Persuasive Essay Writing Guidelines for 7th Grade by ndi13784


									Persuasive Essay Writing Assignment: Community or Bay Area Issues
7th Grade, Mrs. Becker
Winter 2010

Step One:
Persuasive Essay Topic due Friday, 2/5. Send a one-sentence email to
Mrs. Becker with your thesis statement. Your thesis statement must include
your topic and what three ways you will argue about it. For example, you
might write: The Golden Gate Bridge does not need a suicide barrier
because it will cause tolls to increase again to offset the costs, it won’t stop
jumpers from killing themselves anyway, and it will look ugly.

Step Two:
Progressive Draft #1 due Wednesday, 2/10: full name and date in upper
right corner; title (centered); complete first paragraph with hook, summary,
and thesis statement.

Step Three:
Progressive Draft #2 due Wednesday, 2/24: draft with improvements/
corrections made from Progressive Draft #1, plus three complete body
paragraphs with topic sentences, quotations, analysis and concluding
sentences. Use MLA citation for your quotations. (See Study Guide for
details on MLA citation). Each body paragraph must use a source for
evidence, such as a magazine article, newspaper article, book, interview, etc.

Step Four:
Final Draft due Wednesday, 3/3: final, fully proofread draft due, including
four previously submitted paragraphs, plus a concession paragraph and a
concluding paragraph. Additionally, attach your Bibliography as the last

     A concession paragraph acknowledges and anticipates a counter-
argument. It may or may not have a quote in it.

      A conclusion contains a "call to action" or in other words, a statement of
what you want your reader to do.

       Again, please refer to the Study Guide for proper formatting for the

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