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                                                 JUDICIAL COMMITTEE
                                             September 17, 2003 @ 4:00 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT:                    Sharon Kennedy, Chairman; Patricia Hidden; Michael Phelan; Junior Watkins
MEMBERS ABSENT:                     Jeff Joyce; Merle Widmer
OTHERS PRESENT:                     David Williams-County Board Chairman; Don Toohill-Assistant State’s Attorney; Jim
                                    Ludolph-Courthouse Security; Denise Patton-Director of Finances, Sheriff’s Department;
                                    Joe Needham-Chief Deputy; Ed Meister-Dan Heinz-Coroner; Robert Spears-Circuit
                                    Clerk; Ray Austin-Circuit Clerk’s Office; Shauna Musselman-Budget/Finance Analyst

Ms. Kennedy called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Minutes of the August 20, 2003 meeting were approved on a motion
by Ms. Hidden and a second by Mr. Phelan. The motion carried.

Discussion: Departmental Monthly Budget Report
It was reported that average spending is at about 66% for the year; Public Defender fees and state reimbursements for
Courts are down; probation services fees are doing well; traffic fees in Circuit Clerk are down; and some departments who
are on a trend to overspend their appropriations by the end of the year have been advised to make adjustments.

Resolution: Approval of Bids for File Folders for State’s Attorney’s Office and Circuit Clerk’s Office for 2004
Mr. Watkins moved for approval of the bid award to Bradford Systems of East Peoria, IL, in the amount of $19,057 for the
provision of file folders for the State’s Attorney’s Office and Circuit Clerk’s Office for FY2004. Ms. Hidden seconded the
motion, and it carried.

Resolution: Payment to ICC Professional Development Institute for Traffic School
The County Administrator explained that Driver Improvement classes were formerly held at the Courthouse, and fees
collected at the Circuit Clerk’s offices were sent to Illinois Central College. He added that since February of this year,
participants, who now take the classes at the college, are required to pay fees directly to ICC. It was noted that it was
necessary for the Circuit Clerk and ICC to reconcile outstanding fees from prior collections, and that the sum of $10,264
(from the General County Fund, Contingencies) has been appropriated to settle the fee amount. Mr. Watkins moved for
approval of the resolution. The motion carried on a second by Ms. Hidden.

Resolution: Approval of 2003 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant
Ms. Hidden moved for approval of the acceptance of the 2003 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant for the Sheriff’s
Department, and for approval to enter into the necessary grant agreement. Mr. Watkins seconded the motion. Mr. Meister
explained that the money is usually spent for equipment, such as mobile data terminals, etc. The motion for approval

Informational: Juvenile Detention Statistics
Ms. Kennedy commented on the high numbers for August and pointed out that this peak occurs every year during the
summer months when kids are out of school.

Bulletproof Vests
Ms. Kennedy asked that the committee direct the County Auditor to put out an RFP for bulletproof vests in order to get some
idea of the costs. She noted that the Sheriff offered $25,000 from his budget; that a grant application was denied; that
holding a fund raiser for the vests was discouraged; etc. The County Administrator indicated that an RFP will be sent out
and that quotes should be available for next month’s meeting.
Coroner’s Facility
The Coroner reminded the committee that $20,000 was spent on rental fees for other morgues this year, and that 85
autopsies were done, with fees ranging up to $300 each for use of other facilities. Ms. Kennedy directed that discussion of
this matter be put on next month’s agenda.

The meeting adjourned at 4:21 p.m. on a motion by Mr. Watkins and a second by Mr. Phelan.

Tour of Circuit Clerk’s Office
Several Committee members and others then took a guided tour of the Circuit Clerk’s Office. They visited the basement
storage area; old records, evidence holding area, the archives; the locked confidential juvenile records area; etc. The Circuit
Clerk pointed out in the main office area how the supervisors of various divisions such as court clerks, civil, criminal, child
support, traffic, etc. were placed in proximity with their employees, and how the bookkeeper was relocated out of sight of the
front desk area. It was pointed out that the dumb terminals will be replaced with PC’s next year as functions are moved
away from the mainframe.

Recording Secretary: Susan McIntyre-Steiner
Judicial Committee   2   July 23, 2003