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					                  What is Truth? The Truth About Truth
      What shocks me the most is the misguided knowledge that teachers and
professor teach among many public schools and universities. Quite honestly I fear
youngsters going to public schools and the universities today. It seems that
youngsters grow more into stupidity. It almost seems like the culture itself just
keeps getting dumber and dumber.

       Simply because technology increases doesn’t define our intelligence. Have
you ever tried to read a book that was written in the 16 or 17 hundreds? Even in the
early 20th century the writing style and the vocabulary seems like a blur to us. This
is a blatantly a sign that our culture is evolving more into stupidity.

      It is because of this reason the truth about truth has lost its truthfulness.
Many professors believe that “truth cannot be known.” They claim “there is no
such thing as truth.” They claim “all truth is relative,” and so on.

      What is truth? Truth is simply telling it like it is, or the actual state of a
matter, or the actual existence. Truth is discovered, not invented. (Gravity existed
before Newton discovered it) Truth is universal, if something is true, it is true for
everyone, everyplace, every time. (5+5=10 for everyone, everyplace, and every
time) Truth is unchanging even if our beliefs about the truth change. (When we
believe the earth was round instead of flat, our beliefs changed but the truth did
not) Truth is not affected by the attitudes of people. All truths are absolute truths.

       Now here are the problems with ignorant people that claim all these
statements that truth doesn’t exist and it is all self-defeating arguments. For
example; if there is not truth, then what is the purpose to learn anything? Why
should we listen to professors or teachers? If a professor claims, “There are no
absolutes.” Is the professor absolutely sure? If a professor claims, “All truth is
relative.” Is that a relative truth? If one claims, “there is no truth.” Is that a true
statement? One may claim, “What is true for you may not be true for me? “ Is that
a true statement just for you, or is it true for everybody? These false statements
about truth are basically claiming that, “I can’t speak a word in English,” or
someone knocks on my door and I say, “No one is home.”

Mar. 20, 2010                                   By Jay Gheen
        It is the same thing as one claiming that all religions are true. If a preacher
tells the congregation that all religions are true and God saves everyone through
different religions. And I go up to him and say, “I believe you are going to Hell.”
Obviously my belief is right or wrong. His belief and my belief can’t both be right
because they contradict each other. It is the same with religions in the world. Out
all the world views, somebody is right and most are wrong.

I don't have enough faith to be an Atheist 2004, Crossway

Mar. 20, 2010                                   By Jay Gheen

Description: What is Truth? Many professors believe that “truth cannot be known.” They claim “there is no such thing as truth.” They claim “all truth is relative,” and so on. Is this True?