Rent Demand Letter

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									This document provides a demand letter from a landlord to a tenant to be sent when the
tenant has overdue rent. This template demand letter serves as notice to the tenant
that rent is overdue and requests that the outstanding balance be paid in full within a
specified number of days. This document can be used by a property owner or manager
in an effort to encourage the tenant to pay promptly, or as part of the process of an
eviction proceeding against a non-paying tenant.
                             RENT DEMAND LETTER
  [COMMENT: Landlord should review state specific rules for method of serving this letter, as
                     each state has its own service requirements.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert Date.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert name of person receiving notice.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert address of person receiving notice.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert city, state and zip code of person receiving notice.]

             Re: Formal Demand for Overdue Rent for _____ [Instruction: Insert
property address.]

Dear _____: [Instruction: Insert name of person receiving notice.]

Notice is hereby given that your rent is currently overdue as follows:

Outstanding rent: ______________ ($ _____) dollars [Instruction: Enter amount.]
Due: _____ [Instruction: Enter date due.]

We request that the outstanding balance be paid in full within three (3) days [Comment: States
have varying dates by which tenants must pay. You should check the specific statute
within your state, and revise accordingly, as necessary.] and that you ensure that all future
rental payments be made in full on the due date. Please be advised that according to the rental
agreement dated _________, [Instruction: Insert date of rental agreement.] a late charge of
____________ ($_______) dollars [Instruction: Insert late charge noted in rental agreement.
If no such charge is noted in rental agreement, remove this reference.] is applicable.

Failure to pay the outstanding balance including the late charge in full within three (3) days
[Comment: Revise number of days as applicable according to state law. The number listed
here should be consistent with the number at the beginning of the paragraph.] could result
in court action and/or landlord invoking any other rights and/or remedies available at law or in
equity. You may become liable for legal costs for any such actions taken against you. This letter
should be considered the final demand to remedy this situation.

If you would like to discuss this matter, please contact me urgently.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


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