Letter to Tenant

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									This is a letter sent by the landlord to the tenant regarding the refund of the tenant's
security deposit after the tenancy is terminated. The letter provides the original amount
of the deposit and includes an itemized list of deductions that were applied for repairs or
cleaning expenses. Some states require that the landlord return the tenant's security
with an itemized statement of deductions. This document satisfies that requirement.
This should be used by landlords and property managers.
                                          DEPOSIT REFUND


Dear ___________ [FORMER TENANT’S NAME]:

         Re: Refund of Deposit

This is in reference to your security deposit of ____________ ($______) dollars which was
originally collected by us when your tenancy commenced.

Following your notice to terminate the tenancy and your subsequent move out from the premises
on ___________ [DATE], we would like to return the amount of security deposit less the
charges as follows:

Total Amount of Security Deposit Received ___________ ($ _______) dollars -

Itemized List of Repairs for Property Damages
_____________________________________________ $ __________
_____________________________________________ $ __________
_____________________________________________ $ __________

Itemized List of Required Cleaning Expenses
 _____________________________________________ $ __________
_____________________________________________ $ __________
_____________________________________________ $ __________ -

Total Security Deposit Deduction $ __________ -

Remaining Amount of Security Deposit to be Returned $ __________

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


______________________________ [NAME OF LANDLORD]

By__________________________ [NAME OF LANDLORD’S AGENT]

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