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									              The Second Sunday of Advent
                               FaithWorks Sunday
                                  December 6, 2009

                     Celebrant: Rev Dr John Stephenson
                  Preacher: Rev Canon Jeannie Loughrey

OUR PURPOSE : Is to be a loving, caring, community worshipping Almighty God,
sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and reaching out to others in the power of the Holy

                   4125 Sheppard Ave East, Scarborough ON M1S 1T1
Phone Number: 416-293-5711 Fax Number: 416-293-5715
                  The Rev Dr J Stephenson Ext 23
                             Mark Regis Pastoral Associate Ext 222
                                Rev Ken Keen, Honorary Assistant
                                   Pam Prideaux Student Intern
8.00 a.m. HOLY EUCHARIST B.A.S. p 230
Deacon: M Regis                  Sub Deacon: M Tandy
Readers: A Yearwood / L Mogg       Canticle: Song of Zechariah p 88
Lighting the Second Advent Candle:

9.15 a.m.          Orange Booklet p 1
♫ Pre-Service Music: Hymn 618 Glorious in Majesty
                      Hymn 113 Come O Lord and Set us Free
♫ Opening Hymn 101
God Invites Us into His Presence
The Greeting     p1

Lighting the Second Advent Candle
Celebrant:       Light, hope, and peace in Jesus Christ our Lord.
All:             Thanks be to God
Celebrant:       Today is the Second Sunday of Advent, in which we recall the peace we have in Christ.

The Second Candle – The Candle of Peace – Nancy Campbell
The Collect
Almighty God, who sent your servant John the Baptist to prepare your people to welcome the Messiah,
inspire us, the ministers and stewards of your truth, to turn our disobedient hearts to you, that when the
Christ shall come again to be our judge, we may stand with confidence before his glory; who is alive and
reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.

God Speaks to Us
First Lesson:              Baruch 5:1 – 9             Apoc. 98
Jerusalem is personified as the mother of the nation. God gives her assurance that her children will return
safely. This prophecy could be understood both in terms of deliverance from exile in Babylon and also to
the end of history.
  ♫ Canticle: Song of Zechariah p 88

Second Lesson: Philippians 1:3 - 11          NT 152
After his opening greeting, Paul thanks God for the Christians at Philippi because of their faithfulness and he
expresses confidence that God will complete, at the end of time, the transformation already begun in them.

♫ Gradual Hymn 104
The Holy Gospel:            Luke 3:1 - 6                  NT 45
In language first used in the book of Isaiah to foretell the return of the Israelites from exile, Luke tells us that
John the Baptist’s mission is to prepare the way for Jesus by inviting all who will listen to live as people of
repentance and faithfulness.
Response: Glory / Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ
The Creed
The Prayers of the People
Confession & Forgiveness
The Peace

We Respond with Thanksgiving
The Preparation of the Gifts
♫ The Offertory Hymn 116
Eucharistic Prayer                    #3        p8
The Lord's Prayer                     #5        p 14
The Breaking of the Bread
♫ Lamb of God
The Communion
♫ Hymns 618 OB 47 OB 43
Musical Offering: You Call Us Out to Praise You       Wedd/Capon
Prayer after Communion (All stand)

God Sends us out to Love and Serve
The Blessing
The Dismissal
♫ Recessional Hymn 503

Deacon: B Cox                       Sub Deacon: D Clifton
Readers: D Preston / R Preston      Server: T Phoa

11.00 am HOLY EUCHARIST B.A.S. p 230
♫ Processional Hymn 101
The Gathering of the Community
The Greeting               p 230
The Collect for Purity
Summary of the law         p 231
Lighting of the Second Advent Candle: Sheila Martin & Lori Allan
The Collect       (as at 9.15)

God Speaks to Us
First Reading:             Baruch 5:1 – 9             Apoc. 98

♫ Canticle: Song of Zechariah p 88
Second Reading: Philippians 1:3 - 11         NT 152

Gradual Hymn 111
The Holy Gospel: Luke 3:1 - 6                NT 45
Response: Glory be to thee, O Lord / Praise be to thee, O Christ
The Nicene Creed                    p 234
The Prayers of the People
Confession and Absolution p 238
The Peace                           p 240

We Respond with Thanksgiving
The Preparation over the Gifts
♫ The Offertory Hymn 116
Eucharistic Prayer A                   p 241
The Lord’s Prayer           p 245
The Breaking of the Bread p 246
♫ Lamb of God               p 247
The Communion
All baptised Christians regardless of denominational home are invited to receive the bread and wine. If you
do not wish to receive, you are still invited to come for a blessing by crossing your arms over your chest.

♫ Communion Hymns 62 89 76
Musical Offering: Hark the Glad Sound    Thorne                  J Jiang
Prayer after Communion (All stand) p 247

God Sends us Out to Love and Serve
The Blessing
The Dismissal
♫ Recessional Hymn 503
Deacon: M Regis                     Sub Deacon: K Buligan
Readers: J Wisdom / R Carryl         Servers: S Weekes/J Eddu/J Butcher
                                       This Week at St Timothy’s
Today:     Nursery, Church School, Youth             11.00 am
Monday     Bible Study              Bonis Room                 7.30 pm
           Bible Study              Library                    7.30 pm
           Conversation Corner East Hall       7.30 – 9.00 pm
Mon/Tues Pine Shop
Tuesday Craft Club
          The Poetry of Advent Chapel                          7.00 pm
           Workshop with J. Loughrey                           7:30 pm
Wed        Holy Eucharist                            10.00 am
           Bible Study              Bonis Room                10.45 am
           Property Committee                                  7:30 pm
ThursdayChoir Rehearsal                                8:00 pm
Friday:    2nd & 3rd Saturday Night Rehearsal                  7.30 pm
           Youth Night                                         7.00 pm

 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with
 thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
          – Philippians 4:6
                            Please remember in your prayers this week:

 The needs of:    Jim Simpson, Jackie, Harry, Peter Downing, Ruby Ramsay, Virlie & Cyril Singh
 Our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
 The World:      Diocese of Western Mexico
 Our Diocese:    Officers of the Diocese of Toronto
 Our Deanery: Christ Church, Rev Sonia Hinds-Walters
 Our Outreach Ministries:     Out of the Cold Program
 Those celebrating birthdays       Gloria McCollin, Rosemary Merrall, Mavis Henry

The Flowers in the Sanctuary today are given to the glory of God and in loving memory of dad, Canon
George Sandy and Pauline by The Steele Family; on the Chapel Altar in memory of Loved Ones, given by
Eric & Pansy Weekes; in front of the High Altar in loving memory of parents, Ralph & Doriel Simmons by
George & Jean Gittens & Family.

Attention to all Group leaders in the parish The wardens and treasurer respectfully request that
budgets for the up coming fiscal year be submitted to the church office by tomorrow morning. Thank you
in advance for your prompt response.

 THE 2010 ENVELOPES have been prepared and are available for pick up today. We begin using them
 on Sun January 3, 2010.

 ARE YOU ON PAR? – If you are, we have not assigned envelopes this year. However, if you wish to
 still have a box of envelopes, please call the church office.
 Can you make changes to the amount of your gift or change bank accounts?
 Can you still designate how your offering is divided i.e. FaithWorks? Yes, and all changes are handled
 by the Envelope Secretary, Freida Innes.
A Word from John:

Today is FaithWorks Sunday: one day a year we set aside a Sunday to reflect on this important Outreach
project of our Diocese to those who are suffering. At present there are 13 community ministries that make
up Faithworks and 3 partner agencies. They are very diverse in nature but all of them are united in that they
are committed to caring for the most vulnerable in our society. You can read about all of them in the
brochure you have been given.

With the encouragement of the Diocese we try to put a human face on this great need by emphasising each
year one or two of the FaithWorks ministries. This year we are focusing on the ministry of All Saints
Church and Community Centre and we welcome today the Rev. Canon Jeannie Loughrey, the Priest
and Director of All Saints.
All Saints is located at the corner of Dundas and Sherbourne Streets, the intersection that some have called
the worst in the city. During the week, the Nave, which no longer has pews, functions as a drop-in centre.
At the Centre there are many acts of kindness evident: a warm cup of coffee, volunteers for conversation
and to offer the warmth of friendship, a small library, and sometimes a clothes’ bin. The Centre also has an
office at the nearby City of Toronto’s huge Dan Harrison Housing Project to help with the many needs that
are present there. All Saints also maintains a comprehensive list of services: an ID clinic, mail service for
the homeless, a nursing clinic, housing support, and community kitchens as well as Communion and prayer
services. In the face of such great need, Jeannie’s leadership has been recognised as a very important
resource in our Diocese in helping us understand and care more effectively for the most wounded and
vulnerable of our society. St. Timothy’s now has a direct connection with All Saints: John Stephenson Jr. is
serving on the staff of All Saints as a liaison worker at the Dan Harrison Project.

If you wish to offer your financial support, gifts can be designated either to FaithWorks generally or directly
to All Saints Community Centre. Please be sure you make clear your designation on your envelope and on
the information line of your cheque.

                   Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and will be repaid in full.
                                             - Proverbs 19:17

Christmas Flowers – Your donation given in memory of loved ones or in Thanksgiving will provide the
poinsettias to decorate our Sanctuary at Christmas. Please fill in the form available in the pews until Sun
December 13, and place on the offering plate. Cheques should be payable to St Timothy’s Altar Guild.

Lift off! This week we began a new program: Wednesday Morning Breakfast for those with no homes or
food. Thanks to all who are volunteering.
Also, this is one of our Out-of-the-Cold weekends. Thanks to all who helped in this important ministry.

                       Be sure to pick up your Advent/Christmas newsletter
                                           this morning.

                                     Our Financial Stewardship – 2009

                                Actual        Budget        Actual       Budget         Budget
                                OCT 09        oct 09        YTD           oct           nov 09

               RECEIPTS        $25,041.5     $34,580.8    $256,349.1    $282,800.5    $26.964.3

               EXPENSES        $29,367.0     31,588.8     291,107.5     310,516.4      31,184.8
                  from          - 4,325.5     2,992.0     -34,758.4     - 27,715.9     -4,320.5
Advent at St. Timothy’s

The Poetry of Advent
A Midweek Communion service with, instead of a sermon, a poetry reading from the writings on Advent by
the great poets of the past centuries. This week: Lord Tennyson, Jane Kenyon, St. Thomas Aquinas, Gerard
Manley Hopkins, and Oscar Romero. This week: Tuesday December 8 – 7:00 pm in the Chapel.
Also this Tues December 8 7:30 pm
 An evening with the Rev. Canon Jeannie Loughrey - Jeannie is the most skilled authority in the Diocese
on caring for the homeless and those living in poverty. She is coming to help us understand the homeless and
how we should treat them. Everyone is welcome to attend.

                                         Sunday December 13
                                  8.00 am and 9.15 am Holy Eucharist
                                11.00 am The Service of Lessons & Carols

                                        Saturday December 19
        The Saturday Night Healing Service presents an evening of Christmas music and worship

                     A “Blue Christmas” - Monday December 21st - 7.30 pm
            A service of reflection and peace designed for those who are grieving a great loss.

                                    Christmas Eve - December 24
                                   5.30 pm            Family Service
                                   8.00 pm            Choral Eucharist.
                                  10.30 pm            Carol Sing
                                  11.00 pm            Choral Eucharist

                              The Nativity of the Lord - December 25
                                  10.00 am            Holy Eucharist
                     Join us for a one hour quiet and peaceful Christmas celebration.

                          Ruth Williams Ext 21
                               Music Director Norman Reintamm Ext 21
                                     Custodian Doug Peers Ext 27
                               Rector’s Warden Anton Kanagasuntheri
                                  People’s Warden Rosemary Merrall
                                      Treasurer Wayne Leacock

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