The Fecundity of Recognition

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             Eleventh Annual Graduate Student Research Conference
            Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education
       Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

                       The Fecundity of Recognition
          The Self/Other in Politics, Sociality, Ethics, and Critique
                               Saturday, April 4, 2009


8:30am to 8:45am – Registration (5th floor)

8:45am to 9:00am – Opening Remarks by the Graduate Student Conference Committee
of the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (Room 5-260)

9:00am to 10:20am – SESSION A

                              PANEL A1: TURQUOISE
Room: 5-250
Chair: Ahmed Ilmi
   1) Bounded Inclusion: Racialization and Community- Building in the EU
       Discourse on “Immigrant” Education – Nancy Spina, PhD. candidate (SESE,
       University of Toronto)
   2) Recognizing Absence: Shadowing with Whiteness in Two U.S. Urban High
       Schools – Jackie Jenkins, PhD. candidate (Modern Thought and Literature,
       Stanford University)
   3) The Fact of Blackness: A Critical Review of Bermuda’s Education System –
       Donna Outerbridge, EdD. Candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)

                                 PANEL A2: PLUM
Room: 5-260
Chair: Laura Thrasher
   1) Misrecognition and the Lesbian Pin-Up: Heteronormative Gaze in Chalkins’
       Poster Art – Amanda LeBlanc, M.A. candidate (Cultural Studies and Critical
       Theory, McMaster University)
   2) Ubuntu, How it Matter to those who Identify as Black – Devi Mucina, PhD.
       candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)
   3) My Personal Trainer and My Culture want me to Walk More” – Samantha
       Walsh, PhD. candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)

                              PANEL A3: EGGPLANT
Room: 5-280
Chair: Gail Russel

1) Has redistribution disappeared? Touching upon Charles Taylor’s Political
   Oeuvre – Steffen Neumann, PhD. candidate (Political Science and Cultural,
   Social, and Political Thought, University of Victoria)
2) “Postcolonial” Ventriloquism and Hermeneutic Subversion: Aboriginal
   Identity in Canada and the Subaltern – Michael Butler, M.A. candidate (Political
   Science, Queen’s University)
3) Trompe l’oiel: Encounters with the Quebec Nation – Celine Cooper, PhD.
   candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)

10:20am to 10:30am – 10-minute Break

10:30am to 11:50am – SESSION B

                               PANEL B1: SEPIA
Room: 5-250
Chair: Arlo Kempf
1) The Root of Violence in Western Social Theories: In Search of Solutions for
   Islam and Modernity – Usep Abdul Matin, M.A. candidate (Islamic Studies,
   Duke University)
2) Balancing the “Inner” and the “Outer” Paths toward Knowledge: Can
   academic make room for (an Islamic) Spirituality? – Jabeen Aslam, M.A.
   candidate (SESE, University of Toronto) and Krista Riley, M.A. candidate
   (SESE, University of Toronto)
3) Cracking the Sky: The Ethics of Religious Enactment – Susan McNaughton,
   PhD. candidate (Social Anthropology, York University)

                           PANEL B2: SEA GREEN
Room: 5-260
Chair: Anna Kim
1) The Kinetics of Rescue – Alana Gereke, M.A. candidate (English, Simon Fraser
2) Ethical Response and (Dis)sensual Strategy within the Thought of Jacques
   Ranciere and Gilles Deleuze – Alex Means, PhD. candidate (SESE, University of
3) The Ethics of Watching: “Attending to” the Lives of Others – Laura Thrasher,
   PhD. candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)

                              PANEL B3: KHAKI
Room: 5-280
Chair: Natalie Kouri-Towe
1) Re-cognizing and Re-inhabiting Professional Praxis: A Conversation on
   Anthropology, Architecture, and Medicine – Namita Dharia, PhD. candidate
   (Anthropology, Harvard University), Shom Dasgupta, M.A. candidate (Medical
   Anthropology, Harvard University), M.D./M.P.H. candidate (Northwestern
   University), and Jose Vicente Macario Cosigua (Multiplicador de Promotores de
   Salud, Guatemala)

   2) Learning and Leaving: Recognizing and Responding to the “Crisis in Graduate
      Student Mental Health” – Katie Aubrecht, PhD. candidate (SESE, University of
   3) Removing the Barriers International Medical Graduate Doctors (IMGs) face in
      the Canadian Medical Practicing Profession with 21st century Technology –
      Cindy Sinclair, M.Ed. candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)

                                 PANEL B4: VIOLET
   Room: 4-420
   Chair: Ana Laura Pauchulo
   1) The Unbearable Burden of Levinasian Ethics – Jay Rajiva, PhD. candidate
      (English, University of Toronto)
   2) The Paradox of the Sacredness of the Other: Levinas, Paganism, and the Asian
      Other – Cathy Hsiao, PhD. candidate (Philosophy, SUNY-Stonybrook)
   3) Ruined Encounters and the Body in Ethical Recognition: When Fanon’s Gaze
      meets Levinas’s Face – Ricky Varghese, PhD. candidate (SESE, University of

   12:00pm to 1:00pm – Lunch in the lounge of the Department of Sociology and
   Equity Studies in Education (12th floor)

   1:00pm to 3:00pm – KEYNOTE PANEL (Room 5-260)
   Dr. Tanya Titchkosky (University of Toronto)
   Recognizing Disability and All that Lies Between
   Dr. Rinaldo Walcott (University of Toronto)
   Jimmy’s Blues: Baldwin, Obama, and Black Masculinities

   3:00pm to 4:20pm – SESSION C

                             PANEL C1: CHARTREUSE
   Room: 5-250
   Chair: Omisoore Dryden
   1) Rethinking the “We”: Disability, Non-disability, and the Politics of Mourning –
      Anne McGuire, PhD. candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)
   2) Pride and Shame: Orienting towards a Temporality of Disability Pride – Eliza
      Chandler, M.A. candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)
   3) The Subjective Manifestations of Impairment in Disability: A Critique of
      Capabilities – Christopher Riddle, PhD. candidate (Philosophy, Queen’s

                            PANEL C2: MINT GREEN
Room: 5-260
Chair: Alex Means
   1) Levinas on the Recognition of Singularity and its Ethical Implications –
       Sheldon Hanlon, PhD. candidate (Philosophy, McMaster University)

   2) Solidarity and Friendship in University Politics (A Response to Death of a
      Discipline) – Joshua Synenko, PhD. candidate (Humanities, York University)
   3) Being of the Limit-Experience – Sanja Dejanovic, PhD. candidate (Political
      Science, York University)

                            PANEL C3: BURNT SIENNA
   Room: 5-280
   Chair: Jijian Voronka
   1) Recognizing the “Illegal”: Canadian Immigration Law, National Identity, and
      Persons living without Legal Status – Anastasia Tataryn, LLM. (Osgoode Hall
      Law School, York University)
   2) On the Limits of Recognition: The Case of Vancouver’s Disappeared Women –
      Amber Dean, PhD. candidate (English and Film Studies, University of Alberta)
   3) Who is Vincent Weiguang Li?: The Edmonton Journal’s Construction of the
      Greyhound Bus Murderer – Rebecca McDonald, M.A. candidate (Sociology,
      Concordia University

                                 PANEL C4: CORAL
Room: 4-420
Chair: Nashwa Salem
   1) Eros and Ethics in Negotiation: Marvell’s Civil War Poetry – Sylvia Daikos,
       M.A. candidate (English, University of Toronto)
   2) Hermeneutics, Dialogue, and the Novel: The Person to Person Encounter –
       Andrew Bingham, M.A. candidate (English, University of Toronto)
   3) ‘On His Own Legs’: Disabled Bodies and Delimited Humanity in Jack
       London’s The Sea Wolf – Angelo Muredda, M.A. candidate (English, University
       of Toronto)

4:20pm to 4:30pm – 10-minute Break

4:30pm to 5:50pm – SESSION D

                              PANEL D1: LAVENDER
Room: 5-250
Chair: Percy Lezard
   1) Performing Objection: The Recognition of Sexual Identities in Orthodox
       Communities in Jerusalem – Yael Almog, PhD. candidate (Comparative
       Literature, UC Berkeley)
   2) Rumor as Communicative Act and A Means of Organizing Memory in Black
       Counterpublics – Tiffany King, PhD. candidate (American Studies, University of
   3) A Model Film in the Minority: The Significance of Justin Lin’s Better Luck
       Tomorrow for the Recognition of Asians in America – Kenneth Huynh, M.A.
       candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)

                              PANEL D2: MAGENTA

Room: 5-260
Chair: Bec Boock
   1) Fecundity, Futurity, Face: Reconfiguring Ethics in Gillo Pontecorvo’s The
       Battle of Algiers – Marc Foley, PhD. candidate (English, Queen’s University)
   2) Architectures of the Self: The Body as Place in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas –
       Dale Tracy, PhD. candidate (English, Queen’s University)
   3) Reading in the Landwash, Book Clubs and the Reader’s Desire for Recognition
       – David Lewkowich, M.A. candidate (Education, University of Ottawa)

                            PANEL D3: MIDNIGHT BLUE
   Room: 5-280
   Chair: Larissa Barr
   1) Psychology and Knowledge Construction of the Racialized “Yellow” Colonizer
      in the Academy within the Japanese Context – Yumiko Kawano (SESE,
      University of Toronto)
   2) Fanon’s Pedagogical Implication to Women’s Studies in the Philippines – Rose
      Torres (liwliwa), PhD. candidate (SESE, University of Toronto)
   3) Building Self-Esteem in Students with Learning Disabilities through Peer-
      Assisted and Expert Group Interventions – Michael Nwalutu (SESE, University
      of Toronto)

6:00pm to 6:15pm – Closing Remarks by the Graduate Student Conference Committee
of the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (Room 5-260)

6:30pm – Reception at the Duke of York (39 Prince Arthur Street)

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