Imprecatory Praying

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					                          Imprecatory Praying
      If I would stand up in church (most churches) and start praying that sinners
would perish from the earth and God will bring His wrath upon them. I would
imagine that those church members would be first shocked and two would get
angry. They probably would think I’m condemning them to Hell. And that is just
unchristian like.

       But the scriptures teach us that we should pray like this. But there are a few
basic rules to do so. First what is exactly imprecatory praying? Imprecatory
praying is simply praying for God’s judgment against His enemies. The purpose is
not a personal revenge on someone. The purpose deals with anger against those
who continue to be wicked and provoke God. It is a zeal for God’s kingdom.

      In Psalm 104:35, David prayed that the sinners be consumed from the earth
and the wicked no more. Also the Psalmist in Psalm 7, 35, 58:6, 59, 69, 79, 109,
137, 139 endorses this kind of praying. But the Old Testament does not only
contain this type of negative sanction. Indeed it is in the New Testament as well.
Such as Galatians 1:8 – 9, 5:12, Matthew 23:13, 26:23 -24, Romans 11:9 – 10,
Romans 15:3, Revelation 6:10 and 1 Corinthians 16:22.

       I don’t believe one could understand this kind of praying unless he/she
understood certain doctrines such as the sovereignty of God and the doctrine of
election. You need to realize there are people that are going to Hell and there will
be people that go to Heaven.

       I believe that this kind of attitude has a passion for God and His kingdom
and only this. This zeal for God and His kingdom is greater than wanting every
soul to be saved. This zeal desires for God’s name to be proclaimed throughout the
earth and honored. And if it is not! Then the praying for God’s wrath to be poured
out to those who refuse.

       In other words the way Martin Luther puts it, “We should pray that our
enemies be converted and become our friends, and if not that their doing and
designing should be bound to fail and have no success and their person perishes
rather than the Gospel and the Kingdom of Christ.” David Dickson says it like this,

Feb. 8, 2010                                  By Jay Gheen
“If any of the enemies of God’s people belong to God’s election the churches pray
against them giveth away their conversion. And seeketh no more than that the
judgment should follow them only until they acknowledge their sin turn and seek

      So, would you rather see the Gospel and the Kingdom of God perish or the
deeds and the corruption of the wicked perish?

Feb. 8, 2010                              By Jay Gheen

Description: David prayed that the wicked be consumed from the earth be no more. Imprecatory Praying is scriptural for both the Old and New Testament.