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									Hand Made Terracotta & Glazed Garden Ware
CirCular Plaques

Frost damage to clay pots is quite specific in nature and can be         In winter, water only when absolutely necessary, and then
separated into two types, lamination and splitting.                      sparingly. We strongly recommend that all glazed pots and pots with
                                                                         enclosed shapes (Ali babas, bottles etc.,) should be stood on pot feet
The first can occur within the body of pots fired to a temperature       through the winter. Never stand pots in saucers outside over winter,
not close enough to the clay’s vitrification point. Low-fired pots       never seal drainage holes, paint or cement pots to the floor, (these
will absorb much more water than high fired pots. Freezing and           provisions should be understood as conditions of our guarantee).
subsequent expansion to ice within the body leads to flaking or
crumbling, i.e. lamination. On thawing severely damaged pots can         There are many recipes for ‘ageing’ terracotta pots; - painting�
literally fall apart.                                                    the surface with dilute live yoghurt, liquid manure mixes etc.�
All of our garden pots carry a comprehensive 10-year guarantee           The best way is to let time do the work properly for you. Moist, well
against any form of lamination.                                          cared for pots will age gracefully and acquire a patina of algae, moss &
                                                                         lichen, when ready.
Splitting or bursting can occur within any container which
becomes water logged, then freezes completely and offers no easy         For those who like their pots ‘clean’, moss, algae, and any white salts
escape route within it’s design for expansion into ice. Planting, soil   deposited on terracotta, can be removed with a dilute solution of a
type and position can play as much a part in any tendency to this        proprietary patio or brick cleaner.
sort of damage, as manufacture. For this reason we do not guarantee
against splitting or bursting.                                           Damaged pots can always be repaired, handmade pots are special,
 �                                                                       they have an individual history and character and should not be
However, of the hundreds of pots we have planted and use (many           discarded even if they are in pieces. Many antique pots, repaired
of which have been kiln seconds), none have suffered�                    with mortar or cement or ‘stitched’ with brass wire, are still in use in
this sort of damage. Simple planting precautions and good drainage       numerous public gardens. There are now a number of highly effective
through the winter will avoid the possibility of damage.                 resin glues available, which can seal terracotta and even fill missing
When frozen, pots will obviously be under stress and more susceptible    pieces. For effective repairs, pots must be completely dry when using
to impact damage than usual.                                             resins.
We do not guarantee against any form of impact damage.

Care oF Pots                                                             All kiln seconds are collected and sold in our ‘seconds sales’ which
When planting, place crocks or other drainage material over the          take place on the first Sunday of every month (except December)
drainage hole, use good well draining potting compost, and, with         starting at 9.00 a.m. Seconds are usually sold at half price.
terracotta, soak the pot before planting. Top dress with pea shingle,
water frequently in summer and water the outside of terracotta pots.

Square PlaqueS
Hand THrown FroST ProoF,
TerracoTTa & Glazed Garden PoTS
S & B Evans & Sons are a small, family based pottery, established     We exhibit and sell annually at the Hampton Court Flower Show
in the early 1980’s in the East End of London. From the beginning     every July.
production has concentrated on terracotta and glazed pots for the
city garden.                                                          We aim to maintain as much stock as possible for customers to
                                                                      choose from, but heavy seasonal demand can mean some items,
The pottery currently occupies a former furniture factory close to    especially large pots and fountains may not always be in stock.
the Columbia Road Flower Market. We turn around 120 tonnes of
raw clay per year into pots. All production is sold direct form the   Pots can be made to order, waiting times vary with seasonal
workshop and display garden. We supply no other retail outlets in     demand. We do not offer a mail order or delivery service.
the UK; exports are limited to Japan.
Hand THrown PoTS
The pots illustrated are an indication of our total production; we modify and add to our standard pot shapes annually.
One-offs and prototypes will often be part of our stock. Pot shapes are produced as either; plain terracotta, plain terracotta with
glazed rims, decorated terracotta (embossed stamps, ropes, handles etc., glazed trailed patterns: lattice, chevron, loops and dots), or
fully glazed. Hand thrown pots will vary slightly in size; glaze finishes, colours and decoration will
vary slightly with each firing.

                          Tapered Flower Pot

                                                                                   4 Head

                                                                                                                        Scallop Vase

                                                                                            Billy’s Scallop

                                                                                      Pergola Pot
        Hoxton Wave
                                        Haggerton Wave

                                                                                                                     Box Pot

      Palmer’s Cylinder
                                                                  Long Tom

                                                                                                                      Open Neck Jar

                                 Evans Bowl                                        Evans Bottle

                          Fat Boy Hawksmoor
                                                                                                              Ali Baba with Pedestal
                                                      Hawksmoor                     Ali Baba
 Tallboy Hawksmoor
SculPTural PieceS
                                     Well made pots of good design are ‘sculptural’ in themselves.
                                     Positioning them in tiered displays is quite often enough to
                                     highlight areas in any garden. We do however make a number of
                                     items which can be used in a more formal context in the garden.

                                     Pedestals, obelisks, balls, pyramids and fluted columns are all made
                                     in a press mould technique, plain terracotta, or containing random
                                     ‘fossils’, (as some of our paving tiles), they are finished to a degree
                                     which exposes the making process, in situ surface ‘imperfections’ will
                                     weather and support moss, lichen etc.
                                     We occasionally produce, in limited editions, terracotta casts
                                     of paintbrushes, hammers, loaves of bread, light bulbs etc.,

                                     Large thrown backdrop plates are designed for use as ‘focus’ pullers
                                     for plantings placed in front. They are also made as

                                                  Backdrop Plate

                           Tapered                                                    Rob’s
             Columns &

FounTain PoTS

Ali Babas, Evans Bottles, Hawksmoors, Open Neck Jars and                      When the pump is switched off, the pot drains completely to the
Doughnuts are made as fountain pots. Stood on galvanised mesh                 plastic reservoir, the danger from frost to the pot is therefore
(disguised with tiles, pebbles or pot shards), set over a plastic             excluded.
reservoir sunk into the ground, these pots drop water from the
rim, running down over the surface of the pot back to the reservoir.          The Ali Babas, Bottles, and Jars have removable tops, giving the
The reservoirs can be sunk in the ground, covered with staging or             option of using the pots as top planters when not in use as a
hidden by planting.                                                           fountain.

A unique design feature of our fountain pots is that no more than             Prices quoted are for pots (including 15mm copper exit and
a few pints of water is displaced from the reservoir while in use, so         PVC hosing). Pumps, galvanised mesh and reservoirs are
that large pots can be used, with relatively small volumes of reservoir       quoted separately.
water. (A standard preformed 23” pebble liner is sufficient for use with
any of our pots).

                                              Ali Baba
   Doughnut                                   Fountain                                    Open Neck
   Fountain                                                                               Fountain
           Pond Side

    Hawksmoor             Ali Baba             Amphora             Evans Bottle
FounTainS        and       waTer FeaTureS
                                                                  These are all self contained, using internally
                                                                  glazed terracotta bowls as
                                                                  the water reservoir.

                                                                  When used outside, these fountains should
                                                                  be drained in winter, or competently
                                                                  protected from severe frosts.

                                                                  Prices quoted are for complete systems
                                                                  including 24-volt pump and transformer,
                                                                  hosing, etc.

                                                             3 Tier JuG FounTain

   ali BaBa FounTain PoT          lion MaSk wall FounTain                Sun MaSk wall FounTain

FounTainS HeadS

                                 MarTin’S Sun               old lion                        SMall Sun

       Square Sun                   Faun                    new lion                        SMall lion
TerracoTTa                        and         Glazed PavinG Tile circleS

The 8 Point Compass Tile Set is centred with a glazed tile of rings or
tudor rose design and surrounded with 8 terracotta collars, 8 half
glazed collars, 8 terracotta 1/2 round fillers
and 8 glazed compass points.

We first made paving tiles in 1994 simply to pave the yard fronting the
pottery, completing the garden/display area. Public interest since has
meant that we have continued production as a parallel but subsidiary
activity to pot production.
Made from a coarse mix of our clay body, the tiles are hand pressed
into moulds or rolled and cut from stencils.
Fired size, thickness and colour will vary, all tiles will have some
surface ‘imperfections’ or making marks. We will occasionally
incorporate terracotta ‘fossil’ inlays.

We guarantee our terracotta tiles against any
form of lamination for 10 years. We cannot
guarantee against cracking, as this depends to a
large extent on the method of laying. Glazed tiles
may be subject to wear and chipping, terracotta              edGinG Tile          cHevron   circle       collar
tiles will weather and
stain with garden use.

Tiles are fired in conjunction with pot firings, stocks
will vary seasonally and orders for large quantities
can take several months to complete.                      lonG & SHorT TrianGle    oGee     Square   Brick    quarTer
                                                                          Parris Pot                             Backdrop Plates
                                Herb Pot 8 Pocket

                                                    Herb Pot 4 Pocket
      Strawberry Pot 12                                                                                                        Alpine

                                                                                       Tall Trough
                                                                                                             Standard Trough
                      Cylinder Drum
                                                                                           5 Pocket
                                                                                           Wall Pot

        Wall Pot
                                                                                                                  Wall Pot

                                               Tall Taper Wall Pot                        Scallop Wall Pot


               Evans Bottle
                Top Planter

                                                                     Fournier’s Jar Top
ToP PlanTerS
Two piece pots designed to be planted only in the removable top
pot. These large pots can be moved fairly easily around the garden                                            Bunhill Planter Top
and for pots with enclosed shapes offer easy repotting.
    Hand Thrown, Frost Proof, Terracotta & Glazed Garden Pots.
         Water Features, Sculptural Pieces & Paving Tiles.

                 Designed, Thrown, Fired and Displayed Exclusively
                      in our East London Workshop and Yard.
   Situated a few minutes drive from the City, in Bethnal Green, we are open for sales, orders
         & enquiries every Friday. On Sunday mornings, we are open in conjunction with
      the East End’s weekly horticultural extravaganza, the Columbia Road Flower Market.

                                  Shop hours: Fridays 9.00am – 5.00pm, Sundays 9.00am – 1.30pm,
                                                 other times by appointment please.
                                        Workshop hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

       Parking: A pay and display controlled parking scheme now operates weekdays and
  Sunday mornings. Friday visitors can usually park outside for ‘loading’ up to 20 mins on the
yellow line after 11am. Sunday morning visitors can park free on the north side of Hackney Road
      and the side streets to the north of Hackney Road (at the time of printing June 2001).

                                                                               QUEENSBRIDGE RD
                                                                       Hackney Road Buses:
                                   CREME                                         26,48 & 55

                                                                                                                                                                         P L A C E
              R O A D


                                                                              A D



                                                                      R                                    HOR ATIO ST

                                                                                                                     REE   T

                                                                                                               ON ST                                                    E R





                                                                                                                                                          W A R

                                                                                                               A T

                                                                        COLUMBIA ROAD                      ZR
              K I N G S L A N D


                                                                        FLOWER MARKET



                                                                       Sunday Mor nings:

                                  W AT E R

                                        SO                                 8.00am–2.00pm                                                             T
                                                                                                                                                         SQUIRRIES ST


                                  STREE                                 (Pedestrians Only                                                    E

                                       T                                                                                                R
                                                                         Closed to Traffic)                                      T

                                                                                        A                                  S
                                                                          C O       B I                                T
                                                                                                                               B A R N E T

                                                                              L U M                                E T
                                                                                                               S S
 Old Street                                                                                                O
                                                                                                      CAR PARK
                                               Shoreditch Buses:                                 proceeds to charity
                                                                                                     ad Bu s: 8
                                               78,26,48 & 55                  B e thna l G r e en Ro
OLD     ST                                                                           G R E E N                      R O A D
                                                                     HN A L
    Street                                               E
   Station                                           B                                                                                       Bethnal Green
                                                                              NOT TO SCALE                                                         Station

                                               S & B Evans & Sons
                                                 7a Ezra Street, London E2 7RH
                                                   Tel: 020 7729 6635 Fax: 020 7613 3558
                                                   Email: evans@thecitygardenpottery.co.uk

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