:00            2:00           by   7:00 Jim Park
        Lord’sTable outing                                                          Lamon
        Entre Nous candy
       Bethel Bible Church         Music
                             Table games