Persuasive Essay Bioethics Project Teacher Name Mrs Amy O Brien Student Name 10 by mca52246


									                         Persuasive Essay : Bioethics Project

       Teacher Name: Mrs. Amy O'Brien

       Student Name:      ________________________________________

         10 -            9-              7-                    5-
CATEGORY Above Standards Meets Standards Approaching Standards Below Standards Score
Grammar & Author makes no                Author makes 1-2         Author makes 3-4 errors in        Author makes more
Spelling  errors in grammar or           errors in grammar or     grammar or spelling that          than 4 errors in
              spelling that distract     spelling that distract   distract the reader from the      grammar or spelling
              the reader from the        the reader from the      content.                          that distract the reader
              content.                   content.                                                   from the content.

Sentence      All sentences are well- Most sentences are          Most sentences are well           Most sentences are
Structure     constructed with varied well-constructed and        constructed, but there is no      not well-constructed or
              structure.              there is some varied        variation is structure.           varied.
                                      sentence structure in
                                      the essay.

Article       Article is defined         Article is defined       Article summary is choppy and     Article summary is
Summary       thoroughly & clearly       somewhat thoroughly      not very clear                    brief and confusing
                                         with only one or two
                                         points that need

Position      The position statement     The position statement A position statement is present, There is no position
Statement     provides a clear, strong   provides a clear       but does not make the author's statement.
              statement of the           statement of the       position clear.
              author's position on the   author's position on
              topic                      the topic.

Support for Includes 2 or more           Includes 2 or more       Includes 1 pieces of evidence     Includes 1 or fewer
Position    pieces of evidence           pieces of evidence       (facts, statistics, examples,     pieces of evidence
              (facts, statistics,        (facts, statistics,      real-life experiences) that       (facts, statistics,
              examples, real-life        examples, real-life      support the position statement.   examples, real-life
              experiences) that          experiences) that                                          experiences).
              support the position       support the position
              statement. The writer      statement.
              anticipates the reader's
              concerns, biases or
              arguments and has
              provided at least 1

                                                                                  Presentation:               Points:______/10

                                                                                                              Total: _______/60
Project Due Date: January 6, 2010

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