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Traffic Signal Projects Involving Rail Preemption


Management 1447 Gabriola Drive                                       Telephone (604)-942-3631
    Inc.   Coquitlam, B.C. V3E 2C6                                         FAX (604)-945-9809

          Traffic Signal Projects Involving Rail Preemption

LCP Signal Management Inc.
Project Description:
LCP Signal Management Inc. has been
involved in a number of traffic signal
projects that involved development and
design for rail preemption at the traffic
signals. The work involved design
liaison with the rail companies,
preparation of rail/signal preemption
time lines and final traffic signal
controller program settings in addition
to the standard traffic signal design
LCP are intimately familiar with most
traffic signal controller manufacturer’s
equipment and their programming for
rail/track preemption (recent projects
encompassed Econolite ASC, Eagle
EPAC, and 170 controller types).
The most recent projects include:
Surrey – City-wide UPS Design Installs
and Interconnect Updates
Golden Ears Bridge Project – Owners
Engineer role
                                                       Special Design Considerations:
Maple Ridge – Rail Crossing Reviews
(multiple locations)                           •   There is a need to establish a set of acceptable
                                                   phase sequence operations as they relate to
New Westminster – Braid/Brunette                   clearing the track in the most optimal manner.
Kelowna - Gordon Drive at the N.E.C
                                               •   There is a need to establish the “worst case
Revelstoke -- Victoria Drive/Pearson               scenario” time line consideration for proper traffic
Traffic Signal Integration                         signal termination and track clearance(s) and
Coquitlam -- Lougheed Hwy at Pitt                  work in concert with Railway and Transport
River                                              Canada.

              ~ $10K per                                Varies ~       Completion            Ongoing
Fee Value:                    Construction Value:
              project                                   $200K          Date:                 Projects

                                            Railway Preemption

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