Hand book by liwenting


									    MOUNTAIN VIEW




          Box 30
     Mountain View, AB
         T0K 1N0
 403-653-2404 Fax 653-2479
          PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                                           BELL SCHEDULE
It is with great pleasure that we take this                             Regular Bell Schedule
opportunity to welcome you to school. We are                               Morning ................................................ 8:05
extremely proud of the programs we offer our
                                                                           Lunch.................................,,,,,11:34 – 12:04
students, and we encourage you to make the
most of your time with us.                                                 Afternoon……………………….12:04 - 2:25
                                                                           Friday Bell Schedule
                                                                           Morning ................................................ 8:05
The students, staff, and parents believe each
                                                                           Afternoon …………………..…11:34 – 12:14
student should have the opportunity to achieve
academic and personal success in a safe and
caring environment.

Main Office .........................................653-2404
Principal ..............................................653-2404
Fax .....................................................653-2479

                                                                        PRINCIPLES AND BELIEFS
     SEPTEMBER 2004-JUNE 2005
      JANICE WEST                                653-2520               Mountain View School believes in
KINDERGARTEN                                                            principles for a quality learning
      HALI LEISHMAN                              653-1740
                                                                        system that is accessible, learner-
      NARDENE NEILSON                            653-2217
GRADE TWO/THREE                                                         responsive, innovative, fair, and
      LAURA WEBSTER                              653-2485               equitable.
      CURTIS LEISHMAN                            653-1569               Mountain View School believes:
      MIKE ROMERIL                               653-1397                Every attempt will be made to
GRADE SEVEN                                                               maintain the dignity and self-
      STACY JACOBS                               653-1094                 respect of both the student and
GRADE EIGHT                                                               the teacher.
      JAMIE QUINTON                              653-2180                Students will be guided and
                                                                          expected to solve their problems
      KEN PETERSON                               653-1022
                                                                          without creating problems for
      LISA WALBURGER                             653-2564                 anyone else.
EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANTS                                                   Students      will   be    given
      JANICE WEST                                653-2520                 opportunities to make decisions
      MONA WALBURGER                             653-2369                 and live with the consequences,
      CARLA DEERING                              626-3744                 be they good or bad.
CARETAKER                                                                Misbehavior will be handled with
      ROSS JACOBS                                653-2370
                                                                          natural or logical consequences
                                                                          instead      of      punishment,
                                                                          whenever possible.
              GENERAL SCHOOL
   Misbehavior will be viewed as                satisfying, productive and
    an opportunity for individual                affirming school
    problem-solving and preparation              environment.
    for the real world as opposed to          8. Students must take decisive
    a personal attack on school or               responsibility for their
    staff.                                       behavior. Parents, school
   Students are encouraged to                   staff and the Westwind
    request a “due process hearing”              School Division will work
    whenever           consequences              together in supporting
    appear to be unfair.                         appropriate social behavior.
   School problems will be handled              We will foster independent
    by school personnel. Criminal                decision-making and
    activity will be referred to the             problem solving as well as
    proper authorities.                          responsible self-discipline.
                                              9. We will foster an opportunity
                                                 for life long learning.

                                           Minor Offences – minor offences
      SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY                    are generally to be handled by
We believe that:                           the teacher and documented in a
                                           discipline record.
  1. All students are capable of
     learning.                                 Breaking school rules (eg.
  2. All students have the right to              No gum or food in class
     learn and work in a safe and                without permission)
     nurturing environment.                    Disrespectful language (eg.
  3. Our students should                         Put downs swearing)
     recognize and appreciate the              Inappropriate toys at school
     similarities as well as respect             (eg. Electronic devices, toy
     the differences among                       weapons, skateboards or
     individuals and cultures.                   rollerblades)
  4. MVS will promote academic                 Rude behavior (eg. Spitting,
     excellence by meeting the                   excessive teasing, disturbing
     goals and objectives                        others work)
     prescribed by Alberta                     Inappropriate dress (eg. T-
     Learning.                                   shirts in poor taste, sheer or
  5. Our students have an                        provocative clothing
     opportunity to participate in             Poor/dangerous playground
     physical activities.                        behavior (eg. Snowballs,
  6. Our learning environment                    tackling, play fighting)
     will be enhanced with the                 Consequences to be grade
     use of modern technology.                   level appropriate
  7. All stakeholders in education
     will be mutually supportive of
     each other ensuring a
  Major Offences – major offences              necessary by the
  are of a very serious nature and             Principal of the school
  will bring about a suspension
                                               for school lockers to be
  from school. (either in-school or
  out of school depending on the               searched by police dogs
  circumstances.                               to ensure that
     Repeated minor                           expectations set out in
      offences and referral                    policy are being followed
      from staff                               by the students of the
     Disrespect or defiance                   school.
      towards staff (eg.                      The division reserves
      Swearing at or                           the right to search all
      refusing to comply)                      school facilities including
     Use of alcohol, drugs                    lockers and desks
      or tobacco on school                     assigned to students for
      property or at school                    their own use. In
      events                                   addition, personal items
     Truancy                                  such as backpacks,
     Indecent exposure                        purses, coats, etc. may
     Obscene language                         also be searched.
                                                      INTERNET SITES TO
     Willful damage of                         KEEP ON HAND
      property                            www.learnalberta.ca
     Stealing
     Intentional physical
                                          User name – mvs
     Harassment –
                                          Password – careers
      physical, verbal,
      sexual, bullying
     Consequences will be
      determined by child’s
                                          username – mountain view
      history, age and
      nature of offence.                                                    ord -
   The division recognizes
                                          For every student that has 80% or above,
    that from time to time it             they will be on the Honor Roll and receive
    may be deemed                         a certificate.
For every student that has 90% or higher
will be on the Principal’s Honor Roll and
receive a certificate.
                                                       Student success in school is directly tied to
 FINAL TESTING - JUNE                                  attendance. Responsibility for attending class
                                                       lies with the student.
In gr. 7 & 8, if you have a year end
average of 85%, you are exempt from                    Absences
finals. During finals, the last week of                It is the responsibility of students to make up for
school, Gr. 6-9 will be allowed to write                    the work missed because of absenteeism.
their test and with a letter of permission                  The teaching staff will cooperated, but the
from parents, they may go home, or stay                     responsibility and initiative rests with the
and study after their test.                                 student.
                                                       Once the student is at school, please check out
                                                       through the teacher or office before leaving. Do
           Student services                            not pick your child up off the playground and
Guidance                                               leave.
Students are encouraged to visit with the              Skipping classes will result in an in-school
counselors for personal guidance and for               suspension.
information on grades, study help, and testing
programs. The counselors are available to              SMOKING/DRINKING/DRUGS
discuss any home, school, or social concerns.          Smoking/Drinking/Drugs is not permitted in the
                                                         school building or on the school grounds.
                                                       Consequence: Suspension: - Police could be
Lockers are provided as a convenience.
Students are responsible for keeping their
lockers clean and orderly. Students are advised
not to share their locker combinations with
others. Locker assignments, combinations, and            PHILOSOPHY OF
changes will be handled through the main
office. Any lost lock will be a $5.00 Charge.          EXTRA CURRICULAR
                                                       We believe that in considering the totality of an
                                                       education there are certain aspects of
                                                       personality development and social interaction,
                                                       which fall outside the realm of academic
                                                       We further believe that extra-curricular activities
A Student shall conduct himself or herself so as
                                                       provide just such opportunities outside of the
to reasonably comply with the following code of
                                                       curriculum for meeting with a variety of
                                                       situations requiring social interaction and
 (a)   be diligent in pursuing the student’s           engendering personality growth. Along with
       studies;                                        development of social and personal graces,
 (b)   attend school regularly and punctually;         involvement in wholesome activities guided by
                                                       competent faculty advisors may often provide
 (c)   co-operate    fully  with     everyone          an opportunity for the development and
       authorized by the board to provide              nurturing of a sense of morality and justice that
       education programs and other services;          will stand the student in good stead in later life.
 (d)   comply with the rules of the school;
 (e)   account to the student’s teachers for the       We, therefore feel that the school should do all
       student’s conduct;                              within its power to sponsor, promote, and
 (f)   respect the rights of others.                   encourage extra-curricular activities and
                                                       participation in them by the largest possible
                                                       number of students.
                                                        fingertips when arms are hanging straight
                                                        down. No gym shorts or spandex
                                                        5. If leggings are worn, they must be worn with
TRANSPORTATION                                          shorts or a dress. Leggings with only a shirt are
1. Students will be picked up and returned to           not acceptable.
the same location                                       6. For modesty sake, all students should be
2. Students that go on the bus must come                careful how they sit when wearing shorts,
home on the bus unless verbal or written                especially loose, flare-leg styles.
parental/guardian permission is given to the            7. Hats worn to school are not appropriate
person in charge.                                       inside the building at any time during school
3. If a team chooses to participate in additional       hours.
tournaments it may be necessary for parents to
assist with transportation.
                                                        The student will be asked to call their parents to
BEHAVIOR                                                go home and change or to bring them
                                                        appropriate clothing.
1. We expect students to be courteous to all
students, teachers and visitors whether at home
or at other schools and school functions.
                                                             GYM USE POLICY
                                                        1. All bookings of the gym must be made
2. We expect good sportsmanship from our                through the office. Booking of the gym will be
students.                                               reserved in the order received. Priority given to
3. We expect students to be respectful of               school functions.
referees and coaches and accept their decision          2. A LOANER key may be picked up at the
as final.                                               school on the day of use. Teachers and staff
                                                        do not have keys available to give out and it is
          VISITORS AT                                   against division policy for a teacher, support
                                                        staff or custodians to hand out his/her key.
            SCHOOL                                      3. All parties that book the gym are totally
                                                        responsible for supervision and clean up. If this
                                                        is not done properly, a clean up fee or overtime
Student visitors are not allowed during regular         for the custodian will be assessed.
classes without a pass from the principal or            4. Adult supervision is required for after school
vice-principal.                                         use.
                                                        5. Proper gym footwear must be worn at all
Parents are always welcome in the school                times.       It is the responsibility of the
anytime, but please check in at the office.             person/organization booking the gym to see
                                                        that this is done.
         DRESS CODE                                     6. School policies must be maintained at all
                                                                   A. No climbing on backboards and
Students are expected to wear modest and                Equipment.
appropriate attire (including footwear) at all                     B. Proper supervision in the halls and
times while they are at school.                         washrooms
                                                                   C.    No balls in the halls and
Modest and appropriate guidelines are as                washrooms
follows:                                                7. Equipment in the equipment room may be
1. Clothing that displays a bare midriff or back        used by the community as long as it is taken
is not appropriate.                                     care of and properly stored after the event. The
2. No tank tops or muscle shirts.                       gym must be returned to the condition, which it
3. T-Shirts referring to sex, drugs/alcohol, or         was found. (Replace badminton or volleyball
profanity or any offensive material are not             nets etc.)
acceptable                                              8. Any breakage will be paid in full by the user.
4. Shorts and skirts must be hemmed. The                9.      Any problems should be reported
length of shorts must be no shorter than your           immediately to the office.
10. No event may charge money unless a                     noon. A student who does not have a bike at
formal renting agreement is filled out.                    school must not ride another student bike. Any
                                                           student who leaves the path on his bike or rides
                                                           recklessly will lose the privilege of riding his
                                                           bike at school.

                                                           If a student rides another’s bike:
                                                           Jr. Highs - he/she will have cleaning detail as
                                                           well as make a written apology to the person
           ACCIDENTS                                       whose bike they rode.
                                                           Elementary-he/she will miss morning and
                                                           afternoon recess the following day as well as a
Every accident to a student, whether at school             written apology.
or on the way to or from school should be                  No Skateboards, rollerblades or toboggans.
treated and reported at the office. Forms are
available and teachers should fill these out on
                                                           We have a very active PAC committee and they
                                                           play a significant role in our school. Any
                                                           suggestions or ideas can be channelled through
                                                           them. If you have specific concerns, they can
     TELEPHONE USE                                         be brought to the Principal.
The office phone may be used in urgent cases,
but not for routine calls. Parents please do not
call for a student during class time.
A student must have a legitimate reason to call                      STUDENT
his parents and have teacher permission. The
teacher will send a phone pass to be used                           EVALUATION
when asking office permission to use the                   The evaluation and reporting of student
phone. Students will not be allowed out of                 achievement are the responsibility of each
class time to use the phone unless they are ill            teacher and will be carried out to provide for the
or it is an emergency.                                     monitoring of academic achievement. Each
                                                           teacher will, in the first weeks of instruction,
                                                           ensure that every student has been informed of
                                                           the criteria to be used for evaluation, course
          FIRE DRILLS                                      objectives and course content. A copy of this
Fire drills will be held six times a year. The first       document is to be submitted to the Principal
drill will be announced after teachers have                where it will be kept on file. Access to this
instructed students in the proper procedure.               document will be made available to the public
The remaining drills will be unannounced. 3 in             upon request.
the spring, 3 in the fall.

         LOCK DOWN
Lock down practise will happen once each
                                                           1.    The primary responsibility for student
                                                           evaluation belongs to the teacher; however, the
             BICYCLES                                      Principal and Superintendent maintain the right
                                                           to provide final school-wide and division-wide
Students may ride their own bicycle on the path            assessment.
surrounding the school during recesses and

2. Each student is guaranteed the right to be           The school library exists for the use of the
evaluated on his own attainment.                        students in order to provide for their personal
3. Every student has the right to know the              intellectual growth and to promote an interest
basis of his evaluation prior to the actual             in, appreciation of, and the love of reading. We
evaluation.                                             believe in the free access of all students to the
4. Pupil evaluation reporting (Report Cards)            library facilities. We believe that these facilities
shall occur four times per year and shall include       should be structured to permit the greatest use
two parent-teacher interviews.                          by the greatest number of students, and
                                                        students should be taught to gain self-
5. Access to student grades shall be limited to         sufficiency in the use of library skills. Library
the pupil, parents or guardian, teacher and             programs will be taught in accordance with the
                                                        Goals of Schooling as given by the Alberta
6.      Provincial achievement testing is               Department of Education. Each student will
administered every May/June and may be                    ...develop the learning skills of finding,
included as part of student evaluation.                 organizing,        analyzing,    and      applying
                                                        Library regulations:
                                                        *Return borrowed materials on time
                                                        *Books may be kept for one week and then
                                                        renewed if necessary
                                                        *Books lost or damaged must be paid for
   LEAVING SCHOOL                                       *Encyclopaedias and other reference materials
                                                        must not be taken from the library, except with
      GROUNDS                                           the librarian s permission.
                                                        *The library should be a place of order, with
Students must have written permission from
                                                        everything in its place so that materials can be
parents to leave the school grounds during
                                                        easily located. Feel free to browse, but please
school hours.       They must have signed
                                                        help keep our library orderly by returning
permission slip from parents/guardian before
                                                        unwanted items to their exact place.
permission will be granted.
                                                        *Each class is scheduled for at least one library
                                                        period per week.           A student may have
                                                        additional access to the library with the
         SCHOOL BUS                                     permission of his teacher and the librarian.

Rules regarding school bus behaviour are
district wide.      Students must conduct
themselves in a proper manner, this includes
showing respect to the driver, other students,
and property, or bus privileges may be taken
away. When this happens the parents have to
assume responsibility for the transportation of
that student. Any problems or concerns with
bussing should be reported to the principal.

If you need to discuss bussing issues, Mr. Brent
Bevans is the bus supervisor you can contact                     SUPERVISION
him at 403-653-4491.                                    Supervision at school is for the benefit,
                                                        protection, and orderly conduct of processes,
                                                        actions and operations of the school.
                                                        Teachers are encouraged to be in their rooms
                                                        15 minutes before school starts and 15 minutes
                                                        after school is dismissed.
                                                        During after school activities there is always
                                                        adult     supervision    of   those    students
      LIBRARY                                           participating. However, games do not begin
                                                        until 3:30/4:00 and students who are not playing
          POLICY                                        are not supervised between 2:30 and 3:45 pm.
During school hours all teachers are                              -Weather permitting, days will be
responsible for the orderly control of their            designated as outside days, those days,
students.                                               students who do not have a note to stay in due
On an assigned basis a teacher will be on               to illness, will go out. If students need to come
supervision before and after school, during bus         in to use the washroom facilities or because of
loading, during recesses, and during lunchtime,         coldness, they will be permitted to do so.
supervising both in and out of the school.              Grades K-5 will be eating their lunches in the
The following is the procedure that will be             classrooms according to the guidelines set by
followed for recesses and noons at Mountain             the homeroom teacher. The students in grades
View School:                                            6-9 will eat their lunch on the bleachers in the
                                                        gym. Microwaves are on carts in the gym so
                                                        they can still have the option of hot lunch.

-Students are allowed in the halls to get lunches
or use washrooms, but the halls are not areas
of play (race course, running, shoving,
wrestling, and eating lunches are not
appropriate activities)

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                                                                their website up and running it
                                                                is great and has some good
                                                                information on it. Check it out.


I have read the policy handbook and I understand the rules
and the consequences as outlined.

Parent’s signature

I give permission to have my child’s name published in the
paper or any other place that is recognizing him/her for
achievement within the Mountain View School.
Eg: publishing of Honor Roll
     Student of the week/month etc.

Parent’s Signature


_________________________                            _________________
parent/guardian signature                             date

RESOURCE & INSURANCE                     $26.50
TRANSPORTATION                           $12.00
Scribblers Gr. 1    $8.00
           Gr. 2    $8.00
          Gr. 3     $8.00
Marks A Lot dry erase markers - $5.00 Gr. 1-6
Duo Tangs – 4.00 gr. 1 – 5
Kindergarten $75.00
    GR. 1          $55.50                GR. 4               47.50
    GR. 2          $55.50                GR. 5               47.50
    GR. 3          $55.50                GR. 6               43.50

Resource & Insurance            $36.50
Transportation                   12.00
Computers                         5.00
Wildlife 7 & 8                   30.00
Foods                            25.00 if offered
GRAD FEE                        $40.00
        GR. 7     $83.50
        GR. 8     $83.50
        GR. 9     $93.50

VOLLEYBALL FEES                 $30.00          deposit for uniforms $50.00
BASKETBALL FEES                 $75.00

Extra Curricular fees must be paid in full before being
allowed to play or unifoms handed out.

Aug. 31         First Day of School                 June 11    Last day for Kindergarten

Sept. 2         Kindergarten starts                 June 25    Last day of School
Sept. 9,        Preschool starts
Sept. 21 & 22   Highly Effective Teens Conf.
Sept. 22        School Pictures
Sept. 24 & 25   P.D. Day No School
Oct. 7          X-country running
Oct. 12         Thanksgiving Day
Oct. 27         Picture Retakes
Oct. 28         Report Cards
Oct. 29         Parent Teacher
Nov. 11         Remembrance Day Holiday
                No School
Dec. 17         Christmas Program

Dec. 19-Jan.3   Christmas Vacation
Jan. 4 2010     BACK TO SCHOOL
Jan 27          Report Cards
Jan. 28         P.D. DAY – NO SCHOOL

FEB. 15 – 19    NO SCHOOL
Mar. 19         P.D. day No School

Mar. 30         Report Cards
Mar. 31         Parent Teacher
April 2-11      No School Spring Break
                P.D. Day No school
May 24          Victoria Day holiday no school
                Elementary Track
June 10         Grade 9 Graduation

                                                              11-May   Gr.   3   timed facts
                                                              12-May   Gr.   6   Lang. Arts. Part A
                                                              12-May   Gr.   9   Lan. Arts Part A
                                                              14-May   Gr.   3   Lang. arts. Part A
                                                              13-May   Gr.   6   Math Part A

                                                              15-Jun   Gr.   3   Lang. arts. Part B
                                                              16-Jun   Gr.   6   Lang. Arts. Part B
                                                              15-Jun   Gr.   6   Social
                                                              17-Jun   Gr.   3   Math
                                                              17-Jun   Gr.   6   Math
                                               12             18-Jun   Gr.   6   Science
                                                              23-Jun   Gr.   9   Lang. Arts. Part B
                                                              16-Jun   Gr.   9   Social Studies
                                                              25-Jun   Gr.   9   Math

                                                              24-Jun   Gr. 9 Science
                                              BOARD TRUSTEES
                              P.O. Box 10, 445 Main Street, Cardston, AB, T0K 0K0
                       Phone: (403) 653-4991, Fax: (403) 653-4641, Toll Free: 1-800-655-4991
        NAME              POSITION                           ADDRESS                     PHONE/CELL/FAX

 BARFUSS, Darcy                                   Box 69, Hill Spring, AB T0K 1E0         Home: 626-3449
  Spouse (Maureen)                                 darcy.barfuss@westwind.ab.ca            Cell: 330-6057
 FRANK, Anna-Joyce                                Box 2397, Cardston, AB T0K 0K0           Home: 737-3114
   Spouse (Randall)                                anna-joyce.fox@westwind.ab.ca            Cell: 634-9074

 FROMM, Ron                                       Box 851, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0            Home: 752-3852
                               Chairman                                                   Office: 328-0955
   Spouse (Barbara)                                 ron.fromm@westwind.ab.ca
                                                                                           Cell: 308-0966
 BROOKS, Lori                                     Box 2382, Cardston, AB T0K 0K0          Home:653-6063
         Spouse                Trustee
                                                    Lori.brooks@westwind.ab.ca             Cell: 795-2751
 HEGGIE, Stephen                                  Box 1131, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0           Home: 752-4920
                               Trustee                                                    Office: 752-3034
        Spouse (Dixie)                             stephen.heggie@westwind.ab.ca
                                                                                           Fax: 752-4920
 MILLER, Lance                                     Box 612, Magrath, AB T0K 1N0           Home: 758-6248
                               Trustee                                                     Cell: 634-4770
       Spouse (Juli)                                lance.miller@westwind.ab.ca
                                                                                           Fax: 758-3222
 NELSON, Connie                                    Box 128, Stirling, AB T0K 2E0          Home: 756-3589
     Spouse (Grant)                                connie.nelson@westwind.ab.ca            Cell: 308-6269
 SALMON, Calvin                                   Box 666, Cardston, AB T0K 0K0           Home: 653-3682
                               Trustee                                                     Fax: 653-4546
    Spouse (Marilyn)                                cal.salmon@westwind.ab.ca
                                                                                          Office: 653-3844
 SCOTT, Peter                                       Box 56, Welling, AB T0K 2N0           Home: 752-4047
                            Vice-Chairman                                                 Office: 752-3775
   Spouse (Beverly)                                  peter.scott@westwind.ab.ca
                                                                                           Fax: 752-4979

                                              CENTRAL OFFICE
                          P.O. Box 10, 445 Main Street, Cardston, AB, T0K 0K0
                   Phone: (403) 653-4991, Fax: (403) 653-4641, Toll Free: 1-800-655-4991
      NAME                 POSITION                         ADDRESS                     PHONE/CELL/FAX
BENNETT,         Dr.                                 Box 411, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0                752-3178
Doug                                                  doug.bennett@westwind.ab.ca              Cell: 894-5038
SOMMERFELDT,                     Assistant          Box 2057, Cardston, AB T0K 0K0               653-3849
Ken                           Superintendent        ken.sommerfeldt@westwind.ab.ca             Cell: 897-5027
                                Director of          Box 964, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0                752-4339
                         Curriculum/PD/Technolo       roger.baldry@westwind.ab.ca              Cell: 308-8338
                            Director gy Student
                                     of             Box 1544, Cardston, AB T0K 0K0               653-3513
HOGG, Dr. Blaine
                                 Services             blaine.hogg@westwind.ab.ca               Cell: 330-9570
                          Assoc. Superintendent     Box 1179, Cardston, AB T0K 0K0               653-3153
DURFEY, Dexter
                           of Business Services         ddurfey@westwind.ab.ca                 Cell: 894-5028

Please fill out this form and return it to the office or to your child’s
teacher. This will ensure that we have the updated information .

Cell Phone Mother ________________________
Cell Phone Father _________________________

Email address _____________________________

You do not have to send this information if you would rather not.
If I have your email address on file, I will email you the monthly
newsletters, date updates, and other notes send home from the
office. As well, if the teachers have your email it is a quick and
convienient way to communicate with you regarding your child’s


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