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									                                               Personal Injury Law Group
                                                 David W. Hay / 604.661.9250 /

                                                                 What We Do
As personal injury lawyers, we assist clients who have sustained traumatic      Our lawyers have established reputations throughout British Columbia
injuries as a result of the negligence or intentional conduct of others.        and are regarded as knowledgeable, efficient and reasonable. We gather
We have had conduct of countless cases related to bike accidents, for           the medical-legal evidence required to support your case, provide you
which our firm is know province wide, motor vehicle accidents, and               with an objective assessment and recommendations as to your options,
other mishaps arising from wrongful conduct. Our priority is to recover         and bring the leverage necessary to a successful outcome. If we think
appropriate compensation for our clients’ injuries and ensure they are          you are not being offered fair compensation we’ll recommend you take
treated fairly in the process.                                                  the matter to trial. Our senior litigators have significant experience
                                                                                representing personal injury victims at trial and on appeal.
We deal with insurance companies, medical professionals, economists,
rehabilitation specialists, employers, vocational specialists, witnesses, and
opposing counsel in an effort to guide the process towards a fair and just
resolution, either by negotiation or trial.

                                              What You Can Expect from Us
We understand that serious injuries can be overwhelming and even                settlement offer or negotiating a counter offer, we will recommend that
life altering. For disabled individuals, the immediate pressure is usually      route over going to court. Our reputation for objectivity means counsel
financial. At RBS we offer a free initial consultation so that you have a         and insurers know we are serious. We don’t recommend taking a case to
preliminary assessment of your case and learn how the claims process            trial unless we are convinced the claim has merit and the settlement offer
works. If you retain us we usually work on a contingent fee (percentage)        is inadequate.
basis, and you pay no legal fees until we resolve your claim. Similarly, we
will not bill you for your expenses associated with medical legal work,         You will have regular access to a team of personal injury professionals
including the cost of doctors’ records and reports, until the conclusion        including your own personal injury lawyer, highly experience paralegals
of your claim.                                                                  and legal assistants.

We will be straightforward with you about what your options are and
what we think a reasonable result should be. If that means accepting a

                                      Questions about personal injury law matters? We can help:
               David W. Hay / 604.661.9250 /                             H. Scott MacDonald / 604.661.9217 /
        James D. Vilvang, Q.C. / 604.661.9216 /                        C. Nicole Mangan / 604.661.9257 /
          Sandra E. Hancock / 604.661.9239 /                               Alex L. Eged* / 604.661.9203 /
         Peter W. Lightbody / 604.661.9284 /                          Amos R. Comeau / 604.661.9243 /
                                                                                                                               * A law corporation
                                                    Meet our Personal Injury Law Group at

                                   700 – 401 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC. Canada. V6B 5A1
                                   Tel: 604.682.3664 Fax: 604.688.3830
                                                         Personal Injury Law Group
                          Our priority is to recover appropriate compensation for our clients’ injuries
                                       and ensure they are treated fairly in the process.

                                                                           Legal Services
Through direct interaction with health professionals involved in your care, we marshal medical/legal evidence to support your actions for damages in
everything ranging from short-term injuries through permanent, partial disabilities to catastrophic injuries affecting mobility, life expectancy, attendant
care, and future income loss.
Our personal injury lawyers have helped clients obtain appropriate compensation in serious injury cases including:

                 • Chronic soft tissue injuries
                 • Orthopaedic injuries
                 • Injuries causing temporary and permanent mobility problems
                 • Brain injury
                 • Spinal cord injuries
                 • Partial and permanent disability due to soft tissue and/or
                   orthopaedic injuries

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                                       700 – 401 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC. Canada. V6B 5A1
                                       Tel: 604.682.3664 Fax: 604.688.3830

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