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                                         FACILITIES COMMITTEE
                                            January 22, 2002
                                                3:00 P.M.

MEMBERS PRESENT:                  Eldon Polhemus; Junior Watkins; Merle Widmer; James Thomas

MEMBERS ABSENT:                   Jeff Joyce

OTHERS PRESENT:                   Patrick Urich-County Administrator; Frank Ierulli-State’s Attorney’s Office;
                                  John Budde-Facilities Manager; Chuck Schofield-Sheriff; Jim Ludolph-
                                  Security; Donna Schwab-Budget Director; Bob Egan-Budget Analyst; Jim
                                  Cummings, Attorney John Nicoara-Lincoln Party

Mr. Polhemus called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. The minutes of November 1, 2001 were approved
upon a motion by Mr. Watkins and a second by Mr. Widmer.

Title Transfer of Lincoln Statue
Mr. Cummings advised that the Lincoln Party has agreed to transfer the title to the Lincoln Statue to
Peoria County. He added that the Lincoln Party voted to donate up to $3,000 of its funds to Peoria
County to maintain proper lighting of the statue. Mr. Budde advised that he has obtained estimates on
the cost to install ground lighting, and the offered donation will cover those costs. He added that the
County would be responsible for installation.

A motion to accept the $3,000 donation, to be used specifically for lighting the statue, as well as a transfer
of title (assuming all maintenance costs and liability) to Peoria County, was made by Mr. Widmer and
seconded by Mr. Watkins. The motion carried.

Mr. Polhemus thanked Mr. Cummings and the Lincoln Party for the donation. He requested that Mr.
Cummings and/or other representatives from the Lincoln Party attend the February County Board
meeting to officially present the donation to the County Board.

Facilities Issues
Mr. Budde advised that the 5th floor is being readied for the transfer of the VAC offices to the Courthouse.
He indicated that the new panelling for the elevators will be installed tomorrow. He added that new
carpeting has been ordered for the elevators. Mr. Polhemus requested that Facilities staff ensure that
lights and alarms on the elevators are working properly. Mr. Budde commented that he has had
discussions with the initial architect of Gift Avenue Home regarding renovation. He stated that he has
had discussions with the cleaning firm for the Courthouse in an attempt to improve their job performance.

Courthouse Carillon
Mr. Budde indicated that the carillon is in proper working order and is being utilized.

Marker for Peoria County Cemetery
Mr. Budde and Mr. Widmer have agreed to locate and transport a suitable stone marker.

Sale of County Property
Mr. Urich indicated that RFP’s for realtor services to market the properties in Brimfield and on W. Plank
Road will be sent out by the end of the week. Mr. Polhemus stated that Limestone Township has
indicated an interest in one of the properties.

Mr. Budde indicated that plans are underway to transform the Main Street fountain into a planter this
spring. The Committee suggested several community groups to contact regarding the planting and
maintenance of the flower bed.

At the Committee’s request, Mr. Ludolph presented statistics on the number of on-view arrests made
annually at the Courthouse.
Facilities Committee                          2                                January 22, 2002

Mr. Polhemus distributed a letter addressed to Sheriff Schofield by the Midwest Gun Collectors
Association. The group has offered to purchase a portion of County owned land for a target range and
training area and designate an area to be used by the Sheriff’s Department as they see a need. A
discussion ensued as to the advantages and disadvantages of a County owned range and training area.
The County Administrator and State’s Attorney’s office will work with Sheriff Schofield in exploring
different options.

Mr. Widmer expressed concern with the appearance of the Jefferson Street entrance to the Courthouse.
He mentioned missing concrete blocks as well as the crowd of smokers near the entrance. He suggested
that the Committee explore the possibility of a designated smoking area.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for February 26, 2002 at 3:00 p.m. The meeting adjourned at 4:15
p.m. upon a motion by Mr. Thomas and seconded by Mr. Widmer.

Recording Secretary: Jan Kleffman

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