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Central Bank of Sri Lanka - Organizational Structure by beu20335


									                                                                                      Central Bank of Sri Lanka – Organizational Structure                                                                                                             (Proposed)

                                  Audit Committee                                                                    Monetary Board


       Economic &                                  Agency                          Currency                                                             Support                                                                         Financial
      Price Stability                             Functions                       Management                                                            Services                                                                     System Stability

                                                                                                                Policy Review          Human Resources                    Corporate                       IT
                                                                                                                & Monitoring             Development                      Services                     Services

         DG (D)                                      DG (D)                          DG (D)                                                 DG (F)                         DG (F)                       DG (F)                              DG (F)

     Economic Research                      Public Debt                            Currency               Policy Review &             Human                        Premises                    Information                     Financial System Stability
     Statistics                             Employees’ Provident                                            Monitoring                   Resources                    Security                     Technology                      Bank Supervision
     Domestic Operations                     Fund                                                                                        Centre for                    Services                                                     Supervision of Non-Bank
     International                          Regional Development                                                                         Banking                      Finance                                                       Financial Institutions
      Operations                             Exchange Control                                                                             Studies                      Secretariat                                                  Payments & Settlements
                                                                                                          - Strategic Plan Review
                                                                                                                                          Welfare                      Governor’s                                                   Financial Intelligence
  Committees                                Committees                                                    Committee
  Chairman/Monetary Policy                  Chairman / EPF Investment                                     -Corporate Management                                                                                                      Committees
                                                                                                                                                                        Communication
  Committee                                 Committee                                                                                                                    & Library                                                   Chairman/Financial Stability
  Chairman/ Investment                      Chairman /EPF Tender Board                                    -Risk Management                                                                                                           Committee
  Committee to invest funds                 Chairman/ Treasury Bonds                                      Committee                                                                                                                  Chairman/Credit Information
  managed by the Monetary                   and Treasury Bills Tender                                     -Steering Committee on                                                                                                     Bureau
  Board                                     Boards                                                        Central Bank 60th                                                                                                          Chairman/National Payment
                                            Chairman/ Steering Committee                                  Anniversary Celebration -                                                                                                  Council
                                            on International Bond Issue                                   2010                                                                                                                       Chairman/Technical
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Committee on Regulation of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Share Ownership in Banks

         AG (S)                 AG (K)        AG (M)        AG (S) AG (SM)            AG (P)                    AG (P)        AG (P) AG (N)             AG (SM) AG (N)             AG(S) AG(M)             AG (M)           AG (SM)           AG (K)          AG (M)

         Economic         Regional          Public    Exchange  Employees’      Currency              Policy        Human       Welfare                      Secretariat  Finance                 Information  Bank            Financial       Payments &
          Research           Development       Debt       Control    Provident                               Review &       Resources  Centre for                                                            Technology    Supervision      Intelligence     Settlements
         Statistics       Provincial                               Fund                                    Monitoring     Development Banking                                                                            Supervision of   Unit
         International      Offices                                                                                                     Studies      Security                             Premises                       Non- Bank
          Operations         Monitoring &                                                         Management                                         Governor’s                           Communication                  Financial
         Domestic           Provincial                                                            Audit                                               Secretariat                           Library &                      Institutions
          Operations         Offices                                                                                                                     Board                               Printing Press                Financial
                                                                                                                                                         Sectt.                                                             System
AG (W) – On release to IMF

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