Tenant's Notice to End Tenancy Letter

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									This is a letter sent by a tenant to a landlord that notifies the landlord that the tenant
wishes to end the tenancy. This letter can be customized to provide for the number of
days advance notice that is required to terminate the lease. If advance notice is not
required under the lease agreement, that clause can be deleted entirely. This letter can
be used by individuals or small businesses that want to notify their landlord of their
desire to terminate the tenancy.
                              Tenant's Notice to End the Tenancy

Landlord's Name
City, Province
Postal Code
[Instruction: Insert Landlord’s Name and Address as set forth in notice provisions of lease,
if any, otherwise to Landlord at address rent is accepted.]

___________ [Instruction: Insert date of letter.]

Dear _______________ [Instruction: Insert Name of landlord as set forth in notice
provisions of lease, if any, otherwise to attention of person accepting rent.]:

I hereby give notice to terminate my tenancy at ______________. [Instruction: Insert address
of Premises.]

I am hereby sending you an advance notice of ____ [Instruction: Insert number of days notice
as provided in lease, if any. Please note, if none noted in lease, or no lease, remove last
clause of sentence.] days notice, in accordance with my rental agreement.

The last day of my tenancy will be ____ [Instruction: Insert last date of tenancy.]. I request
the right to be present during inspection of the premises for damages. I will be moving to
_____________________ [Instruction: Insert new address] upon vacating. All future letters or
notices should be sent to me at the said address after _____________ [Instruction: Insert date
of occupancy of new apartment.] Pursuant to the terms of my rental agreement, please return
my security deposit to said address.

Thank you,

Tenant's printed name and signature
Address of unit, unit number, phone number
Date and year of initial occupancy

[Instruction: Tenant should keep a copy of all correspondence.]

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