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WasteWise - Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry - PDF by opj92226


									                       C H E M I C A L                      A N D

                                                                                     February 2002

Doing What it Takes to be WasteWise
                                                 ❖ Implement an in-plant labeling system that

       rom reducing product packaging to
                                                   eliminates purchase of excess labeling
       buying manufacturing supplies in bulk,      materials.
       the chemical and pharmaceutical           ❖ Redesign product inserts to use less paper.
                                                 ❖ Lightweight plastic bottles used for product
industry has a wealth of waste reduction           packaging.
opportunities. Below is a sampling of the        ❖ Eliminate tertiary packaging on outgoing
commitments and achievements of WasteWise
                                                 ❖ Reduce materials in steel drums by
partners in this industry. These types of          standardizing specifications and down-
                                                   gauging drum thickness and weight.
activities also can help your company reduce
                                                 ❖ Purchase materials in returnable or reusable
waste and cut costs. For more information or       drums. Recondition and reuse drums.
to enroll your company in WasteWise, call        ❖ Use refillable cylinders instead of
                                                   drums for shipping.
800 EPAWISE (372-9473) or visit our home
                                                 ❖ Send out products in returnable
page at [].                   totes.
                                                 ❖ Purchase in bulk to eliminate
Waste Prevention                                   plastic pails used to store raw

      he cornerstone of WasteWise, waste
                                                 ❖ Reuse 65” super sacks for storage
      prevention means using less material to
                                                   of dry chemicals.
      do the same job, cutting waste before
recycling. Regardless of industry sector,        ❖ Use reusable industrial oil absorbents.
everyone can take advantage of general waste     ❖ Use cleaning rags for solvent application
prevention goals, such as double-sided             instead of disposable applicators.
copying, packaging reduction, or switching to
                                                 ❖ Purchase reusable coveralls and cleaning
reusable supplies. Some WasteWise partners
in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
have gone beyond the basics and implemented      ❖ Establish program to wash vinyl operator
activities that target industry-specific waste     gloves for reuse.
materials. The following is a sampling of        ❖ Send heavy equipment air filters out to be
these goals:                                       reworked in lieu of discarding.
Recycling Collection                                WasteWise Partners in the Chemical
                                                       and Pharmaceutical Industry

         asteWise partners commit to
         initiating, expanding, or improving        Abbott Laboratories          Morton International, Inc.
         company programs to collect                Allchem Services, Inc.       Nalco Chemical Company
recyclables. In some cases, companies add new       Allergan, Inc.               Noramco of Delaware Inc.
materials to an existing program, or they           Alpharma USPD Inc.           Novartis Pharmaceuticals
                                                    Applied Specialties, Inc.       Corporation
increase effectiveness through activities such as
                                                    BASF Corp.                   PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer, L.P.
employee education or community outreach.
                                                    Calgene LLC                  Pharmacia Corporation
WasteWise partners in the chemical and
                                                    Clearon Corp.                Phillips Petroleum
pharmaceutical industry have set these goals:                                       Company
                                                    Cytec Industries - Fortier
                                                       Complex                   Purepac Pharmaceutical
❖ Recycle fiberboard barrels.                                                    Reckitt & Colman Inc.
                                                    Cytec Industries Inc.,
❖ Recycle glass into “glassphalt”.                     Wallingford Plant         Roche Vitamins
                                                    Dow Chemical Company            Incorporated
❖ Recycle laminated cardboard cores.                                             S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
                                                    Dow Corning Corp.
❖ Recycle dry chemical bags.                        DuPont Pharmaceuticals       Searle & Company
                                                       Company                   Shell Chemical Company
❖ Organize and maintain an
                                                    Duramed Pharmaceuticals      Sterling Chemicals, Inc.
  employee handbook on                              E. I. duPont de Nemours &    The Hall Chemical
  disposal and recycling of                            Company, Inc.                Company
  laboratory waste.                                 Eli Lilly & Company          The Lubrizol Corp.- Corp
                                                    Faultless Starch/Bon Ami        HQ/Wickliffe R&D Fac.

Buying or                                              Company
                                                    Genzyme Corporation
                                                                                 The Lubrizol Corp.-
                                                                                    Painesville Manuf'g Fac.

Manufacturing                                       Hoffman-La Roche Inc.
                                                    Merck-Medco Rx Services
                                                                                 The Muralo Company Inc.
                                                                                 The Scotts Company
Recycled Products                                      of NV
                                                    Monsanto Company
                                                                                 The Seydel Companies
                                                                                 VANEX, Inc.

          asteWise partners commit to               Monsanto Company -           Witco Corp.
                                                       Luling Plant              Zeneca Specialties
          increasing the overall recycled content
          in the products they purchase.                                               As of February 1, 2002
WasteWise partners that are manufacturers can       ❖ Purchase plastic drums
either increase the percentage of postconsumer        made with recycled content.
content in the products they make or increase
the recycled content in the products they           ❖ Increase postconsumer
purchase. Buy-recycled activities of WasteWise        content in bag-in-box
partners in the chemical and pharmaceutical           packaged products.
industry include:                                   ❖ Incorporate regenerated
                                                      PET into product packaging.

                              Sample Partner Achievements

  ❖ Applied Specialties, Inc. encourages waste prevention among its clients by working
    with its material transport tank manufacturer to collect used tanks for free. The used
    tanks are cleaned for reuse.

  ❖ Calgene LLC keeps lab and office equipment out of landfills by donating it to local primary
    and secondary schools, universities, and science centers. The company also reduced incom-
    ing junk mail by providing employees with postcards that request removal from mailing lists.

  ❖ The Lubrizol Corp. Wickliffe Ohio (Corporate Headquarters and R&D facility) collects
    wooden boxes and crates for internal reuse, donates old furniture for reuse, and shreds
    pallets to be used for lawn mulch and playground turf. In 2000, the company donated
    3.4 tons of computer equipment to local schools.

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