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                           Development Courses
Adapting to Change                                                   Building Stronger Business Relationships
This course develops the confidence and skills needed to             This course will teach how you can build stronger
face change and welcome it as an opportunity to grow                 business relationships. Our objective is to provide you
and learn.                                                           with a variety of tips and tools to help you present
                                                                     yourself to your best advantage and to build stronger
Art of Active and Effective Listening Skills                         business relationships through networking.
This program will, quite simply, help you to become a
better listener. Participants will be given information on           Building Trust
non-verbal listening skills, minimal encouragers,                    This course gives you hands-on, proven strategies for
paraphrasing, summarizing, and documenting.                          building trust in the workplace.

Assessing and Increasing Personal Resiliency                         Business Ethics
This course will assist you in identifying factors that              In this course you will learn the basic ethics of a
affect your response to stress. You will learn to assess             business culture and what your individual
the cognitive, physical and behavioral aspects of                    responsibilities are within an organization.
personal resiliency and develop a personal action plan.
                                                                     Business Etiquette & Manners
Attitude for Achievement                                             Polish the professional image and performance by using
This program will teach employees to stay focused on                 etiquette anchors that are valued and used by people who
current goals while developing new goals, learn what                 look for standards of excellence. We will cover
holds them back, and how to use these lessons to achieve             greetings, introductions, receptions, the business meal,
more.                                                                business card usage, telephone skills, effective
                                                                     correspondence, and gift giving.
Attitude: The Choice Is Yours
This course will help the participant tap into their                 Business Writing: Getting to the Point
personal attitudes to better understand, analyze, adjust,            In this course you will learn how to identify which form
and maintain the right frame of mind at work and at                  of written communication you should use and how each
home. Participants will learn practical ways to                      form influences what you write. It will show you how to
communicate positive attitudes and learn more                        clearly write emails, letters and memos that are easily
diplomatic and tactful ways to handle disgruntled                    understood and generate the desired response from the
colleagues.                                                          reader.

Bad Apples: Dealing with Difficult Attitudes                         Communicating and Listening
This program helps employees recognize the                           Communicating and Listening is designed to equip
characteristics of difficult personalities and the problems          employees with the skills they need to communicate
they can cause. Employees take away a proven, five-step              clearly and listen carefully.
process for dealing with negative attitudes in a diverse
workplace.                                                           Dealing with Difficult People
                                                                     Our Difficult People class will provide you with more
                                                                     diplomatic and tactful ways to handle disgruntled
        "I am easily satisfied with the                              colleagues, bossy managers, and pushy customers. We’ll
                                                                     show you how to make these people your friends, or
        very best."                                                  demonstrate how to turn a tense or troublesome situation
                                  ~ Winston Churchill                into an easy solution.

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De-escalating Emotionally Charged People                            Impacting Your Work Processes
This course provides training regarding workplace                   This course focuses on individual work processes. It
violence and how participants can control their personal            gives employees the skills to take ownership of their
anxieties in order to maintain their best possible                  jobs and streamline their processes to improve
professional attitude. This knowledge will assist                   performance.
participants in verbally de-escalating emotionally
charged encounters which may arise when managing                    Improving Personal Productivity
abnormal behavior with emotionally disturbed persons.               Improving Personal Productivity gives employees the
Additionally, participants will learn valuable                      skills they need to increase their productivity while
communication skills including active listening and non-            decreasing stress levels.
verbal cues to help ensure the safety and security of all
                                                                    Influencing Others
                                                                    This course helps participants create and follow a plan
Enhancing Conflict Management Skills                                for influencing others.
This course will help you to identify the types and
sources of conflicts and the destructive and constructive
nature of conflict in the workplace. You will also learn
                                                                    Interaction Skills for Success
                                                                    This course presents the basics on how to work well
to identify the five conflict positions and how to utilize
                                                                    together, reduce wasted time, lessen conflict, and
them to turn destructive conflict into a win/win situation
                                                                    influence interactions in a positive way.
for all involved. You will learn how to assess conflict
situations and recognize what steps to follow to
transform conflicts for constructive outcomes and create            Introduction to Strengths
positive working relationships.                                     The Introduction to Strengths workshop is for those who
                                                                    are interested in learning more about leveraging their
Fast Start for Teams                                                strengths and provides a better understanding of the
                                                                    natural strengths of their colleagues.
This course walks team members through the process of
setting up a team charter. It provides practical,
actionable tools to help members stay on track, avoid the           Investing in Your Learning
problems that plague many teams, and achieve success.               This course develops employees into lifelong learners to
                                                                    help increase their level of performance.
Feedback Fundamentals
Feedback Fundamentals helps employees use feedback                  Leading Successful Meetings
to enhance their job performance and ensure their                   Leading Successful Meetings gives employees the skills
success. The course emphasizes seeing feedback as                   they need to ensure that meetings run efficiently,
objective information about performance that can help               generate good decisions, and result in clear action.
them improve the way they work.
                                                                    Leading with Strengths
Grant Writing: Steps of Success                                     The Leading with Strengths course is designed for
Learn a step by step method to create problem                       leaders who seek to implement and sustain strengths
statements, needs assessments, objectives, methods and              development in their employees.
procedures. You’ll see how to determine time frames,
personnel, and budgets. You will learn how to do                    Listening: The Forgotten Communication
institutional background research work as well as use the           Skill
Internet to find grant opportunities. Participants will             Effective listeners make a conscious decision to listen.
receive a comprehensive resource binder.                            This program will help you remove the barriers which
                                                                    prevent you from being a good listener. You will be
How to Build Relationships Through Better                           given information on non-verbal cues and listening
Communication                                                       skills, minimal encouragers, paraphrasing, and
Learn how to identify both good communication and bad               summarizing as well as the seven laws of better
communication, and gain techniques to enable you to                 listening.
increase your communication skills. You will explore
ways to change the way you communicate, which will in
turn help you to communicate with difficult people.

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Making Effective Decisions                                           Reaching Agreement
This course helps employees master a systematic                      This course focuses on the dynamics of group agreement
approach to making better and faster decisions that will             and the importance of having everyone’s commitment. It
result in more effective performance.                                teaches seven techniques for making clear, high-quality
                                                                     decisions that have the buy-in and commitment of every
Managing Knowledge for Sustainable                                   group member.
This in-depth hands-on workshop is for organizations                 Reaching Group Agreement
wanting to increase their competencies around the                    This course focuses on the dynamics of group agreement
Management of Knowledge.                                             and the importance of having everyone's commitment. It
                                                                     teaches seven techniques for making clear, high-quality
Negotiating Skills: Getting to Yes                                   decisions that have the buy-in and commitment of every
Learn how to successfully negotiate personal and                     group member.
professional disputes without getting taken–and without
getting angry. Emphasis will be given to collaborative               Strengths and Teams
negotiations that leave both sides feeling like winners.             This course gives team members the opportunity to find
Participants will learn strategies that will enable them to          out more about themselves and what makes others tick.
separate the person from the problem, focus on interests             It will help them gain a deeper understanding and
not positions, and how to negotiate successfully with                appreciation of their strengths as well as the strengths of
people who are more powerful, who refuse to play by                  others.
the rules, or who resort to "dirty tricks."
                                                                     Supporting Others
Optimizing Team Performance                                          In this course, participants learn why supporting one
This course recharges teams by providing: a framework                another at work is important and how it can be done to
to diagnose strengths and weaknesses, tools to                       ensure the success of everyone involved—the
continually improve performance, and a process to build              employees, their coworkers, and the organization.
action plans that optimize performance.
                                                                     Take this Job and Love it!
Personal Empowerment: Taking Initiative                              How to create and keep contented employees. This
This course seeks to change the mindset that                         course is designed to give leaders motivate, empower,
empowerment is something that is given. It helps                     and encourage employees.
employees see that they can and should look for
improvement opportunities.                                           Taking Action to Solve Problems
                                                                     The Taking Action® program is a flexible, consolidated
Presenting Yourself Professionally                                   way to introduce continuous improvement and provide
This course will cover a variety of topics to assist you             people with the tools to guide them through the process.
with presenting yourself as a professional. You will
learn how to fine tune your self image, attitude,                    Taking Charge of Your Development
composure, phone skills, and email etiquette to make the             This course enables employees to initiate, create, and
impression you want to make.                                         execute their own development plans with their leader.

Project Management                                                   Taking Control of Your Workday
Learn about the basics of project planning and the                   This course will help prepare you for personal efficiency
qualities of a successful plan. Participants will become             and high achievement in the workplace.
familiar with a variety of planning tools and then utilize
this information to develop a project plan. The course
will address how to successfully manage multiple                     Team Performance Survey
priorities and how handle the unexpected through                     The Team Performance Survey is an easy-to-use
contingency planning.                                                diagnostic tool that enables teams and work groups to
                                                                     assess their effectiveness in key practices and skills
                                                                     essential to a high-performance team. The survey
                                                                     includes best practices of optimally performing teams.

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Teamwork Skills and Relationship Building                          Your Lips are Saying Yes but Your Body
This interactive course will teach you the principles and          Language is Saying No
techniques needed to enhance your teamwork skills in               This course will allow you to discover signs that tell you
the workplace. With the training tools provided, you will          what a person is really thinking and how it may differ
gain a clearer understanding of shared leadership, the             from what they are saying.
rewards of good teamwork, how you can be proactive in
changing work environments, improve communication
skills, achieve shared goals, and work cooperatively as a            Compliance and Harrassment
                                                                   Right Side of the Line
The Me, We, and They of Business                                   This course addresses all forms of unacceptable
                                                                   behavior, including hazing, gossip, retaliation and more.
Communication                                                      It helps meet compliance training requirements while
This course is designed to help team building, create an
                                                                   giving employees tools to resolve situations before they
effective balance, explain the communication process,
use effective communication in uncomfortable
situations, cover conflict resolution, and manage your
image in the workplace.                                            It's About Respect
                                                                   This course will raise awareness regarding harassment
                                                                   and explain the do's and don'ts of creating a respectful
Time Management for Busy People                                    workplace for everyone.
This workshop will assist you in organizing and
managing your time during the workday. You will
identify time management barriers and discover what                Sexual Harassment
your number one time waster is so you can break bad                This workshop will provide education on sexual
work habits. Learn how to master your time by utilizing            harassment and practical ways to create a healthy
SMART goal setting techniques and principles; review               environment.
crisis management strategies and overcome indecision
and procrastination.                                                            Customer Service
Training Bytes: Increasing Emotional                               Got Customer Service?
Intelligence                                                       The purpose of this course is to develop your ability to
In three, straight-to-the-point modules, employees will            recognize just who your customers are and how to treat
experience focused learning on how to stay in control,             them properly and respectfully.
maintain a positive outlook and adopt big-picture
thinking for better results.                                       Service Plus
                                                                   This course helps service providers to develop the skills
Training Others                                                    needed to deliver a high level of service, eliminate
This course gives employees the skills they need to                customer defections, and strengthen customer
effectively help others prepare for new tasks and                  satisfaction and loyalty. This course gives service
responsibilities. This course also will help build                 providers more than a list of do’s and don’ts by
employee commitment to and understanding the                       providing a toolbox of skills for effectively and
importance of training to your organization.                       efficiently handling all types of customer interactions.

Working As a Team                                                  Service Plus Health Care
Working as a Team clearly teaches employees the                    This course helps service providers develop skills to
personal, interpersonal, and organizational advantages of          ensure patients and customers receive top-quality service.
working together, whether in teams or work groups.                 It gives your organization the edge it needs—loyal
                                                                   customers who demonstrate ―the three Rs‖ of loyalty:
                                                                   Return to your facility because they view you as their
Working Through Conflict                                           health care provider of choice, Refer others, and Relate to
This course discusses how to manage conflict by dealing
                                                                   service providers as partners in their care.
with differing ideas, interest, or perceptions.

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