The Smiling Mom Winter Consignment Sale by sdaferv


									                                                           ***You don’t have to be present the
                                                           day of the sale to participate!***
The Smiling Mom Winter
Consignment Sale                                                                  Saturday November 22/08
Rules and Information                                                            St. John’s Anglican Church
Please read in its entirety!                                                    (3428 Portage Rd. at O’Neil)
                                                                          9am – 9:45 am Consignor pre-shop
                                                                                     10 am -1pm public shop
                                                                         1:30 pm – 3 pm 50% off public shop
Help us get the word out!
We have information postcards to advertise this
                                                                Pricing, Tagging and Item Presentation
sale. Please take some and hand them out or post           When pricing your items, keep them at a round dollar
them at your churches, schools, community groups,          figure. Tags are to be made of ½ recipe card or a 2”
and local grocery stores. There will also be a             square of Bristol board and are to be pinned on with
downloadable flyer on our website                          safety pins. We will not accept tags that are too small. that you can email to                We will not accept post-it notes or regular paper. Use
friends and family.                                        masking tape for attaching tags to furniture, toys, books
                                                           or equipment. Write on the tag. DO NOT WRITE ON
                                                           THE MASKING TAPE.
           Information for Sellers                         Please set up your tags as follows:
Sellers not volunteering for the sale will receive
65% of their final sales less a $10 consignor fee.               (hole punch)
Volunteers retain 75% of their sales less a $10                  Consignor #

consignor fee.                                                                  Description of Item

Payout will be made by cash and will be available                                      Size

December 9th, 2008 at our retail location                                              Price

                    Items Accepted                                                                Consignor Initials
This is a Winter Sale. All items submitted for sale must
be suitable for the Winter season only.                    Any articles not properly tagged will be set aside and
Appropriate items include children’s clothing, footwear,   treated as unsold items at the end of the sale.
toys, equipment and furniture. (No stuffed animals.)       Tops and dresses must be hung on hangers. Pants may
Items must be in GOOD CONDITION and CLEAN.                 be folded for placing on tables. For items such as
No stains, rips, or missing pieces will be tolerated.      undershirts, socks, onesies and bibs, use plastic ziplock
Volunteers have the right to set aside any items           bags with tags attached to the outside with masking tape.
unsuitable for the sale. Equipment or toys that require    If you are selling more than one piece as a set, make sure
batteries must have them and be in working condition.      you fasten them with safety pins so they stay as a set.
Children’s clothing up to size 16 only will be accepted.                  Pickup and drop off
We do not accept car seats of any kind.                    Items will only be accepted Friday night between 6:30
If selling a crib, you must sign a waiver releasing The    pm and 8 pm. At that time you will be asked to register.
Smiling Mom of responsibility as well as providing your    Please bring your items in to the posted area. Items will
name and phone number to the buyer in case further         not be accepted after 8 pm Friday or on Saturday
discussions are necessary.                                 morning. The sale ends at 3 pm. You may pick up your
                                                           unsold items between 3 pm and 3:30 pm. We have a
 Please refrain from bringing any items that smell like    limited amount of time in that hall. Unclaimed items
smoke as the scent can overpower the entire sale.
                                                           after 3:30 pm will be donated to a local charity
                                                           IMMEDIATELY after the sale. The onus is on you to
                                                           collect all of your unsold items.
        There will be three volunteer shifts                    Any additional information
        available this sale. They will be
        Friday November 21th from 7 pm to                            you may need
        11 pm, Sat. Nov. 22th from 9: 30 am                   If you require any additional
        to 1:30 pm and Sat.Nov.22th from                      information please do not hesitate to
        noon to 4 pm. Volunteer spots fill up                 contact Lara or Jane at The Smiling
        quickly so please sign up early.                      Mom Consignment Shop at 905-358-
                                                              3053 or by email at
                                                     We will
                                                              be happy to answers any of your
        Remember that the best way to
                                                                What if I change my mind after I
        advertise this kind of a sale is by                             have signed up?
        Word of Mouth. Call all your                          If you decide not to participate in the sale
        friends or send an email. The                         after having signed up, please give us at
        more people that show up, the                         least 2 weeks notice before the date of the
                                                              sale as there is always a waiting list for both
        better the chances are that your                      consignors and volunteers. If you fail to
        items will sell. Advertising is                       participate and no notice is given to us,
        not a job that we can do on our                       please understand that you will not be
                                                              permitted to enter any of our sales in the
        own.                                                  future.


The undersigned acknowledges that The Smiling Mom is not responsible for any lost, damaged or
stolen merchandise, for any reason, including negligence. Any article that is found without a tag on it
will be regarded as a lost item. It is further understood that articles left at the sale premises after 3:30
pm on the day of the sale become property of The Smiling Mom. The sale ends at 3 pm and unsold
items must be picked up between 3pm and 3:30 pm.

Consignor’s full name (please print)_______________________________________________

Signature____________________________ Consignor number________________________


Will you be picking up your unsold merchandise? Yes or No

Please note that all unclaimed items will be donated immediately to charity.

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