thirsty sea_ tainted river by sdaferv


									                          i n t e r n a t i o n a l    d e v e l o p m e n t          r e s e a r c h        c e n t r e

     R U R A L P OVERTY a n d E N V I R O N M E N T

                                            thirsty sea, tainted river
                                            shedding light on the middle east’s

                                            threatened border waters
John cadham

seasonal water
impoundments used                               he Dead Sea is shrinking and the Akkar water-
for agriculture will be
dry by summer.                                  shed is polluted. In a region where collaboration
                                                is often in short supply, international teams of
                                                researchers — supported by Canada’s Interna-
                                                tional Development Research Centre — have
                                                been working together to save these endangered
                                            boundary waters.
                                            Rivers, lakes, and oceans that demarcate or straddle international
                                            borders are called transboundary waters. Where political relations
                                            between neighbouring countries are already tense, disputes about
                                            such waters often make things worse.
                                            The Middle East is one of the most politically sensitive regions of the
                                            world, so one might expect that its transboundary waters would be a
                                            particular problem. In fact, researchers have been working together to
                                            improve the environment — and the lives of local residents — in two
                                            ancient water basins.
r U r a l   p o v e r t Y   a n d   e n v i r o n m e n t

                                                                           Foeme; abdel rahman sultan
                                                                                                        also being channeled      despite its
                                                                                                        away, depriving           name, the dead
                                                                                                        the thirsty sea of        sea is very much
                                                                                                        replenishment.            alive. its waters
                                                                                                        What’s more, the          support a vital
                                                                                                        mineral extraction        ecosystem,
                        Supported by Canada’s International Develop-                                                              including over
                                                                                                        industries of both
                        ment Research Centre (IDRC), these scientists                                                             600 species of
                                                                                                        Israel and Jordan
                        have been seeking solutions to two different                                                              plants, animals,
                                                                                                        have been pumping
                        types of water emergency: a crisis of quantity                                                            and fish.
                                                                                                        water out of the
                        in the Dead Sea and a crisis of quality in the
                                                                                                        sea’s northern basin
                        Akkar watershed.
                                                                                                        into evaporation ponds in its southern basin,
northward view                                                                                          thereby accelerating the natural process of
                        the dead sea

of declining dead                                                                                       evaporation.
sea levels.                he Dead Sea spans the borders of Jordan,
                                                                                                        parched — and endangered

                           Israel, and the West Bank and Gaza. At over
                           400 m below sea level, its immediate shore-
                                                                                                            s the sea level falls, so does the water
                           line is the lowest exposed point of land on
                                                                                                            table. Springs and their associated habitats
                        the earth’s surface. Its famously hypersaline
                                                                                                            are drying up, threatening rare species.
                        waters display fantastic buoyancy (and, sup-
                                                                                                            Estuarine ecosystems are also disappearing.
                        posedly, healing powers), but can also corrode
                        iron and stainless steel.                                                       When groundwater levels drop, salts are
                                                                                                        dissolved from the soil, leaving it porous and
                        Despite its name, the Dead Sea is very much
                                                                                                        unstable. Alarmingly, sinkholes up to 15 m
                        alive. Its waters support a vital ecosystem,
                                                                                                        wide occur. And the quicksand-like mudflats
                        including over 600 species of plants, ani-
                                                                                                        that form in place of the receding coastlines
                        mals, and fish. It is also home to several
                                                                                                        endanger the lives of humans, animals,
                        nature reserves and is an important tourist
                                                                                                        and birds.
                                                                                                        The results have been devastating. Immense
                        Like many of the world’s closed basins or
                                                                                                        damage has been done to farmlands, public
                        salt lakes, the Dead Sea is a valuable source of
                                                                                                        infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and
                        minerals. Solar evaporation of brine to collect
                                                                                                        the tourism industry.
                        potash, magnesium, and bromide accounts
                        for a large part of the industrial economies of
                                                                                                        counting the cost

                        Israel and Jordan, employs over 4 000 people,
                        and earns annual revenues of about USD 650                                         mong the earliest to raise the alarm about
                        million.                                                                           these dangers was Friends of the Earth
                                                                                                           — Middle East (FoEME), a unique network
                        nature out of balance

                                                                                                           that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian,
                                                                                                        and Israeli environmentalists.
                            ut this precious ecosystem is at risk.
                            Between 1930 and 1997, the level of the                                     In the late 1990s, FoEME approached Canada’s
                            Dead Sea fell by more than 21 m, and it                                     IDRC for funding to support a key research
                            continues to drop at a rate of 1 m each                                     project. The aim was simple: to focus people’s
                        year. It has already lost a third of its 1930                                   minds on the crisis by putting a dollar figure on
                        surface area, and its northern and southern                                     the loss of the Dead Sea.
                        parts have become completely separated.
                                                                                                        The researchers first established a framework
                        The reason is simple: the waters that normally                                  that emphasized the value of non-market
                        replenish those lost by evaporation are being                                   goods, such as recreation and environmental
                        diverted. As much as 90% of the Jordan River                                    quality, which are often ignored in policy
                        has been redirected by Israel and Jordan,                                       planning. Then they asked a large sample of
                        primarily for agriculture, leaving a mere                                       local residents in the three sites how much they
                        trickle to reach the Dead Sea. Spring waters are                                would be willing to pay to preserve the Dead
                                                                              r U r a l    p o v e r t Y     a n d    e n v i r o n m e n t

Sea: altogether these people — many of whom                      n   The World Bank has been exploring the             meanwhile,
are poor — pledged USD 59 million annually.                          feasibility of channeling water to the Dead       advocacy efforts
Finally, the scientists estimated the long-term                      Sea from the Gulf of Aqaba — the so-called        continue to
loss to the tourism industry if the basin con-                       Red-to-Dead conduit — and now has                 register the
tinued to degrade: the cost was USD 4.2 billion                      incorporated into its terms of reference the      dead sea basin
over 60 years.                                                       economic benefits defined by the FoEME            as a Unesco
                                                                     study.                                            Biosphere
tourism versus agriculture

                                                                 n   At FoEME’s urging, Israel has brought             reserve or as a
     ccording to the World Bank, agriculture                         stakeholders together in a Dead Sea inter-        World heritage
     consumes 75% of Jordan’s water, yet this                        ministerial committee, with FoEME its             site.
     industry generates only 2% of the value                         nongovernmental representative.
     added to the country’s gross domestic
                                                                 Meanwhile, advocacy efforts continue to
product. In Israel, agriculture consumes 60% of
                                                                 register the Dead Sea basin as a UNESCO
the country’s water, yet provides less than 2%
                                                                 Biosphere Reserve or as a World Heritage Site.
of its gross national product. (In the West Bank
                                                                 Such a designation would require the three
and Gaza, the use of water in agriculture has a
                                                                 governments to work jointly for the sustainable
comparatively minor impact on the Dead Sea’s
                                                                 development of the basin.
                                                                 the al-Kabir river

In other words, the large volumes of water
being diverted from recharging the Dead Sea
                                                                    he Al-Kabir forms a natural boundary
are providing relatively little economic return.
                                                                    between northern Lebanon and Syria.
Much of the region’s farm produce is being
                                                                    Its source lies in pure springs and scenic
exported. As FoEME’s Abdel Rahman Sultan
                                                                    terraced mountaintops, but as the river
puts it: “Why sell our water cheap?” He argues
                                                                 meanders westward – through the fertile
it might be more efficient to decrease the
                                                                 alluvial plain of Sahel al-Beqaa, down a gorge in
amount of water used in agriculture and invest
                                                                 the basaltic plateau, and finally across the Akkar
in tourism by conserving the Dead Sea basin.
                                                                 plain on the Mediterranean coast – it faces
The FoEME researchers believe their study                        increasing stress from rampant pollution.
shows that people in the region value the Dead
Sea and that there are clear economic benefits
to rescuing it.

From science to politics

   o achieve this conservation, however, joint
   management of the waters is required. This
   is easier said than done. FoEME’s Violet
   Qumsieh underscores the urgency of the
crisis: “Political problems could take years to
be solved and at that time we will find that we
have lost the Dead Sea and the Jordan River
But positive things have been happening as a
                                                   John cadham

direct result of this research project:
n   Agreement has been reached on a formal
    relationship between the three governments
    and North America’s International Joint
    Commission(IJC), with a view to drawing                      concerned local resi-
    on the IJC’s decades of experience in joint                  dents speaking with
    water management between the United                          the field survey team
    States and Canada.                                           on the riverbank near
                                                                 raas alnaba, syria.
r U r a l   p o v e r t Y               a n d   e n v i r o n m e n t

                                     Now, the governments of the two countries           Phosphorus and              now, the
                                     propose to build a dam on the middle reaches        ammonium nitrogen           governments of
                                     this river. This project will only increase the     levels were found to        the two countries
                       John cadham   pressures on the ecosystem – and may have           be extremely high           propose to build
                                     disastrous environmental and public health          along the whole             a dam on the
                                     consequences.                                       course, indicating          middle reaches
                                     The proposal for the dam stirred scientists
                                                                                         sewage pollution.           this river.
                                                                                         Bacterial coliform
                                     from Lebanon’s National Council for Scientific
                                                                                         levels were also elevated. In addition, the fla-
dumping garbage
                                     Research (NCSR) and Syria’s General Orga-
                                                                                         grant disposal of solid domestic waste directly
into syria’s nahr al
                                     nization of Remote Sensing (GORS) to join
                                                                                         into the river, or on riverbanks and roadsides
arous river must
                                     with the Canadian firm CadhamHayes Systems
                                                                                         throughout the watershed, has resulted in high
be controlled.
                                     (now Canadian Environmental Assistance) in a
                                                                                         nitrite levels.
                                     research project supported by IDRC. The effort
                                     was carried out during 2001-2003.                   Agriculture has also taken its toll. Again,
                                                                                         extreme levels of nitrates, mainly from fertil-
                                     The purpose of the study was to gather sci-
                                                                                         izer use, were revealed. Extensive irrigation has
                                     entific data about the Al-Kabir River basin
                                                                                         resulted in the early onset of salinization in the
                                     – known as the Akkar watershed – and to boost
                                                                                         coastal agricultural plain. And the researchers
                                     public awareness about the importance of its
                                                                                         found concentrations of DDT parent com-
                                                                                         pound in the river sediment, indicating that
                                                                                         this banned substance continues to be used by
                                     a contaminated waterway

                                                                                         local farmers.
                                          sing remote sensing and geographic infor-
                                                                                         If the current situation is not soon changed,
                                          mation system techniques, the survey team
                                                                                         not only will the health and the agriculture of
                                          produced maps outlining the watershed’s
                                                                                         the local populations be affected, but so will
                                          drainage, geology, land use, soil erosion,
                                                                                         the plans for constructing the dam. The waters
                                     utilities, settlements, roads, and railways.
                                                                                         collected in the reservoir will have even higher
                                     Water and sediment samples from sites on
                                                                                         concentrations of pollutants than the river
                                     both banks of the river revealed disturbing
                                                                                         waters, making it unsuitable for human con-
                                     results. Although not suffering in quantity – the
                                                                                         sumption and contact. What’s more, the area
                                     researchers were surprised to find that there is
                                                                                         may also lose its aesthetic value as a possible
                                     ample water supply in the region – the Al-Kabir
                                                                                         tourist destination.
                                     was severely suffering in quality.

                                     community health
                                     and agriculture are
                                     at risk from polluted
                                     waterways in
                                     lebanon and syria.                                                                                       John cadham
                                                                                r U r a l    p o v e r t Y     a n d            e n v i r o n m e n t

pointing fingers

    p in the mountains, Fadwa, a 40-year-old
    mother and housewife, remembers when
    the waters of Al-Kabir were clear and pris-
    tine. Fadwa explains that she cannot allow
her children to play in the river. “Now the river
waters are so dirty that we gave up and started
dumping our own garbage onto the sides of                                                                                                           cattle grazing near
the river.”

                                                     John cadham
                                                                                                                                                    waterways contrib-
Indeed the researchers found that public aware-                                                                                                     ute to polluted water
ness of the impact of human activity is woefully                                                                                                    in lebanon and
lacking. Throughout the region, a combination                                                                                                       syria.
of ignorance and poverty has resulted in patterns

                                                                                                                       Foeme: abdel rahman sultan
of behaviour that are having severely negative                     ture. Even while the research project
effects. The dumping of garbage, dead animals,                     was underway, the Fares Foundation of
and offal into streams and ravines, the discharge                  Lebanon organized public presentations of
of raw sewage directly into rivers, the harvest of                 results at well-attended workshops in both
fish using poisons – these and other activities                    Lebanon and Syria, and publicized some of the
must be controlled if the watershed is to recover.                 research conclusions by way of brochures and
                                                                   posters. This important effort to raise public
At the mouth of the river, a young Lebanese
                                                                   awareness continues.
girl says: “[The government] has done nothing”
– even while she dumps her pail of garbage                         The third recommendation was to develop                                          sink holes due to
onto the shores of the stream. Like many others                    protocols and institutional arrangements for                                     collapsed soils.
living in the poorly served Akkar region, this                     the bi-national sustainable management of
girl believes that the government should be                        the watershed. Like so many initiatives in the
fixing the region’s waste problems.                                Middle East, efforts toward this objective have
It is this attitude that Dr Mohamed Khawlie,
                                                                   been stalled by political events.                                                like so many
principal researcher with the NCSR, wants                                                                                                           initiatives in
                                                                   next, the litani

to change. He says: “Community solutions                                                                                                            the middle east,
and small-scale, easily manageable plans for                           egardless of the frustrations they may feel,                                 efforts toward
solid waste and wastewater management [are                             researchers can take heart in knowing that                                   this objective
needed]. The contribution of the community                             they have paved the way for policymakers                                     have been stalled
should be significant.”                                                to take action both in the Dead Sea basin                                    by political
                                                                   and the Akkar watershed. “We’ve done what                                        events.
some answers

                                                                   researchers can do,” says Dr Khawlie. “Now we
                                                                   need implementation.”
   he first recommendation by the researchers
   was an immediate clean-up of the solid and                      Meanwhile, more experience is being amassed
   sewage waste, and the elimination of the use                    in watershed management by this same team
   of DDT and other banned agrochemicals.                          in Lebanon and Canada, by way of an “action
                                                                   research” project – once more supported by
The second recommendation, however, had a
longer-term goal – to change the attitudes of
local communities toward waste disposal and                        The Litani river is of particular interest from
the use of pesticides and fertilizers in agricul-                  a research perspective because it is the only
r U r a l   p o v e r t Y       a n d       e n v i r o n m e n t

                                                                                                            Again, the researchers aim to assess both
                                                                                                            the scale of the environmental problem in
                                                                                                            the Litani basin and the nature of the social
                                                                                                            circumstances that contribute to that problem.
                                                                                                            In particular they will foster community
                                                                                                            involvement by raising awareness about
                                                                                                            improved river management through
                                                                                                            participatory approaches and open dialogue.
collecting polluted
                                                                                                            This brief, prepared by Patrick Kavanagh, is a

                                                                                              John cadham
water by tank truck
from a large karstic                                                                                        revised and condensed version of a longer feature
spring above chadra,                                                                                        by Nadia El-Awady.

                         major stream in the Middle East and North                                          IDRC’s Rural Poverty and Environment (RPE) program is a global
                         Africa that runs entirely in a single national                                     program launched in 2005 to support research that meets the
                         jurisdiction under the management of a single                                      needs of the rural poor who live in fragile or degraded ecosystems
                         authority. Like the other basins, it is under                                      in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle
                         stress. The need for water is great, plus pollu-                                   East. Its goal is to strengthen institutions, policies, and practices
                         tion from industry, agriculture, and untreated                                     that enhance food, water, and income security.
                         sewage is causing severe environmental and                                         For information visit
                         public health problems.                                                  

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