Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy Assistant Diploma

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					         Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy Assistant
                                             Diploma Program
Occupational Therapy Assistant                              Treatments, Techniques, Procedures Concepts
Historical, Philosophical, & Theoretical :                  Applied Group Dynamics and Therapeutic Use of Self
Brief history of Occupational Therapy                       Arts and Crafts as Occupation
Heritage of The Certified Occupational                      Assistive Technology and Adaptive Equipment, Basic
Therapy Assistant                                           Splinting, Wellness & Health Promotion
The Importance of Philosophy and Core Values of             Life Skills; Goal Setting & Decision Making
Occupational Therapy                                        Activities of Daily Living, Work Injury Activities
Human Development                                           Restorative Care, Palliative Care
Uniform Technology:
Meaning of Language in Occupational Therapy                 Management of Practice Issues
Activity Analysis: Study of a task's subparts and process   Documentation; Purpose, Legal
Frame of reference:                                         Documents & Confidentiality
Guideline of practice based on theory, providing direc-     Occupational Therapy Assistant
tion for evaluation and treatment of particular deficits    Supervision
Teaching and Learning: Theories in Adult Learning           Role of the Occupational Therapy
                                                            Assistant as Activity Director; Team
Occupations and Disabilities                                Work & Team Building
Early Intervention Laws                                     Functional Ethics, Code of Ethics
Developmental Evaluation,                                   Management Issues and Models,
Program goals and objectives                                Professional Development & Socialization
Medical vs. Educational Services
Visual Deficits, Pervasive Developmental Disorder,          Physiotherapy Assistant
Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Cerebral Palsy,            Office Administration & Organization
Conduct Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity           Introduction to Office Administration
Disorder, Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal        Role & Responsibilities of PTA
Cord Injury, Schizophrenia, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety,    Introduction to Rehabilitation-Composition of the reha-
Arthritis, Arthroplasty, Substance Abuse, Strokes,          bilitation team & Responsibilities of each team member.
Parkinson's Disease, Sensory Deficits.                      Introduction to Physiotherapy
                                                            Medical Terminology & Abbreviations

                                                            Development & Function of the Human Body
                                                            Rehabilitation Techniques I-Introduces S.O.A.P chart-
                                                            ing format & problem solving approach
                                                            Safe & efficient use of bed rolling & transfers
                                                            Learn the use of assisting devices (cane, crutches,
                                                            walker, splint, collars, braces, etc.)
                                                            Specific exercise programs for specific conditions:
                                                            Range of Motion, Balance, Dexterity, Coordination, etc.
                                                            Rehabilitation Therapy Modalities I
                                                            i. Hydro collator/ Hot Packs/ Hot Compress
                                                            ii. Ice Packs/Cold Compress/Cold Immersion
                                                            iii. Paraffin Wax Bath
                                                            iv. Neuromuscular Stimulation, etc.

                                                            Rehabilitation Plans & Techniques
                                                            Rehabilitation Techniques II - Techniques of rehabilita-
                                                            tion as they pertain to neurological & cardiopulmonary
                                                            Physical Therapy Modalities II - Learn the principles of
                                                            use & proper operation of various modalities, safety
                                                            precautions & contraindications for these modalities.
                                                            Safety precautions for patients & personnel
                                                            Know & learn WHIMIS protocol
                                                            First Aid & CPR certification

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                                                            OTA/PTA program, please contact us.