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					    Odor neutralizer for home
    and industry

M o l e c u l a r       n e u t r a l i z a t i o n            o f    o d o r
m o l e c u l e s

The technology originating from Japan has been
further developed by our scientists.

The formulations developed by SolNova are pptimally
adjusted to the specific smells with a finely tuned
combination of acitve ingredients.

The molecules provoking a bad smell sensation are
chemically bound by cage moledules and converted
in inert substances.

    The product have benn succesfully used for several

     years to the fullest satisfaction of our custormers

    Specific formulations for neutralization of tobacco

     smell, kitchen odors, for bathrooms, garden litter con-

     tainers, personal use and for pets are available. Can
                                                                      NEUTRALIZATION OF
     be used on textiles, furnitures, carpets, curtains etc.          ODOR MOLECULES

    particularly suitable in combination with odorizers              SolNova AG
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    proven application fields: private home, gyms, re-
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