Management of Personal Injury Claims for Construction

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					                   Management of Personal Injury
                 Claims for Construction Companies
      In an environment when personal injury claims are on the increase and insurance premiums are forecast to rise,
      it is now more that ever vital for construction companies to manage the personal injury claim process
      knowledgeably with a view to reducing the costs. This programme aims to give you the tools to achieve this.
      This is an invaluable programme for anyone who has to manage insurance claims arising from construction

      Course Contents:
         • Accident Investigation
                o Why accidents should be investigated
                o How this should be done – a practical guide to investigation
                o Which incidents should be fully investigated – and who should do it
         • Notifications of accidents
                o H.S A requirements
                o Obligations under insurance policy
         • Strategies to prevent accidents becoming claims
                o Practical measures to take to stop claims being made
         • How to handle claims that are received
                o Key steps to take to minimise the cost
         • Legal aspects of compensation claims
         • Dealing with the Injuries Board

      This programme will be delivered by Kieran Devenish of Dandelion Insurance. Kieran has worked as an
      Insurance Claims Manager for over two decades. He is ‘Chartered Insurer’ and an Associate of the Chartered
      Insurance Institute. He studied law at University College Cork and holds a Masters Degree in Business
      Administration from Manchester Business School. .

Location                      Date                                                                Venue                                                             Time
Dublin                        Thursday, 25th June 2009                                            Louis Fitzgerald Hotel                                            8:30am – 4.30pm

      For further information please contact:                          Lizzie Baxter
                                                                       Tel: 01 406 6009 / Email:
                          Management of Personal Injury Claims for Construction Companies
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