Landlord Trade Reference Letter

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									This Landlord Trade Reference Letter is used by a landlord to request information
regarding an applicant's trustworthiness and reliability from a reference listed by the
applicant. This document sets forth the format of what should be included in the letter to
the reference. It is usually directed to a former landlord and asks for information relating
to the applicant's suitability as a tenant. The letter in its draft form provides a template
and should be customized to fit the specific needs of the user. This document should
be used by landlords during the application process.
                PROSPECTIVE TENANT

Date ____________, 201___ Wednesday, 24 April 2013To __________________

Re: Request for Trade Reference for _______________[NAME OF APPLICANT]


I am writing to advise you that ___________________ [NAME OF APPLICANT] has made an
application to take a tenancy with me. I have been given your name as someone I might
approach for a trade reference in respect of his/her application to rent a property that I own.

In order to evaluate and process the application successfully and fairly, I request that you
complete the information below, sign and return it in the stamped-addressed envelope provided
within ____ days of the receipt of this letter, or, that you contact me with this information via
phone or e-mail. All information provided will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Please advise and confirm that (1) _____________________ [NAME OF APPLICANT] is
known to you, (2) the duration of such association, nature of connection or association, and (3)
that the address given above is --o the best of your knowledge--correct.

It would also help me greatly if you could advise whether, in your opinion, and to the best of
your knowledge and belief, (4) ____________[NAME OF APPLICANT](name of applicant)
would make a trustworthy, honest and reliable tenant who will honor his tenancy responsibilities,
and in particular (5) if you know of any circumstances that could suggest that this might not be
the case. Finally, knowing what you already know about this applicant, (6) if this applicant were
to come to you and attempt to enter into a lease with you today, would you rent to this applicant?

If you prefer to speak to me personally, my telephone number is (         ) _________
. My e-mail address is ___________@__________________

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely

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Name: ________________________________
Address: ________________________________

Date: _________________________________, 201___

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