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									Pharmacy Technician -

Andrew Gardner (at Mossley Hill Hospital, Liverpool) says:-

                                             Pharmacy technicians work
                                             under supervision of qualified
                                             pharmacist, preparing and
                                             supplying items of medicine for

Pharmacy Technicians may be based in a community or hospital pharmacy.

About the Role:
   o Pharmacy technicians select the correct items to make up
   o Weight out ingredients, measuring liquids and counting
   o Create labels which describe the medicine contained inside
     the package and instructions on its use
   o Make sure that prescriptions are legal and accurate
   o Put together ointment mixtures, simple dilutions and
   o Order new stock, often using computerised systems
   o In hospital pharmacies, you would be responsible for
     ensuring all departments had sufficient stocks of medicines.
   o In community settings, you would give advice to customers
     on over-the-counter products as well as prescription
                                There are many routes into this work,
Getting In:                     including Apprenticeships, working as a
                                pharmacy assistant, and NVQ’s, with
                                lots of progression routes for career
                                development too.

   o You are likely to need a minimum of 4 GCSE’s including
     Science, Maths and English.

   o Some employers will consider relaxing entry criteria if you
     have experience of working alongside a Pharmacy
     Technician previously.

   o With experience as a Pharmacy Assistant, and an NVQ
      Level 2 in Pharmacy Services you may progress to Senior
      Assistant and then on to Pharmacy Technician.

   o Apprenticeships are also available as a route into this
      profession. The range of apprenticeships available will
      depend upon the local jobs marks but for more information
      on Apprenticeships, visit,uk

   o Progression is a real possibility too, by studying for NVQ
      Level 3 in Pharmacy Services or the BTEC National
      Certificate in Pharmacy Services. (The NVQ may be completed
      by distance learning through the National Pharmaceutical

You can find lots more information about this role and related jobs at and also by looking at vacancies advertised on

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