Routine Visit Letter

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									This is a letter sent by a landlord to a tenant notifying them of the date and time of an
upcoming routine visit. The tenant has the right to be present during the routine
inspection, but does not have to be. Additionally, the tenant can object to the time and
date scheduled and if they fail to do so, the landlord will assume the time provided is
convenient. This letter should be used by landlords, property owners, or property
management companies that want to routinely inspect their property to ensure tenant
compliance with the lease agreement.
                             ROUTINE VISIT LETTER

Date Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Dear [Enter Name]

Re: Routine Visit for Property: __________________[Insert Address]

I am writing to advise and inform you herewith that I would like to visit the above property in
order to carry out a routine inspection.

You may wish to be present during this visit. However if you have any prior commitments, I will
use my/our keys to the property.

I have made an appointment for [Enter Date] at [Enter Time] . If I am not informed or advised
by you or your representatives within ___ working days from the date of this letter, I will assume
that this is convenient.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Yours sincerely


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