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									Don’t forget Brexpo, November 4 - To exhibit or attend call 924-7234!                                                               ONE DOLLAR

                                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER 2009
 Greater Peterborough

                                                         Chamber NewsLine
Chamber of Commerce
        10 Wilton Road
          P.O. Box 401
     Peterborough, NH
                 03458                                   Enhancing the economic vitality and quality of life of the Greater Peterborough region.
  Phone: 603-924-7234
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     Time for COTY/BLOTY                             Past Business Leader of the Year                Peak Into Peterborough
         Nominations!                                                                                      A GREAT Peak Into
                                                 Pam Brenner
O     nce again this year, we will be honor-
      ing our annual Citizen of the Year and
                                                 Bob Edwards
                                                 Joe & Elaine Cummings
Business Leader of the Year at a gala ban-
quet early in 2010.
                                                 C. James Grant
                                                 Peter Gosline
                                                                                                     S    aturday, October 17, turned out to be
                                                                                                          a perfect day — perfect for our 6th
                                                                                                     Annual Peak Into Peterborough festival,
       Please help us by nominating a de-        Philip Mathewson                                    which filled the town and plazas with
serving recipient — or two!                      Dr. David A. Hedstrom                               shoppers and visitors. Despite competition
       Simple nomination forms are               Major Wheelock                                      from the Keene Pumpkin Festival this year
available at the Chamber offices at the inter-   Nancy Adams                                         (or maybe because of it), early indications
section of Rtes. 101 & 202 in Peterborough.      Richard Verney                                      are that this year’s PIP was at least 10%
or online at our website:                        Ben Perez                                           larger than in previous years. Our Chamber We are              Joe Hart                                            advertised in seven newspapers, which
also enclosing nomination forms with this        Willard Williams                                    also helped, no doubt.
newsletter, for your convenience.                Larry Ross                                                Many, many thanks to all of the
       Nominators also may choose to up-         Whalen Dunn                                         people and organizations who made it
date previously submitted nomination forms       Bill Williamson                                     possible, including:
which the Chamber maintains on file.             Ted Leach
       The deadline for nominations is 5         Chris Flynn                                         The Town of Peterborough Department of
p.m., Friday, December 11. For more infor-                                                                Public Works and Recreation
mation, please call (603) 924-7234 or email         Don’t Miss Our Annual                                 Department
                                                    Holiday Online Auction                           Peter Mazzone, Ava Marie Chocolates
   Past Citizen Of the Year Recipients:
                                                   Sat. Nov. 21-Tues. Dec. 1                         Ocean Bank
Francie and Carl Von Mertens
Hope Pettegrew
Bob Taft
                                                 T    his year, our Annual Holiday Online
                                                      Auction will be held from Saturday,
                                                 November 21, at 12:01 am., to Tuesday,
                                                                                                     Our generous pizza tasting participants:
                                                                                                     Our Town Pizza
Linda Renna
                                                 December 1, at 9:00 pm sharp!                       Pizza Barn
Mary and Tom Murphy
                                                        The purpose of this auction is two-          Pizza Pizzazz
Dr. Michael B. Gordon
                                                 fold: To get folks to shop at local merchants       The parents of Boy Scout Troop 8
Dr. Helfried C. Zrzavy
                                                 during the holiday season and to raise some
Terry Reeves
                                                 money for the Monadnock Area Food Bank.             The Lunatic Fringe Band
Rebecca and Edward Hamblin
                                                        This auction consists mainly of gift         The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Audrey M. White
Florence B. Jarest                               certificates (which we can make for you if
                                                 you don’t have). Unlike our big auction in          Lee, Judy, and Alfred Sawyer, Jaffrey
Dr. Edward and Anne Twitchell                                                                              (Wagon Rides)
Albert Roy                                       the spring, for which the merchandise is
                                                 picked up at our Chamber offices, in this           Peterborough Merchants Marketing Asso-
Nancy Gorr
                                                 Holiday Online Auction the gift certificate               ciation (Shuttle Bus):
James W. Lenane
                                                 is picked up at your store — so that the            Pamela Gleeson, Consensus Technnology
Marie Kirn
Cathie and Phil Runyon                           winner can spend even more!                         Peter Robinson, Roy’s/Maggie’s
                                                        In addition, participating merchants         Jeff Brown, The Wireless Zone
Peterborough Playground Committee
                                                 also get mentioned in all of our publicity          Willard Williams, The Toadstool
Dorothy D. Peterson
                                                 and advertising, which in itself always helps       Jim Therriault, Peterboro Basket Company
Walter Jones
Patricia Houston                                 holiday sales.                                      Shelley Osborne, Joseph’s Coat
Roland “Beaver” Jutras                                  As always, our huge thanks go to Ray         AND others-see page 2
Dr. Mark D. & Marilyn R. Kelley                  Cote of Appropriate Solutions, Inc., for
                                                 creating and running the software that              Actors’ Circle Theatre:
Judge Kenneth A. Brighton                                                                            John Franklin
Jere T. Morris                                   makes all of this possible.
                                                        Watch for more announcements and             Rob Koch
Larry C. Bishop
Sally Stearns Brown                              information about the Holiday Online Auc-           Marilyn Weir Photography
Robert H. Grip                                   tion. In the meantime, please contact us at
                                        or (603)              And … our many banner holders and sup-
Elizabeth Yates McGreal                                                                              porters:
                                                 924-7234 if you would like to offer a gift
C. James Grant                                                                                                         (continued on page 2)
                                                 certificate. Thank you!

   Official Chamber Photographer: Marilyn Weir Photography, 924-3405

    Achilles Agway                            Mariposa Museum                          Peak Into Peterborough 2009
    Acqua Bistro                              Masiello Insurance                       Photos...
    Actors’ Circle Theatre                    MicroSpec Corporation
    Aesop's Tables                            Monadnock Community Bank
    Allen & Mathewson Energy Corp.            Monadnock Community Hospital
    AllState Insurance & Financial Services   Monadnock Congregational Church
    Anytime Apparel                           Monadnock Family Services
    Appropriate Solutions, Inc.               Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
    Armored Textiles, Inc                     Monadnock Music
    At Wits' End                              Monadnock OB GYN Associates, PA
    Ava Marie Handmade Chocolates & Ice       Monadnock Occupational Therapy Service
           Cream                              Monadnock Orthodontics
    Belletetes                                Monadnock Orthopaedic Associates, PLLC
    Black Swan                                Monadnock Performing Arts Academy
    Blue Moon Soaps & Pottery                 Monadnock Writers Group
    Bond Wellness Center                      Morgan's Way
    Bowditch & Dewey, LLP                     Mr. Mike's Mini Mart
    Bowerbird & Friends                       New Hampshire Ball Bearings
    Brady's American Grille                   Nonie's Restaurant
    Brookstone Business Center                Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm
    Charter Trust Company                     Ocean Bank
    Chelminski Research                       Our Town Pizza
    Consensus Technology                      Peterborough Art Academy & Gallery
    Denmar Kitchen and Bath Designs           Peterboro Basket Company
    Depot Square                              Peterborough Camera Shop
    Dublin School                             Peterborough Diner
    Dunkin Donuts                             Peterborough Fire & Rescue
    Eastern Mountain Sports                   Peterborough Lions Club
    Edward L. Despres, CLU, Financial         Peterborough Marble & Granite
         Services                             Peterborough Music Company LLC
    European Esthetics                        Peterborough Paints & Décor
    Euzonic, Inc.                             Peterborough Players
    Fabricare Dry Cleaners                    Peterborough Shoe Store
    Farmers' Market                           Pine Hill Child Care Center
    Fernald, Taft, Falby & Little, PA         Pony Farm
    Flashpoint Technology, Inc                Precious Cargo
    Fletcher & Wilder Communications          RBC Wealth Management
    Gentlemen's Choice Barbershop             Rebecca’s Consignments
    Grappelli's Pizza                         Red Chair Antiques
    Flashpoint Technology, Inc.               Renaissance Room
    Happy Valley School                       Richard Monahon, Architect
    Harborside Pheasantwood                   Rite Aid Pharmacy
    Harlow's Pub & Deli                       Royal Embroidery
    Hobbs Jewelers                            Roy's Market
    Horse Power                               Saymore Signs & Trophy
    Hubert's Family Outfitters                SDE, Inc.
    InHaus Media                              Sharon Arts Center
    Jack Daniels Motor Inn                    Sim's Press
    James Thomas Hair Salon                   Steele's Stationers
    Jane, Hedstrom & Ainslie, PA              Summerhill Assisted Living
    Jane’s in Stitches                        TD Bank
    Jellison Funeral Home                     The Feathered nest
    John Stanek Custom Builders               The Masiello Group/Better Homes
    Joseph's Coat                                  & Gardens Realty
    Juniper Peterborough, LLC                 The Petersons Real Estate
    Kaufhold Family Memorials & Stone Work    The Scott-Farrar Home
    Kevin Fallon, DDS                         Toadstool Bookshop
    Lake Sunapee Bank                         Twelve Pine
    Le FP Green Body Care & Spa               U.S. Cellular
    Lee & Mt. Fuji at Noone Falls             Virginia Dickinson
    Len Pagano, Architect                     W.G. Ellerkamp
    Lions Club                                Wellness Center
    Little River B&B                          Wireless Zone
    Maggie's Marketplace                      Yankee Magazine                             All above photos by Marilyn Weir
    Manhattan East

                                                                  Passport To Peterborough
                                                                          A Great Success
                                                                              By Pamela Gleeson

                                                                  T    he Passport to Peterborough Shuttle
                                                                       was a great success in so many ways,
                                                                  even though there were only a few riders.
                                                                  The Peterborough Merchants Marketing
                                                                  Association, while planning for Peak Into
                                                                  Peterborough, decided to offer a shuttle as
                                                                  a means of attracting people downtown to
                                                                  shop and learn about Peterborough at the
                                                                  same time. A committee was formed in
                                                                  mid-September, with the challenge of put-
                                                                  ting everything together for October 17,
                                                                        The success was the cooperation of
                                                                  the committed merchants and community
                                                                  members that organized the bus from the
                                                                  Recreation Department, tested the route,
                                                                  created or secured signs, banners, clocks,
                                                                  cell phones, drivers, backup drivers, actors
                                                                  from Actors’ Circle Theatre to serve as
                                                                  onboard guides, script notes, accounting,
                                                                  promotions and so much more. Everyone
                                                                  spent many hours and dollars to make this
                                                                  event happen. Now we know how to do it.
                                                                  With promotion, we can bring more busi-
                                                                  ness to town.
                                                                        Please say thank you with words and
                                                                  patronage to this hard-working group of
 Above photos by Annette Gagnon                                   Shuttle Committee members and helpers:

                                                                  Jeff Brown, Verizon Wireless: signs; cell
                                                                  phone for the driver
                                                                  Willard Williams, Toadstool Books:
                                                                  Chamber coordination for events and of-
                                                                  fers, Passport creation
                                                                  Peter Robinson, Roy’s, Little Roy’s,
                                                                  Maggies: bus, merchant offers for Passport
                                                                  Françoise Bourdon, Joseph’s Coat:
                                                                  schedule, Common Pathway banners
                                                                  Heather McKernan, Peg Delanger, and
                                                                  staff, Monadnock-Ledger Transcript: final
                                                                  graphic design of the Passport
                                                                  George Sterling, Rebecca’s Consign-
                                                                  ments: making of signs and printing of
                                                                  Camellia Sousa, Sharon Arts Center: co-
                                                                  ordinating the “Will be Back” clocks
                                                                  Bill and Liz Littles, Steele’s Stationers:
                                                                  balloons and “Will Be Back” clocks for the
                                                                  bus stops
                                                                  Rob Koch and John Franklin, Actors’
                                                                  Circle Theatre: actors/guides
                                                                  Pamela Gleeson, chair, Consensus Tech-
                                                                  nology: coordination, final route account-
                                                                  ing, research of Peterborough facts for the
Above photos by Laura Keith King   Above photos by Marilyn Weir   actors

    The Peterson Courtyard                                                                    Chamber Chair Corner

               Set in Stone
                                                                                                 Laura Sebert
    O     n Thursday, October 15, a stone dedi-
          cation to Walter and Dorothy Peter-
    son was laid into the walkway next to the
                                                                                               Greater Peterborough
    Peterborough Town House.                                                                  Chamber of Commerce
           The dedication was made official on
    Saturday, October 17, during Peak Into                                               
    Peterborough, where many stopped to
    admire the stone, and listen the many won-
    derful words being spoken in honor of
    Walter and Dorothy for the great things
                                                                                              A     s we continue to provide services and
                                                                                                    events to our members, we are in a
                                                                                              time of transition. Our Associate Director,
    that they have done for Peterborough.                                                     Pam Crook, resigned this summer. We are
                                                                                              pleased that Laura Keith King is serving as
                                                                                              our Interim Associate Director. She is a
                                                                                              tremendous asset and we find that she and
                                                                                              Annette Gagnon (who has now been with
                                                                                              the Chamber for three years) are keeping
                                                                                              the Chamber's day-to-day operations flow-
                                                                                              ing smoothly, with many favorable reports
                                                                                              from members.
                                                                                                     This transition provides a chance for
                                                                                              the Board of Directors to evaluate our
                                                                                              current services and strategically plan for
                                                                                              the future. The conversation surrounding
                                                                                              this topic is generating a great deal of en-
                                                                                              thusiastic energy. The board recognizes
                                                                                              their responsibility to ensure that the
                                                                                              Chamber is well positioned and using its
                                                                                              resources to sustain its value to the mem-
                                                                                              bership. I am excited by the opportunities
                                                                                              that are before us.
                                                                                                     At this time of year, we begin to
                                                                                              identify new board members for 2010. The
                                                                                              Chamber’s success is due to the talent and
                                                                                              experience of our members. Your perspec-
      Chamber Member John Kaufhold,
                                                                                              tive is valuable to the leadership of the
 Kaufhold Family Memorials and Stoneworks,
and helpers, work to set the Peterson Courtyard
                                                                                                     Please contact the office, at (603)
     stone into the Town House walkway.
                                                                                              924-7234 or jburnett@peterborough
       Above photos by Annette Gagnon
                                                                                     if you are interested in join-
                                                                                              ing an energized Greater Peterborough
                                                                                              Chamber of Commerce Board of Direc-
                                                  Let’s Not Forget
                                                                                              Best wishes,
                                                   The Thomas Rain Garden                     Laura Sebert

                                                  I n yet another ceremony during Peak Into
                                                    Peterborough, there was the dedication
                                                  of the Thomas Rain Garden, in recognition
                                                                                              New Chamber Members
                                                  of Elizabeth Thomas, and her wonderful
                                                  generosity to the Town of Peterborough.
                                                                                              C    ongratulations and a hearty Chamber
                                                                                                   welcome to this month’s new mem-
                                                                                              John Barbaro/Bean Group Realty,

                                                                                              Christine Halvorson/Halvorson New
                                                                                                     Media/Frost Heaves, Hancock

                                                                                              Sharon Harless, Norah’s Depot Early
                                                                                                   Learning Center and Child Care,

The Lodge at Pony Farm                          Brookstone Business Center,                     The Brownfields Program
      Keep Them in Mind                                                                                 Can It Help You?
                                                        Two New Leases                                    By Laura Keith King
                                                        at the Brookstone                           Greater Peterborough Chamber of
                                                         Business Center                                       Commerce
                                                                                                       Interim Associate Director

                                                                                                W       hat is the Brownfields Program and
                                                                                                        can it help you? The Southwest
                                                                                                Region Brownfields Assessment Program
                                                                                                held an outreach/education program at the
                                                                                                Peterborough Town House on October
                                                                                                21st, and we would like to offer this infor-
                                                                                                mation from the session to our member-
                                                                                                       The Southwest Region Brownfields
                                                                                                Program is a partnership between the
                                                                                                Brownfields Program of the Federal EPA
                                                                                                and the Southwest Region Planning Com-
                                                T    he Brookstone Business Center is
                                                     pleased to announce it has leased 2,900
                                                square feet of office space at 9 Vose Farm
                                                                                                mission, and also receives technical assis-
                                                                                                tance from the NH Dept. of Environmental
                                                Road to Ames Financial Planning who was
                                                                                                       Contaminated industrial and com-
                                                represented by Michelle Lange with the
                                                                                                mercial properties threaten public health,
                                                Masiello Group.
                                                                                                environmental quality and economic pros-
                                                       They have also leased 25,405 square
                                                                                                perity. Communities large and small have
                                                feet of accessory retail, warehouse, and
                                                                                                properties that once provided jobs, tax
                                                distribution space to For Your Pleasure, Inc.
                                                                                                revenue and community character, but now
                                                at 49 Vose Farm Road in Peterborough,
                                                                                                stand empty or are under-used because of
                                                New Hampshire, which is now 100% fully
S    ome Chamber members know, and
     others could easily find out, what a
special place The Lodge at Pony Farm is
                                                leased. “We are very fortunate to have this
                                                building completely occupied and thanks to
                                                                                                known or suspected contamination. The
                                                                                                Small Business and Liability Relief &
                                                                                                Brownfields Revitalization Act of 2001
for business meetings, staff retreats, family   the attributes of the Brookstone Business
                                                                                                directs technical and financial assistance
gatherings, or holiday gatherings, so have      Center and the Peterborough area we con-
                                                                                                toward resolving those issues.
that clearly in mind as we approach the         tinue to attract tenants even during these
                                                                                                       Assistance can be obtained in assess-
holiday season or any time.                     difficult economic times,” say the owners.
                                                                                                ing, investigating, creating a remedial ac-
       It’s a lovely accessible setting,               For more information about the
                                                                                                tion plan, cleaning up the site, and redevel-
nearby while feeling far away from town,        Brookstone Business Center you can visit
                                                                                                opment. Anyone is welcome to nominate a
and, when you’re there, you will be the         the Klemmer Associates, LLC website at
                                                                                                site for eligibility consideration and the
only group in the place. Private and de-
                                                                                                Southwest Region Brownfields Assess-
lightful, what more could you want? Good        Toadstool Bookshop                              ment Program is currently welcoming
food. Reasonable rates. Rental for week                                                         nominations. Some of the criteria that are
days and for overnight events.                        Meg Kearney Book                          considered in the application include:
       For further information, contact              Reading and Signing                            The level of threat to public health and
Douglas Williams by email at douglaswil-                                                                    safety; or by phone at (603)
924-7008.                                       O     n Saturday, November 14, at 11am, at
                                                      the Toadstool Bookshop in Depot
                                                Square, Meg Kearney will be reading a
                                                                                                    The liability of the property owner for
                                                                                                            any possible contamination [in
                                                                                                            other words, the current property
BSC November Meeting                            selection from and signing her latest collec-               owner must NOT have caused
                                                tion of poetry, Home By Now.
  Subject: Business Expo                               Ms. Kearney is also the author of An
                                                                                                            the contamination-LK];
                                                                                                    The readiness of redevelopment plans;
C    opywriter/consultant (and Chamber
     Member) Sharon Bailly will address
the Business Support Committee of the
                                                Unkindness of Ravens and the young adult
                                                novel in verse, The Secret of Me.
                                                       Ms. Kearney is the Associate Director
                                                                                                    The development potential of the site;
                                                                                                    Other enhancements to quality of life,
                                                                                                            e.g., greenspace, recreation,
Chamber of Commerce at the committee's          of the National Book Foundation. She was                    community character, etc.
November meeting.                               the recipient of the Virginia Center for the           The Greater Peterborough Chamber
      The meeting will be held Friday,          Creative Arts and “New York Times” fel-         of Commerce has Site Nomination Forms
November 13 at 7:30 am, Conference              lowships and received the Alice M. Sellers      and further information regarding assis-
Rooms 1 & 2 at Monadnock Community              Academy of American Poets Prize in 1998.        tance available to members of the commu-
Hospital.                                       She lives in New York City.                     nity for this program, and would be happy
      Ms. Bailly will discuss next year's              Contact Toadstool Bookshop at (603)      to make it available. Further information is
Business Expo and the various workshops         924-3543. To find out about more Toadstool      also available by calling J.B. Mack of the
and programs being planned. All are wel-        events, visit them on the web at:               Southwest Region Planning Commission
come.                                                               at (603) 357-0557.

    New Chamber Member                                New Chamber Member                              Communications and Website Publicity.
                                                                                                             Prior to blogging, Christine worked
                ARTS ALIVE!                           Halvorson New Media, LLC                        as a freelance writer specializing in
                                                                                                      women’s health and travel articles. She
                 By Sharon Bailly,
                                                                                                      also worked as Arts Reporter for the Mo-
               TWP Marketing and
                                                                                                      nadnock Ledger and Web Editor for the
             Technical Communications
                                                                                                      Old Farmer’s Almanac at Yankee Publish-
                                                                                                      ing. She has written five non-fiction books
                                                                                                      and co-authored four more. In her spare
                                                                                                      time, she writes fiction and tries to learn
                                                                                                             In 1997, Christine relocated from
                                                                                                      Minnesota to the Monadnock region,
                                                                                                      where she finds the tropical winters a re-
                                                                                                      lief. She is married to Ken Sheldon, creator
                                                      Christine Halvorson, owner of Halvorson         of the Frost Heaves musical variety show
                                                                                                      (, for which she serves as
                                                                 New Media, LLC
    A     rt brings a wealth of satisfaction to the
          audience; but it is often hard on the
    artists themselves. Artists need income, a        B     ased in Hancock, NH, Halvorson New
                                                            Media provides businesses and non-
                                                                                                      Empress of Marketing.
                                                                                                             Visit Halvorson New Media on the
                                                                                                      web at: Contact
    place to work, a place to exhibit their talent    profits with training and strategic consulta-   Christine at: (603) 525-3391
    and help in generating community support.         tion in using today’s social media—
           Arts Alive! is a nonprofit advocacy        blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,          Cool Monadnock
    group working to sustain, promote and             YouTube, podcasting. Christine began her
    expand access to the arts in the Monad-           social media career before they called it
                                                                                                             Finding Solutions
    nock Region. Based in Central Square in
    Keene, NH, it was founded over a year ago
    and incorporated in the spring of 2009.
                                                             In 2004, she became the Chief Blog-
                                                      ger for Stonyfield Farm, the organic yogurt
                                                                                                      P    atricia Carrier, of the COOL MO-
                                                                                                           NADNOCK initiative, asks that we
                                                                                                      inform you of this organization, and ask
           Chairman of the Board, Daniel Hen-         company based in Londonderry. There she         for your support.
    derson explains that one of the primary           pioneered the use of this relatively new               Cool Monadnock is a project man-
    focuses of the organization is to help com-       web tool by launching five company blogs.       aged by Clean Air Cool Planet and An-
    munity leaders in the region understand the       The blogs were the brainchild of company        tioch New England Institute, in coordina-
    value of art, so that each town’s master          CEO Gary Hirshberg, who saw them as an          tion with the Southwest Regional Planning
    plan includes a commitment to advancing           excellent branding tool and a way to con-       Commission, to assist in finding and pro-
    art and culture.                                  nect more closely with the company’s            moting solutions to reduce energy and
           “We’ve commissioned an economic            loyal customer base.                            greenhouse gas emissions.
    impact study for the whole region and for                Christine continues to blog for                 A process is under way to create a
    each town,” Daniel states. “The audience          Stonyfield Farm, but in 2007 she founded        regional action and implementation plan to
    at an artistic or cultural event completes        Halvorson New Media to help other com-          obtain those goals. Seventeen potential
    surveys about their spending in the arts.         panies make the best use of social media        approaches have been identified for the
    We have 950 surveys so far.”                      tools. Her current clients include the North    Monadnock Region.
           “We have a lot of anecdotal evidence       Country Health Consortium (Wakefield,                  New Hampshire Ball Bearings
    about the economic contribution of art, but       NH), the New Hampshire Center for Small         hosted a gathering on Tuesday, October
    this will give us the hard data to back it        Business Development (Concord), the             27, to discuss and gather information on
    up.”                                              New Hampshire Center for Public Policy          what actions local communities can imple-
           Arts Alive! is also benefitting artists    Studies (Concord), the Portugal Trade and       ment to reduce energy consumption ... and
    directly, for example by creating a data          Tourism Office (New York), ViniPortugal         ultimately lower greenhouse gas emis-
    base of facilities available for rehearsals,      (a trade board for Portuguese wine; Lis-        sions.
    performances and set storage; by creating a       bon) and Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring                  The results of the discussion will be
    planning calendar to avoid conflicts in           (Stoddard).                                     compiled and released in the beginning of
    major arts events; and by supporting col-                She provides social media consulta-      2010 by the Cool Monadnock team. The
    laborations among art organizations for the       tion and training to the clients of Louis       information will be used toward creating
    benefit of all the artists concerned.             Karno & Company Communications, LLC             an Energy and Climate Action/
           “We’re encouraging art organiza-           in Concord and Website Publicity in Peter-      Implementation Plan for the Monadnock
    tions to work with each other across              borough.                                        Region.
    boundaries,” says Daniel.                                Since February of 2009, Christine               To find out more about the COOL
           Arts Alive! is open to anyone inter-       has trained 60 members of the New Hamp-         MONADNOCK initiative, and learn how
    ested in the arts, including the staff and        shire Training Institute on Addictive Dis-      you can become involved, please contact:
    board members of other art organizations,         orders; spoken to 100 attendees at the Mi-
    artists, funders, and government officials.       croCredit Entrepreneurial Exchange; ad-         Patricia Carrier
    The group meets three or four times a year.       dressed the Newburyport, MA Chamber of          Manager, Facilities/Environmental
           To find out more, contact coordina-        Commerce and the Yankee Chapter of the          New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc.
    tor Sue Farrell at (603) 283-0944 or              Public Relations Society of America; and        HiTech Division Also on              has conducted social media workshops in         (603) 924-3311 X5554
    the web at:           partnership with Louis Karno & Company

Peterboro Basket Company                       Franklin Pierce University                       to reserve your spot, contact Franklin
                                                                                                Pierce University by e-mail at ad-
         Custom Orders                           To Hold Fall Open House               or call
                                                                                                       Forget anonymous. Experience
                                                                                                Franklin Pierce University, the University
                                                                                                built around You, from your first step on
                                                                                                Art Works-NH
                                                                                                Wants You to Know About
                                                                                                 Artist Exchange-South

P    eterboro Basket Company recently
     received and fulfilled two large orders
from regional companies for custom bas-
                                               A     rea high school students and their
                                                     families are invited to an Fall Open
                                               House at Franklin Pierce University on
                                                                                                C     alling all artists, artisans, and crafts-
                                                                                                      people: Maximize your marketing
                                                                                                efforts and expand your network!
kets. of Maynard, MA               Saturday, Nov. 14.                                      This year’s ArtWorks-NH Artist
wanted an American-made basket to hold a              Visitors can take a tour with a cur-      Exchange-South features a keynote ad-
variety of New England food items to give      rent student and explore the 1,200 acre          dress by New Hampshire’s own humorist
to their employees as a Thanksgiving gift.     campus; attend academic, financial aid,          and storyteller, Rebecca Rule.
       “Their choices for US suppliers that    student life and career planning presenta-              Sessions will include marketing
could meet all their criteria were very lim-   tions; learn about their many NCAA Divi-         strategies and financial fitness. The day
ited,” according to company co-owner           sion II Athletic teams; and enjoy brunch in      will conclude with a presentation of the
Wayne Dodds. “They wanted 2,300 bas-           the Dining Commons.                              Artist Innovation Award and a roundtable
kets that would be crafted with 100%                  Franklin Pierce University also of-       discussion.
American materials and labor. And they         fers many facilities and activities for inter-          The event will take place on No-
needed them produced quickly to allow          ested persons including attending scenes         vember 6, from 8:30 am-4:30 pm, at
time for fulfillment and distribution.”        from the Theatre Department’s latest pro-        Southern New Hampshire University
       “ was pleased that they      duction, touring the Marlin Fitzwater Cen-       (Walker Auditorium & Lobby, and Hos-
could source a quality product from a          ter for Communications or the 72,000             pitality Salons ABC), located at 2500
manufacturer in neighboring NH.”               square foot airframe recreation center           North River Road in Manchester.
       When Covidien of Mansfield, MA,         where campus recreation takes place.                    Registration fee is $45 MicroCredit
reached $1 billion in annual sales, the               Questions about financial aid, career     NH members/$55 non-members, and
company decided to mark the milestone          planning, transfer student information, and      includes morning refreshments and lunch.
event. They recognized all 1300+ employ-       academic support can also be answered by         Visit
ees with a customized basket that had the      the university’s helpful faculty and staff.      to register online, or call 800-769-3482.
inside lid imprinted with a personal mes-             A Student Life/Experiential Learn-               ArtWorks-NH is an organization
sage signed by the company’s president.        ing Fair to meet with staff and students         connecting artists in business, and a pro-
       “This type of customization is the      involved in clubs and organizations is also      gram of NH Community Loan Fund.
trademark of our Signature Series Baskets      going to be held.
that are gaining in popularity with corpo-            Check-in
rate America.”                                 for the event be-
       “But even small businesses can have     gins at 8 a.m. at
a basket customized with a minimum order       the Northfields
of just 12 units,” explains Dodds. “For        Activities Center
example, we created 50 branded ‘thank          Clubhouse, a
you’ baskets for a local company, Monad-       complimentary
nock Fence, to show appreciation to their      brunch is offered
high-value customers.”                         from 10:30 am to
       If you’re interested in seeing sam-     2 pm, and the
ples of Peterboro Basket’s customized          Student Life Fes-
products, stop by their Factory Outlet Store   tival will be lo-
(next to TD Bank off of Route 202S).           cated under the
Also, visit their website at:                  tent in the center                       of campus from
       And mark your calendar for their        11 am to 1 pm.
Business Gifts Open House on Wednes-                  For further
day, November 4, from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.       information and

    Want to Host...                                 Budget Blinds                                   New Hampshire Small
                                                                                                    Business Administration
       Our December Business                                 Offers Some
            After Hours?                                 Tips for a Safer Home                        Nominations for 2010
                                                                                                     Small Business Awards
    W       e have an opening for hosting our
            December Business After Hours on
    Thursday, December 17. If you would like
                                                                                                      Now Being Accepted
    to take advantage of this festive opportunity
    to promote your business, please call or
    email Laura King at 924-7234 or ASAP.
    Peterborough Players                                                                            T    he Small Business Administra-
                                                                                                         tion’s New Hampshire District
                                                                                                    Office is now accepting nominations
           New at the Players
                                                                                                    for its 2010 Small Business Awards,
                                                                                                    including the New Hampshire Small
                                                                                                    Business Person of the Year.
                                                                                                           Submit a one-page preliminary
                                                    C     orded window treatments can pose
                                                          entanglement and strangulation hazard
                                                    to small children and pets.
                                                                                                    nomination letter, in any format, to the
                                                                                                    NH District Office by Nov. 20.
                                                                                                           Your letter should address some
                                                           The Consumer Products Safety Com-
                                                                                                    of the evaluation criteria. Nominators
                                                    mission has received reports of nearly 200
                                                                                                    must include the email address of the
                                                    strangulation deaths involving window cov-
                                                                                                    party whom you are nominating.
                                                    ering cords and chains from 1991-2000.
                                                                                                           Those who advance to the final
                                                    Nearly 10 percent of these deaths involved
    G     ala & Auction, Sat., Nov. 7, 5:30 pm
          Community Counts: Celebrating the
    Monadnock Region. Come celebrate with
                                                    the inner cords, which run through horizon-
                                                    tal blinds.
                                                                                                    selection date will be asked to submit a
                                                                                                    more detailed nomination packet.
                                                                                                           The NHSBA will recognize
    the Peterborough Players at their only fund-           Budget Blinds encourages new par-
                                                                                                    some of the most successful and inspir-
    raiser of the year!                             ents to replace window treatments featuring
                                                                                                    ing entrepreneurs and champions at the
           This fun event boasts a full open bar,   looped cords or treatments manufactured
                                                                                                    2010 Annual New Hampshire Small
    scrumptiously hearty hors d’oeuvres by          before 2001 with cordless or motorized
                                                                                                    Business Awards Celebration.
    Sage with Thyme, a raffle entry for a Barn      options to minimize strangulation hazards.
                                                                                                           They hope that you will nomi-
    Door Pass, entertainment, and live and si-             Budget Blinds offers these tips to
                                                                                                    nate a deserving business or individual
    lent auctions – all for a $75 ticket.           families with young children:
                                                                                                    and support New Hampshire’s small
                                                    1. Keep all cords out of reach from small       business economy and the people who
                                                    children and pets.                              make it happen.
                                                                                                           A list of the awards and evalua-
                                                    2. If your window treatments were pur-
                                                                                                    tion criteria is available by contacting
                                                    chased before 2001, or you don’t know
                                                                                                    the Small Business Administration, or
                                                    when they were purchased, or if you move
                                                                                                    by visiting their website at:
                                                    to a new home, it’s a good idea to replace
                                                    them with updated treatments with en-
                                                                                                    nh/. If you have any questions, or
                                                    hanced safety features, such as: breakaway
                                                                                                    need assistance, please call Hugh
                                                    tassels, inner-cord stops, retractable pull
                                                                                                    Curley at (603) 225-1402.
                                                    cords, cordless operation and motorization.
    The Met: Live in HD                             Secure all pull cords out of reach by using a   Send your nominations by mail to:
    Turandot, by Giacomo Puccini                    permanent cord cleat.
    Sat., Nov. 14, 1:00 pm                                                                          U.S. Small Business Administration
    The third opera in The Met: Live in HD          3. Place cribs and other low-standing furni-    Attn: Hugh Curley
    series, Turandot will take you to China in      ture (beds, bookshelves, toy boxes, chairs,     55 Pleasant Street, Suite 3101
    director Franco Zeffirelli’s breathtaking       etc.) away from windows to prevent young        Concord, NH 03301
    production of Puccini’s last opera.             ones from accidentally tumbling from win-       or by email to
           See the Metropolitan Opera on the        dows.
    Players 10’ x 16’ screen – it’s the next best   4. Install window guards. Don’t rely on
    thing to being there! Conductor: Andris                                                         Monadnock Chorus
                                                    screens designed to keep bugs out to keep
    Nelsons. Maria Guleghina, Marina Pop-           children and pets in.
    lavskaya, Marcello Giordani, and Samuel                                                                 Save the Date!
    Ramey play the lead roles.
           Approximate running time is 3½           Contact Larry Sportello of Budget Blinds:       What: December Concert
    hours with 2 intermissions. Tickets $25         Budget Blinds of Keene                          Where: Peterborough Town House
    adults, $20 students, with series subscrip-     P: 603-354-7801                                 When: December 12, 8 p.m., & De-
    tions available. For tickets, call the Box      E:                 cember 13, 3 p.m.
    Office at (603) 924-7585, or visit the web               More Info: www.monadnock-

Advicoach                                      The River Center                                Contoocook Valley
                                                                                               Transportation Co.
  Recipient of Franchisee                              Free Employment
    of the Year Award                                     Workshop                                 CVTC Signs Up 7 New
                                                                                                     Volunteer Drivers
A    nn and Michelle Connor of Advicoach
     recently attended the 10th annual Fran-
chise Source International Conference in
                                               A    re you looking for a job? Do you want
                                                    to change jobs? Do you just want to
                                               sharpen your resume skills? “Resumes That
Phoenix AZ and were awarded the Fran-          Do the Job” is a free one-hour workshop
chisee of the Year Award.                      about resumes, with practical tips and exam-
       AdviCoach®Business Advisers is          ples that will be of significant help.
the premier source for coaching and advi-             Presented by: Sharon Bailly of TWP
sory services to small and mid-size busi-      Marketing & Technical Communications on
nesses. Through Awareness, Education           Saturday November 14, 2009, 10:30 am-
and Accountability, AdviCoach gives you        12:00 pm at The River Center, 44/46 Con-
the business advantage. Get ready to learn
some new things about business!
       Advicoach can be reached at: (603)
                                               cord Street, Peterborough. RSVP to Em-
                                               ployment Specialist Kari Lindstrom-Quiter
                                               at: or (603) 371-9473.
                                                                                               I n October, the Contoocook Valley
                                                                                                 Transportation Company (CVTC) signed
                                                                                               up seven new volunteer drivers, people
930-0009, or            You can also visit The River Center on the      who are willing to assist people in getting
Visit their website at      web at:                     to their destinations, including medical,
annconnor                                                                                      pharmaceutical, or grocery shopping.
                                               Sharon Arts                                            The Volunteer Driver Program,
Consign of the Times Boutique
                                                       Upcoming Events                         which serves the 13 towns of Antrim, Ben-
 “Unleashing a New You”!                                                                       nington, Dublin, Francestown, Greenfield,

                                               S    haron Arts would like to make you
                                                    aware of some wonderful upcoming
                                                                                               Greenville, Hancock, Jaffrey, New Ipwich,
                                                                                               Peterborough, Rindge, Sharon, and Tem-
                                                                                               ple, works collaboratively with the Red
                                                     Colored Light: Celebrating the Bril-      Cross. Volunteer drivers can drive as much
                                               liance of the Season with New England           or as little as they want, can get reimbursed
                                               Glass Artists. At Sharon Arts Exhibition        for mileage, and can help make a differ-
                                               Gallery November 6, 2009, through January       ence in the region.
C     onsign of the Times Boutique in New
      Ipswich is now accepting winter up-
scale consignment items for women, chil-
                                               9, 2010. Opening Reception: November 6,
                                               5–7 pm.
                                                                                                      Please call CVTC toll-free 1-877-
                                                                                               428-2882 to give or get a ride, or you can
                                                     Vitreous Voices: A Panel Discussion       gather more information online at
dren/infants and teens and for accessories,
                                               Saturday, November 21, 4 pm/Exhibition          www.cvtc-nh-org.
handbags, jewelry and pet clothing.
                                               Gallery. Featuring several New England
       Items may be dropped off without                                                        Monadnock Music
                                               Glass Artists exhibiting in Colored Light
appointment on their “Fashion Dash-in
                                               working in a diverse array of glass proc-
Days” Tuesday and Wednesday from
                                               esses. Free & open to the public, refresh-
                                                                                                          33rd Annual
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm. All other days by
appointment, please.
                                               ments provided.                                           Christmas Fair
       To help maximize your wardrobe
investment, Consign of the Times Bou-
tique offers Wardrobe Coordination and
                                               Michael Redmond
                                                     Receives Promotion
                                                                                               M     onadnock Music presents its 33rd
                                                                                                     Annual Christmas Fair on Friday and
                                                                                               Saturday, 11/27/09 and 11/28/09, from
Wardrobe Audit services for in-store or in-                                                    10:00 am - 4:00pm.
home consultations.
       Thursdays are always "Coco Nilla"
                                               M     ichael Redmond was named Senior
                                                     Vice President and Chief Operating
                                               Officer for the Crotched Mountain Founda-
                                                                                                     The Fair features exhibitor favorites
                                                                                               from all over New England, including:
Day at Consign of the Times Boutique! Go       tion and its affiliated corporations. Michael   That Soap Guy, Blue House Gallery, India
in and try a sweet treat by the Coco Nilla     has worked at Crotched Mountain since           Cottage Emporium, North Country Glass,
Bakery and find some sweet bargains, too!      1999. Prior to this promotion he was the        Pear Tree Studio, Porcelain Impressions,
       Consign of the Times donates each       Chief Finance Officer and Vice President        and more. Over 40 juried artisans display
month to the Uswelo Children’s Orphan-         for Advancement. In his new position he         and sell their wares, including everything
age in Piet Retief, South Africa.              will oversee all operations of the organiza-    from handmade soap, beautiful shawls,
       Feel free to donate a piece of your     tion and continue to lead the advancement       gold, silver and funky jewelry, toys,
clothing for consignment. When it sells,                                                       Christmas ornaments and hand-crafted
                                               programs of development, marketing, and
100% of the sale will go to the Uswelo                                                         clothing.
                                               communications. Michael lives in Jaffrey.
Children’s Orphanage.                                                                                Taste the delicious specialty foods:
       Consign of the Times is located in      You can reach Michael at:                       mustards, fudge, jellies, and more. Music
New Ipswich at 949 Turnpike Road.              Michael D. Redmond                              and entertainment abounds, and the Christ-
Watch their website,, for        Senior Vice President/COO                       mas Cafe and Frozen Foodery are always
upcoming events and sales, or call them at     Crotched Mountain Foundation                    open for business.
(603) 878-4500.                                1 Verney Drive                                        The raffle baskets are so robust
       Hours are: Sun.& Mon. CLOSED;           Greenfield, NH 03047                            that an entire holiday shopping list could
Tues & Wed. 12-5; Thur. & Fri.10-5; and        603.547.3311x1479                               be fulfilled. This Christmas Fair is the
Sat. 10-4.                                                   holiday event in the region. Call (603)
                                               603.547.6212 fax                                924-7610 for more details.

September Business After                      Summerhill Assisted Living
                                               Offers Weekly Coffee Hour
 An Enchanting Evening at
  Cathedral of the Pines                      S    ummerhill Assisted Living Community
                                                   welcomes community seniors to attend
                                              their weekly Coffee Hour! The socials are
A     wonderful time was had by all at the
      Cathedral of the Pines Business Af-
ter Hours this past September, hosted by
                                              held every Wednesday, 10:00 am -11:30am,
                                              at The Pub at Summerhill, located at183 Old
Cathedral Executive Director Marie Cas-       Dublin Road, Peterborough. For more infor-
sady.                                         mation, call (603) 924-6238.
       Amongst the mingling and conver-       The American Legion Post 11,
sation everyone got to learn more about       Jaffrey
all of the wonderful things that this amaz-
ing sanctuary has to offer, while taking in     Sending Gift Packages to
the beauty and serenity that just being               Our Soldiers
there provides.
       And, we can’t not mention, a deli-
cious selection of h'orderves were pro-
vided by Cathedral of the Pines Board
       If you would like to find out more
about the Cathedral, please visit their
website at
Or, you may contact Marie Cassady at
                                              O     n November 14, from 9 am until noon,
                                                    join the American Legion Post 11 in
                                              Jaffrey NH, at 20 Webster Street, to send Gift
(603) 899-3300.
                                              Packages to our soldiers.
                                                     Toiletry items needed are: pocket-
                                              sized Gold Bond powder, foot creams, dental
                                              floss, individual tissue packets, chapstick,
                                              disposable razors, toothpicks and
                                              toothbrushes, sunblock, deodorant, q-tips,
                                              eye drops, and nasal spray.
                                                     Food items needed are: anything that
                                              can be mixed with water – ground/real cof-
                                              fee, dry Gatorade/Kool Aid, instant soup
                                              mixes, tea bags, also high protein snacks and
                                              Power Bars, beef jerky, sardines, hard candy,
                                              and canned/foil tuna and chicken.
                                                     Other good stuff our soldiers welcome
                                              are: fly swatters and fly paper, pencils, pens
                                              and stationery, playing cards, AT&T phone
                                              cards, white, black or green socks, cotton
                                              undershirts – and let’s not forget, if nothing
                                              else, your homemade cookies! For those
                                              soldiers recovering in hospital, lap rugs,
                                              sweat pants/shirts and games and cards are
                                              very welcome.
                                                     Our servicemen and women love the
                                              goodies that we send to them. The biggest
                                              reason is because they know we remember
                                              them and are grateful to them. All items, big
                                              and small, are very important – and those
                                              wonderful homemade cookies that you make
                                              are taken out of their shrink wrap, set out in
                                              the sun for a while to warm up, and taste like
                                              they have just come out of the oven.
                                                     All are welcome to join in and help.
                                              Paper, pens, envelopes and boxes will be
                                              provided. All help and donations are much
                                              appreciated and added to each package. To
                                              donate items, or cost to cover postage, or if
                                              you want more information, contact Caroline
                                              Hollister at or at
                                              (603) 532-5717.

September Getting Down to                  October Chamber Breakfast
                                           A Fantastic Breakfast with
An Informative Afternoon                        Zak Normandin
    with Judy Ringer

T    he Chamber’s September Getting
     Down to Business Luncheon was
                                           A    t our October Chamber Breakfast,
                                                speaker Zak Normandin held a capti-
                                           vated audience. Offering all a wealth of
yet another great success.                 information and ideas, he spoke precisely
      Guest speaker Judy Ringer offered    and expertly about many wonderful oppor-
many words of wisdom, graciously an-       tunities that are out there for businesses to
swered everyone’s questions, and was       grab a hold of, and use to their advantage.
very helpful.                                     If you would like to contact Zak,
      The Chamber holds a Getting          you can reach him at (877) 458-1321, or
Down to Business luncheon once a 
month at Ocean Bank on Main Street.               And, a big thank you to Tony Regan
To attend, call our office at (603) 924-   for the delicious breakfast provided by he
7234, or email at:                         and his staff at Bowling Acres Grill in             Peterborough.

                                                                                           Breakfast Photos by Annie Card,
                                                                                              Annie Card Photography
                                                                                                   (603) 924-6605

 Chair: Laura Sebert
 Vice Chair: Pam Lorimer,
                                                               S           M   November 2009
                                                                                      T           W                T              F               S
                                                        1             2          3           4               5 Education     7              3
        Jack Daniels Motor Inn                                                               Brexpo ‘09      Committee       First Friday
 Treasurer: Sue Blothenburg, PSNH                                                            Monadnock       Meeting
                                                                                             Country Club    ConVal ATC
 Secretary: Dean Ogelby,                                                                     7:30am          12:15pm
        Compass Financial Group
                                                        8             9          10          11              12              13             14
 Executive Director: Jack Burnett                                                            Veterans Day                    Business
                  DIRECTORS                                                                                                  Committee
 Nancy Adams, Ocean Bank                                                                                                     7:30am
 David Belletete, Belletetes, Inc.
                                                        15            16         17          18              19              20             21 Chamber
 Jeff Brown, The Wireless Zone/ Soap Box                                                     December        Business                       Online
        Car Wash                                                                             NewsLine        After Hours,                   Auction
                                                                                             Materials       Ava Marie’s                    begins
 Steve Carey, New Hampshire Ball Bearings                                                    Deadline        5:30-7pm                       12:01am
 Lori Connolly, Consultant
 Tom Connolly, Eastern Mountain Sports                  22            23         24          25              26              27             28
 Ray Côté, Appropriate Solutions, Inc.                                                       Board Meeting   Happy
                                                                                             Bond Well-      Thanksgiving!
 Ed Despres, Despres Financial and                                                           ness Center     CHAMBER
        Insurance Services                                                                   7:30am          CLOSED
 Robin Eichert, PeopleSense Consulting                                                    ONLINE AUCTION !!!!
 Joe Fletcher, Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.              29            30
 Philip Grisafi, Mosse & Mosse Associates
 Karen Peterson, Monadnock Developmental
 Michael Redmond, Crotched Mountain
 David Reilly, TD Banknorth
 Peter Robinson, Roy’s Markets/Maggie’s
 Sarah Taylor, Monadnock Community
        Hospital                                                                      SHOP LOCALLY!!!

 Ambassadors: Pamela Gleeson                       RENEWING MEMBERS — THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!
 B2B: Tom Strickland, Dean
       Ogelby                                                                                     Monadnock Indoor Tennis Club
 Education: Erika Alusic-Bingham             2 Toms, LLC
                                             Consign of the Times Boutique                        New England Forest Products, Inc.
 Business Support: George Duncan                                                                  Peterborough Basket Company
 Auction: Nancy Adams                        Country Bridals and Formal Wear
                                             Dublin School                                        Peterborough Art Academy & Gallery
                STAFF                        Grant Writing Resource, Inc.                         Product Quest Logistics, LLC
 Laura Keith King,                           Happy Valley School                                  Robin Hill Farm
        Interim Associate Director           Hobbs Jewelers                                       Sequoya Technologies Group, LLC
 Shirley Sherk                               Jane's In Stitches                                   State Farm Insurance Co.
                                             John Vance                                           Summerhill Assisted Living
          VOLUNTEERS                         Keene Super 8 Motel                                  The Well School
 Don & Bev McWay, Granite State              Little River Bed & Breakfast                         Valley Automotive & Tire Center
       Ambassadors                           Mariposa Museum                                      Wheeler Construction
 Annette Gagnon                              Monadnock Economic Development Corporation           Wireless Zone
 Rob Fox, GSA & Little River B&B
 Sharron Monaghan                                                                                                                        Presorted Standard
                                                            GREATER PETERBOROUGH
 Meredith White                                                                                                                             U.S. Postage
                                                            CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                            P.O. BOX 401                                                                  Permit No. 401
      CHAMBER NEWSLINE                                      PETERBOROUGH, NH 03458                                                       Peterborough, NH
         Annette Gagnon

 This newsletter is printed on 100%
 recycled/recyclable paper.
 Chamber NewsLine: To advertise or
 place an insert, please call 924-
 7234. News item deadline (no more
 than 200 words, paragraph form, not
 graphics or poster): third Thursday.
 Insert delivery deadline: third

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