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					•   Malaysia, federation of 13 states forming a constitutional monarchy in South East Asia,
    comprising two distinct regions separated by some 650 km (400 mi) of the South China Sea.
    Malaysia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The regions are Peninsular Malaysia,
    formerly known as West Malaysia; and Sarawak and Sabah, formerly known as East Malaysia.
    Peninsular Malaysia comprises 11 states occupying the southern half of the Malay Peninsula,
    bordered on the north by Thailand, on the south by Singapore, on the west by the Strait of
    Malacca, and on the east by the South China Sea. The states of Sabah and Sarawak occupy
    the northern third of the island of Borneo, and are bordered on the north and west by the South
    China Sea, on the east by the Sula and Celebes seas, and on the south by the Indonesian
    province of Kalimantan. The island of Labuan, formerly part of Sabah, was made a federal
    territory in 1984.
              POPULATION &
• Population 21,300,000
• Population Density 64 people/sq km
• (167 people/sq mi)
• Urban/Rural Breakdown         46% Urban      54% RuralLargest
  Cities        Kuala Lumpur1,145,075 Ipoh382,633       Johor
• Ethnic Groups         47% Malay      32% Chinese       9%
  Indigenous people from Borneo        9% Indian Languages
  Official Language     Bahasa Malaysia Other Languages
        English, Chinese, Tamil, Iban,
• Religions     53% Islam       25% Chinese folk religion
        7% Hinduism 6% Buddhism 6% Christianity 3% Other
• Cultures have been meeting
  and mixing in Malaysia since
  the very beginning of its
  history. More than fifteen
  hundred years ago a Malay
  kingdom in Bujang Valley
  welcomed traders from China
  and India. With the arrival of
  gold and silks, Buddhism and
  Hinduism also came to
                                             Places in Sarawak state

                                                                     •   ASTANA
                                                Situated on the northern bank of Sarawak River in Kuching.
                                        •    It is a prominent building which was built by Rajah Charles Brooke
                                             in 1870 and as a bridal gift to his wife Ranee Margaret Brooke.
                                             Also once served as the palace for the white Rajah. It is today the
                                             residence of the Sarawak's Governor.

                 •    BAKO NATIONAL PARK
Situated at about 37 km from Kuching. The Bako National Park is
mainly a tropical rain forest rich in tropical plants and vegetation
especially the various types of flora and fauna. There are the silver-
leaf monkeys, proboscis monkeys, long-tailed macaques, white-
bellied sea-eagle, multicolour barbet, monitor lizards and wild boars
can be seen, if you are lucky, in their natural habitat.

                                                                         SQUARE TOWER
                                                     Very similar to the late Renaissance towers of England, it
                                                     was built as a detention centre for prisoners. Today it is a
                                                     place displaying many heritage and treasures of Sarawak.
                                                   Situated at Main Bazaar along Sarawak River in the heart of
                                                   the Kuching city.
                                                         FORT MARGHERITA
                                       The district of Kuching on the northern bank of the
                                       Sarawak River mainly consists of Malay kampungs.
                                       Prominent on its hilltop site is Fort Margherita.

Situated at the Main Bazaar along Sarawak
   River in Kuching. The waterfront is about 1
   km long and is also known as the People

                    MULU NATIONAL PARK
                    Situated at Gunung Mulu in the heart of the Miri
                    district. The limestone caves in Mulu are among the
                    largest in the world. The park can be reached by
                    about a half-day climb from Melinou Gorge. Deer
                    Cave is the largest passage with 120 metres high
                    and over 1 km in length. The Deer Cave is also
                    home to thousands of bats. Picnic at the Garden of
                    Eden is possible while exploring the Porcupine
                    Cave. Clearwater Cave provides a refreshing swim,
                    and the King's Room in the Cave of the Winds
                    provides a view
                     to the majestic stalagmites.
It is a limestone hill forest covering some 3,102 hectares of
land and accessible only through a flight to Miri, a car ride,
followed by a boat ride The paintings on the wall in the caves
and the boat-shaped coffins found indicated that the caves is
about 45,000 years old. It is also a favourite place for bird's
nests hunting. There are the silver-leaf monkeys, proboscis
monkeys, long-tailed macaques, white-bellied sea-eagle,
multicolour barbet, monitor lizards and wild boars can be
seen, if you are lucky, in their natural habitat.

                                                It is a fishing village used to be a very important trading post in
                                                the 9th and 13th centuries. Santubong today can be reached by
                                                road across the Santubang Bridge.

                Situated at about 32 km from Kuching.
It is a site covering some 14 hectares of tropical rain forest. Also
known as The Living Museum. Located at the foot of the Mount
Santubong, it is a cultural village displaying houses belonging to the
various ethnic groups or native people.
                                        •   Johore south gateway
                                        •   ENDAU-ROMPIN PARK
                                            Situated at Johor-Pahang border.
                                        •   It covers an area of 800 sq km. Provides conservationists and nature
                                            lovers to enjoy mangroves, flora and fauna. Lowland tropical
                                            rainforest in the world. Refuge to the two-horned Asian Rhinoceros, or
                                            Sumatran Rhinoceros, the world's rarest large mammals.
                                                                            ISTANA BESAR/
                                                                      SULTAN ABU BAKAR MUSEUM
                                                            Situated along Tun Dr. Ismail Road in Johor Bahru. A
                                                            palace built in 1866 by the late Sultan Abu Bakar who
                                                            is the Father of Modern Johor, covers 13.3 hectares.

                 Situated in Johor Bahru.
Built in 1910, houses all discovered and historical items
such as documents and cultural artifacts traditionally
used by Malays, particularly from the State of Johor.

                                                      Situated 56 km north of Johor Bahru and 16 km from Kota
                                                      Tinggi. A popular holiday and picnic area. Food and
                                                      accommodation are available there. Water cascades
                                                      down the slopes of Gunung Muntahak (624m). The cool
                                                      water provides a cooling and refreshing feelings from the
                                                      tropical heat.

It is a mountain believed to be the home of the legendary Princess
called Puteri Gunung Ledang. It is a favourite place for the local
mountaineers in search of excitement and adventure. Situated at
border of Melaka-Johor near Jementah.
                 SULTAN ABU BAKAR MOSQUE
The Moorish-styled mosque is strategically position on top of a
hill overlooking the Straits of Johor. Built in 1900. One of the
most beautiful mosque in Malaysia. Set in spacious grounds on
top of a hill overlooking the Straits of Johor. Situated close to the
Istana Besar along Jalan Abu Bakar.

                                                                          THE JOHOR CIRCUIT
                                                  It is a 3.9 kms racing circuit, FIA/FIM standard, 11 challenging
                                                  corners, hosts the annual World Superbike, World Endurance,
                                                  Johor Race series for cars and bikes.

                      SULTAN IBRAHIM BUILDING
 It is built in 1940, situated on a hill called Bukit Timbalan and
 houses the State Government Offices. Certain walls at the rear
 were hit by the Japanese during the second world war.

                                          KEDAH -
                                          CENANG BEACH
                                          The Malaysia's Rice Bowl
                                          Situated west coast of Pulau Langkawi. It provides
                                          miles of beautiful white sandy beaches. Flanked by
                                          lush tropical lora and. swaying palms. Pelangi
                                          Beach Resort is located here.
                                     DATARAN LANG OR "EAGLE SQUARE"
                                     Dataran Lang or "Eagle Square is situated near the Kuah Jetty. It features
                                     scenic ponds, bridges, covered terraces, two restaurants, two jetties and
                                     barrel vaults made of bricks. Its close proximity to the sea and the soft
                                     breezes makes it an ideal spot for leisurely walks and a tranquil setting for
                                     dinning in the cool evenings. Spectacular cultural shows provide the perfect
                                     finishing touch.

                       TASIK DAYANG BUNTING
It is also known as Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. A freshwater lake
surrounded by an island. Legend goes about a childless couple, the wife
became pregnant after having drunk from the lake. The lake is today
frequently visited by many childless couple.

                                                          GUNUNG JERAI (KEDAH PEAK)
                                                      View of Gunung Jerai amidst the padi fields
                                           Situated south of Alor Setar.It is formerly known as Kedah Peak.
                                           Massive limestone mountain rising 1200 metre above sea level.

                       TELEGA TUJUH (SEVEN WELLS)
    It is also known as Seven Wells, here a freshwater stream cascades
    down 91 metres through a series of seven pools.
                                                    UNDERWATER WORLD LANGKAWI
                                        The Underwater World Langkawi, a marine showcase featuring
                                        both fresh and seawater fish and other forms of marine lifet, is a
                                                            must-see attraction.

KELANTAN-Mix of Culture and Traditions
              CULTURAL CENTRE
Situated along Jalan Mahmud, in Kota Bharu. Also
 known as the Gelanggong Seni in local language.
  This is a centre where one can witness the rich
            Kelantan's cultural heritage.

                                                                          ISLAMIC MUSEUM
                                                     This is a museum which exhibits Islamic documents,
                                                     artefacts, and inscription on the history of Islam in elantan.
                                                     Situated in the centre of Kota Bharu.

From Kampung Pak Amat, it is about 8 km to the
waterfalls. After the travelling, a dip in the crystal clear icy
water will certainly refresh your day. Situated off Kota
Bharu-Pasir Puteh road at Kampung Pak Amat.
                                                          CHAN SEE SHU YUEN TEMPLE
                                                          Situated at Jalan Stadium in Kuala
                                                          It is an open courtyards and pavilions

                          ISTANA NEGARA
    Situated at the corner of Jalan Istana and Jalan Syed Putra in
                            Kuala Lumpur.
It is a palace and an official residence of the Yang Di Pertuan
Agung and the Raja Permaisuri Agung (the King and Queen) of

                                                                 CROCODILE PARK
                                            Situated at Teluk Datai, about 30 km from Kuah town.
                                            The Langkawi Crocodile Farm is a fascinating attraction for the
                                            holiday maker in Langkawi.. All the products are issued with
                                            certificates from CITES. (Convention of International Trade in
                                            Endangered Species).
                            A WHOLE NEW SHOPPING EXPERIENCE.
•6 levels of retail outlets with each level of a distinctive character and style
•Anchor tenants : Isetan, Parkson Grand, Tanjong Golden Village and Scotts Pinic Food Court.
Oher key tenants include Marks & Spenser and Warong Food Court
•Shopping, restaurants, cafes, entertainment, leisure, home decor, Dewan FilHarmonik Petronas,
Petronas Art Galery and a science discovery centre
•Customer-friendly facilities which include well-trained customer service staff, taxis, and bus stops,
ample parking bay, a post office which opens throughout weekends, a Bureau de Change, a
cobbler, a locksmith, printers, florists, banks and an ATM centre.
      Everything under the sun
     KLCC Park - A magnificient 50-acres park
Featuring performance by internationally
renowed orchestras. Feacturing a wide range of art,
from paintings, sculptures, multi-media to
experimental works.

                                                                LITTLE INDIA
                                  Situated in Jalan Masjid India off Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Kuala
                                  Lumpur. This is an enclave of the Indian community. One can find
                                  beautiful saris and indianware in the area.

                          MASJID JAME
                 Situated along Jalan Tun Perak in Kuala Lumpur.
  The mosque is located at the confluence or the merge of the Klang River and
  Gombak River. Known as the birthplace of Kuala Lumpur.
                                           Mines Wonderland
                                    Sited on a former tin mine in Sungei Besi.
                       The Mines Wonderland is a recreation park that is fast becoming one of
                               Kuala Lumpur's most popular family weekend stops.

                  The Musical Fountains create
                                                      A float shaped like a turtle is one
                  beautiful patterns in the night.
                                                      of the attractions in the Lights Fantansy on Water.
                                   NATIONAL MONUMENT
Situated in the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur.
The monument is a bronze sculpture built to commemorate men of the armed forces in their
strength, unity, bravery and sacrifice for the country during the Emergency period between

                                                              PARLIAMENT HOUSE
                                                Situated near the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur.
                              Officially opened in 1963. One can catch an excellent view of the Parliament House
                                               from the National Monument at the Lake Gardens.

 Situated at centre of Jalan Raja in Kuala Lumpur. Opposite the Merdeka
Square, this is the oldest and best known landmark of Moorish design with
 a clock tower on the center. It is decorated with bright lights every night.

                                                            PETALING STREET (CHINATOWN)
                                                              Situated at Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur.
                                           The Chinatown is located somewhere between the Jalan Petaling, Jalan
                                           Sultan and Jalan Bandar. One can find shops dated back to the 20th
                                           century, which the ground floor is used for business and the top is used
                                           as residence.
                                  Petrona Towers at night
With a height of 1,453 feet, the world's tallest buildings now rise above the skyline of
Kuala Lumpur. They are called the Petronas Towers, and, inevitably, they have become
the symbols for the astounding growth that has taken place in Malaysia over the last two
decades. Shanghai's World Financial Center is expected to top off at record-breaking
1,508 feet.

                                Batu Caves
                                The Batu Cave
                                Located 13 km.north of Kuala Lumpur. These magnificent caves have been
                                known to local inhabitants for centuries. In late January of each year, during the
                                Hindu festival of Thaipusam thousands of devotees and other visitors climb the
                                long entry stair and throng this magnificent cavern. A little below the Temple
                                Cave is the Dark Cave, a two-kilometer network of relatively untouched caverns.

                                   LABUAN -
                     International Offshore Finance Centre
Situated about 3 km from the Labuan town.
This is the Allied Forces War Memorial with 3,904 war graves commemorating
the Australian, New Zealanders and British servicemen who were killed
defending the Island during the World War II.

                                     PULAU PAPAN
                                     Situated southeast of the Labuan island.
                                     This is an island located just few minutes by boat from the Labuan town.
                                     AUYIN HILL RESORT
                                     Situated at Durian Tunggal northeast of Melaka town.
                                     A resort constructed based on the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui or

                                                               BUTTERFLY FARM
                                                               Situated near Ayer Keroh off the north-south
                                                               This is a very interesting butterfly and insect farm
                                                               secluded in an environment suited for each type
                                                               of insect and butterfly. It also includes the rare
                                                               Raja Brooke and Birdwing butterfly.

Situated along Jalan Ayer Keroh off the north-south highway.
It is a big fish aquarium displaying some more than 60 different species of fish.

                                               HANG TUAH'S MAUSOLEUM
                                               Situated 10 km from Melaka town along the way to Tanjung Keling.
                                               It is a mausoleum built to commemorate a great Malay warrior
                                               named Hang Tuah in his dedication and life-long service to the
                                               Sultan during the Malacca Sultanate.
                                         CAMERON HIGHLANDS
                                                 Situated on the northwest corner border of Pahang.
                                                 The Cameron Highlands nestles among the central mountain
                                                 range, which is 1,524 metre above sea-level. Also called 'little
                                                 corner of England in Asia', this highlands has certainly attracted
                                                 many local and foreign tourists. The resort is linked by a winding
                                                 metalled road to Tapah town. The air becomes cooler and cooler
                                                 as you travel upwards to the resort.
Situated 100 km southwest of Kuantan
Legend has it that the lake has mystical monsters lurking in the deep waters of the
lake. This has excited several scientific archaeologists to launch expedition.
Nevertheless, the lake has attracted many local and foreign tourists.
Lotus flowers cover the
water of Tasek Chini from
June to September.
                             PENANG - The Pearl of the Orient
                             BATU FERINGGI/TELUK BAHANG
                             This is a beach with miles and miles of white sand and sea. The
                             five-star hotel Penang Mutiara Beach Resort and the Pinang
                             Cultural Centre is located here. The beach front provides
                             many funs and are perfect for many water sports such as skiing,
                             wind-surfing, sun bathing, sailing, yachting, and swimming.
                             Sun-seekers delighting in the beautiful
                             beaches and clear blue skies at Batu Feringgi.

                                    PENANG BIRD PARK
                                    Situated at Seberang Jaya on the mainland of
 PERAK - The Silver State
 Situated near Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab in Ipoh.
 Also known as the Taj Mahal of Ipoh, it is Ipoh's railway station. Built entirely
 with the moorish architecture.

                                  LEANING CLOCK TOWER
                                  It is a historical clock tower, built in 1885 and once used for water storage.
                                  Situated near Teluk Intan 84 km south of Ipoh.

         PERLIS - Agriculturl Country Retreat
Situated along Jalan Dato Wan Ahmad in Kangar.
A large beautiful 70 year old wooden kampung house
embossed with wood carvings.

                                                     STATE MUSEUM/
                                                     KOMPLEKS WARISAN NEGERI
                                                      Situated along Jalan Raja Syed Saffi in Kangar.
                                                     Kompleks Warisan Negeri is a new building in Kangar.
                                                     The State Museum is located in the building.
            SABAH - The Land Below the Wind
Situated about 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.
Famous highest mountain in South East Asia, stands at 4,101
metres above sea-level. Surrounded by the Kinabalu Park, it is
the nature wonders for many nature lovers both local and
                                          TURTLE ISLANDS PARK
                                             Situated at Pulau Libaran north of Sandakan.
                                             `The park is a group of three islands.

                      SELANGOR - The Industrial Hub
 Situated on dramatic rocky slopes above a tin mine lake at
 Bandar Sunway in Subang Jaya.
 It is the first international water theme park in the country. It provides all
 kinds of water entertainment from 50 km/hour slides, toboggans,
  giant waterslides, swimming pools, waves pool, huge water shoots and
 children play pool. One of the world's longest pedestrian
 suspension bridge is here. Within the lagoon, there are the Lagoon
 Waterpark, the Amphitheatre, Fort Lagoon Wild Wild West and Adventure
                                            NATIONAL ZOO AND AQUARIUM
                                            Situated 13 km northeast of Kuala Lumpur.
                                            Also known as Zoo Negara. The place also houses the Tunku Abdul
                                            Rahman Aquarium. The zoo has many animals, reptiles, birds kept in a
                                            fenced open enclosure in their natural surrounding. There are also the
                                            children-favourites of camels, elephant and car rides around the zoo. The
                                            aquarium houses some 80 varieties of aquatic animals and fish both from
                                            fresh water and sea.
                                           NEGERI SEMBILAN -
                                             LAKE GARDENS
                                 Minangkabau Tradition in Modern State
                   Situated between Jalan Dato Hamzah and Jalan Taman Bunga
                   in Seremban. Located at the heart of the Seremban, it is
                   Surrounded by beautiful greenery, lush with flora and fauna. A
                   jogging track and rest houses can be found together with children
                   playground and ample parking space. It is also a favourite venue for
                   a weekly cultural performances.
                              TANJUNG TUAN LIGHTHOUSE
                              Situated 17 km south of Port Dickson.
                              It is formerly known as Cape Rachado. Lies on the boundary with Melaka.
                              There is a colonial-styled lighthouse at the top built by the Portugese in 1860
                              to help ships passing the harbour near Tanjung. One can catch the
                              spectacular view of the Straits of Melaka.
                         TERENGGANU -
Sandy Beaches under Tropical Sun
The Waterfalls is located in the Pelagat Forest Reserve in Besut. The
sprawling 300 sq hectares is blessed with a beautiful seven-tiered
cascading waterfall with its highest point reaching 50 metres. The park is
a haven for those who are health conscious and love adventure retreat
such as swimming, camping, jungle-trekking and nature walks. The park
provides amenities such as changing rooms and rest areas.

                                                      PULAU KAPAS
                                     Situated offshore about 30 minutes boat trip from Marang at south of Kuala

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