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                                                 Wicker Daybed
                                               By Daniel Roshard

   When it comes to describing a wicker daybed, there are several descriptive words that can be used,
such as elegant, charming, comfortable, and above all welcoming. A wicker daybed can make the
perfect touch to any room, however, many people choose to place the daybed in screened porches.
Back in the days before the invention of air conditioning, many people took to sleeping in their screen
porches. Even though 75% of American households have air conditioning in this day in age, there is
nothing stopping you from enjoying a beautiful summer day outside, while relaxing in a shady and cool
spot within your screened porch.

A wicker daybed provides two specific elements for your sunroom, patio, or porch area. It serves as the
perfect spot to lie down, relax, and take a nap, or read your favorite book or magazine, experiencing
the fresh air and enjoying the day away from the hustle and bustle of life. Furthermore, when nap time
or the relaxing time is over, the wicker daybed adds the perfect spot for visitors to sit while enjoying the
day as well.

There are so many different varieties of styles when it comes to choosing a wicker daybed that you will
have no problem in creating the perfect décor for the area or even finding a daybed that will match your
already existing décor. There are more than 100 different styles of daybeds, which allows you to match
your own personal style. This way you can add a little bit of modern style, with the feel of old fashioned
ways to any room.

For example, a white wicker daybed, gives any room a whimsical, airy feel to it. You can decorate it to
fit right in with the overlooked garden or flower arrangements. By decorations, we mean to place linens
and covers, accented with throw pillows in a floral or garden design. Complete the look by adding a
pair of glass topped end tables and a wicker chair or two, to provide seating and a welcoming look to
any of your guests.

You could even create the feel of the beach with a wicker daybed. Breezy, relaxing, and fun will be
how you describe your sunroom or porch when you add a natural wicker daybed. If you line the daybed
with neutral colors and pillow throws lined with paisley or stripes, you will find that you never want to
leave the area. All of this combined will add the perfect getaway spot for you or any member of your
family, when the day just seems to be going in the wrong direction.

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                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

A wicker daybed has become one of the most sought after styles of daybeds to date. They simply add
the feel of elegance, charm, and beauty to any room, all the while giving you in the cue to reminisce
about the good old days.

Daniel Roshard is a designer fascinated by garden architecture, Wicker Furniture and Wicker art has
long been a subject of his interest, he know writes wicker furniture tips and advice at

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                              The Benefits Of Wicker Sunroom Furniture
                                              By Adam Peters

 Wicker sunroom furniture can make your sunroom into that relaxing place to be. Choosing your
pieces wisely can help ensure that you are satisfied for many years to come.

Selecting the right wicker sunroom furniture for your room includes many different things. One thing
that you will want to keep in mind is that the price that is normally listed on the furniture is normally the
price without the cushions. If you want cushions, but do not like the material choices offered, then see
if they can order the cushions with a different fabric that you do like. If you cannot find the fabric that
fits your desired look, then you can always make cushions yourself or have them custom made from
your choice of fabric. You will need to decide whether you want stain guard or not. Keep in mind that
if you are entertaining, then protecting the cushion fabric can save you some stress, because it can
make spill treatment and cleaning much easier. That way you will be able to keep your cushions
looking nice for as long as possible.

Another issue is how much room that you have. A smaller room cannot hold as much wicker sunroom
furniture as a large room. To keep the room looking airy and open, then you will want to only use as
much furniture as you need, rather than loading up the room with furniture and making it look crowded.

Taking Care of Your Wicker Furniture

Wicker sunroom furniture does not need a great deal of attention to keep it looking beautiful. Dusting
the furniture pieces regularly can help remove some of the dirt and a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner
can get the rest of the dirt. If you want wicker in a particular color and cannot locate the right color,
then you can always paint it the color that you desire. If your wicker is covered with a sealant or
varnish, then you will need to prime it before painting, so that the paint will stick to the surface of the
wicker. You can also choose to sand the wicker if you need to, but you need to be sure that you do it
gently, so as not to destroy the wicker. If you see that some of the wicker weave is cracking or
splitting, then you can repaint it, stain it, or use a gloss to help keep it looking beautiful. If the weave in
your wicker sunroom furniture is starting to unravel, then you may want to consult a professional to see
if they can repair it. Get an estimate first, however, because it may be less expensive to simply
purchase new wicker sunroom furniture.

Adam Peters is the author of more resources published at http://www.allsunrooms.com . A website with
tips on wicker furniture, and many related topics: http://www.allsunrooms.com/wicker_furniture.html

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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