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					                       LOYOLA ACADEMY FROSH RETREAT
                       Please do not show this letter to your child!

Dear Parents of Loyola Academy 9 th Graders,

        Thank you for sharing your teen with the Ministry Department, faculty and staff here at
Loyola Academy. We appreciate your commitment and sacrifices for the education and spiritual
growth of your teenager. Our mission to support you and provide experiences to enrich the
family life and faith life of our students brings us to the FROSH RETREAT. We write to tell
you more about it:
                        Things To Know About the Frosh Retreat
Date & Time:             Saturday, March 6th from 11:45 am to 8:30 p.m.
                                 Please enter through the doors between the gyms.

Requirements:           It is a REQUIRED EXPERIENCE for all 9th graders.
                        Only serious family reasons are considered for missing the retreat.
                        PLEASE CONTACT MR. BAIER (Campus Ministry) BY PHONE OR WRITTEN
                        RETREAT. A make-up retreat will be required.

Parent’s Part:          By JANUARY 29st, parents must return:

                                 a. LOVE LETTERS for their teen (see sample on back of this letter.)
                                 b. The attached permission slip & response form
                                 c. Check ($30 payable to: Loyola Academy) for expenses
Location:               The retreat will have activities in several places:
                                 a. at Loyola Academy in the school building
                                 b. at a recreation site, such as a bowling alley or games place
                                 c. at the homes of upperclassmen who will serve as leaders

Cost:                   $30. To cover dinner, recreation activity, supplies, etc.
Goals:                  A time for your teen to meet classmates; reflect upon timely issues of personal growth;
                        build awareness of God and others; become closer to their family; have fun; and learn
                        more about the special character of the Loyola Academy community.
Leaders:                Your teen will be in a small group with seven other frosh and will be accompanied by
                        upper-class students in all activities. Over 200 students are preparing to be small group
                        leaders for the retreat. They have been training with Campus Ministry. They will also be
                        joined for dinner by a Loyola Academy faculty or staff member.
Activities:             Many activities are included in the retreat. Some examples: icebreaker games; organized
                        recreation (such as bowling); service activity; discussions; dinner at a leader’s home;
                        prayer; and Mass.
Transportation:         Will be provided by either an upperclassman (w/ parental consent) or a parent in private
                        cars by drivers who have a valid driver’s license, a car in good working condition (with
                        safety belts).
Mass:                   The retreat will end with a Family Mass Saturday evening in the east gym at 7:15 pm
                        which fulfills Sunday’s obligation.
               Please pray for the success of the retreat and know that we are working out of
              love for your teen and for our Lord. May the retreat bring us all closer to the
               Living God. In Christ’s Spirit, Loyola Academy Campus Ministry Dept.
            This is a sample of a letter written to a teen from a parent.

Dear _________,

       As you make your Frosh retreat, I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how much
you mean to me. Having you as my daughter (son) is one of my most special blessings and I
thank God for giving me the chance to be your mom.

       I know that in the busyness of everyday, I don’t stop often enough and tell you how
proud of you I am. You have brought a lot of joy to my life and I am very proud of the way you
have tackled high school and tried to use your talents. Your commitment to (music, or sports, or
yearbook, or service to others, or studying, etc.) is admirable and I marvel at how you handle so
much and keep trying so hard.

        Please know that even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, I love you more than anything.
I want to be there for you whenever I can. I can still remember the day you were born and how
scared I was that something would happen to the small little bundle in my arms. Wow!!
Something sure did happen. You turned out awesome. Thanks for sharing so many things with
me and for your smiles and your sense of humor. It has lightened many a day for me. Today I
pray that you will know how much you mean in my life. It is way more than I could ever put in
words, but I hope somehow this retreat letter will help. I pray everyday for your happiness.

        I love you….and so many things about you. I love your gentleness, your caring, your
laugh, your determination, your creativity, your ability to make friends, your kindness to your
brothers and sisters, your generosity, your compassion, and especially your hugs for your mom.
(Hint, hint.) Thanks for being such a great kid.
                                              I love YOU!!!              Love, Mom

Phrases that might help in writing your love letter:

I’m proud of you for………….

I remember how special it was when……….

You are fun to have around, especially when……

I admire so much how you…..

I am amazed at your talent in…..

You are a special kid for….

I know God smiles when you…..

You are so ….(accepting; beautiful, caring, dedicated, compassionate, smart, …etc.)

Thanks for…….
Return by JANUARY 29th :                                                           to LA Ministry Dept. c/o Lyle Baier
    (This 2-sided form, letters & check for $30 payable to Loyola )                1100 N. Laramie, Wilmette, IL. 60091

                      Frosh Retreat – PARENT RESPONSE FORM
Family Information:
         Student Name____________________________Home Phone:_________
                     Mother’s name___________________Work Phone:____________
                     Father’s name___________________ Work Phone:____________

1. Letters of Affirmation Personal letters to your Frosh teen telling them they are loved. A SURPRISE!!!!
   There will be over 1000 letters for us to sort, so PLEASE! PLEASE! return letters by Jan. 29 .
         --Put your teen’s letters in an envelope labeled FROSH RETREAT with their FULL NAME
                    (There are often several students with the same first name.)
         --Put their letters in a second envelope & address the outside envelope to LA Ministry Dept. 1100 N. Laramie, Wilmette, 60091
         --If BOTH parents do not receive this letter together, please send a copy to the other parent---for the sake of your teen.

              LETTERS are VERY IMPORTANT for your teen’s retreat experience.
    (Check all that apply)

          Mother’s letter completed & sent.
          Father’s letter completed & sent.
          Letters from siblings, grandparent, etc. included.
2. Parent Volunteers
    I would like to help by participating in my teen’s retreat in the following way:

         Driver/Chaperone –Drive a group to a recreation site, chaperone there, or drive a group to a leader’s home.
          Mother or Father     (Circle which one or both) will DRIVE to recreation site and student leader’s
               home. Time: 12:30 to 3:30 pm
          Mother or Father       (Circle which one or both) will CHAPERONE at recreation site. Time: 1 to 3 pm
          Mother or Father       (Circle which one or both) will DRIVE from leader’s home to Loyola Time: 6 pm

3. Family Mass RSVP- (fulfills Sunday obligation) ends the retreat as parents return to pick up their teens.
Celebrate Eucharist as a family to end the retreat experience. Time: 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm in Gym
         ____ Number of family members (NOT counting your 9th grader) who will attend Mass.
         When attending the family liturgy, please meet your son/daughter in the west gym. Your
         son/daughter will be sitting by the balloon that indicates the first letter of your last name.

4. Prayer Support—(Examples:                 light a candle, say a rosary, read Scripture, visit a Church, talk to God, etc.)

          Parent (s) will say special prayers Saturday for the teens on retreat
5. Check & Permission Slip ON BACK OF THIS FORM
is a permission waiver for your teen to participate in the activities of the retreat. Please fill it out and return it with your
love letters and check.
          $30.Check for dinner, recreation, & supplies included with this form.            (PAYABLE to: Loyola Academy)
                                           PERMISSION WAIVER
                                     FRESHMAN RETREAT – March 6, 2010

Parental Permission and Authorization to Attend: We (I) hereby agree and give our (my) permission and
authorization for our (my) son/daughter to participate in all the activities of the school sponsored Freshman Retreat.
We (I) agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the accompanying pages.

Emergency Treatment Authorization: As parent(s), we (I) do hereby authorize the treatment by a qualified and
licensed doctor of the student named herein in the event of a medical emergency which, in the opinion of the
attending physician, may endanger his/her life, cause disfigurement, physical impairment or undue discomfort if
delayed. This authority is granted only after a reasonable effort has been made to reach us (me). This release form
is completed and signed of our (my) own free will with the sole purpose of authorizing medical treatment under
emergency circumstances in my (our) absence.

Agreement Regarding Liability: We (I) hereby relieve the school, its student leaders, employees, and chaperones
from any and all liability to us (me) and our (my) child, and to indemnify and hold harmless the school, its student
leaders, employees, and chaperones against any claims arising out of our (my) son's/daughter's participation or being
transported during this activity.

We (I) have read and understand the terms of this form and the accompanying letter. In consideration of the
opportunity to attend the freshmen retreat, we (I) agree to the following: We (I) and our (my) son/daughter will
abide by the terms set forth in this contract as a condition to attend the freshmen retreat. If our (my) son/daughter
violates seriously one or more of the stated rules, we (I) agree, upon request, to come, pick him/her up and bring
him/her home.

Student's Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
(please print)
Parent's Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone Number: _______________________________________________________________________

Emergency Phone Number: ___________________________________________________________________

Contact Name and Phone Number, if different: ____________________________________________________


Name and Phone Number of Family Physician: ___________________________________________________


Family Insurance Company and number: _________________________________________________________

Specific medical allergies, dietary restrictions, chronic illness, or conditions: ____________________________


_____________________________________________________                              _________________________
Parent's Signature                                                                 Date

Please fill out the Response Form on the other side!