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					APPROVED ON 10-29-08
                                   Transportation Committee
                                         July 30, 2008
                                         @ 12:00 P.M.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Brian Elsasser – Chairman, Thomas O’Neill, Eldon Polhemus,
                 Bonnie Hester, Patricia Hidden

ABSENT:                    NONE
OTHERS PRESENT:            Melinda Mannlein – SAO; Kate Van Beek - Director /HR; Tom
                           McFarland, Richard Childress - County Highway, Randy Brunner
                           - County Finance

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
Chairman Elsasser called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. A motion was made by Ms. Hidden and
seconded by Mr. Polhemus to approve the minutes of July 30, 2008. Motion carried.

   • Monthly Departmental Budget Report
Mr. Brunner provided an overview of the September monthly departmental budget report for period
ending August 31, 2008. Revenues and expenditures should be approximately 67% of their budgeted
levels on a prorated basis.

Mr. Brunner summarized the MDBR as follows:
   • Motor Fuel Tax revenues continue to decline from year-ago levels due to fewer miles being
      driven and a switch to more fuel-efficient vehicles by the driving public.
   • Interest income is down across all funds due to the lower interest rates currently being received
      on investments.
   • Other revenues were routine in nature, and are consistent with year-to-date revenues from

   • The various highway funds are all below their expenditure budgets threshold of 678%for 2008.
      However, in Matching Tax as noted previously, fuel expenditures are $116,000 higher in 2008
      as compared to 2007. We believe at this time that the budget for Gas and Oil Products will be
      exceeded by approximately $100,000-$200,000.
   • Other August expenses were routine in nature.
A motion was made by Mr. Polhemus and seconded by Ms. Hester to receive and file the MDBR.
Motion carried.

   • Strategic Action Agenda
No Comments

Committee Action:
New Road Name Assignment / Union Pacific Road, Akron Township
A motion was made by Mr. O'Neill and seconded by Ms. Hidden to approve the road name "Union
Pacific Road".
Executive Session Review:
Recommendation from the States' Attorney was to approve all of the minutes on file and to destroy all
tapes that are from September 2006 and earlier. A motion was made by Mr. Dillon and seconded by
Mr. Baietto to accept the State's Attorney's recommendation. Motion carried.

    • Extension of Fuel Delivery Contract w/Uselton Oil
Mr. McFarland reported that Uselton Oil Company has agreed to a one-year extension to their
contract to deliver fuel. In September 2006, Peoria County, in conjunction with the City of Peoria,
entered into a two-year agreement for joint purchasing of fuel used by the County and City vehicles
with Uselton Oil Company. The contract calls for charges based upon the OPIS “Low Rack” price plus
delivery costs of $0.01/gallon delivered.

   • Status of Construction Projects
   Mr. McFarland provided an update of the following:
Airport Road: Project completed with the exception of planting about a dozen trees. The trees will
be planted before next spring.
Lancaster Bridge: This road was closed September 9, 2008. The marked detour route uses
Smithville Road. The contractor's schedule calls for the bridge to be finished, the blacktop placed,
and the road open to traffic this November, before Thanksgiving. The work next spring will involve
grading the slopes and planting approximately 900 trees.
Rohmann Avenue: The majority of the storm sewer and underground work has been completed.
The contractor's schedule calls for the constructing the roadway surface during the last week of
October this year and open the road to traffic this November.
Trivoli Road Bridge: Construction is nearing completion. The road and bridge is scheduled to be
open to traffic late October or early November.
IL 29 and Engine Drive near Mossville: Construction started the second week of September.
The turn lane additions will be completed during the summer of 2009.
Annual Overlay Program: Project completed. Stripping to be done by the City of Peoria.
Cape Seal on Hanna City Glasford Road: Scheduled to be completed during the week of
September 22, 2008.

Meeting adjourned at 12:35 p.m. on motion by Ms. Hidden and seconded by Mr. O'Neill.

Recorded & Transcribed by: Patricia Sims

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