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june 09


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									                                                       That’s right! The results of the second Live Well
                                                       Challenge are in and participating employees lost
Do you want to lose weight or keep off the             a combined 289.5 pounds! Way to go guys and
weight you’ve already lost? Then join us in July       gals! Congratulations also to contest winners
for the next installment of the Live Well Chal-
                                                       Reggie Burris (most pounds lost), Anisah Mirza
lenge Weight Loss Contest! We’re gearing up for
a “Half Ton of Fun!” You’ll lose weight, feel          (greatest percentage lost), Kelly Stewart
great, and win prizes. Oh, and did we mention          (maintenance track winner), and Sandy Arrequin
that it’s actually fun? Contestants in the last two    (co-worker recruitment winner)! Everyone who
challenges have lost a combined 628.5 pounds. So       participated did a fantastic job and hopefully had a
our new goal of a combined 371.5 pounds lost in
                                                       lot of fun in the process. If you haven’t turned in
the next challenge would give us a combined total
of 1,000 pounds lost or a half ton! We will have       your participant survey, please forward them to
more information available in the next few             Vicki Willis by June 24th.
weeks. If you have ideas or questions, please con-
tact Vicki Willis or Shauna Musselman. We
would love to hear from you!

It’s almost summer, which means it’s time for         It’s time for summer vacation! And just because
fresh fruits and vegetables. And what better          the economy is tough doesn’t mean you can’t have
way to enhance your cooking than to use the           summer fun! Try a “staycation”. Instead of trav-
freshest ingredients. Visit your local farmer’s       eling this summer, enjoy the local area. There’s a
markets to get just picked, homegrown flavor.         lot to do and you’ll get to sleep in your own bed (or
Most local markets run from June through Sep-         backyard) each night. Try a trip to the new zoo or
tember. Some markets even carry organic               Wildlife Prairie Park. Camp out in your backyard
meats and cheeses. Don’t forget to take your          and make smores. Go hiking at Forest Park Nature
Live Well market bag! You’ll be eating healthy        Center, the Rock Island Trail, or Jubilee State
and helping the environment!                          Park. Pack a picnic and enjoy an afternoon on
                                                      Grandview Drive. Go fishing at one of the area’s
                                                      many lakes. Go to a Peoria Chief’s game. Take in
                                                      a matinee for reduced ticket costs. Rent old mov-
                                                      ies for $1 and have family movie night. Enjoy the
                                                      botanical gardens or plant your own! The point is
                                                      not how much money you spend or how far away
                                                      you travel, it’s spending quality time with family
                                                      and friends. So get creative, save money, and en-
                                                      joy summer because winter will be here before you
                                                      know it!

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